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A Holy Fire

My city has been on fire this week. The Scandinavian meat market that my mother grew up walking to — sawdust crunching under her feet once inside. A hard-worked-for Hmong market. Owned by a pair of brothers, a distillery that, due to COVID, began producing gallon jugs of hand sanitizer. A Mexican panadería, formerly a florist that my mom rode her bike to as a kid to peer in the display windows. Neighborhood gas stations and groceries. Post offices and banks. Hundreds of other businesses, buildin...
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Triggered: Navigating Social Media Offense As Christians

Social media has been one of the greatest communication innovations of our age but with the optimization of communication and increased interconnectedness, we are also exposed to thoughts and opinions that might not only contradict our own but potentially attack and undermine them too. The combination of anonymity and the lack of accountability can bring out the worst in people, giving some the courage to type out things they wouldn’t otherwise speak out loud. This can cause us to experience wha...
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Board Question #93022: Did any of you feel let down by Conference this ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,Did any of you feel let down by Conference this year? Like, sure, some new temples are kinda cool, I guess, but the proclamation of the Restoration, while consistent with the Church's messaging, isn't exactly groundbreaking, inasmuch as it's been proclaimed for nearly two hundred years at this point. What, exactly, I hoped would take place at Conference I guess I didn't really expect to happen--some softening of stances on homosexuality, or maybe women getting substantive ...
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For Your Memorial Day: Six Ways to Find Peace in a Noisy World

Our family will visit the cemetery today. Someone from the American Legion will hand us poppies. The pastor will say a few words to those who’ve gathered. And then, we will bow our heads for a moment of silence. No one will speak. The air will fill with birdsong and the sound of flags flapping in the breeze. In that moment, I will pray as I always pray: for peace to rule in hearts everywhere. That’s how I’ve celebrated Memorial Day since I was a kid – with a few moments in a cemetery, observing ...
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Saturday Links

Curated links for your weekend reading: Thank You, Pastors When the light wanes tonight over Toronto and people clang their thanks to essential workers: pastors, I’ll be thanking God for you. The Coming Pastoral Crash I don’t want to be a prophet of doom, but as a minister in touch with many ministers, I see a coming pastoral crash. And I’m not sure we can stop it. (I hope he’s wrong.) Fingerprints I confess that I always harbored the hope that one day, if we remained faithf...
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When I Come Out on the Other Side of This

I started the year off in a full sprint. January and February were unusually full and overflowing with travel, special events, and project deadlines. The hyper pace of this type of perpetual, uninterrupted hustle and bustle does not come naturally to me, nor do I long for it. I prefer a rhythm of balanced activity and pause, so I’m still wondering how I managed to over-schedule myself.  But somehow, in the midst of two months, inundated with planning, writing, traveling, teaching, and parenti...
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Pandemic will change Communion for many

Holy Communion will have a different look when in-person worship services resume at the end of May in the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville, Tenn.: The wafers signifying the body of Christ will be placed in the hands of parishioners by priests and deacons wearing face masks and safety glasses.
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Pandemic will alter Communion rituals for many U.S. Christians

Holy Communion will have a different look when in-person worship services resume at the end of May in the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee: The wafers signifying the body of Christ will be placed in the hands of parishioners by priests and deacons wearing face masks and safety glasses.
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Pandemic will alter Communion rituals for many US Christians

Holy Communion will have a different look when in-person worship services resume at the end of May in the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee: The wafers signifying the body of Christ will be placed in the hands of parishioners by priests and deacons wearing face masks and safety glasses.
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How to Walk Through Our Circumstances of Change

It was one of those moments when bad news shocked me to my core. I had no clear course of action except to fall down on the well-worn carpet next to my bed, sob my eyes out in my white cotton comforter, and pray the only word that came to mind: Help. Over the years, the Lord and I have met at that bedroom spot too many times to count. We met there when I was pregnant with my daughter and yet another test revealed problems. We met there when the military moved us away from a location I didn’t wan...
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'It's disorienting': former Glasgow MP left claiming universal credit

Recent Labour MP Paul Sweeney awaits response to claim made as result of lockdown and losing seat in DecemberCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThere was a moment, as Paul Sweeney filled out his online application for universal credit, when the reality of the box-ticking hit home. “You’re thinking, Christ, when I was an MP I used to spend my days advocating for people who were caught up in all these benefits problems, and now here I am. It was bizarre.”At the start of th...
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When Worry and Fear Weigh You Down

We began studying Philippians as a church in the fall of 2019. Because we move slowly, verse by verse, we found ourselves in chapter three as we walked through Lent while sheltering-in-place. On Palm Sunday, I looked ahead to the verses that would come next, knowing they would be our Easter passage. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to cry. The irony was thick, but it felt like a gift. On Easter Sunday, my church dove deep into Philippians 4:6-7: Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let pet...
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Religious Far Right Mounts Anti-Abortion Attack on COVID-19 Vaccine

As universities and pharmaceutical companies race to put out the first COVID-19 vaccine, some sectors of the religious right are gearing up to fight it, based on tenuous ties to what they call “the abortion industry” and a biblical teaching about “the mark of the beast.”  LifeSite News, a Catholic, anti-abortion website, has gathered more than 350,000 signatures on a petition protesting mandatory coronavirus vaccination orders—none of which have actually been issued. The petition starts with the...
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We Do This Because Love Prays

Our loved one is sick and needs a critical surgery. We can’t do the surgery ourselves, we can’t heal them ourselves, but we can pray. We can stand beside that hospital bed and cry out to God. We ask everyone we know to join us as we do. We do this because love prays. We are on our way home when an ambulance races by. We can’t help them, we most likely don’t know the person inside, but we can pray. We pause for a moment and intercede for the patient and for those working to save a life. We do thi...
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Peace When All Is Chaos

“Peace I leave with you. My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Don’t let your hearts be troubled or fearful.” John 14:27 (CSB) It seems that every commercial on TV has switched over to the message of being “in this together.” It’s heartwarming when everyone feels disconnected and alone, but still at the end of every commercial, their hope is for us to buy their product, watch their news channel, turn to their services. Marketing isn’t bad. Business isn’t bad. But if t...
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Zanzibar’s forgotten religion

A CRUMBLING TEMPLE for an ancient religion lies hidden from the street, just beyond the fields of Mnazi Moja. All but forgotten, its doors are rarely opened; the once prominent Zoroastrians have all but disappeared from Zanzibar. Their fire temple, now falling to ruin, was once a place where worshippers gathered to celebrate their god, Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord), and where weddings were held and people buried. Article by Vanessa Beddoe | Swahili Coast the gates which open up to bea...
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How old would you want to be in heaven?

Many religious faiths propose different versions of heaven as a location: There are walled gardens with streams, flowers, pleasing scents, pretty angels, rapturous music or delicious accessible food.But what about us – the once-mortal – who will go on to inhabit the heavenly real estate? What form will our bodies take? Not all religions posit bodily resurrection. But those that do tend to depict them as young. As the author of prize-winning books on age and culture, I tend to notice unseen forms...
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The Stay At Home Museum: Your Private, Guided Tours of Rubens, Bruegel & Other Flemish Masters

Of the many world class museums treating a stuck-at-home public to virtual tours of their collections, none inspire the resolve for future travel as the Stay At Home Museum, an initiative of the Flanders tourism board. Before the COVID-19 epidemic response demanded the temporary shuttering of all such attractions, the region was entering the final year of a 3-year festival celebrating such Flemish masters as Jan Van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel, and Peter Paul Rubens. Its website appeals to ...
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The Long Term Impact of COVID-19 On Churches

A couple of months ago or so, Blessing wrote about how to prepare for an outbreak. At the time, I didn’t know if this post would be necessary, but I thought it was prudent to publish it and help people prepare. I also didn’t think we’d be talking about the long term impact of COVID-19 On Churches. But now many churches are navigating these difficult times and turning to live streaming and online giving solutions as well as trying new ways of connecting church members. But with it becomin...
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Love Sacrifices for the Sake of Others

Before I met the Lord at the age of nineteen, I didn’t know I needed a Savior, but I knew all about God. I went to Mass every Sunday. I even prayed to Him through the tears of my difficult childhood. I would characterize my relationship with Him as very superficial. I didn’t know what I was missing. If you would have asked me then if I was going to Heaven, I would have said yes. I was a pretty good kid. I didn’t get into a ton of trouble. I wasn’t a cause for worry or concern. I was a good perso...
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This 420 podcast about Black Holes will blow your mind with the power of Christ

Gimlet Media's Every Little Thing podcast is based on a pretty simple concept: you call a hotline and leave a message with a question that's been bugging you. If it's intriguing enough, they make a podcast about the answer. When a guy named Kyle left a meandering voicemail about the nature of spacetime as it relates to black holes, the show's hosts couldn't resist. His giggley, midwest-by-way-of-California-surfer-dude tone seemed like the perfect stoned-at-3-am-philosophical-question fit for the...
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All the National Geographic shows and movies you can stream on Disney Plus for Earth Day

  Disney Plus gives subscribers access to a large selection of streaming movies and TV shows, including an assortment of docuseries and films produced by National Geographic. The National Geographic lineup features a growing collection of nature programs perfect for Earth Day streaming.  Notable titles you can watch right now include shows, like "Great Migrations" and "Life Below Zero," and movies, like "Giants of the Deep Blue" and "Free Solo." A Disney Plus monthly subscription costs $6.99 ...
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Living Like We’re Not in Control

Char and I lived through the death of a dream lately. Something big didn’t turn out the way we always thought it would. Here’s the crazy part. It’s almost like we expected things to turn out the way we’d hoped. We imagined the future, and then considered ourselves entitled to what we’d dreamed. We do this all the time. I catch myself thinking about what it will be like to write my next book, to move into our next building as a church, to pay off our mortgage, to retire, to grow old with my...
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What Is the Most Important Thing You Want to Tell Your People?

When the medical drama ER aired in the 90s, I had an infant and a two-year-old. I remember lying on our sofa nursing my son — right side, left side, right side, left — through ER, the news and, on occasional late nights, Leno and Letterman. (Being a human pacifier was a small price to pay for a baby who slept through the night.) Anthony Edwards played the role of Dr. Mark Greene for the show’s first eight years. Wanting to spend more time with his family, he decided to leave, and I read he hoped...
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Yuval Noah Harari: 'Will coronavirus change our attitudes to death? Quite the opposite'

Will the coronavirus pandemic return us to more traditional and accepting, attitudes towards dying – or reinforce our attempts to prolong life? The modern world has been shaped by the belief that humans can outsmart and defeat death. That was a revolutionary new attitude. For most of history, humans meekly submitted to death. Up to the late modern age, most religions and ideologies saw death not only as our inevitable fate, but as the main source of meaning in life. The most important events of ...
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Putin says coronavirus crisis under full control despite record rise in cases

President Vladimir Putin said that Russian authorities had the coronavirus crisis under full control and that everything would work out with God's help, even as the country on Sunday registered a record daily rise in cases of the new virus. Russia on Sunday reported 6,060 new cases in the previous 24 hours, bringing its nationwide tally to 42,853, though the official death toll of 361 remains relatively low compared with other countries with a similar number of cases. In a video message to con...
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Bulgarian Christians celebrate Easter amid coronavirus outbreak

The Easter holiday is the most significant date on the calendar for the world's 300 million Orthodox Christians with thousands of Bulgarians usually packing the churches and their ancestral homes all around the country to celebrate Christ's resurrection. This year many Bulgarians opted to watch services live on TV instead after the government urged people to celebrate and pray from home.
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Finding Safe Spaces in the Midst of Racism

It was just another day on Twitter. My feed, once populated with discussions on publishing, theology, and the upcoming election, was nothing but a dead scroll of COVID-19 updates. The rising confirmed cases. Celebrities who had contracted the virus. How to stay sane while quarantined. Some of the things I read were helpful. But other spaces of the Twitter-verse are filled with recurring racist attacks, and every time something new happened, somebody took it upon themselves to tell me and my frie...
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Nick Offerman: 'Trump is about to be presented with a gory butcher's bill'

Nick Offerman played the bacon-chomping boss in Parks and Recreation. Now the sci-fi show Devs has given him the meatiest role of his lifeDevs is a slow, beautiful sci-fi drama thriller about a machine that can see backwards and forwards in time – back to Christ on the cross, forward to some looming unknowable crisis. It grapples with all the big questions. Is there such a thing as free will? Do we live in a multiverse? Could we all be part of a complex simulation?Devs is masterminded by Alex Ga...
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Text of Los Angeles Archbishop José H. Gomez’s April 12, 2020, Easter Homily

Here is the text of the Homily from Los Angeles Archbishop José H. Gomez’s the Easter Sunday Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord, Sunday, April 12, at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Downtown Los Angeles. The Mass was livecast while churches in the archdiocese are closed during the coronavirus outbreak:  My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Christ is risen! This is an extraordinary Easter, as Christians in almost every nation are forced to celebrate in their homes because our world is...
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