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Shuffle: The Labra Brothers Blend Funk with their Latin Roots

The Labra Brothers have formally been a Latin funk band for just a few years. But they've been playing together their whole lives. Adrian, 28, is the oldest. He started learning guitar when he was six. He then started teaching his brothers how to play. Christian, 23, said music is in their blood. "Our grandpa grew up playing in a folk band in Mexico and he taught our dad how to play guitar. Our dad taught Adrian how to play, and it was just passed down." Adrian said aside from their dad, their b...
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NASA's administrator lavishly praised an influential Evangelical ministry during its $10,000-a-table fundraiser. Some experts say his speech violated the Constitution.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine gave a speech in February at a Christian ministry's fundraising dinner, which advertised $10,000-a-table sponsorships. NASA said Bridenstine was approved to attend the event in his official capacity. Bridenstine expressed his support for the ministry and its mission, saying he likes the idea of "institutional" but not "influential" separation of church and state. Some government-ethics experts said Bridenstine's speech ran afoul of the First Amendment of the ...
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What is hell? (James 3:6 and James 5:3 provide the answer)

I have a book on hell coming out in June, titled What is Hell? You can pre-order the Kindle version on Amazon. You can also sign up to take my online course on hell. It covers the same topics as the book, but in audio teaching format: Go here to sign up for the “What is Hell?” online course. The course will be available in June when the book comes out. Between now and then, I will be focusing my podcasts studies on some of the content from the book. We will look at several key terms from the Bib...
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Is the Church Breeding Loneliness? Interview with Rosaria Butterfield

Is the church breeding loneliness? Rosaria Butterfield answers yes. She believes we have declared independence from each other in our culture and, sadly, in our churches. Once upon a time, the church was “of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common” (Acts 4:32). Shared time, shared food, shared possessions. Shared identity. They were the early church — a family bound together by the blood of Jesus. M...
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A La Carte (April 15)

Today’s Kindle deals include some good books from Crossway. What is Impassibility? It’s a word you should know! “The doctrine of Divine Impassibility is an ancient Christian belief, confessed throughout the long history of the Church, and yet often misunderstood or rejected today. It reflects classical Christian theism, and its import is well-known by theologians and has been fixed for centuries. It is deeply rooted in the Christian tradition and confessed by every major Engl...
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Desiring The Cross: Palm Sunday Of The Lord’s Passion

“We hear repeatedly that St. John of the Cross desired nothing for himself but to suffer and be despised. We want to know the reason for this love of suffering. Is it merely the loving remembrance of the path of suffering of our Lord on earth, a tender impulse to be humanly close to him by a life resembling his? This does not seem to correspond to the lofty and strict spirituality of the mystical teacher. And in relation to the Man of Sorrows, it would almost seem that the victoriously enthrone...
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India goes to the polls

BJP Flag(Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) India (MNN) -- India is playing host to the biggest democratic election in history, with some 600-900 million registered voters setting the course of history. Joe Handley mentors Christian leaders in both Nepal and India. He says the make-up of India's Parliament is at stake. Until now, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) dictated the tenor of government. However, after a recent defeat cost the BJP 17 seats in the Assembly, people hoped that the ...
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Pete Buttigieg to formally launch 2020 presidential run as national buzz grows

South Bend mayor to make announcement at afternoon rally in his hometown against a backdrop of improving poll numbersMayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, flashes a thumbs-up after speaking at a meet and greet event at MadHouse Coffee on Monday, April 8, 2019, in Las Vegas. Photograph: Bizuayehu Tesfaye/APPete Buttigieg was ready to officially launch his run for the White House on Sunday, against a backdrop of improving poll numbers and increasing national interest. The 37-year-old mayor...
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Sunday Firesides: Are You Really Just Jealous?

Do you really detest your business rival, or are you just jealous that he’s beating you at the same game? Do you really think your brother has gotten a big head since taking that new job, or are you just jealous he’s become more successful than you? Do you (devout Christian guy) really think your roommate has gotten unrighteously intimate with his girlfriend, or are you just jealous that he’s dating someone and you aren’t? Do you really think your old buddy has gotten duller, or are you just j...
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Sudan: on the cusp of change

(Image courtesy of Pixabay, CC) Sudan (MNN) -- Everyone appears to be seizing Sudan’s moment of change and celebrating the ouster of longtime dictator Omar al-Bashir. Miles Windsor of Middle East Concern says, “The army stepped in, deposed the president and have arrested the president.” There’s been a notable lack of the phrase ‘coup d’état’ in describing the events of the last 36 hours.  As defined by Merriam-Webster, a coup d’état is a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics-- esp...
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Pete Buttigieg’s Bad-Faith Attack on Mike Pence

Back in 2015, South Bend, Ind.’s mayor, Pete Buttigieg, came out of the closet as a gay man. Asked about the news, Indiana governor, Mike Pence, simply responded, “I hold Mayor Buttigieg in the highest personal regard. I see him as a dedicated public servant and a patriot.”A year earlier, Buttigieg had been deployed to Afghanistan as a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve. According to the Indianapolis Star, “a noticeably moved Pence called Buttigieg the day he was driving to the base.”There is no e...
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Opinion: Buttigieg is a symbol for a rising Christian left

I don't think my closeted teen self would've believed the last few weeks of Mayor Pete Buttigieg's campaign could have happened. But I've watched in awe as it has unfolded.
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Buttigieg is a symbol for a rising Christian left

Erick Erickson's comments about Pete Buttigieg represent the fear by some on the Christian right of an incipient and growing progressive Christian movement, writes Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons.
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What Should a Pastor’s Wife Be Like?

You might be surprised to know that your pastor’s wife is much like you. She is not a celebrity or a super-Christian, but like you, she desires to be a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. That means her God-given priority is to minister to her husband and the children God has given her. That is a big job, as all the other women in the church understand. Like them, she is called to build her house (Proverbs 14:1) and to provide a joyful oasis for her family. Hers is not the special callin...
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3 Erie Otters OHL Draft Takeaways

The Erie Otters found themselves in an interesting spot Saturday morning as the OHL Draft began. Holding the third overall pick, they had lots of ways they could have gone. The best defenseman in Brandt Clarke was available. Two dynamic centers were available in Connor Lockhart and Mason McTavish. Plus the best goalie to come through in several years in Ben Gaudreau was there for the taking. In the end, the Otters needed a difference-making forward and they got their guy. With the thi...
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Praying for International Missionaries

We hosted a “Revive This Nation” student preach at our church three weeks ago.  Pastor Omotayo is a PHd student working to get his Phd in Christian counseling.  I would encourage every church to host a “Revive This Nation” preacher in March of 2020.  It’s a great opportunity to encourage student preachers.  The seminary matches up student preachers to smaller churches who cannot afford the expense of hosting a revival preacher.  The seminary pays the travel expenses, and the host church is respo...
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BFTW seeks new opportunities in Southern Asia

Southern Asia (MNN) – Bibles for the World (BFTW) is moving forward this year with a new project in Southern Asia. BFTW is an organization that partners with local Christians and other local organizations to spread the Gospel through Bible distribution and Bible training and by providing other basic resources. Now, BFTW aims to develop partners in other countries in Southern Asia. In one country, BFTW has adopted five formerly unreached people groups. Barriers for BFTW One major barr...
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"For six weeks now Hagedorn has been mired in negative stories and controversy over his extreme views on a host of topics" — that was the story 2 weeks ago.

After Hagedorn's victory in yesterday's Wisconsin Supreme Court election, I'm reading "Vetting fail/Republicans skip background check before pushing Brian Hagedorn for Supreme Court" in the Madison newspaper Isthmus (from March 21st).We’ve learned that back in 2006, as a married 27-year-old father of two and law student at Northwestern University, Hagedorn wrote a blog as “a fellow soldier in the culture wars,” where he condemned the 2003 U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which...
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Wednesday with Michael Spencer: Michael’s Final Post

Wednesday with Michael Spencer Michael’s Final Post (2/10/10) Friday will mark nine years since we said “’til we meet again” to our friend and mentor Michael Spencer. Here is the final post he was able to write before he succumbed to colon cancer in 2010. • • • A brief word from Michael The ultimate apologetic is to a dying man. That is what all those “Where is God?” statements in the Psalms are all about. They are, at least partially, invitations to Christians to speak up for the dying. All th...
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If God Gives Me a Daughter

“I wonder what they are going to name her,” my wife said. “I have no idea, but if we were expecting a daughter, I would first consider Elizabeth, Jael, or Abigail.” Elizabeth, because of my mother. A godly daughter of her own mother, she is an embodiment of the Proverbs 31 wife and mother whose son has grown up to praise her (Proverbs 31:28). She labored for years as a single mother, sacrificed more than can be told, and is, in my eyes, one of whom the world is not worthy. When I sat d...
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Egypt sentences 18 to life in prison for Islamic State ties

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian court has sentenced 18 suspected militants to life in prison for allegedly forming a “terrorist cell” affiliated with the Islamic State group. The Cairo criminal court on Saturday sentenced another 12 defendants to 10 to 15 years on charges that include plotting attacks on the country’s Christian minority in the […]
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“I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life”: Superb Photo Manipulations By Kevin Carden

Whimsical and surreal photo manipulations by Kevin Carden, a gifted self-taught photographer, Photoshop artist, and educator from Kernersville, NC, USA. Kevin focuses mainly on digital art and photo manipulation. “The mission of this website is to provide high quality imagery that accurately represents Christian principles found in the Bible. We strive to use our talents to create images in... Source
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Following Intense Criticism, Google Finally Removes 'Gay Conversion Therapy' App 

Google has removed a so-called “gay conversion” app developed by Living Hope Ministries, a Texas-based Christian organization that tries to convince gay people that they can live as straight people with enough prayer and religious therapy. For months, the company dug in its heels refusing to remove the app which has…Read more...
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Supreme Court intervenes in execution of Buddhist prisoner

Last month the Supreme Court cleared the way for Alabama to execute a Muslim inmate after denying the inmate’s request to have an imam at his side in the execution chamber, even though the prison would have allowed a Christian chaplain to be present in the chamber. But tonight the justices blocked the state of Texas from executing a Buddhist prisoner, Patrick Murphy, while Murphy files a petition for review of his case on the merits, unless the state allows either Murphy’s spiritual advisor or a...
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SCOTUS stays Texas execution because condemned was denied Buddhist spiritual advisor in execution chamber

As reported in this local article, "hours after he was to be executed for his role in a notorious 19-year-old crime, Texas death row prisoner Patrick Murphy won a rare stay from the U.S. Supreme Court based on his request to have a Buddhist spiritual adviser next to him in the death chamber."  Here is more: The condemned man, one of the last surviving members of the so-called 'Texas 7' crew of prison escapees, lobbed a long-shot bid for reprieve earlier this week when his attorneys raised relig...
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The Myth of Generosity

In the business world, entrepreneurs constantly teach people to be generous BECAUSE that’s the way to increase sales. Mantras like “give, give, give, give, give, and once you’ve given 15 times, then ask and people will feel so blessed by your generosity that they will be generous toward you and buy your product or write a positive review about it.” Not a few Christian teachers have passed this same idea on. There is a problem, however. Beyond the selfish motive that’s often involved (giving in o...
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Whole United Queer Festival: Creating Inclusivity through Community and Sound

Berlin’s queer nightlife joins forces once again. The electronic music festival fighting for a space for inclusivity and self-expression for the WHOLE queer spectrum returns for its third edition this June bringing you a killer lineup of local and international artists and party crews to kick off your festival season with a BANG. The festival’s third year is still a first-time in many ways, not only for the individual festival-goers and organizers but for the global queer electronic underground....
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The Grip, Rip n Stick Method of Casting Out Succubus / Incubus Demons

The Grip, Rip n Stick Method of Casting Out Succubus / Incubus Demons I have developed a method of casting out succubus or incubus demons by self deliverance that I call the Grip, Rip n Stick. I post to this forum so others may freely benefit from using this method. The Lord Jesus Christ told us about casting out devils (demons, evil spirits, unclean spirits) in the verse below. Mark 16:17 (KJB) 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they s...
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Flash Sale: Tim Keller Theology and Ministry Bundles

“Fifty years from now, if evangelical Christians are widely known for their love of cities, their commitment to mercy and justice, and their love of their neighbors, Tim Keller will be remembered as a pioneer of the new urban Christians.” — Christianity Today Timothy Keller is a New York Times bestselling author, founder of New York City’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and cofounder with D.A. Carson of The Gospel Coalition. His writings, which tend to have an apologetic bent, have challenged...
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