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Britain's reckoning with past systemic child abuse is long overdue | Caelainn Hogan

Ireland has started trying to rectify the wrongs of its history. The UK is lagging behindWhen the pope said mass in Ireland in 2018, a vast field in Dublin’s Phoenix Park was turned into a grid of “pilgrims’ corrals” to control the expected massive crowds, which never materialised. Out of a dozen people in my section, two nuns talked to me about a priest back home who had abused a young woman.Another pilgrim, down from Belfast for the occasion, said her aunt had been sent to a religious-run inst...
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High School Boy Playing on Smartphone Dies After Falling Into River

A high school boy playing on his smartphone with his friend has sadly died after plummeting into a river, an incident that many will compare to the increase in accidents caused by those negligently playing Pokemon GO. Occurring on the night of September 17th, the 17-year-old high school boy from Iwakuni City traveled to the […]
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A key COVID-19 immune response in children has been identified

The reason children suffer less from the novel coronavirus has remained mysterious. Researchers identified a cytokine, IL-17A, which appears to protect children from the ravages of COVID-19.This cytokine response could change how researchers approach vaccine development. The report was eye-opening, to say the least: over 500,000 children have tested positive for the novel coronavirus in America. More than 70,000 of these cases occurred during the last two weeks of August as schools reopened. W...
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China Man Injures at Least 4 Children in Brutal Stabbing

Yet another cowardly knife attack in China has left five total people injured, with four of the victims being innocent children. The Panyu district of Guangzhou, which is located near a kindergarten, served as the site of the incident, and the unstable assailant has already been captured by the authorities. All five victims are in […]
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Why You Should Invest in a Backyard Play Space

An outside play space for your children can be an effective investment. There are so many benefits that play allows. From physical fitness to cognitive abilities, you’re able to instill various lessons. Plus, it’s much easier to access your own play space than travel to a crowded park. In any case, your family will surely benefit from one. Take a look at these reasons why you should create a backyard play space. 1. Promotes Daily Exercise Children need to exercise as often as possible. Those ...
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Children urged to strike against lack of action on climate emergency

Schoolchildren to protest on Friday in first such action since coronavirus pandemic struckSchoolchildren around the world are being urged to go on strike to protest against a lack of action on the climate crisis.Children and their supporters are invited to take to the streets on Friday, if it is safe to do so, or to go online with their protests “in whatever way suits you best”, according to the organisers. Continue reading...
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Alex Winter: 'I had extreme PTSD for many, many years. That will wreak havoc'

He is starring in a new Bill & Ted movie and releasing a documentary about child actors. The film-maker discusses the abuse he experienced as a young performer, his close friendship with Keanu Reeves – and why he quit actingBy the age of 12, Alex Winter knew both the highs and horrors of life as a child actor. Three years into his career, he was sharing a Broadway stage with Yul Brynner in The King and I. “But at the same time,” he says, “I was dealing with really intense and prolonged abuse.“Th...
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Kids in the UK are now spending more money on 'Fortnite' and 'Roblox' than candy and books

LPETTET/Getty Images Childrens’ spending habits in the UK have shifted to online games such as "Roblox" and "Fortnite" since lockdown began, away from sweets and books, a pocket money app has reported. Kids are also saving 14% more money than they did in 2019 — that’s £104 ($135) a year, RoosterMoney. Lego, Roblox, and Apple are the top three brands that children save up for, the study found. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Online video games "Fortnite" and "Roblox" ha...
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16-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Licking Dining Utensils

A young delinquent was arrested by police after he decided it would be funny to lick a bundle of chopsticks that was laid out on the table of a restaurant, with it not being noted whether or not he was afflicted with the Coronavirus. Occurring at a restaurant in Aichi’s Seto City, the 16-year-old boy […]
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"Many Danes believe children should not be shielded from the realities of life, giving them a lot of unsupervised time to play and explore, even if they might hurt themselves."

"'We recognize the significance of a bruise,' said Sofie Münster, a nationally recognized expert in 'Nordic Parenting.' 'Danish parenting generally favors exposing children rather than shielding them.' One famous example of how far the Danes take this philosophy was the euthanization and dissection of a giraffe at the Copenhagen Zoo in 2014, where children observed from the front row.... A children’s program featuring naked adults might be taking the Danish approach to the extreme, she admitted....
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Megan & Digby’s Family-filled Country Wedding

Megan & Digby When it comes to The Sparkle Issue, while we love the blindingly glittery weddings, we’re also fond of those with a little subtle shimmer. And today for Megan & Digby’s family-filled big day, we got exactly that, Megan donning a stunning white sparkly gown and she wed her beloved Digby overlooking Megan’s family farm in Esperance. The wide-open plains playing host to their country wedding, which included a cocktail reception in one of the onsite sheds. Continue reading Megan & Digb...
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Covid-19 has more severe impact on less well-off children, Scottish poll finds

Fears grow that socialising ‘rule of six’ will exacerbate disproportionate impact on poorer familiesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFamilies with children have experienced greater financial pressure and mental health worries during the coronavirus pandemic than those without, according to analysis commissioned by the Scottish government.The report, which captures parental anxieties during lockdown, was published on Thursday amid growing concerns that the latest “rule ...
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Parents report more anxiety in lockdown, Scottish poll finds

Fears grow that ‘rule of six’ has a disproportionate impact on poorer childrenCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFamilies with children have experienced greater financial pressure and mental health worries during the coronavirus pandemic than those without, according to analysis commissioned by the Scottish government.The report, which captures parental anxieties during lockdown, was published on Thursday amid growing concerns that the latest “rule of six” guidance on so...
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Parents Agree: Don't Give Your Kids an Apple Watch

The easiest way to sell something is to tell people it will help them not die or get hurt. This is definitely true when it comes to the Apple Watch, a product whose—arguably excellent—marketing message is, “wear this and you might survive a heart attack.”Read more...
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Find Disability-Inclusive Dolls and Accessories at This Etsy Shop

It’s so important for our children to see themselves represented in the world around them, from those within their own community and characters portrayed on film, to the very toys they play with. But for kids who have hearing aids, cochlear implants, a cleft lip, a tracheostomy, feeding tubes, or surgery scars, it can…Read more...
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Here are the 21 US states where pre-teen children can hunt big game alone

Pretty much anyone 16 and older can hunt big game alone in the United States, but many states allow pre-teens to hunt big game alone, not just rabbits and squirrels and the like. As list maintainer Outdoor Empire notes, "Generally it's recommended to be around 10 years of age to understand everything taught in the course." The states allowing pre-teens to hunt big game alone are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missi...
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Netflix Allegedly Lose $9 Billion After the Launch of “Cuties”

Websites have been alleging that entertainment platform Netflix has suffered losses of about $9 billion ever since they launched the grotesque child-exploiting film that is Cuties, a development that those with any sense of decency are likely hoping to be true. Directed by Maimouna Doucoure, the film is said to “explore the difficulties being a […]
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Should a Covid-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory for Kids? Health Experts Are Trying to Decide

As the race to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus that causes covid-19 continues, a crucial question is on the horizon: Should a successful vaccine be made mandatory for children entering school? In a new paper out Monday, a group of experts argue that it’s still too early to answer the question definitively, but…Read more...
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Story Box: Create Your Own Fairytale

This eight-foot-long fairytale puzzle lets a group of players craft their own story from 20 inter-changable pieces, printed on both sides. Imagined by author Anne Laval and released by the Laurence King publishing house, each Story Box includes colorful fairytale characters, scenes and scenarios. The collaborative game taps into imagination and emphasizes the importance of storytelling.
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Dancers, dreamers and cat killers: Appalachian kids captured by $10 cameras

Photographer Wendy Ewald remembers the world of loss, sorrow and survival that emerged when she gave Appalachian kids $10 cameras and told them to shoot their lives – and dreamsWendy Ewald travelled to Letcher County, Kentucky, in the winter of 1976. She was 25 and not long out of college in New York, where she had trained as a teacher before discovering photography. “I was still a kid,” she says, “and I arrived in a place that was very remote and where everyone knew everyone else, but somehow I...
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I love Spider-Man – but would my son? How I learned a hard lesson about heroes

He’s my all-time favourite comic character. But do the real heroes still wear spandex?A decade ago I got married in a wedding outfit that, because of the shambles of assembling it, I can remember thread for thread. I had a new suit (dark grey, secret pockets) that I was shyly proud of; but with a couple of hours to go, I hung it in the wrong place in a public bathroom and the jacket was sprayed at close range by an auto-dispersing air freshener, the rich and tangy scent of which I could never sc...
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One of the Very Best Goals for Every Parent: what if we started every day with these 7 words

Mark Batterson has already written numerous books for adults to help them walk through numerous sides of their faith, but recently he and his daughter Summer wrote a beautiful children’s book that will draw children closer to God and how He speaks to all of us, both big and small. This sweet book with lyrical storytelling will draw your little one’s heart closer to God, and I have a feeling you will be drawn closer to Him too. It’s a grace to welcome Mark to the farm’s front porch today…. gu...
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Save the Children can resume funding bids following sexual abuse scandal

Charity has made ‘significant steps’ to improve safeguarding and can now apply for government funds two years on from withdrawalThe charity Save the Children can resume bids for government funding after it withdrew from the process two years ago over a sexual misconduct scandal.The charity, one of the largest British recipients of government funding, receiving £139m in 2017, had taken “significant steps” to improve safeguarding and now meets government standards, the Foreign, Commonwealth and De...
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1 in 6 school children meet criteria for mental disorder diagnosis, according to CDC study

A 2020 CDC study examined mental health symptoms in four different school districts within the United States from 2014-2018. This study found that, based on the reports from both teachers and parents, one in six students showed enough behavioral or emotional symptoms to be diagnosed with a childhood mental disorder.Mental health conditions or illnesses in children are generally defined as delays or disruptions in developing age-appropriate thinking, behaviors, social skills, or emotional regulat...
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Kinspire’s new app helps parents find screen-free activities for kids

A new startup called Kinspire wants to make it easier for parents to find activities to help keep kids occupied — away from a screen. The app, which launches with hundreds of activities vetted by parents and teachers alike, arrives at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has many families continuing to engage in social distancing, cutting kids off from regular playdates and other activities. Meanwhile, millions of schoolchildren are now spending long hours online, engaged in distance learning ac...
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3 Big Truths to Raise Resilient Kids (& Be Resilient Ourselves) & What We All Need To Wing Through 2020

Right in the midst of a mess of storms brooding everywhere we turn, our hens take to brooding a clutch of eggs, and to say we stumbled into a miracle of sorts wouldn’t be clutching at straws. It was somewhere about the middling to end of July that our 4 fowl ladies, Daisy and Sadie, Haddie and Lady, they took up nesting like it was nobody’s business, and our rooster, Strut, well, he took to what he does best, strutting around the coop as cocky as well, yeah, you guessed it — a rooster.   ...
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Education innovation: Our window of opportunity is here

The old adage that it "takes a village" has proven true for education in the time of coronavirus. What constitutes a "school" and who is considered an "educator" has changed out of necessity, but important opportunities for the future have come from these unexpected circumstances as communities have and continue to adapt."The greatest human superpower is empathy," says Kaya Henderson, "the ability to deeply connect with other people and to see yourself in them and to see them in you." She argues...
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'I had to kill so many people': the battle to protect children in conflicts

25,000 grave violations were committed against children in conflict in 2019, says the UN, which hopes to highlight issue with new international dayWhen Islamic State fighters rolled into Mosul, Iraq, they made promises.“When they arrived they promised us salvation, a better life, but within months our schools were closed and we were living in fear, prisoners in our own city,” says Usama Salem, 11. Continue reading...
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Colorado School Suspended 12-Year-Old Black Boy, Sent Police to His House After He “Waved” Toy Gun During Virtual Class

A school in Colorado suspended a Black pre-teen for five days and sent the police to his house for “waving” a toy gun on the screen during a virtual class, according to reports. Seventh-grader Isaiah Elliott was attending a virtual art class at Grand Mountain School in Colorado Springs on Thursday, August 27th when the 12-year-old picked up a neon green toy gun and moved it from one side of the screen to the other, his mother told BuzzFeed News. The toy gun bears the words “Zombie Hunter” and an...
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School’s out in Kashmir: classes held in meadows amid closures

Educators in the disputed region are fighting to keep pupils on track amid repeated lockdowns, curfews and internet blackoutsAsmat Jan, 15, practises her singing in a meadow, against a backdrop of Kashmir’s towering mountains. In front of her, around 50 other children squat in perfect, straight lines. A couple of adults hover nearby.Education has gone open-air across the valley in Indian-administered Kashmir and this is one of the many makeshift community classes that have sprung up in response ...
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