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Checklist to Optimize Hotel Energy Consumption During Low Occupancy | By Chris Magee

Around the world, all kinds of buildings - from offices to hotels to retail spaces - have transitioned to a state of low occupancy, with some nearly empty. For hotels, securing the safety and security of guests and staff are a top priority. But what is next?
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Core blimey: how a 62-year-old man planked for eight hours – and what he can teach us

George Hood, a former US Marine, broke his own world record this month. Here’s how you can improve your techniqueThis month, George Hood – a 62-year-old former US Marine – broke the world planking record with a time of 8hr 15min 15sec, adding an extra 14 minutes on to the previous record. Hood had originally claimed the record in 2011 with a paltry 1hr 20min, before losing it in 2016 to Mao Weidong, a police officer from China, who broke the record with a time of 8hr 1min.Eight hours is a long t...
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Review: The Girl and the Picture

— by BEV QUESTAD — The 1937 Nanjing Massacre by Japanese forces is an example of a military invasion gone berserk. Initially, the Japanese vehemently denied their actions and called reports of the mass murder of sick, elderly and poor as made-up stories. But unknown to these liars, John Magee, a missionary with the Episcopal […]
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