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Accused Chilean kidnapper for Pinochet regime denies knowing victims

Adriana Riva, in custody in Sydney following an extradition request from Chile, has applied for bailA Sydney woman wanted in Chile over the alleged kidnapping of seven people during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet denies having known or ever seen them.Adriana Rivas, 66, was arrested by NSW police in February and remains in custody following a request from Chile for her extradition. Continue reading...
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Exclusive: Chile's Codelco set for copper output hit as key mine goes underground

Codelco's giant Chuquicamata mine is set for a 40% drop in production over the next two years, an internal forecast seen by Reuters shows, pointing to the sharp challenge facing the world's top copper miner as it scrambles to maintain output.
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Too Late to Die Young review – misty tale of a changing Chile

A teenager seeks to escape from her remote commune just after the fall of Pinochet in this atmospheric but elusive dramaHistory provided a resplendent context for simple domestic events in last year’s Latin American standout Roma. But in Dominga Sotomayor Castillo’s Too Late to Die Young – which also features a showpiece New Year’s brushfire – history rises up almost unseen like smoke and hangs in the air around the inhabitants of the Chilean rural commune where this film is set.It’s set in 1990...
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6 Brazilian tourists die of carbon monoxide in Chile

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Chilean authorities say six Brazilian tourists died of carbon monoxide poisoning while staying in an old apartment in central Santiago. Authorities said Wednesday that police had been alerted by the Brazilian Embassy, which was called by one of the victims when she became ill. Police commander Rodrigo Soto said officers found […]
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Headless self-portraits from a face everyone knew – Luchita Hurtado review

Serpentine Sackler Gallery, LondonMarcel Duchamp massaged her feet and Leonora Carrington built her kids a house. But the work of the 98-year-old Venezuela-born painter is every bit as extraordinary as her lifeFor a period while living in Chile with her artist-husband Lee Mullican in the late 1960s, Luchita Hurtado painted inside a walk-in closet, standing there and looking down over her breasts and belly to her feet and the floor below. Sometimes a bar of light came in through the slats of the ...
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Document search narrows as Chilean prosecutor continues Fonterra probe

Fonterra says Chile's prosecutor has narrowed the scope of its request for company files as an investigation continues into the dairy company's business in the South American country.The computer files of new Fonterra chief executive... [Author: [email protected]]
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A History of Land Art in the American West, Part III

Source: The Center for Land Use Interpretation. As installation begins at the Texas site for Long Now’s monumental 10,000 Year Clock, it’s worth taking a step back to examine the Clock’s larger artistic context and its place in the history of Land Art in the American West. Long Now’s staff and many of the individuals working on the project and serving on our board have drawn inspiration for the 10,000 Year Clock, and its placement in the remote landscape of West Texas, from these Land A...
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Martín Rejtman To Direct ‘The Practice’ – Five Countries To Produce

CANNES — Argentina’s La Unión de los Ríos, Portugal’s Rosa Films –a co-producer on Albert Serra’s Un Certain Regard entry “Liberté”– Chile’s Forastero, Netherlands’ The Film Kitchen, Germany’s Pandora Films and Mexico’s Interior XIII have teamed to co-produce “The Practice” from Argentine director-screenwriter and writer Martín Rejtman (“Silvia Prieto,” “The Magic Gloves”). A pedigree multi-lateral […]
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New Release Review - TOO LATE TO DIE YOUNG

In '90s Chile, a rural commune prepares to ring in the new year. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Stupid Tip of the Day: Check For Lower Airfares of an Airline From a Different Country

Traveling can pose a unique set of issues; and one of them is that sometimes prices for products and services in one country can be more expensive simply because a person is either based in — or is a citizen of — another country. In Latin American countries — such as Chile and Argentina as two examples — the higher prices are notoriously known as... The post Stupid Tip of the Day: Check For Lower Airfares of an Airline From a Different Country appeared first on The Gate.
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Thierry Neuville completes first test since major Chile accident

Thierry Neuville has completed his first test in a Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC six days after crashing out of Rally Chile
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Jirafa, Calamar, Zafiro, Color Monster Team On ‘Dogs’ (EXCLUSIVE)

CANNES— Chile’s Jirafa Films, producer of Christopher Murray’s “The Blind Christ” and Alicia Scherson’s “Il Futuro” has teamed with Zafiro Cinema in Mexico, Chile’s Calamar Cine and Bolivia’s Color Monster to produce Vinko Tomičić sophomore outing, “Dogs” (“Perros”). “Dogs” won the Best Pitch Award at the spring session of Cannes’ Cinéfondation Résidence. It will follow […]
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Colonia Dignidad: Germany to compensate Chile commune victims

Victims of an abusive sect founded by a former Nazi soldier in southern Chile will be compensated.
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The Chilean tycoon who is wanted by the US

Carlos Cardoen is an influential businessman in Chile, but why does the US want him extradited?
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Where to see the next 10 eclipses

Unless you’re from the Arctic Circle, it’s not often you get to stare up at a dark-as-night sky in the middle of the day. This is what makes total solar eclipses so special — and worth planning an astronomy-themed trip to see in person. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon travels between Earth and the sun, fully blocking out the sunlight for a short span of time. In 2017, the US saw its first total solar eclipse in almost 40 years, wowing spectators from Tennessee to Oregon. If you mis...
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‘The Kafka Of Uruguay’ (And Why It Makes Sense That Uruguay Produced One)

“In Latin America, it’s said that Chile produces poets, Argentina produces short story writers, Mexico produces novelists, and Uruguay produces ‘los raros‘ — the strange ones.” And, writes his translator, Annie McDermott, “[Mario] Levrero was a raro of the highest order.” – Literary Hub
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Authenticity is Overrated: How Asian-Americans Use Food to Explore Their Identities

Like most Americans, Mackenzie Fegan grew up eating her weight in Campbell’s chicken noodle soup. But there was a twist, courtesy of her mother, who had moved from China as a child.“She would stir an egg into it with chopsticks and make a sort of egg drop soup mashup,” recalls the Brooklyn-based food writer, whose family opened the San Francisco institution Henry’s Hunan, once described by the New Yorker as the finest Chinese restaurant in the United States.But the best seller at Henry’s Hunan ...
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Geek Estate Labs is Open for Business

When people ask what I do, I generally say “real estate technology consulting.” However, if you consider real estate tech to be anything that relates to buying, selling, renting, or home ownership…well, that could mean virtually anything. The new Geek Estate Labs landing page is meant to provide more clarity on how we serve startups and enterprises. Most of our services fall into two buckets: Content strategy and copywriting, for clients such as CREtech, Fifth Wall, CityBldr, and Remarkably. A ...
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Inside Chile's Amaranta school for transgender children

Many of the children at the Amaranta school in Chile have dropped out of other schools after transitioning.
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La minga on Chilean island

A flying house is not a common sight, especially one that’s gliding over grasslands pulled by 12 galloping oxen. Yet, not a single face in the crowd of denim and cowboy hats suggests that the sight is unexpected. Mysticism and solidarity saturate Chile’s Chiloé Island, and here lies a tradition conjured up from both — a minga. The very word minga embodies the heart of island life. It means “an exchange of help for benefit,” and can be applied to everything from helping your neighbor plow and ...
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Ardian close to buying Cerberus-owned wind farms in Spain, say sources: Reuters

French investment fund Ardian is close to buying wind farms from Spanish renewables group Renovalia in a 550 million euro ($617.87 million) deal, two sources with knowledge of the deal said, marking a move into green energy where buyer interest is hotting up. Renovalia has been owned by U.S. private equity fund Cerberus since 2015. Among the assets covered by the deal is Renovalia Reserve, a joint venture between Renovalia and BlackRock, according to one of the sources. Santander is advising on ...
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Hyundai's Neuville confident of WRC rebound after Chile crash

Hyundai driver Thierry Neuville is confident of rebounding from his huge Rally Chile crash immediately to fight for a World Rally Championship victory at the next round in Portugal
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Need a drink after waiting to get into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Oga’s Cantina will open at 8 a.m. with stiff alien cocktails

After waiting in line to park, board the tram, enter Disneyland and get into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge the last thing you might be thinking about and the one thing may need the most is an ice cold alien cocktail at Oga’s Cantina. Fortunately, the wretched hive of scum and villainy opens at 8 a.m. most mornings and will be serving stiff alcoholic cocktails paired with a bit of breakfast in the Anaheim theme park. You can even bring the kids into the all-ages bar that will be serving Blue Milk and ...
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Kris Meeke penalised for removing damaged windscreen on WRC Chile

Toyota World Rally Championship driver Kris Meeke has lost his eighth place at Rally Chile after being hit with a one-minute penalty for removing his windscreen in a time control
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World Rally Championship: Kris Meeke finishes eighth in Rally Chile

Northern Ireland's Kris Meeke wins a WRC stage on Sunday as he ends Rally Chile in eighth place overall in his Yaris.
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WRC Rally Chile: Tanak wins, Ogier into points lead, Loeb third

Ott Tanak wrapped up his second World Rally Championship victory of the season on Rally Chile, while new championship leader Sebastien Ogier successfully held Sebastien Loeb at bay for second
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The Guardian view on abortion: protecting a human right | Editorial

Cruel laws risk lives and harm women around the world. Attempts to extend them must be resistedNo law can end abortions, however severe its restrictions and however harsh its penalties. Each day almost 70,000 unsafe abortions are carried out around the world, and they are vastly more likely to happen in countries with strict laws. What such legislation does do is force some women to continue pregnancies against their wishes, while risking the lives and wellbeing of others. Women in the US have s...
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Chilean burglary gangs causing havoc in Southern California, law enforcement says

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California are joining forces to catch a new breed of brazen criminals using travel visas to enter the U.S. to pillage homes, businesses and automobiles. Dubbed by authorities as “burglary tourism,” sophisticated gangs comprised of Chilean nationals are suspected of committing a string of  thefts in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange counties, including a $1.2 million heist in March at a Laguna Niguel jewelry store. In fac...
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WRC Rally Chile: Ogier holds Loeb at bay as Tanak nears win

Citroen's Sebastien Ogier pulled off a stunning World Rally Championship stage win on Rally Chile to defend second place from Sebastien Loeb, as Ott Tanak heads for victory
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Without U.S.-China trade war, copper price would be higher - Antofagasta chairman

A trade war between the United States and China is depressing the price of copper and the red metal would be 5% to 15% higher without the dispute, the chairman for Chile's Antofagasta Plc told a Chilean newspaper on Sunday.
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