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67 gifts under $25 that anyone will love - from a cold brew coffee maker to a silk pillowcase

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. West Elm You can get a great gift and still stick to your budget. We've rounded up 60+ gifts under $25, from a mini waffle iron to a set of travel-friendly lipsticks.For more inspiration, check out Insider Reviews gift guides. The elements of a good present - being thoughtful, useful, or novel - aren't restricted to a big budget. But the best gifts under $25 are usually hidden in a minefield of t...
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Green Thumb Garden Apron

Wouldn't it be nice if your "gardening clothes" were the same as your "dinner with friends clothes"? Get down but not dirty with Claudia Pearson's thoughtfully designed canvas apron. It's longer than a traditional apron, so clothes stay clean while you tend to plants and veggies. Three generous pockets keep your tools close, and the whimsical illustrations say to people, "I like to grow things, and look good doing it." Illustrated in Brooklyn. Made in the US.
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You Say Tomato Tea Towel

For some, the four seasons are fall, winter, spring...and tomato. Claudia Pearson's tea towel celebrates that glorious time with a playful array of heirloom varieties rendered in juicy red and garden-fresh green. It honors old favorites (Beefsteak) and introduces you to some new ones (Speckled Roman). The generously sized cotton towel makes a great gift for gardeners and anyone who loves the summery, savory fruit. Handmade in New Hampshire.
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Afternoon Tea Towel

Elegant matcha whisks and antique tins of aromatic Darjeeling?for tea devotees, the actual dried leaves steeped in hot water are only part of the experience. Dry your dishes or blot teatime drips with Claudia Pearson's design celebrating the accoutrements of the world-renowned beverage. From camomile flowers to iron sencha pots, it illustrates these trappings in classic tea towel (or should it be tea tea towel?) fashion. The generously sized cotton design makes a great gift for anyone who loves ...
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