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Let It Be Thin

E verything Is So Fragile. I named this that. Awhile back. Form is temporary... Direct link to audio if you see no player above.
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C ompose. To begin with something. To make peace with it. That is how I use the word. There is a the physical thing. The need for it to feel right, and to hold together, at least long enough to reconsider.  Letting it, helping it  BE. There is also the thought behind it. I always hope that might become a tool and not a weapon.  I make changes , often based on softening my original vision. Even though I was often taught the opposite. In this case my thought has softened as well, and this ...
Tags: Crafts, Transition, Transformation, Alignment, Form, Self Portrait, Light And Dark, Cloth is like self, In Between, One-ness, Sympathetic Evolution, Design Mending, Becoming more or less, Considering/reconsidering, Clarity (now Known As Blur-ity, Dream/thought Catching

Y esterday I couldn't post here. But I remembered some Free Selves I have in a box somewhere. Couldn't find them so I made one to remind myself to keep looking. Some of Deb's cloth here. But you probably know that, it has such character. I let her wander from here to there, held her, carried her for a while and then placed her in a way to illustrate how sometimes we may seem free but we all might be held, at the same time, even trapped by some kind of personal darkness. Just ...
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I don't know why this one is so difficult to photograph, just elusive in some sort of way. Perhaps I see something that cannot be seen outside a dream. The thing that remains in between. The X emerged, I don't think I have talked about that symbol much. I have been gathering thoughts for a while. It is a combination of conflicting thoughts having to do with the unknown, crossing over, and placekeeping.  Not to be confused with the cross (which is here too.).  But my words seem ina...
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S o. Here I am. There are many reasons for this change. But not as many as there were for leaving. The biggest one was my inability to easily put media here, which has not changed. And then what if confusion is a form of clarity? I am here because I am confused. Became confused. I guess that is clear enough for now. Things: I left here awhile ago for technical reasons. I went here . Some of you may not have found me there.  The service that delivers these posts by email no longer accept...
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Un Doing

A little blurry, but that's the truth. Clearing seems liquid is what struck me here as read back over it.   Flow. And then I thought, what is a page in perspective... ? Form is temporary.
Tags: Crafts, Flow, Questions, Handwriting, Form, Becoming more or less, Un-Doing ( which is a kind of doing, The Real Journal Project- Loose Pages, Clarity (now Known As Blur-ity

Good Morning

Bear with me, I am in some sort of personal internet lockdown. And words are not coming easily. The only kind of fire I want to build right now is the kind that keeps us warm in winter. Or supports the making of Soup.
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Softer Yet

B ig Beautiful Fog this morning, in waves, coming and going. Clarity, Blur-ity, Clarity, Blur-ity. I have named her Dear . We've cleared some of the small brush and saplings on one side of the property, leaving the mature growth. There is more air flow and a longer view. Visual Paths. Soup of the Day. In the big copper pot. Yellow Earth . I am ready to move on from the frenzy. Let it play out. A soft optimism (joy) has resurfaced and I will not be thrown off course. Sharing what moves ...
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three +

Lots to say, or maybe I have already said so much about 3. It creates a sense of path.  I am also testing an image upload for TypePad. Trying to help. Why shouldn't I? Three tries. And of course, this is what happened today.  Lot of folks have unsubscribed to my posts in the last few days. Let's weed out the weak of heart. Shall we?  No te rindas! Grace . And also this happened. I guess this is my equinox cloth. After 3 + tries, another photo. PS. Fuck( such an effective word, clear any...
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A Seeing Morning

G ood Morning. It's cool. Cool for the first time in a long time. Evidence of cycle. I feel like this one was left for me.  Right outside the porch door. Yesterday's confusion led me to a small eye sampler started a couple of years ago .  Some eyes still colorless... "complete the full spectrum of vision" I said to myself.  There are Shells of Summer everywhere. They seem like eyes today. New eyes. Old eyes. A reminder that we need all eyes. To see. The first stitching was done on a...
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Caught by Just going

H ere I am. With a little help from a friend. How about that? (quoting Mom here) Path. On the wall. On the wall for many days, through this and that. Hasn't grown. Probably I set myself down by the stream of life, to rest. Like most bigger cloths, smaller cloths find places to stay a while. Now more than ever, I find myself acknowledging how hard it is to explain how I think, what I think, why thought is so elusive yet vital for understanding. How I've often compromised my true thou...
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This is me. And the tendency to complicate. I woke up in a frenzy. This is how my mind interferes with simplicity. Tendency, is it linked to need? Or habit? Form is fluid. Choosing makes things seem more static, permanent. More useful to others maybe, that's all. It all settles out into everything. I'm never sure if I can ever explain how clear this is to me.
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Hunker Down for real

Another circle of green , then OK, a Pool of Green. A Pool of Green for no reason. So. Just because. Just because I had a lot of green silk. How things really go, let's count the ways today. The video is cut off at the beginning, I said I'm sorry about the shadow, but actually not really sorry. I just thought I should say that. It dragged on a bit, way too much, and I was a bit out of the ring of vision. But too lazy to edit. The washer was running. The man began asking me questions as...
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Suddenly, a Sense

  ...the sense of spring holds and even depends on The Memory of Winter   Type Pad is failing me, I suppose I need to change something if I want to post media. Or skip it. I will go outside. It has warmed and it is really green and when that happens suddenly nothing else (for the moment,anyway) matters.   
Tags: Crafts, Alignment, The Sense-feel, Clarity (now Known As Blur-ity, Long Cloth/pathworks, Dream/thought Catching, Stray Cat/self Series, Season/change

Hunker Down and Remember

I don't remember the name of these trees. But I remember them. Don't tell me. It's OK. Never planted one. But they always seem to be familiar. In winter I don't recognize them.  When they bloom, I remember them, though not by name.  I began with a soft pink because I had some. I was thinking white, but it is a fleshy pink I picked up and threaded through the needle. Might seem white against a dark color but flesh colored here. Two strands of embroidery floss, a free running ...
Tags: Crafts, Color, Remembering, Don, Naming Things, A robe called Wind, Clarity (now Known As Blur-ity, Dream/thought Catching, HUNKER DOWN, Loose Thoughts 2020

Hunker Down Non-Sense

W hen someone asks , how did you think of that? Where did the idea come from? (I wanted to talk today but my batteries are dead.)  Well sometimes I think I make up a story that might seem a little simpler than it is. More like something I can take credit for. Some thing I can own. Instead of telling the story as is. Because honestly, how it happens doesn't always make the kind of sense I expect. It's not a straight line or a path so easily followed. That is why process is so interestin...
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In Perspective

S ome Sadness I guess as I glanced from the window off the Bigger Bedroom. The view from outside the porch.  Suddenly I thought I knew how it felt, more clearly, the confinement. But then, it was more clearly how it might just seem from outside. He is safe. Healthy. Reconsidering boundaries. Loved. And more loving. From inside you would never know. Pinned to the center of the Endless Wishing cloth (a larger cloth) today. The March stray. Alone but not. Sheltered from the storm. Again. Thought...
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Getting There

day 20? I will lose count soon. I n the Same Boat I went with a cleaner edge on this one, not sure which day that happened. Maybe a clean break from the past was on my mind. Just a temporary frame of mind, but it changed the look and feel of it. I'm still at it, unrolling, hanging, touching, changing. Maybe I will just take a break I thought, could get a bit boring till I get through it. And I'm a bit dizzy from it. But I need to do it. I have thought to use the Spirit Cloth Shop to...
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mind games

  R ain again, fog, grey February, but no real snow. So warm, but cold returns tomorrow morn, in some big way. Kitchen window. Grandma's glass door knob. Always love how it twists things.  Here it's own little world, pushing all else out of focus.     Two wet racoons just slowly walked by across my field of vision. I did not think to pick up the camera. I noticed that. I picked this one today. To think about. Again. To show you, Again. Weathering A Storm . Now aka just Thinking ....
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Encouraging Formlessness

  B ehind the Door. I hung the Endless Wishing Cloth there because in this small room, that's the only open space.  And a few days ago I posted a pic on Instagram. As I  used it to pin up an unfinished Solstice Cloth.  Blurry here while in motion. The wishing star center no longer visible.  This action is most significant as a core compositional intention in my work. The kind of action/alignment that encourages the notion that Form is Temporary. I don't talk about it a lot, but it g...
Tags: Crafts, Transformation, Alignment, Layers, Form, Cloth is like self, Rings Of Vision, Sympathetic Evolution, Design Mending, How It Might Happen, Eyes Of Storms, Endless Wishing cloth, Clarity (now Known As Blur-ity


  A ll things mechanical seem to have failed me this week. Technology related. Today it is Gmail of all things. But  I do keep at it. Technology is a thread. Here is a blurry pic of  Eye woman . From both sides. The other side was rather surprising mostly because it's been a while, and as it often happens,  and I'd forgotten how I got here. I think, to work on this from both sides might be appropriate. While trying to imagine what the inside looks like.  Vision, Perspective, how it mi...
Tags: Crafts, Eyes, Looking, Remembering, Cloth is like self, Seeing Through Things, How It Might Happen, The Other Side, Considering/reconsidering, Clarity (now Known As Blur-ity, Context/frames Of Mind

She is OK

  I n other wor(l)ds , I am ok... Or she stands for that. She rests on another cloth for now. I'm ready to explain a lot of the unexplained. video link if you see no player   ...of course I'll be talking too, one thin(k)g at a time. Too much computer these last days... a few days off.
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How it Really Is

  C h a n g i n g my point of view has softened the online time. I look at this, this morning, and remember the thought about the illusion of just one thing moving through, feeling much better about the blur. A Newsletter to myself. How it really is.  It's in motion. I am all-ways in motion. Sharing that is difficult and often time unexpected because the Thing is what we all seem to be after.  And how to get that, get there. Some of us would like to buy that if we could.  And as ...
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Think Simple...

W ithout the clutter of greed, agenda and expectation, little things can be surprisingly useful. I try not to overlook that. Think. Consider. Keep Going. Many times, I get the question..."what do you do with all these little pieces?". I consider each one, and each step, a thought caught. And I try to put them in perspective. Thought Catching now aka Patchwork in Perspective   is officially the first segment of a sharing series I will host in 2019 starting on my birthday, February 19th. Ok ...
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Good Morning

Right before sunrise Soul-o likes to go out for a walk. I switch on the back deck light and he walks to the edge and looks. Then disappears for a bit before coming back for breakfast. Or dessert. Who knows? Lots of loose thoughts and patches strewn around here lately. Winter gets cluttered. And indoor time increases. I'm feeling constrained not heating the studio.  That gap in the roof is actually comforting. Patchwork is one of the sharing segments I've considered.  I've said so muc...
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I magine , I started this... in April 2008. Not so long after I started all of this. It's a what if (?) cloth. I used to have a supplementary technique blog called what if?. And now I have Feel Free. But I don't seem to be going anywhere lately with getting anything together. Because I am all over the place. Have you noticed?  There is a little video about what happened here on Instagram from yesterday .  But really I need to sit down and decide where to be. And how to go forward. Thi...
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Redefining Sanity

T ime away has been useful. Even though I wouldn't call it rest. Bigger Sanity is on the wall. Sanity being a series that has been in the works for a while, maybe forever. On the wall also a growing number of pieces I call Frames of MindWork. Recently begun. Or really, continued. I've all of a sudden realized more clearly how they are now part of the same series. And a way to make all my work so. For, as I have asked myself before, what is sanity but a frame of mind? I almost did an a...
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Frame of Mind

I n the context of Sanity . That's how to pull it together. That's what popped into my mind. A heart's path is my chosen Travelling Companion. I'll stitch on that. A past post here . The framing. A bit of clarity (aka blur-ity) moved through last night. I began creating patchwork frames. For when you don't know where you are going. And you just need a frame of reference/self.   Frames of mind I'll call them. From 1", 2" and 3" squares. Stitched simply from simple cloth...
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defining, considering, reconsidering, redefining

The circle that forms my obsession. I t's just the time for this for me. Because the edges need to meet. I am after all the Tapestry of me. You may not even care, but this is how I am going. Let me talk.   Your browser does not support the audio element. audio link if you see no player.  This audio is also posted over there . I'm curious, if you do have a problem listening here, is it ok over there?
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A Heart Divided

J ust a quick patch and a mood... A heart in eclipse mode. I can never settle my mind, and my heart follows. I think ok, be more than one way then. Harder to set priorities, harder to explain, but also harder to judge. So good then, I am that. I'd love to take these walls filled with holes with me. I closed the Spirit Cloth shop till summer's end. Too much to do, too many places anyway, what am I thinking really?. ThreadCrumbs will be the place for stuff and the Game. Maybe for good. ...
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