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Blizzard of Blizzards workshop

This past weekend, a bunch of souls braved a blizzard – not weather-wise, but learning-wise. I held my first Blizzard of Blizzards workshop at Studio Place Arts, where folks completed five structures invented by the fabulous Hedi Kyle. Just look at the serious faces on these folks: Hedi invented her famous folded Blizzard Book structure during a snowstorm. By making modifications to the folded components, you can create other structures – Hedi affectionately refers the collection as the Blizzar...
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Discover a New Side of Berlin with these Awesome Female Hosts

Sponsored.  When people come to visit Berlin they don’t necessarily want to tick off the major sights of the city. Many visitors want something different: that edgy Berlin feeling and way of life the city has become famous for. This real side of Berlin is best experienced by mingling with the local people who live and breathe the city’s heart and soul. As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, we have combed through Airbnb’s extensive catalog of experiences to identify some of Be...
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Edgy Style 101: 5 Go-To Outfits for Edgy Girls

The beginner's guide to edgy fashion. Edgy style is back and better than ever. Not only is it a way to push boundaries on what is expected, but it also lends itself to some killer outfits.Dressing in edgy outfits can elicit feelings of rebelliousness, fearlessness, and confidence, so I've created five edgy outfit ideas to get you started. As a bonus, the pieces required are timeless and simple; you probably already have them in your closet!So what exactly do you wear if you're trying to go for ...
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How to Plan the Perfect Study Date

Turn the class cutie to your potential new boo with a study date.So, there’s this cute person you met in class. You spend all class laughing with them, talking about the material, and staring at them. Seeing them once or twice a week for a few hours at a time just doesn’t feel like enough, so you want to try to see them outside of class. You have an upcoming test and ask them if they want to study together. They say yes, you make your plans, and poof... you now have a study date! First off, wh...
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Class Outfit Inspo: 5 Easy Outfits We'd Totally Wear to Lecture

Upgrade your for-class attire with these ultra-easy outfits.In my last article, "Why I 'Dress Up' For Class," I wrote about the benefits of upgrading one's college lecture attire from ratty sweatpants and a stained t-shirt to something that shows a little bit more effort. Today, I'm getting specific.The following outfits for class can be of inspiration to anyone wanting to follow this advice, and stick to their efforts of putting some effort in each day, all year long. And these outfits aren't i...
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Why I “Dress Up” for Class

There are some worthwhile benefits to “dressing up” or at least upgrading from sweatpants and a stained t-shirt for lecture. You’re nearing midterms and and you’ve pulled several all-nighters in a row. All you’re thinking about is caffeine and getting through your tests. The absolute last thing you want to do is attend your 9 a.m. class, but you know that attendance is mandatory and you don’t want to miss any important material.In this scenario, you may opt to jump out of bed five minutes befor...
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How to Dress for That 8 AM Class You Hate

Fashion advice for the worst classes that also happen to be at the worst time of day. Let's not kid ourselves, everyone in college will have to take a class they don't like. If you're doubly unlucky, it might also be scheduled for the crack of dawn. Now, you might be thinking, I'll just wear pajamas. No.First of all, you're better than that. Second, and most importantly, looking your best can give you a confidence boost to power you through even the most boring lecture. If you like your outfit,...
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Walk a Comfortable Mile in All Kinds of Shoes

When you go to a really good museum, especially if it's about a narrow or common subject, how do you describe what you have seen afterward? For those that can't get to the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Elizabeth Semmelhack's book, Shoes: The Meaning of Style , will be the next best thing. Semmelhack is senior curator at the museum, and wow does she know how to make her subject engaging. Shoes is divided into four chapters: sandals, boots, high heels, and sn...
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iPhone X: The Quick Guide to Great Photos + Video

The Back Story If you’ve ever wondered how pro photographers capture great photos with their phone, I have something for you. Since getting the iPhone X, I’ve been working on condensing my best-learned lessons in mobile photography into my first ever class on CreativeLive.   What You’ll Learn Using natural light to capture indoor and outdoor portraits Simple posing and light considerations for kids, adults, families or group photos Techniques for capturing those fleeting, candid moments Simple t...
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For a Comedy of Manners, 'The Philadelphia Story' Is Awfully Screwball

The Philadelphia Story is one of those legendary Hollywood films and not just because it stars Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and James Stewart—three iconic actors from Hollywood's Golden Age. Partly that's because the stories behind its making are as fascinating as the film itself. Like Citizen Kane , The Philadelphia Story is a film version of the roman 'a clef . It's based on a Broadway play by Philip Barry, a Harvard classmate of inves...
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'I, Tonya': Sympathy for a Tabloid Villain

"This is bullshit. I never did this," Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) assures viewers in the meta-comedy I, Tonya just after she is seen unloading a blast of buckshot at her fleeing husband, Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan). Not that most of us would blame her. At that point, we already saw Jeff beat her for saying the wrong thing, or just for being there. Before that there was a long stretch of verbal and emotional abuse from LaVona (Allison Janney), Tonya's cold-eyed villai...
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Addicts Forced to “Recover” in Plastics Factory, Chicken Processing Plant

Addicts Forced to "Recover" in Plastics Factory, Chicken Processing Plant The post Addicts Forced to “Recover” in Plastics Factory, Chicken Processing Plant appeared first on Legal Reader.
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McDonald’s Franchise Owners Settle Employee Compensation Lawsuit

McDonald's Franchise Owners Settle Employee Compensation Lawsuit The post McDonald’s Franchise Owners Settle Employee Compensation Lawsuit appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Here Lies an Assortment of Halloween Tees to Make Class a Little More Festive

#TShirtGhouls O M G it's almost Halloween and I don't know about you, but we at CF are counting down the minutes. Whether you need a hawt costume idea, a creepy makeup tutorial, or want to throw the spookiest Halloween bash yet, we've got you covered. Basically, to make Halloween awesome, you just follow this 3-part formula:Candy. Lol duh.Costumes. Pinterest comin' in clutch.Scary movies. Haven't seen our favorite fall movies yet? Well, it's time to get going. Now, even though it may not be app...
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"Gorsuch Joins Court’s Liberals Over Protections for Criminal Defendants"

The title of this post is the headline of this notable new Wall Street Journal article which is primarily focused on the Supreme Court oral argument yesterday in Class v. US.  Because Class is a quirky case dealing with appeal rights and because no formal opinions have been issued this Term for Justice Gorsuch to join (and because Justice Gorsuch also voted on Wednesday to vacate an injunction protecting from execution a death row defendant in Alabama), I think this WSJ headline is a bit overblo...
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Porta Potty Odor Leads to Class Action Lawsuit

Porta Potty Odor Leads to Class Action Lawsuit The post appeared first on Legal Reader.
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The Busy Girl's Guide to Surviving Early Morning Classes

Make that schedule work (no matter the time). It's been almost a month of classes now, and by this point, I'm sure everyone has their schedule mastered. However, if you have an early morning class...well, maybe you're still struggling a little.This happens to all of us, though, and it's totally understandable. Between trying to get out the door on time with a put-together outfit, food and everything you need for class, some things get lost or forgotten in the process. This week, I decided to fo...
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TGI Friday’s Workers Could Receive $19.1 Million in Settlement Agreement

TGI Friday's Workers Could Receive $19.1 Million in Settlement Agreement The post TGI Friday’s Workers Could Receive $19.1 Million in Settlement Agreement appeared first on Legal Reader.
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One Event, Three Ways: Early Morning Classes

No time to get ready? No problem. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who signs up for early morning classes each semester, saying "This time will be different! I'll be up early and have everything put together." And then 7:30 am rolls around on the morning of that 8 am class and suddenly I regret everything.Sometimes, early classes are a necessary evil. However, that doesn't give you a pass to give up and throw on your sweatpants for the fourth day in a row (true story). No matter when you woke...
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Santa Monica Pop-Up: In Love with Love Yoga

Santa Monica Pop-Up: In Love with Love Yoga Kyle and Sian are part of our Suns Out Saturday program in Santa Monica — sign up to join them here! And read on for a little Q&A with two of Love Yoga’s founders… Your spirit animal/s: Kyle: A small dog! Sian: Dolphin! At what moment did you realize you “LOVED” yoga? K: Practicing at Jivamukti in NYC transformed my relationship with yoga and really made me fall in love with the practice. The philosophy and the idea of yoga as a l...
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Turn One Outfit Into Four: Luxe Mash-Up Edition

Get the most for your money! Chic, fashion-forward pieces you'll turn to again and again. For a full list of products shown, scroll down to Outfit #4. Welcome to the latest edition of Turn One Outfit Into Four! Every month, I'll show you how to create four outfits using the clothing from one original look. Inspired by this article, this column will help you make the most of the clothes you already own, proving that you don't necessarily have to buy new things to look amazing!In the fashion wor...
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Apple’s New $1,000 iPhone X Is Luxuriously Out of Touch

The rich do not spend their money on what they used to
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How to Wear Combat Boots, Without Looking Edgy (It's Possible!)

Preppy, classic, and glam girls can all wear this fall trend. View the original article to see embedded media. Combat boots have long been considered a part of fringe subcultures; however, over the past number of years, they have begun making their way into mainstream fashion.  And, while the combat boot trend has been going strong for a while now, it has really picked up steam this year, and is actually surprisingly easy to wear, no matter your style.The key to pulling off combat boots without ...
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Ask CF: What Should I Wear for the First Week of College?

Make a chic first impression with these stylish outfits. View the original article to see embedded media. Welcome to the latest edition of Ask CF! Every two weeks, we select a reader fashion question and answer it here on the site. Do you have a specific fashion question for us? Scroll to the bottom of this post to learn how to send it our way! Ask CF Question Hey!I legit love CF and have been checking it for months. I debated a bit before sending an email but I start college soon and I really n...
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Lawsuit Claims Nestle ‘Spring Water’ is Actually Contaminated Ground Water

Lawsuit Claims Nestle 'Spring Water' is Actually Contaminated Ground Water The post Lawsuit Claims Nestle ‘Spring Water’ is Actually Contaminated Ground Water appeared first on Legal Reader.
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We Need to Redefine What ‘Working Class’ Means

Every American believes they're middle-class, but they're wrong
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The Most Deadly Infectious Disease Rampant In Colorado’s Prison System

The Most Deadly Infectious Disease Rampant In Colorado’s Prison System The post The Most Deadly Infectious Disease Rampant In Colorado’s Prison System appeared first on Legal Reader.
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Class to Night Out: Pom Pom Top

The trend that's making all '90s kids want to dig out their craft boxes! L-R: Asos, TJ Maxx, Francesca'sOnly in the fashion world do you find that the fuzzy little poufs of cuteness that you glued onto everything as a child are suddenly the hottest must-have trend!Pom poms are everywhere this season. From embellishing the fringe of your favorite shirt, to adorning your bags and earrings, these little guys are brightening things up in a big way.Keep reading to laern how to style a pom pom top fo...
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Class to Night Out: Backless Dress

The classiest way to show some skin. L-R: Lulus, ASOS, LulusThe backless dress trend is super revealing, but not in the traditional sense. Backless dresses manage to be both effortlessly sultry and demure. Embrace your femininity in this breezy, beautiful summer style! Perfect for both day and night wear, this versatile piece is an absolute must-have.Interested in learning how to wear a backless dress for day and a night out? Keep reading! Backless Dress Outfit: Class Products: Dress - Asos, ...
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Class to Night Out: Eyelet Lace Top

The sweetest summer look. Products L-R: Target, Forever 21, Target Be prepared to see tops with eyelet lace detailing everywhere this summer! Eyelet is a unique lacy cutout detail that gives any top a sweet, girly look. This pattern is perfect for hot summer days and will keep you feeling feminine and fresh despite the heat.Keep reading for two ways to style an eyelet top for class and then a night out! Eyelet Lace Top: Class Products: Top - Nordstrom, Skirt - L3eno, Shoes - Macy's, Backpack...
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