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The 12-hour rule: A guide to healthier headspace

There's no shortage of good advice in the world. But how to actually follow it? When it comes to your own wellbeing, learn to schedule your 'me time' with precision. Only this way, says Jillian Michaels, can you center yourself and retain a sense of joy. The 6 Keys: Unlock Your Genetic Potential for Ageless Strength, Health, and Beauty by now at amazone --> List Price: $28.00 New From: $13.78...
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Oklahoma Republicans introduce bill forcing doctors to warn abortion patients about the existence of an imaginary "reversible abortion"

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma House Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bill 614, which forces doctors to counsel patients seeking medical abortions with false statements claiming the procedure is reversible; doctors who refuse to lie to their patients would be guilty of a jailable felony. The law's backer is Rep Mark Lepak [R-9, (405) 557-7380), who falsely claimed that "medical science has developed a method for reversing the effects of a medication abortion and saving the life of an unborn c...
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The Grace of Choice and Empty Space

A few weeks before my senior year, I called a clinic from a payphone and found out I was pregnant. I processed the news alone, July’s humidity running down my back and laying thick on my skin like beads of guilt. The Florida sun spread yellow over everything, all bright sky and silence, and the asphalt steamed thick like the coals of a firewalk. There was much to think about, but I didn’t want to think. I just wanted to breathe. Room to breathe had been the quest of my junior year. I’d gone look...
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5 realistic ways to save money, according to experts

U.S. household debt reached an all-time high in 2018, a year that also saw a severe drop in the personal savings rate.While the internet propagates many untenable ways to save, experts agree that small changes to our lives can result in large paybacks.These five ways to save money can lead to improved health and living a little greener. None The internet is replete with advice on how to save money, but it can be difficult to find information that's right for you. The FIRE movement promises th...
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Should men tell women to wear makeup at work?

While the #metoo movement has focused on sexual misconduct, there are many ways discrimination pervades society.Wearing makeup should be a choice, not a male-directed demand, many women stated in an informal survey. Since going makeup free in 2016, Alicia Keys says it has been empowering. None Two weeks ago, a friend told me about a work training she had recently attended. During her company's national meeting, which included a few hundred employees, a comment by one motivational speaker stuck ...
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The FBI invented a fictitious "abortion extremist" movement, then warned local cops about potential acts of domestic terror from it

Anti-abortion extremists are among the most violent domestic terrorists in America, having murdered and attempted to murder dozens of people using firearms, firebombs and traditional explosives. Pro-abortion extremists don't exist, apart from a single, self-described individual, Theodore Shulman, who threatened to kill (but did not actually harm) two anti-abortion activists, and went to prison for it. Despite these irrefutable facts, the FBI circulated a warning to local law enforcement, b...
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The Discipline of Unpacking Those Boxes that Have Been in Storage Forever

To keep an item, I have to be 99% certain that I would use this again. You need to consider these three choices: Each item can only be held once and must be acted upon in one of three ways —> Choice 1. Decide. . . .   Decide whether an item is “a part of some whole,” “a whole with many parts,” or doesn’t belong. This choice will seamlessly establish a sorting system that matches your thinking one choice at a time. Keep these decisions rational. Don’t overvalue or romanticize. Treat every item a...
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These new keto diet tortillas are made of 100% cheese

To help keto dieters stay the course, Lotito Foods has developed the Folios cheese wrap, a tortilla made entirely of cheese.These cheese wraps can be part of a healthy diet, but only if eaten in extreme moderation and alongside low-fat, low-salt foods. Research shows that replacing grains and fiber with fat and salts in the long term can be dangerous. None Now they've gone and done it. Keto diet enthusiasts have concocted all manner of unsettling dishes to kick the carbs: coffee with butter inst...
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How Big Pharma secures drug monopolies

Drug companies start monopolies by cornering the market on emerging drugs. After cornering the market, these giant corporations inflate the prices to gouge the consumer. Lowering drug prices could be obtained by starting first in the patent office.
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9 most common New Year’s resolutions — and how to make them happen

The top three New Year's resolutions for 2018 were to eat healthier, get more exercise, and save more money. Care to guess what the top three are this year?We check in with experts to devise strategies for tackling the most common New Year's resolutions.Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish and how you will do it can help increase your chances of success in 2019.With New Year's rounding the corner, everyone is sharing their 2019 resolutions, and it's giving us that auld déjà vu. According...
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The VA’s Private Care Program Gave Firms Billions And Vets Longer Waits

Trump wants to supersize a program that spent almost a quarter of its funds on overhead. For years, conservatives have assailed the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a dysfunctional bureaucracy. They said private enterprise would mean better, easier-to-access health care for veterans. President Donald Trump embraced that position, enthusiastically moving to expand the private sector’s role. Here’s what has actually happened in the four years since the government began sending more veter...
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The Audacity Map

I was a very shy girl. Didn’t speak unless spoken to, head down, hair falling in front of my eyes to hide behind, slumped shoulders. Teased and tickled by my father and brothers to the point of tears, bullied by schoolmates – you get the picture. It wasn’t until I went to live in NYC to attend Parsons School of Design that I woke up to someone new inside of myself. She had been brewing for a long, long time. All of a sudden, no father, no brothers, no bullies! It was like a miracle. Now I fel...
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After the Parrot

Counting down the days until Talk Like A Pirate Day with pirate chickens! [Author: Doug]
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Happiness is Just a Choice

You're reading Happiness is Just a Choice, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Happiness is a choice that most people don’t know, or want to know, that they have. If we admit that happiness is a choice, then we have to act and take responsibility. Sadly, many people are so used to, and some even addicted to the drama and trauma in their lives, that if they were actually happy, they ...
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Queensland women considered or tried to perform abortions on themselves, data shows

Children by Choice says 119 women considered or took radical step in past five yearsMore than 100 women in Queensland considered or attempted to conduct abortions on themselves in the past five years, according to data from a pro-choice counselling service that will be reviewed by a state parliamentary committee inquiry on Monday. Queensland has proposed new laws to decriminalise abortion but it remains an offence for both doctors and women, under laws passed in 1899 and largely unchanged since....
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Your Life Is Controlled by Your Decisions and Your Commitment to Them

Over 20 years ago, I was at a relative’s house in the country and he made a crazy statement (which he appeared to believe) that all Japanese were Jewish, and that was why they were in the process of controlling all the car manufacturing in the world, just like they were controlling the entertainment and banking industries. My relative was a truck driver in his 50s, and he made this statement as if what he was saying had a certain level of profoundness to it. Under normal circumstances, when not ...
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Your service quality isn’t defined by your industry

I was recently asked which industry sectors have the most issues with poor customer service and what could be causing this? Telecommunications (telecom, TV, internet), health plans, government offices, airlines, and insurance are the industries that consistently produce the lowest overall customer satisfaction (OSAT) scores. I think it’s misguided to suggest, for instance, that insurance companies are doomed to poor OSAT due to the tension that exists between paying out (i.e., settling claims) a...
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The paradox of choice – Part 1

Recently, I started listening to a new audiobook. It’s called “The Paradox of Choice,” by Barry Schwartz. If you’re curious – the book is available from both Amazon and Audible. Having choices is usually good. However, one basic idea that Schwartz explores in the book is that when it comes to having choices, it is definitively true that there can be “too much of a good thing.” Having too many choices can be overwhelming and can have negative side effects. Let me give you two personal examples ...
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Ireland's referendum results: legalised abortion projected to win "by a landslide"

Ireland's no-exceptions-made abortion ban was one of the cruelest and most inhumane in the world, and after years of struggle, the country has finally held a referendum to amend its constitution and strike down the abortion ban in Article 8; the official count isn't out, but the Irish Times has called it for the reformers, in a "landslide," with a projected 68%-32% margin. (more…)
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The Healthy Choice

Stay healthy. [Author: Doug]
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The Secret to a GREAT Day

How did you start your morning? Pondering your “to do” list? Feeling frustration with a work challenge? Feeling overwhelmed with life? What if there was a way to change the course of your day so that by every evening, you end the day with a smile? It turns out we all have the ability to find the best in every day. Remember the giddy excitement you felt as a child the morning of your birthday and holidays? You KNEW it was going to be a great day and you took notice of all of the wonderful things ...
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Feel Ramadan- 5) Betterment of life

Are we suppose to live like puppets whom can be dressed by anyone in any attire? [[ This is a sneak peak of the article. Please visit to read complete article.]]
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Feel Ramadan- 3) As Sweet as ripen fruits

Abstaining from sins is much difficult than doing virtues [[ This is a sneak peak of the article. Please visit to read complete article.]]
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House Panel OKs Step Towards Fulfilling Trump VA Private Care Expansion Pledge

WASHINGTON (AP) — A House committee approved a wide-ranging plan Tuesday to give veterans more freedom to see doctors outside the Veterans Affairs health system and fix a budget crisis in its troubled Choice private-sector program, a major step toward fulfilling President Donald Trump’s promise to expand private care options. The $51 billion plan includes $5.2 billion to avert a catastrophic shutdown of Choice. The program is slated to run out of money as early as May 31, causing disruptions in ...
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Who Are You Willing to Be

We have more power to design our life than we think.We don’t control what happens. We can, however, control our response to what happens. Every moment…now, and now, and when tonight becomes now… is a choice point. Who are you willing to be? Courageous? Compassionate? Clear? What will you put on your TO NOT DO list? Checking your phone every 5 minutes? The choosing that enlivens us originates from a creator mind-set, not a victim’s. See your positive power. Sure, there’s negative power over other...
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Regulator needs stronger powers to deal with bank misconduct, Choice says

Consumer watchdog says it is clear AMP and Commonwealth Bank ‘feel no compulsion to abide by the law’The corporate regulator should be given stronger powers, and the ability to impose larger penalties, to help it intervene more quickly when it discovers bank misconduct, the consumer group Choice says.The call comes after another week of shocking revelations from the banking royal commission in which Commonwealth Bank admitted some of its financial advisers have been charging dead clients for fin...
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Private health insurance analysis shows double-digit rise in some premiums

Consumer group Choice says in one case a private provider increased costs by 45%Thousands of private health insurance customers have seen the cost of their premiums soar well above the expected 3.95% average increase, with figures showing more than a dozen policies have jumped by double-digit figures.A new analysis of the annual health insurance premium increases – which came in on 1 April – reveals that in one case a private provider increased costs by 45%. Continue reading...
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Meet Hereditary Congressman Dan Lipinski, an anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ Illinois "Machine Democrat" who opposes the $15 minimum wage

Rep Dan Lipinski (@RepLipinski) is Congressman for Illinois's 3rd congressional district; he voted against marriage equality and opposes abortion and and the $15 minimum wage. He is up for re-election next November. (more…)
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What is the value of rationality, and why does it matter?

Rationality is a widely discussed term. Economists and other social scientists routinely talk about rational agents making rational choices in light of their rational expectations. It’s also common in philosophy, especially in those areas that are concerned with understanding and evaluating human thinking, actions, and institutions. But what exactly is rationality? In the past, most philosophers assumed that the central notion of rationality is a normative or evaluative concept: to think rationa...
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Are You Helping Employees Find Purpose In What They Do?

As the clock starts to wind down on 2017, I’ve been spending some time reflecting on some of the recurring themes and ideas I’ve written and spoken about over the past 12 months. Among these various leadership topics and issues was the subject of finding a sense of purpose in what we do, a topic which also served as the focus of the TEDx talk I gave this past September here in Montreal.With this in mind, I’d like to share the story of a student who attends my daughters’ high school and what ...
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