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Yet Another Problem With Peter Zumthor’s Design For New LACMA Building: You Can’t Hang Paintings On Bare Concrete Walls

As if there weren’t enough issues with the damn thing already. As Christopher Knight writes, you could hang paintings on wires coming down from a high rail. (Bad idea in an earthquake zone.) Or you could drill holes in the wall, which is loud, expensive, and weakens the concrete. And LACMA want to rotate the collection constantly, so there would be a lot of rehanging. What were these people thinking? – Los Angeles Times
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Christopher Knight: LACMA’s New Vision For Itself And Its Building Should Be Rejected

“A ‘yes’ vote from the supervisors means that more than 50 years of the county project to build the last great encyclopedic art museum in the United States is over. It has driven five former LACMA directors, scores of curators and professional staff, countless past benefactors, an array of trustees and untold others in building the institution, virtually from scratch, since 1965.” – Los Angeles Times
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Absurd? Why Would LA County Museum Of Art Spend $650M To REDUCE Its Gallery Space?

Christopher Knight: “What was once a project designed to add nearly 50,000 square feet of critically needed gallery space committed to showcasing the museum’s impressive and still-growing permanent collection of paintings, sculptures and other global works of art has been turned on its head. Now, rather than enlarge the capacity, the scheme is to reduce the existing gallery square footage by more than 10,000 square feet.” – Los Angeles Times
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LACMA Decides To Collapse Euro And American Art Into One Big Department

Christopher Knight on why this isn’t going to work – with a review of a new show embedded within the commentary: “Art museums have two audiences — one general, who may or may not have a genuine interest (there’s got to be someplace to take the in-laws over the holidays); the other a dedicated art audience, who range from passionate enthusiasts to committed professionals. … Lose the core and the museum is in trouble.” – Los Angeles Times
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VOTD: ‘The Brady Bunch’ Reunites to Renovate the Real Brady House for HGTV

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the classic sitcom The Brady Bunch. To celebrate, HGTV has something special in store for fans who have been waiting for some kind of reunion. HGTV rounded up all six of the Brady kids from the original series to renovate the real house used for the exterior of the family home. And you’ll get to see how it all unfolds because HGTV is turning it into a special series that will air sometime later this year. Get a look at the HGTV Brady Bunch reunion below. ...
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The Best Small Space Furniture Buys For Under $150

Living the small space lifestyle is an ongoing battle of trying to do more with the less. Sometimes, after an exhaustive search, we strike the furniture jackpot with a piece that epitomizes our spacial, stylistic, and budgetary trifecta. But just because these home buys are a rarity, doesn't mean that there aren't multiple viable options out there...It's a matter of finding the time to hunt them down.If turning small space furniture hunting into a full-time job isn't in the cards right now, don...
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What LA’s MoCA Needs From Its New Director

Christopher Knight: “What MOCA needed right now in the director’s office was a seasoned museum administrator, something it hasn’t had since Jimmy Carter was president. The fundamental lapse has been caused by the board of trustees’ faulty selection criteria, which are at the heart of the institution’s long-standing travails. Instead, the director’s job lately has been held by a series of ambitious curators, whose administrative record has been secondary at best. Naming Biesenbach to the top post...
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L.A. MOCA Hasn't Had A Good Director For Two Decades, And 'That Desperately Needs To Change'

Philippe Vergne, whose contract is not being renewed, is "the third MOCA director in a row who hasn't been able to make the switch from smart, talented curator to top administrator at a major art museum, and I fear the museum cannot survive another one," writes Christopher Knight, who argues that the problem is most […]
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For The Love Of All That's Holy, Los Angeles MOCA, Please Get A Decent Museum Director This Time

As Philippe Vergne heads out the door, art critic Christopher Knight wonders if there's some way to DNA-test curators to see if they can make the leap to becoming museum directors - a very different role. "Like his MOCA predecessors Jeremy Strick (1999-2009) and Jeffrey Deitch (2010-2013), Vergne was unable to make the transition from […]
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LA's MoCA Still Silent About Firing Of Head Curator (So We'll Speculate)

Christopher Knight: "Today, about a week later, we still have no answer as to why MOCA Director Philippe Vergne fired chief curator Helen Molesworth — and we likely won't. I have a few speculations, which I'll get to. But the action represents larger stresses vexing the museum world in our New Gilded Age."
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The Getty's Pacific Standard Time Has Been A Hit. Here's What PST Should Do Next

Christopher Knight: Pacific Standard Time should underwrite full retrospective exhibitions of artists with significant histories of working in Los Angeles, beginning in the late 19th century and continuing to the present. Not project shows. Not young or emerging or new artist surveys. Not a phalanx of partial looks at a segment of an established artist’s […]
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An Architecture Critic Takes On The Border Wall

The L.A. Times' Christopher Knight worked hard to convince the Border Patrol that he should be able to see the wall prototypes - and that an architecture critic's experience and expertise were relevant. But once he got there, he says, "my critical instincts seemed divided against themselves. The slabs in front of me seemed at […]
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Free Museums? The Pros and Cons of Dollars at the Door

Should museums be free? The quick and easy answer is: ABSOLUTELY! Meaning that, if we all had our druthers, all museums would be free, forever and ever (…and so would many other things, for that matter). But of course, it’s not that simple. Charging for admission to museums is a hotly debated topic all around the world. For some, philosophy wins out – they just can’t reconcile an educational mission with an entrance fee of any kind. I’ll admit I am sympathetic to this view. However, others take ...
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Podcast #358: The Stranger in the Woods — The Story of the Last True Hermit

Have you ever just wanted to get in your car, drive off into the middle of nowhere, leave behind the hustle and bustle of civilization, and just be by yourself?  Well, in 1986 a man named Christopher Knight did just that and lived alone in the Maine woods without any, any human contact for 27 years until he was discovered in 2013. My guest today wrote a biography — The Stranger in the Woods — about this man who locals called “the Hermit of the North Pond.” His name is Michael Finkel and ...
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Pacific Standard Time: How The Getty Climbed Down From The Hill

Basically, with the three (so far) iterations of Pacific Standard Time, the Getty has spread out across the city and, says architecture critic Christopher Knight, "has threaded itself into the contemporary cultural life of Los Angeles and Southern California. The Getty has not only paid for and otherwise supported important scholarship on the cultural history […]
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Why MacArthur Fellowships Matter: In Modern Culture, Expertise Is Under Fire

"Today, in public attitudes toward everything from science to politics, expertise is under enormous stress. ... That pressure makes the MacArthur awards extra important," writes Christopher Knight, because "the danger is that manipulative demagoguery flourishes in an environment polluted by the anxiety driving the assault on expertise ... [so] I'll take a ringing endorsement of […]
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Christopher Knight: Berkshire Museum's Plan To Sell Art Is A Threat To Every American Museum. Here's Why:

"The public owns the painting, along with all the rest scheduled to go on the block, starting in November. Trustees and staff are stewards of the art collection, charged with taking whatever measures are best for it. Yet this museum’s leaders are behaving as if they are stewards of the institution, not the art. Absurdly, museum […]
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Man Who Lived Alone on an Mediterranean Island For Nearly 30 Years

Financial freedom means that you can do what you want. Now consider that if you earn like everyone else and spend like everyone, you’ll end up like everyone else. This is why unconventional people are the most likely to achieve early retirement. I sometimes envy those people who are satisfied with the idea of working 9-5 under a boss until you’re 65 years old. I just can’t do it. This is why I like reading about unconventional people. Some readers couldn’t get past the fact that Christ...
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What if the North Pond Hermit Has Pursued Early Retirement Instead?

Of my summer reads was The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel. Many people dream about leading a “quiet life” away from all the hustle and bustle. Christopher Knight lived alone without speaking or interacting with another human being for 27 years. Read a preview in this GQ magazine article. Since this is not a personal finance or investing book review, I will just let you read the nice synopsis from the Amazon listing: In 1986, a shy...
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The Best Biographies & Memoirs of the Year So Far

Here are just a few of our favorite Biographies & Memoirs of 2017. Browse all of our selections, and find more editors' picks across a dozen categories in the Best Books of the Year So Far. The late, great Oliver Sacks was so famously private, he didn’t divulge that he was gay until his memoir, On the Move, was published, shortly before his death at the age of 82. Granted, this revelation was one of the least interesting things about him. Sacks was widely beloved, which is saying something for a...
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Just Don't Call Him Dear "Old" Dad

The Dad abides. We can admit that dads are often difficult to shop for. "Don't bother, I don't need anything," or "It's really enough that we're all here to enjoy this nice brunch." And so Father's Day gift givers often project their own expectations on the gifts they give. What would a dad want? If you're lucky, Dad likes golf and you can get him a golf thing (probably a golf shirt, considering the economics of golf). Same idea if he likes model trains, ham radio, or drinking. After that, thin...
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 05.31.17

The Impermanent Permanent-Collection Display: LACMA Follows MoMA’s Dicey Example Memo to LA Times art critic Christopher Knight: You were mistaken when you wrote last week that “an impermanent permanent collection” - such as what is being proposed by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art ... read more AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2017-05-31 Arcangelo I’ve always felt open to a wide range of influences in my music.  That’s not the right approach for everyone – some composers must focus on one or ...
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No, Putin's Piano Recital Doesn't Make Him Any 'Softer'

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Detachment and Re-attachment: The Mind of a Hermit No More (Column)

Christopher Knight disappeared into the woods at the age of 20 and returned at 47 without a masterpiece, without a testimony of life’s greater purpose, without anything profound to convey. [Author: Christopher John Stephens]
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Barkley L. Hendricks, Painting Pioneer And Champion Of Black Portraiture, Dead At 72

Barkley L. Hendricks, a painting pioneer who dedicated much of his work to capturing subjects of color, died early Tuesday morning of natural causes, Artnet reports. He was 72 years old.  Jack Shainman, Hendricks’ gallery, released a statement confirming his death: “We have had the great honor of working with Barkley since 2005. He was a situational painter, documenting the world around him in vivid and highly detailed paintings that capture the distinctive personalities of his subjects. He wa...
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Meet the North Pond hermit, who lived alone in the Maine woods for 27 years

Without any forethought or preparation, Christopher Knight walked into the Maine woods in 1986 and lived there in complete solitude for the next 27 years, subsisting on what he was able to steal from local cabins. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll tell the story of the North Pond hermit, one man's attempt to divorce himself completely from civilization.We'll also look for coded messages in crosswords and puzzle over an ineffective snake.Show notesPlease support us on Pa...
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AK Monthly Recap: March 2017

You know what nobody talks about? That first gust of air when you come back from a tropical vacation in the middle of winter. I stepped off the plane and nearly wept. I knew it would be cold, how could it not be cold, but I didn’t expect it would be that bad. Shivering like mad as I waited for my Lyft to arrive, I mentally prepared myself to leave the Caribbean behind and get ready for several more weeks of winter: all the gray, all the rain, and one final major blizzard in the middle of the mo...
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Artist Creates Haunting Ode To The Countless Black, Female Bodies That Have Disappeared

Last week, people of color mobilized on social media to spread awareness of the alarming number of black and brown young women currently considered “critically missing” in Washington, D.C.  The viral effort, along with sharing facts regarding the missing teens, encouraged others to question why cases about missing black women often go uncovered by the nightly news and other mainstream media sources. “As a society, we only pay attention when a particular type of woman goes missing,” artist Kenya...
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27 YEARS survived in the forest.

"At the age of 20, Christopher Knight parked his car on a remote trail in Maine and walked away with only the most basic supplies. He had no plan. His chief motivation was to avoid contact with people." Avoided contact for 27 Years! NOW THAT IS A SURVIVALIST!!! :):):)
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Wouldn't You Like to Get Away?

In 1986, Christopher Knight stepped into the Massachusetts woods in 1986 and stayed there for 27 years, eking out an existence by burgling local cabins for food, batteries, and clothes, leaving no trace as he moved through the wilderness. The “North Pond Hermit” grew into a local legend, reasonably feared by some; others saw him as a harmless eccentric and sometimes left supplies on their porches for the taking, just to save everyone the trouble. After he was finally caught breaking into a camp,...
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