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Here is a Complete Calendar of the Movies Still Opening in 2020 at This Point

The movie release calendar for 2020 is in constant flux right now thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Films are being shuffled and pulled left and right, and right now, everything in 2020 is currently up in the air. In an attempt to make sense of it all, I went ahead and compiled a list of movies that are still opening in 2020 – for now. All of these dates may change (and one of them, in April, will definitely change). But for now, here are all the movies opening in 2020. April There’s o...
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‘Candyman’ Release Date Delayed Until September

Not even saying Candyman five times in front of a mirror will summon Nia DaCosta‘s reboot/sequel for its originally-planned June release. As it becomes more and more clear that there’s going to be virtually no summer movie season this year, the new Candyman release date has moved from summer to fall, with a new September date in place. Movie release dates continue to shuffle in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and Candyman is the latest. The Nia DaCosta directed, Jordan Peele...
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‘1917’ Editor Lee Smith on Being the Film’s Invisible Secret Weapon [Interview]

The “hidden man” is how editor Lee Smith sees himself in 1917. Not for a second did Smith want audiences paying attention to his cuts or tricks, but to instead immerse themselves in director Sam Mendes‘ World War I story, which is constructed to take place in one seemingly unbroken take. Despite the obvious technical wizardry and razzle-dazzle, they pulled it off. Audiences were caught up in the feeling and exhilaration of 1917, not the craft of 1917. The war pic isn’t the first time Smith and ...
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Sony Delays ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife,’ ‘Morbius,’ and ‘Uncharted’ to 2021 Amid Coronavirus Concerns

As the question of how long the coronavirus pandemic will affect the entertainment industry remains unanswered, Sony Pictures is not taking any chances. Sony pushed back its major tentpole movies —including Morbius, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the ever-cursed Uncharted, and the already-delayed Peter Rabbit 2 — to next year. Variety reports that Sony has drastically pushed back its entire 2020 and 2021 slate amid concerns that the coronavirus pandemic won’t ease up by the time the summer movie s...
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Coronavirus Updates: Chinese Theaters to Re-Release ‘Avatar’ and ‘Avengers’; U.K. Studios Mull Whether to Close; Animated Series Going Strong

We’re several weeks into coronavirus (COVID-19) being declared a pandemic and having wide-reaching ramifications on the entertainment industry across the globe. But while China, which has managed to curb the virus’ spread, is starting to return to normal life and slowly open its movie theaters, the U.K. and the U.S. movie and TV industries are still getting hit hard. China to Re-Release ‘Avatar’ and the ‘Avengers’ Franchise to Boost Movie Theaters China opened its movie theaters for the fi...
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China Rereleasing Avengers Franchise & Avatar For Reopened Cinemas

China rereleasing Avengers franchise & Avatar for reopened cinemas With theaters in China looking to attempt reopening to help boost the film industry in the country amidst global coronavirus concerns, they have announced that they will be rereleasing box office behemoths Avatar and the Avengers franchise, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: James Cameron’s Avatar Sequels Shut Down Production All four Avengers movie are set to hit Chinese cinemas in the coming weeks alongside Ava...
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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Release Moved to August, ‘In the Heights’ and Other Warner Bros. Movies Pushed Indefinitely

We all had a feeling this was coming: the Wonder Woman 1984 release date has been pushed from June to August. Warner Bros. made the decision to move their big superhero sequel due to the coronavirus crisis, and not only is Wonder Woman moving, but several other Warner pics have shifted as well. While Wonder Woman 1984 has its August date locked down (for now), films like In the Heights, Scoob, and Malignant have been pulled from the calendar indefinitely. The coronavirus crisis has changed H...
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Christopher Nolan Reminds Us to Make Sure Movie Theaters Live On

"The single biggest threat to man's continued dominance on the planet is the virus." A quote from Nobel laureate Joshua Lederberg, Ph.D, that is shown at the beginning of Outbreak. In just a few months, followed by a few weeks of frantic decision making, the entire world has been upended by a virus. We still don't know when things will get back to "normal", or if they'll ever get back to normal, but for the time being everything is changing before our eyes and there's nothing we can do besides...
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Christopher Nolan Movies Are Complicated But There's 'A Secret' To Making Them

When editing a Christopher Nolan film, there's a method to the madness.
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Christopher Nolan Calls On Congress To Save Movie Theaters During Crisis

The Dunkirk director wants the United States Congress to support movie theaters during this unprecedented crisis.
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Christopher Nolan Pleads for Help for Movie Theaters from Studios, Government and Moviegoers

Christopher Nolan isn’t just a director of major motion pictures like The Dark Knight, Inception, and Interstellar. He’s also a passionate cinephile like a lot of you, and right now he’s worried about what the future of movie theaters will look like when the coronavirus pandemic has run its course. That’s why he’s written a passionate essay to studios, the government and moviegoers like you to do whatever you can to support movie theaters during and especially after these hard times. The Was...
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Christopher Nolan Urges the Country to Keep Movie Theaters Alive

With thousands of theaters shut down across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, filmmaker Christopher Nolan urges people to show their support when they reopen. In an essay for The Washington Post, Nolan calls movie theaters a “vital part of social life” that not only provides entertainment for everyone, but also jobs for many […]
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Oppo’s Realme sub-brand is launching its own sub-brand

Remember Inception, the Christopher Nolan movie that took us on a journey into a dream within a dream? That’s what the ‘sub-brand’ strategy adopted by today’s smartphone brands feels like lately. Today, Oppo‘s sub-brand, Realme, said it’s launching a new line of phones called Narzo in India. While the company hasn’t given out details about what you should expect from this new line of phones, 91mobiles noted that this is the company’s ploy to take on Xiaomi sub-brand spin-offs such as Redmi and P...
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The Dark Knight Editor Recalls Getting The News Of Heath Ledger's Death After Filming

Christopher Nolan's frequent collaborator still remembers what it was like to watch Heath Ledger play the Joker.
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Michael Caine Really Only Knows Two Things About Christopher Nolan's Tenet

It's tough being the star of a Christopher Nolan movie.
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Why ‘The Incredibles’ Still Feels So Super 16 Years Later

(Infinity and Beyond is a regular bi-weekly column documenting the 25-year filmography of Pixar Animation Studios, film by film. In today’s column, writer Josh Spiegel highlights The Incredibles .) For nearly a decade, Pixar Animation Studios was an island among animation studios. It worked with the Walt Disney Company on having its films distributed and its characters and worlds turned into theme-park and merchandising fodder. But its films were very homegrown in every possible respect. ...
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‘The Batman’ Plot May Be Inspired By ‘The Long Halloween,’ Teases Star Jeffrey Wright

The plot of Matt Reeves’ The Batman is still fairly cloaked in mystery, but the director and stars continue to hint at what the latest Caped Crusader outing will entail. Here’s what we know: Robert Pattinson will don the cape and cowl in an adventure that takes place early on in Batman’s career, taking him face-to-face with familiar rogues like Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), the Riddler (Paul Dano), and Penguin (Colin Farrell). But what comic adventure could possibly provide the template for a story f...
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Rinko Kikuchi Joins HBO Max’s Tokyo Vice

Rinko Kikuchi joins HBO Max’s Tokyo Vice The ensemble cast for the upcoming HBO Max pilot Tokyo Vice, with the pilot being directed by Michael Mann (Collateral), has expanded with the addition of Pacific Rim and Westworld alum Rinko Kikuchi in a primary role, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: Michael Mann Set to Direct HBO Max’s Tokyo Vice Pilot Kikuchi has signed on to star as a supervisor to star Ansel Elgort’s reporter Jake Adelstein and was reportedly cast by Mann after the...
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POLL RESULTS: What is the Best Scene in The Dark Knight?

POLL RESULTS: What is the best scene in The Dark Knight? This week is coming up Batman, with fans getting a from Matt Reeves’ upcoming reboot and after only two days,’s poll asking readers what’s the best scene in The Dark Knight has closed with 2300 votes! Check out the results below! RELATED: POLL RESULTS: Who is the Greatest Classic Universal Monster? What is the best scene in The Dark Knight? TOP FIVE Batman Interrogates The Joker/“You’re just a freak like me.” (27%, ...
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Exploring the “Cinematic Unrealism” of Rian Johnson and Why It Works So Well

“I just didn’t think it was realistic enough.” How often have you heard someone’s complaints about a movie essentially boil down to this talking point? If you’ve spent enough time on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube comment sections, you’ve heard it. No matter the forum, film-related discourse in the 21st Century undeniably tends to fall back onto realism. Not that this is problematic in and of itself, but look no further than the cottage industry of popular “satirical” video channels that have ga...
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‘The Batman’ Reveals First Look at the New Batmobile (And It’s Cool as Hell)

Matt Reeves went ahead and dropped our first look at The Batman Batmobile, and it looks…awesome? It doesn’t really look like any Batmobile we’ve seen on screen before, and that’s fairly exciting. The images also give us yet another (and better) look at Robert Pattinson‘s Batman. See the images below in all their moody, stylish glory.     Hey, these are great! They’re moody – Blade Runner-like, even – and they don’t look like the same old, same old. It’s like Batman souped-up a classic car...
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POLL: What is the Best Scene in The Dark Knight?

POLL: What is the best scene in The Dark Knight? While fans are waiting in anticipation for new word on the highly-anticipated The Batman starring Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse) in the titular role, is asking our readers to vote on the best scene from the character’s arguably most iconic big screen venture, The Dark Knight. Place your vote in the poll below! RELATED: POLL RESULTS: Who is the Greatest Classic Universal Monster? web survey RELATED: POLL RESULTS: What...
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Are American Remakes of International Films Good, Evil, or…Just Movies?

Hollywood isn’t the only source of blockbusters anymore. International film industries generate hits with the same frequency, on scales local and sometimes even global, often outgrossing American studio films. But such is the imperial dominance of Hollywood, any time a major hit emerges from outside the English-speaking world, conversation immediately gravitates toward a potential American remake. Hollywood just can’t keep its mitts off an idea that might make money. But while this process is ...
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Superman: Red Son Clip: Lex & Lois Are a Couple

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Superman: Red Son clip: Lex & Lois are a couple Warner Bros. has debuted a new clip from the upcoming animated adaptation of the acclaimed comic book mini-series Superman: Red Son, showing one of the biggest twists from the Elseworlds storyline that Lex Luthor has hair and is dating Lois Lane. The clip can be viewed in the player below! RELATED: Superman: Red Son Blu-ray Details & Trailer Released Based on DC’s famed Elseworlds tale from 2003, Superman: Red Son takes p...
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The Best TV Shows & Movies Leaving Netflix in March 2020

As we prepare to head into March, Netflix prepares to drop more movies and TV shows from its service. As they leave the rotation, a few head to other streaming platforms, like Marvel’s Black Panther, though several others may not be available to stream for a little while longer. So while you have the chance, check out the TV shows and movies leaving Netflix in March 2020. Coraline Laika’s first stop-motion animated film is still its crowning achievement, bringing Neil Gaiman‘s children’s ...
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Jack Cutmore-Scott Reports for Jury Duty TV Series

Jack Cutmore-Scott Reports for Jury Duty TV Series According to Deadline, Jack Cutmore-Scott (Deception) is reporting for Jury Duty, a hybrid half-hour comedy pilot from 9JKL co-creator Dana Klein, writer Stephanie Darrow, UK producers Big Talk Productions and CBS Television Studios. RELATED: Apple TV’s ReRUN Trailer Starring Christopher Lloyd The series, written by Klein and Darrow and based on the British format We the Jury, follows a group of jurors who are lumped together until they can ...
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Cool hand Audi: Q3 signals sexy

Unlike many cars in the compact-SUV segment, the Audi Q3 isn’t a gimmick. But living up to its name comes with a hefty price tag The post Cool hand Audi: Q3 signals sexy appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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