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Some Early Good News From The WBEZ-Chicago Sun-Times Merger

In a Q&A, two senior executives at Chicago Public Media (WBEZ) say that they no plans to reduce the newspaper’s seven-days-per-week print schedule and that, far from imposing layoffs, they expect to hire 40 to 50 new staffers. – Medill Local News Initiative
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Chicago Public Radio Station WBEZ To Acquire Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Public Media, WBEZ’s parent organization, will take on the newspaper as a new division, according to a letter of intent approved by the board of directors. The plan was initiated by Sun-Times principal investor Michael Sacks in an attempt to secure the money-losing title’s future. – Robert Feder
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This former iHeart exec used to chase crazy partnerships on Bob Pittman's jet, now he's helping public radio take back power from Apple

While many businesses are looking over their shoulders in fear at Amazon, the radio industry has its own boogeymen: Spotify and Apple. One longtime former iHeart exec, Owen Grover, has spent more than a decade schooling broadcasting companies on how to survive in the age of music streaming. Now he's trying a new thing: helping public radio turn its podcasting success into a much bigger, grander scheme. Owen Grover wants to help public radio take back power from tech giants like Apple and Sp...
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