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Snapshot: Chuck Jones receives an honorary Oscar

Chuck Jones receives an honorary Oscar from Robin Williams in 1996 for his work in the field of animated cartoons: (This is the latest in a series of arts- and history-related videos that appear in this space each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
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What If...? Season 1 Episodes Ranked Worst To Best

Over the past two months, "What If...?" has proven to be the most inconsistent production in Marvel Studios' history. While Marvel's other shows, like "WandaVision" and "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier," maintained a singular tone and told one story over their runs, meaning that casual viewers could get an idea of what the series was about from a single episode, "What If...?" is an entirely different beast. For better or for worse, each episode provides a different experience. That leads to so...
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‘C’mon C’mon’ Academy, Don’t Overlook Joaquin Phoenix and Director Mike Mills

If there’s a film that screened in the mountains at the Telluride Film Festival, and grew legs with attendees, it was Mike Mills’ “C’mon C’mon” starring Joaquin Phoenix, Gaby Hoffmann and Woody Norman. The A24 feature debuted at the famous Chuck Jones theater on the fest’s opening day, which has become a bit of a […]
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Morning Headlines: CEO, Speaker Worked Closely to Pass Tainted Energy Bill; Federal Eviction Moratorium Ends

Federal authorities and now the company itself say former FirstEnergy CEO Chuck Jones and former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder worked closely together to win a $1 billion legislative bailout for two failing nuclear plants and provide the company's three Ohio electric companies with annual rate guarantees; a federal freeze on most evictions enacted last year came to an end on Saturday; a memorial grove to COVID-19 victims planted in Chillicothe earlier this year represents how governors an...
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CEO, Speaker Worked Closely to Pass Tainted Energy Bill

Federal authorities and now the company itself say former FirstEnergy Corp. CEO Chuck Jones and former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder worked closely together to win a $1 billion legislative bailout for two failing nuclear plants and provide the company's three Ohio electric companies with annual rate guarantees.
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‘Gunpowder Milkshake’ Director Navot Papushado on Taking Inspiration From Jackie Chan and Buster Keaton [Interview]

Gunpowder Milkshake is a movie that lives up to its title. For starters, it looks like sugar, with its candy-like aesthetic – it’s a visual treat from director Navot Papushado and one of the all-time great cinematographers, Michael Seresin. Seresin shot several of filmmaker Alan Parker’s films, including Angel Heart, Midnight Express, and the joyous Bugsy Malone. To say Papushado was excited to work with him is an understatement. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Papushado made an impression wit...
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How Looney Tunes & Other Classic Cartoons Helped Americans Become Musically Literate

Distance learning experiments on television long predate the medium’s use as a conduit for advertising and mass entertainment. “Before it became known as the ‘idiot box,’” writes Matt Novak at Smithsonian, “television was seen as the best hope for bringing enlightenment to the American people.” The federal government made way for educational programming during TV’s earliest years when the FCC reserved 242 noncommercial channels “to encourage educational programming.” Funding did not mate...
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Watch the Oscar-Winning “Gerald McBoing-Boing” (1950): It’s Ranked as the 9th Greatest Cartoon of All Time To understand how revolutionary this short film from 1950 was to contemporary viewers, just consider the previous four decades (or so) of animated films. There were talking animals, singing animals, bouncing animals, and in Disney films humans based on rotoscoping live action. From its humble and humorous beginnings, animation was striding towards realism as fast as it could. But in the first minute of this adaptation of a Theodor “Dr. Seuss” G...
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Ultimate Cartoon Animator 4 can turn even non-artists into accomplished animators

TLDR: The Ultimate Cartoon Animator 4 Pro Windows Bundle includes the software to create amazing animation and the training to make it happen. It used to just be an artist, their supplies, some paper and a training board. Now, technology has taken the painstaking art of animation into places no one ever dreamed it could go. Thanks to powerful modern software, animators have an arsenal of creative weapons that a Walt Disney or a Chuck Jones never imagined possible. Even today, no one would call m...
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Morning Headlines: DeWine Calls for “COVID Defense Teams” in Each County; First Energy Fires CEO Amid Nuclear Bailout Fallout

Gov. Mike DeWine gave a grave warning on Thursday as nearly every county in the state is at a high-risk level for coronavirus infections; Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp. has fired CEO Chuck Jones and two senior vice presidents after a review determined the executives violated the company’s code of conduct, and more stories.
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Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp Fires CEO Chuck Jones

Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp. has fired CEO Chuck Jones.
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New to Stream: The Criterion Channel’s September 2020 Lineup

New to Stream: The Criterion Channel’s September 2020 lineup The Criterion Channel, a streaming service from the niche home video distributor for film aficionados, has unveiled its lineup of programming for the month of September, which will include Richard Linklater’s groundbreaking drama Boyhood, along with a large roster of contemporary and classic films and double features! RELATED: New to Stream: Arrow Video Channel’s September 2020 Lineup PB = PB || {}; ...
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Wile E. Coyote Files a Product Liability Lawsuit Against Acme Company

In a classic New Yorker article from 1990, Ian Frazier writes about an imagined lawsuit filed by Wile E. Coyote against the Acme Company in which he “seeks compensation for personal injuries, loss of business income, and mental suffering” due to the company’s defective products. Mr. Coyote states that on December 13th he received of Defendant via parcel post one Acme Rocket Sled. The intention of Mr. Coyote was to use the Rocket Sled to aid him in pursuit of his prey. Upon receipt of the Rock...
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Creativity Quotes to Inspire You

Everyone has the power to increase their creativity skills. Whether you are a high tech entrepreneur or a barista, you can boost your creativity more than you might think. Like sharpening a saw, you can hone creativity into a razor-like edge. Whatever your goal is — to uncover startup opportunities, create innovative products or boost sales — the more you work at being creative, the more creative you get. But where do you start? You start by taking action. Break up your routine. Brainstorm with...
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Watch a Looney Tunes cartoon with Bugs and Daffy as drug addicts (1975)

Please enjoy the underground classic "Rabbit Habit" by Steve Peck, who writes: This is an animated cartoon I produced myself in 1975 to show what Bugs, Daffy and Elmer would be doing in Central Park 12 years after WB stopped making Looney Tunes.....I showed it to Tex Avery in 1975 when he was 80 and he loved it and said "I wish I had a job to give you." Showed it to Chuck Jones. He was very conservative and did not like what I had done to his characters and did not offer me a job. ...
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Smithsonian opens 2.8 million images online, some of which are cartoons

Smithsonian Releases 2.8 Million Images Into Public Domain The launch of a new open access platform ushers in a new era of accessibility for the Institution By Katherine J. Wu smithso...
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The Many Afterlives Of ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’

“In the more than 50 years since its debut, the animated special, directed by Chuck Jones and Ben Washam, has become a holiday classic and turned into a live-action movie, a Broadway musical, an updated animated film and a retailer’s fever dream of pantookas, fuzzle fuzz and fliffer bloofs.” – The New York Times
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1941 film shows striking animators brandishing a working guillotine at the Disney studio gates

The 1941 Disney animator's strike was bitterly fought, as Walt Disney refused to grant the concessions that all the other animation studios had agreed to, and instead grew paranoid and accusatory, convinced the "Communist infiltrators" had turned his animators against him. One poorly remembered -- but vivid! -- moment from the strike was when Chuck Jones led Warner animators came to join the picket line in solidarity, bringing with them a working guillotine with a mannequin styled to look l...
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'Sick and delusional': Astros fans torn over Trump's World Series booing

One man's choice of apparel stood out amid all the orange gear in the stands on Tuesday as the Houston Astros hosted the Washington Nationals in Game 6 of the World Series. Standing near the Crawford Boxes behind left field, Chuck Jones pointedly sported a cap with the slogan: “Trump 2020: Keep America Great!” It was two days after the US president was jeered when he attended the previous game, a mere three miles from the White House. Trump, who visited with the first lady, Melania, and sev...
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Comic Book Classic ‘Bone’ is Coming to Netflix as an Animated Series

After a decade of false starts, I’ll believe that a film or television adaptation of Jeff Smith‘s Bone actually exists when I sit down to watch it. And yet, I can’t help but feel pretty good about it this time. Netflix has revealed that the lauded comic book series, a wry blend of fantasy and comedy, is coming to the streaming platform as an animated show. Honestly, this already feels like a perfect fit for the material. The news comes our way via Deadline, who also have this statement from ...
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The Best Pens & Pencils for Designers, Artists & Creatives in 2019

Despite what we may think, for someone who works in a creative space, no piece of tech will replace a quality pen for quick sketches of ideas and projects.  The problem is, like many other product landscapes, the options that are available when it comes to a good pen  are almost endless and can cause headaches and confusion trying to find the best one for your type of work. With that in mind, we wanted to build a guide for designers, artists & illustrators to the best pens available, includ...
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DDB's Keith Reinhard: ‘Betty Crocker was my first pinup girl’

Subscribe to us on iTunes, check us out on Spotify and hear us on Stitcher, Google Play, iHeartRadio and Pandora too. This is our RSS feed. Tell a friend! His title might be “chairman emeritus,” but DDB's Keith Reinhard is still as immersed in the ad business as ever. Even though he only goes into the agency's Madison Avenue office a few days a week, it's clear on this week’s Ad Age Ad Lib podcast that Reinhard, who has spent 65 years at the craft, is clearly still in love with it. “I h...
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Tornado destroy 10 homes in New Mexico, 5 people injured

DEXTER, N.M. (AP) — Authorities say a tornado has destroyed 10 homes in a small southeastern New Mexico community and five people suffered non-life threatening injuries. National Weather Service meteorologist Chuck Jones said the tornado touched down Tuesday in Dexter for about five minutes but that its strength hasn’t been determined. The agency is sending […]
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Jones Coffee Roasters has a new venture brewing in South Pasadena’s former Buster’s location

Chuck Jones wasted no time when he heard that the old Buster’s Ice Cream and Coffee Stop in South Pasadena was going to become available in late November. On New Year’s morning, Jones – who comes from five generations of Guatemalan coffee growers and is the founder of the Pasadena-based Jones Coffee Roasters, which has locations inside Vroman’s Bookstore and on South Raymond Avenue – was signing the lease. Now Jones is bringing coffee back to the tall and narrow two-story shop near the train tra...
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Chuck Jones’s Trick for Drawing Animal Legs

For the past few hundred million years, the legs of vertebrate animals have evolved into many different forms and shapes. But for many animals, there’s an underlying similarity as well. In his book Chuck Amuck, legendary animator Chuck Jones used a simple technique to help visualize how to accurately draw the feet and legs of various animals: he drew shoes and socks on them. Using a Chuck Taylor-style shoe, Jones’s intuitive drawings show where each animal’s ankle and knee are simply by the p...
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12 museum and gallery shows to see in January 2019

LOS ANGELES COUNTY Moments of Waking Up: Avital Burg and Ester Schneider  A joint exhibition by Israeli artists inspired by Renaissance-era myths and Jewish mysticism. When: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday, through Jan. 6 Where: Arts at AJU – American Jewish University, 15600 Mulholland Drive, Bel Air Admission: Free Information: 310-440-1572, Dora: Discovery and Despair This chronicle of the little-known slave labor camp in Germany features evocative photographs and artif...
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Flesh and Ink: A Century of Live-Action/Animation Hybrids

Mary Poppins Returns isn’t just the return of a beloved character. The film is a throwback to filmmaking styles of yesteryear, where films could be frothy and whimsical excuses to simply have a nice time. But it’s also notable for its inclusion of a technique rarely seen today, and indeed across cinema: the blending of live-action footage with traditional animation. Incredibly, the earliest example of the live-action/animation hybrid is also the earliest example of animation of any kind. ...
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Ron Howard’s ‘Grinch’ is Really About Christine Baranski Wanting to F***k the Grinch

Whatever you think of Ron Howard’s Grinch adaptation, one thing can not be denied: Christine Baranski‘s character in the film is incredibly thirsty for Jim Carrey‘s Grinch, and would very badly like to take him in her loving arms. As Christmas draws closer, let us try to remember the reason for the season: Christine Baranski being overcome with frantic lust to bang a Christmas-hating monster. What are we to make of Ron Howard’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas , 18 years after its release? T...
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Mickey Mouse Turns 90 and He Feels More Alive Than Ever Thanks to a Series of Animated Shorts

At the Disney theme parks, Mickey Mouse is simultaneously unavoidable and hard to find. Walk into any store in any of the parks across the globe, and you’ll find more watches, shirts, stuffed animals, and other merchandise featuring Mickey’s face than any one person could know what to do with. If you wander the Main Street, U.S.A. section of the parks, you’re likely to find Mickey in person (as long as you prepare to wait in line for a while), and you might even be able to watch one of the bla...
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'The Grinch' returns to steal Christmas

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" remains arguably the best of TV's animated Christmas specials. Yet the Chuck Jones/Dr. Seuss holiday classic is a model of storytelling economy, whereas the new version, "Dr. Seuss' The Grinch," captures sparks of that magic while straining to treble its size -- like the Grinch's small heart, only here for theatrical purposes.
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