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Zoom's stock soared in the video-conferencing company's public trading debut, making CEO Eric Yuan a billionaire (ZOOM)

Zoom, a video-conferencing company, went public Thursday and began trading on the Nasdaq. Shares jumped 72% on its opening day, putting the company's valuation at nearly $16 billion. Zoom CEO Eric Yuan owns , which makes Yuan one of the newest tech billionaires. The CEO of video-conferencing company Zoom is the newest member of an elite class of tech billionaires that include names like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos. CEO Eric Yuan was made a billionaire Thursday on Zoom's first...
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Video conferencing company Zoom soared 81% in its first day of public trading — now its CEO and CFO are focusing on these 3 goals (ZM)

Zoom went public on Thursday, and shares soared 81% on its first day of trading. Zoom now has three goals: obtaining more enterprise customers, expanding to international markets, and promoting its new Zoom Phone product. Zoom CEO Eric Yuan and CFO Kelly Steckelberg talked with Business Insider about how Zoom's viral nature and a frugal company philosophy helped the $9.2 billion company become profitable. When video conferencing company Zoom went public on Thursday, shares skyrocketed 81% ...
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IPO mania: Zoom zooms, Pinterest pins down Wall Street

By Barbara Ortutay, The Associated Press There’s some tech jubilance in the air on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley as a pair of newly public companies — Zoom and Pinterest — saw their stocks soar on their first trading day. No one wants talk about a bubble, not to mention its prospects for bursting, but the strong initial performances might reassure investors with jittery nerves following ride-hailing company Lyft’s disappointing start less than a month ago. Zoom Video Communications, which ma...
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Zoom IPO Recap

Zoom Video Communications issued their public stock on NASDAQ this morning with a ticker symbol of ZM. I first reported on the potential IPO back in November and wrote “buying Zoom stock on IPO day (should it happen) might not be the worst gamble to try.”Since then, the IPO turned into one of the hottest and most eagerly-awaited offerings of the past few years. Zoom is classified among investors as a “unicorn” – a startup valued at over $1 billion. Zoom also is that rarity among tech IPOs in tha...
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New DNS Hijacking Attacks

DNS hijacking isn't new, but this seems to be an attack of uprecidented scale: Researchers at Cisco's Talos security division on Wednesday revealed that a hacker group it's calling Sea Turtle carried out a broad campaign of espionage via DNS hijacking, hitting 40 different organizations. In the process, they went so far as to compromise multiple country-code top-level domains -- the suffixes like or .ru that end a foreign web address -- putting all the traffic of every domain in multiple...
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The wave of domain hijackings besetting the Internet is worse than we thought (ars technica)

Enlarge / Artist's impression of state-sponsored "Sea Turtle" hacking campaign. (credit: Chunumunu / Getty Images) The wave of domain hijacking attacks besetting the Internet over the past few months is worse than previously thought, according to a new report that says state-sponsored actors have continued to brazenly target key infrastructure despite growing awareness of the operation. The report was published Wednesday by Cisco’s Talos security group. It indicates that three weeks ago, the h...
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Cisco whispers the three little words to really get an ASR 9000 net admin's blood pumping: Remote unauthenticated access

Critical patch available now for those with vulnerable kit Cisco has issued a security patch for a flaw in some of its routers that can be exploited by miscreants to potentially rifle through telecommunications networks.…
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Video conferencing company Zoom prices IPO at $36 per share, giving it a $9.2 billion valuation — 9 times its last private valuation

Video communication company Zoom priced its IPO at $36 per share on Wednesday, according to a source familiar with the process. This values Zoom at $9.2 billion, up from its last private valuation of $1 billion. The company is expected to start trading Thursday on Nasdaq under the ticker "ZM." The video communication company Zoom priced its IPO at $36 per share on Wednesday, above its expected range,  a source familiar with the process told Business Insider. This values the company at $9.2 bi...
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New Microsoft, Intel Accelerator Seeks Tech to Make Houston Smart

Houston—Sensors that can measure rising waters in real time through internet-connected digital road signs, preventing commuters from driving into flooded underpasses.Traffic signals that use cameras and analytics to adjust the time allowed to cross streets, depending on the individual who is in the crosswalk.Those are among the types of technologies that could be deployed in Houston as a result of the Ion Smart Cities Accelerator, a collaboration between Microsoft and Intel with the city of Hou...
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Cyberspies Hijacked the Internet Domains of Entire Countries

Trailrunner7 shares a report: The discovery of a new, sophisticated team of hackers spying on dozens of government targets is never good news. But one team of cyberspies has pulled off that scale of espionage with a rare and troubling trick, exploiting a weak link in the internet's cybersecurity that experts have warned about for years: DNS hijacking, a technique that meddles with the fundamental address book of the internet. Researchers at Cisco's Talos security division on Wednesday revealed t...
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A new state-backed hacker group is hijacking government domains at a phenomenal pace

A few months ago, researchers at Cisco’s Talos cybersecurity unit sounded the alarm after discovering a previously undiscovered hacker group targeting a core part of the internet’s infrastructure. Their alarm was heard: FireEye quickly came out with new intelligence warning of a “global” domain name hijacking campaign targeting websites of predominantly Arab governments. The campaign, dubbed “DNSpionage,” rerouted users from a legitimate web address to a malicious server to steal passwords. H...
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6sense Raises $27M to Uncover Hidden Interests of B2B Buyers

Let’s say you’re wondering whether another software provider could do a better job for your business than the one you already use. You start a web search on its competitors. Suddenly, you get a friendly message from your current software provider, asking how things are going.Was it a sixth sense? Nope, as you can probably guess by now. It’s technology.Companies such as 6sense are using advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence software to help their customers find early signals of int...
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From building satellite software at NASA to leading cloud networking at Cisco, this CEO explains why connected devices are the next 'revolution'

With a long career in IT, Nyansa CEO and cofounder Abe Ankumah says the rise of the Internet of Things is the biggest change he's seen, which was why he started a company focused on it. On Monday, Nyansa launched a new software product called Voyance IoT, which tracks the performance and security of devices on a company's network. Connected devices on a company's network can increase opportunities for hackers, so Ankumah explains why it's so important to address this. Visit
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Accountability and Empathy (Are Not Mutually Exclusive)

When we're in a leadership role or a position of authority, we're faced with the task of both holding people accountable and empathizing with their difficulties (some of which we've caused), and how the members of a given group respond to this challenge defines that group's culture. The leader is in a unique position to influence the culture, through the behaviors they model, acknowledge, ignore, reward and punish, but ultimately every member of the group has some responsibility for the cult...
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Fifty 'Connected Cows' Already Have 5G

A herd of dairy cows in the U.K. "are enjoying the benefits of 5G connectivity before you," reports Reuters: For the cows, among the 5G-connected gadgets they are wearing is a collar that controls a robotic milking system. When the cow feels ready to be milked it will approach machine gates that will automatically open. The device recognizes the individual to precisely latch on to its teats for milking, while the cow munches on a food reward. At the government-funded Agricultural Engineering Pr...
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Some Enterprise VPN Apps Store Authentication/Session Cookies Insecurely

At least four Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications sold or made available to enterprise customers share security flaws, warns the Carnegie Mellon University CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) and the Department of Homeland Security's Computer Emergency Response Center (US-CERT). From a report: VPN apps from Cisco, F5 Networks, Palo Alto Networks, and Pulse Secure are impacted, CERT/CC analyst Madison Oliver said in a security alert published earlier today, echoed by the DHS' US-CERT. All f...
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Homeland Security warns of security flaws in enterprise VPN apps

Several enterprise virtual private networking apps are vulnerable to a security bug that can allow an attacker to remotely break into a company’s internal network, according to a warning issued by Homeland Security’s cybersecurity division. An alert was published Friday by the government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency following a public disclosure by CERT/CC, the vulnerability disclosure center at Carnegie Mellon University. The VPN apps built by four vendors — Cisco, Palo Al...
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Better late than never: Cisco's software-defined networking platform ACI finally lands on AWS

Go hybrid or go home Networking overlord Cisco has punted its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) platform into AWS-hosted public cloud.…
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McDonald's, Nvidia and Salesforce all want a bite of the Tel Aviv tech crop. Here's what you need to know about Israel's bustling M&A scene. (INTC, CRM, NVDA)

In mid-March, the US chip company Nvidia announced an eye-popping $6.9 billion acquisition of Israeli semiconductor company Mellanox, underscoring the buzz around Israeli tech companies. Two weeks later a more curious US-Israeli tech deal took place when McDonald's acquired AI company Dynamic Yield for more than $300 million. While the highs are getting higher, mid-$100 million exits remain the common exit for Israeli tech startups, according to experts in the space. Here's what you need to kn...
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Stocks move broadly higher, led by technology companies

NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks moved broadly higher in early trading Wednesday on Wall Street, reversing course from a downturn that ended an eight-day winning streak. Technology and health care companies led the gains. Microsoft and Cisco systems both rose just under 1%. Drug Developer Gilead Sciences rose 1.7% Delta Air Lines was the […]
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Google’s hybrid cloud platform is coming to AWS and Azure

Google’s Cloud Services Platform for managing hybrid clouds that span on-premise data centers and the Google cloud, is coming out of beta today. The company is also changing the product’s name to Anthos, a name that either refers to a lost Greek tragedy, the name of an obscure god in the Marvel universe, or rosemary. That by itself would be interesting but minor news. What makes this interesting is that Google also today announced that Anthos will run on third-party clouds as well, including ...
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Google Cloud is beating Amazon to the punch with Anthos, a new hybrid cloud offering (GOOGL)

On Tuesday, Google Cloud announced Anthos, which allows customers to run their applications across Google Cloud, data centers, and even rival clouds like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.  This is Google's first big hybrid cloud platform — marking its entry into a market that Microsoft has been in for years, and something that Amazon Web Services will start to push into later this year. Google Cloud also announced integrations with over 30 hardware, software and system integration partne...
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Zoom addresses CFO’s past workplace conduct ahead of IPO

Zoom, the only profitable unicorn in line to go public, priced its initial public offering at between $28 and $32 per share Monday morning. The video conferencing business plans to trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “ZM.” Zoom, valued at $1 billion in 2017, initially filed to go public in March. According to its amended IPO filing, the company will raise up to $348.1 million by selling 10.9 million Class A shares. The offering will grant Zoom a fully diluted market value of $8.7 bill...
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Become a Cisco-savvy IT pro with this $20 training

Voice and voice communication are increasingly critical to how networked users stay connected and share information, so specializing in that intersection is a great way to keep your skills in high demand. You can get the background to master those disciplines with The Complete Cisco CCNA Collaboration Bundle, on sale now from TNW Deals for just $19.
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The Private Sector Must Lead the Way to 5G

There’s an interesting debate brewing on these pages between former House speaker Newt Gingrich and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner Brendan Carr on how to make the move to super-fast 5G wireless networks and how to protect America in the process.By way of background, I founded the House Internet Caucus back when Gingrich was speaker. We didn’t see eye-to-eye on very much, but I welcomed his occasional interest in technology.On this issue, though, he is wrong, and Commissione...
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Want to hang out with criminals but can't be bothered to download Tor? Try Faceboook

Network that can't control ads or content turns out to have trouble with illegal activity Dozens of groups composed of around 385,000 people convened to discuss and participate in dubious or illegal services - not on the dark web but on Facebook - according to Cisco's Talos security team.…
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Want to hang out with criminals but can't be bothered to download Tor? Try Facebook

Network that can't control ads or content turns out to have trouble with illegal activity Dozens of groups composed of around 385,000 people convened to discuss and participate in dubious or illegal services - not on the dark web but on Facebook - according to Cisco's Talos security team.…
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Meredith Schmidt of Salesforce: Small Business Is a Real Business Unit For Us, Not Just a Product

A few months ago during Salesforce’s annual analyst summit, I got the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Meredith Schmidt. Meredith serves as Executive Vice President & GM of Salesforce Essentials & SMB.  Salesforce Essentials consist of the company’s products aimed at the small business market.  But something else really caught my attention in that brief conversation. It turns out Essentials runs like its own operating business now. So Salesforce no longer treats it like a traditional...
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Facebook's Black Markets Just Keystrokes Away, Researchers Say

Facebook is connecting not only old friends, but also new criminals. Researchers uncovered more than 70 Facebook groups openly selling black-market cyberfraud services, some of which they say had been running for up to eight years. From a report: The now-removed groups had more than 385,000 members in total and offered a variety of illegal services, from credit card information and identity theft to website hacking and email phishing, according to cybersecurity researchers at Talos, the threat i...
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These Harvard grads just launched a startup with $3.95 million led by Accel to give users more control over data and make privacy policies less 'terrible'

On Thursday, Transcend launched with a $3.95 million seed round led by Accel.  Transcend focuses on data privacy by gives users more control over their data by making it easier for them to see how apps are using their personal data and downloading it. Transcend CEO Ben Brook co-founded Transcend as a student at Harvard, and he explains how it initially 'got rejected like 18 times' before getting a check that helped Transcend take off. With more regulations like the European Union's General Dat...
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