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Car-free Sundays are the norm in Colombia's capital city, Bogot

Imagine your city without cars — every single Sunday. At first, you might be frustrated by the inconvenience and inability to complete errands, but once you embrace the throngs of bikes, recognize your friends and neighbors among the people out for a stroll or attend a Zumba class at what was once a congested intersection, it’s likely to become one of your favorite traditions. For 45 years, the Colombian city of Bogotá has closed its major roads for Ciclovía, a weekly event where cyclists and p...
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The Amazing Race 28, Episode 3

Cartagena (Colombia) In this episode of The Amazing Race, the travellers got to work a job that is common around the world, but almost nonexistent in the USA : bus conductor. "Outside the First World," as I note in The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World, "All buses have both a driver and a conductor... Even a minibus usually has a conductor/fare collector as well as the driver." The conductor advertises and recruits passengers (sometimes in fierce competition with other busess on t...
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