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Gorilla moms carry their dead babies around with them, which could be proof that they grieve, scientists say

A gorilla with her living newborn baby on August 20 in Bristol Zoo. Ben Birchall/PA Images/Getty Images Primates seen carrying babies after their death could be experiencing forms of grief, new research found. The evidence suggests that the mothers could learn what death is over time. The findings provide clues into the evolution of emotions. See more stories on Insider's business page. Scientists studying how chimpanzees and gorillas cope with the death of a newborn believe that th...
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For the First Time Ever, Scientists Witness Chimps Killing Gorillas

New research details two fatal encounters in which wild chimpanzees attacked and killed gorillas. It’s a rare example of one great ape species attacking another—and scientists are worried that climate change might have something to do with it.Read more...
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RIP Cobby, Oldest Male Chimp in the U.S., a 'Charismatic and Compassionate Leader'

One of the world’s longest-lived chimpanzees has died. Officials at the San Francisco Zoo announced Sunday that Cobby the chimp passed away this weekend at the ripe old age of 63. Cobby was the oldest male chimp living in an accredited North American zoo. Read more...
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Cobby, Oldest Male Chimpanzee In US, Dies At San Francisco Zoo

SAN FRANCISCO (AP/CBS13) — The oldest male chimpanzee living in an accredited North American zoo died Saturday at the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens. He was 63. The chimpanzee, named Cobby, had been a hand-reared performing chimpanzee before he was brought to the San Francisco zoo in the 1960s. Although the zoo said in a news release that the chimpanzee’s cause of death had not been determined, the animal had recently been ill and zoo officials believe old age was a factor. The International Union ...
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Joey, Beloved Chimpanzee At Sacramento Zoo, Dies At 57

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A beloved chimpanzee who arrived at the Sacramento Zoo in 1967 died Sunday at the age of 57, zoo officials announced on Wednesday. The zoo confirmed in a news release that the chimpanzee, named Joey, died May 30 in his habitat shortly after his mid-day meal while surrounded by the rest of the chimpanzees – Amelia, Dougie, Maria and Pablo. Joey the chimpanzee (credit: Sacramento Zoo) Before arriving in Sacramento, Joey initially was at a now-defunct facility in the Ventura ...
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These Chimps Are All of Us

It’s well-known that pandemic times have forced humans to become very acquainted with their screens. In lieu of seeing other people in person, for instance, many of us see them virtually, whether for work or recreation. And don’t even get me started on all the show binging. (I’m currently watching a remake of Ugly…Read more...
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What a Fossilized Hand Says About the Last Common Ancestor Between Humans and Chimpanzees

More than 1 million years before the early hominin known as Lucy was striding across the Afar region of Ethiopia, the lesser-known Ardipithecus ramidus roamed approximately the same area. Now, a team of anthropologists have looked at the 4.4 million-year-old fossilized hand of one specimen (affectionately dubbed…Read more...
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Humans aren't the only species who get choosier about their friends as they age. Chimps do it too, new research suggests.

A group of male chimpanzees grooms together in Uganda's Kibale National Forest. Kakama, on the left, is the dominant male in the group. Ronan Donovan Humans tend to cultivate fewer, more meaningful friendships as we grow older. A prevailing psychological theory suggests this is because we recognize our impending mortality and seek to prioritize emotionally fulfilling connections in the time we have left. A new study found that male chimpanzees similarly winnow their friendships as they...
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This viral video of a chimp browsing Instagram is facing criticism from primatologists

Many of us get enthralled in social media these days. And for photographers, that means Instagram in particular. But one Instagram user is going viral for a very unusual reason. They’re a chimpanzee. They scroll through the feeds, look at images and videos then flick back like a pro. View this post on Instagram Every night […] The post This viral video of a chimp browsing Instagram is facing criticism from primatologists appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Human encroachment is obliterating chimpanzee culture

A study finds that human impact is decimating the cultures of chimpanzee communities in the wild. Unique localized behaviors are being reduced by 88 percent. Socialized learning in chimps has finally been established, just in time to be destroyed. None People who enjoy travel have seen this trend becoming more and more pronounced even in human populations: There's an increasing homogeneity among our cultures, a loss of local identity as we increasingly eat the same foods, watch the same movies...
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Dynasties: chimpanzees and their community

Sir David Attenborough returns to our screens tonight narrating a new nature documentary: Dynasties. Over the course of five weeks, this series will follow individual animals – chimpanzees, emperor penguins, lions, painted wolves, and tigers – as they protect and lead their respective social units.To accompany each episode, we will be publishing a blog post about each species featured in the show, focusing on their interactions with other members of their species. Tonight, we will be starting wi...
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Interview: John Krasinski Talks About Disneynature’s Born in China

John Krasinski on narrating Disneynature’s Born in China The Office and 13 Hours star John Krasinski narrates the upcoming Disneynature film Born in China, and we recently got a chance to speak to him about the April 21 release. Disneynature’s new True Life Adventure film Born In China takes an epic journey into the wilds of China where few people have ever ventured. Following the stories of three animal families, the film transports audiences to some of the most extreme environments on Earth...
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Chimp steals a 360° camera to take selfies with friends

Despite not having an LCD that lets you review your photos & video, it turns out you can chimp with a 360° camera. The New York times were filming for The Daily 360 at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Laikipia, Kenya. A curious chimp came along to see what was going on. Quizzically looking at the […] The post Chimp steals a 360° camera to take selfies with friends appeared first on DIY Photography.
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The Art of Photographing Animals Like Humans

“I’m tired of language,” says photographer Robin Schwartz. “With animals you don’t have to use language.” Since childhood Schwartz has documented her close connection to animals in images that reveal the complexities of domestication. Her attraction stems from something that she insists began before a time she could remember, growing up as an only child…
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Chimpanzee smokes a pack of cigarettes a day in North Korean zoo

The Pyongyang Central Zoo in North Korea recently reopened its doors to flocks of curious visitors, however one of the zoo's attractions has set off alarms overseas. Azalea is a 19-year-old cigarette-smoking chimpanzee who apparently lights up a pack a day. Azalea the chimpanzee reportedly lights her own cigarettes using a lighter, according to The Guardian. However, the zoo claims she does not inhale. Teaching animals to do tricks is not a new gimmi...
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Wild chimpanzee mothers teaching offspring to use tools captured on video for first time

Scientists have long known that animals use tools, but now for the very first time they've captured wild chimpanzee mothers on video teaching their children to utilize them as well. Researchers led by Stephanie Musgrave of Washington University in St. Louis filmed chimpanzees in the Republic of Congo at Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park. Before the video it was rare to see primates teaching their young, according to the researchers, and the new findings have exciting ramifications. Chimpanzee mot...
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Help move hundreds of chimpanzees from labs to a safe haven in Georgia

Research on chimpanzees, the great ape thought to be most closely related to humans, is at last coming to an end. Last summer the US Fish and Wildlife Service declared captive chimpanzees endangered, which effectively made most chimpanzee research illegal. Now nine chimpanzees have moved from a Louisiana lab to a Georgia mountain sanctuary. Hundreds more are set to follow, and the sanctuary needs your help. Samira, Buttercup, Latricia, Charisse, Jennifer, Emma, Gracie, Gertrude, and Genesis ...
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Welsh Mountain Zoo: Chimpanzee has 21st birthday party

It was a case of many apey returns for a chimpanzee celebrating his 21st birthday at a Conwy zoo.
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Not getting restful sleep? Try a humankind evolution bed

After enjoying an unusually restful and refreshing night's sleep in a chimpanzee's bed high in a tree in east Africa, a Japanese primatologist has designed a humankind evolution bed. The post Not getting restful sleep? Try a humankind evolution bed appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Colorado GOP Officials Blame Hackers For Facebook Meme Depicting Obama As A Chimp

Republican Officials Blame Hackers, Media Matters For Obama Chimpanzee Meme Posted On Facebook Well this is some B.S. Last week the racist meme you see above was posted from the Facebook timeline of Linda Sorenson, chairwoman of the Delta County
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Woman Who Received a Face Transplant After Chimp Attack Is Back in Hospital

Doctors says Charla Nash's body may be rejecting the transplant after unusual patches appeared on her face
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Oregon Zoo’s 46-year-old chimpanzee Chloe has some fun with GoPro

We’ve had enough of this monkey business regarding who owns what photos when a primate presses the shutter. It’s time for a much more fun news piece on monkeys and photography. Specifically, we’re talking about Chloe, a 46-year-old chimpanzee at the Oregon Zoo who became a filmmaker for the day when she was given a [...] The post Oregon Zoo’s 46-year-old chimpanzee Chloe has some fun with GoPro appeared first on DIY Photography.
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