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Greenhouse gas emissions rose during 2018 after three year decline

After a solid decline for the past three years, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the United States rose in 2018. According to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), power generation, natural gas and oil consumption resulted in an emissions increase of 3.4 percent, marking the second largest annual gain since 1996. The only year that emissions increased at a more significant rate was 2010, when emissions went up 3.6 percent after a huge recession-driven decline the year before. ...
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Vaccinate public against science misinformation, researchers urge

If the battle for hearts and minds over climate change is to be won, simply being right is not enough. Andrew Masterson reports.
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Californias Monarch butterfly population hits 'potentially catastrophic' low in 2018

California’s Monarch butterfly population hit a record low in 2018 after dropping a whopping 86 percent from the previous year. According to the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, the total population has declined 97 percent since the 1980s, but this latest one year drop is “potentially catastrophic.” In the western part of the United States, monarchs migrate to California for the winter, traveling from Idaho and Utah. In 2017, the traditional California coastal sites like Pismo Beac...
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Gaze Into the Giant Storm Swirling Over the Pacific Ocean

Forget Bad Winter, a season of Boring Winter is upon us. At least, if you live in the Northeast U.S. Head on over to the North Pacific, and it’s a different story. Read more...
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Fire, thunder and devastation

Researchers seek to understand the sudden transformation of bushfires into firestorms.
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Antarctic Sea Ice Is In Record-Low Territory Again, and Nobody Knows Why

What’s happening to Arctic sea ice is pretty straightforward: Earth is getting warmer, and everything’s melting. But on the other side of the planet, things are more complicated, as evidenced by the latest Antarctic sea ice slump that has scientists scratching their heads.Read more...
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The U.S. Government Shutdown Is Screwing Up the World's Biggest Weather Conference

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) will host the largest annual gathering of the world’s largest weather nerds this weekend. But a key group of constituents will be notably absent.Read more...
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A Major TV Network Managed to Cover Climate Change for an Hour Without Devolving Into a Shitshow

On the last Sunday of 2018, Meet the Press, NBC’s hour-long Sunday morning news show, did something unprecedented. It devoted an entire hour to discussing climate change and featured actual policymakers and researchers with nary a denier in sight. Ironically, the episode also inadvertently shined a spotlight on how…Read more...
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The Scientists Who Play With Wildfire

When fire scientist Albert Simeoni wants to study wildfires, he can’t exactly run into the nearest blaze with sensors and data collection tools. It’s simply too dangerous and these conflagrations, though they’re becoming more frequent and intense with climate change, aren’t predictable enough to research in the…Read more...
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Facing unpaid overtime, cuts and austerity, French cops threaten to join Gilets Jaunes protesters

When French President (and ex-investment banker) Macron decided to cut taxes for the super-rich and make up the shortfall by taxing diesel fuel (widespread in poor rural areas) but not private jet fuel, he put the already-precarious French treasury into an even more precarious state. Thanks to those choices, the streets of France have erupted into sustained, relentless "gilets jaunes" protests, and French cops have accumulated 23,000,000 hours of overtime policing the protests, but have not...
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Congressional Democratic establishment wants to replace "Green New Deal" with a climate committee of oil money recipients

The Green New Deal -- championed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other progressive Dems -- is one of the most popular Democratic policies in living memory, supported by 81% of registered voters (including 64% of Republicans and 57% of "conservative Republicans"), so of course the Democratic establishment is trying to kill it. Instead of striking the proposed Green New Deal Select Committee in the House, they will reconvene the Select Committee on Climate Change instead, chaired by six-terme...
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Inside the funny accounting that lets the money-losing fracking industry claim to be profitable

Fracking is grossly unprofitable: the fracking industry is losing hundreds of millions of dollars, but it claims to be profitable and august publications like the Wall Street Journal and Reuters repeat these claims as though they were true. How can this be? Partly, it's by cherry-picking which fracking sites the industry analyzes: some sites are designated as "low break-even," able to be quickly profitable because of their favorable locations and other factors. The industry likes to average...
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Farmers start field trial for carbon capture with fungi

The first field trials using fungi to reduce carbon in the atmosphere are under way in Australia. Kelly Wong reports.
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Environmental impact assessments aren't protecting the environment

Too many EIAs are failing to stop environmental calamaties, say William Laurance and David Salt.
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World Leaders Agree to Paris Climate Accord Rules After 2 Weeks of U.N. Talks

Scientists say emissions of gases need to drop sharply by 2030
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Will arrogance lead to our own extinction?

A sense of entitlement and supremacy is stopping humanity from taking action on climate change, argues a US academic. Lauren Fuge reports.
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Science history: All hail the Sun Queen

Maria Telkes was a pioneer in both solar energy research and breaking down the masculine dominance of engineering. Jeff Glorfeld reports.
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Chief of Weather Monitoring Agency Says He’s Never Briefed Trump on Climate

He doesn't know if others have briefed the president
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Al Gore Says President Trump’s Climate Change Stance Could Be a ‘Perverse Step Forward’

Gore has spent years raising awareness of global warming
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U.N. Climate Talks Pause Due to Battle Over Key Scientific Report

The U.S. sided with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in blocking the report
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Divide Continues Between Nations and Companies at United Nations Climate Talks

Negotiators at the climate talks in Poland still disagree on the way forward
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How the U.S. Became the Top Climate Leader — Despite Trump’s Denialism

And what Europe could learn from its success
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World Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rose 2.7 Percent in the Last Year, New Studies Show

The increase was called a surprising "reality check"
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Greenland ice sheet melt 'off the charts'

Ice core data indicate huge increase, with worse predicted. Nick Carne reports.
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Peak indifference has arrived: a majority of Republicans say climate change is real

Five years ago, I coined the term "peak indifference" to describe a moment when a public health problem -- like climate change, tobacco use, surveillance capitalism, or monopolism -- reaches a tipping point: the moment when the consequences of actions taken a long time ago and very far away start to be felt so widely that the number of people who believe there is a problem starts to grow of its own accord. It's not the moment when a majority of people agree that the problem is real, but it is t...
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2018 Is On Track To Be the Fourth Hottest Year On Record, Scientists Say

And the 20 warmest years have all occurred in the past 22 years
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Toronto 2033: science fiction writers imagine the city of the future

Toronto 2033 is a shared-world science fiction anthology edited by the incomparable and multi-talented Jim Munroe (previously), where authors like Zainab Amadahy, Madeline Ashby, Al Donato, Kristyn Dunnion, Elyse Friedman, Paul Hong, Elan Mastai, Mari Ramsawakh, Karl Schroeder and Peter Watts were challenged to imagine a future for the city. The book's sponsored by Spacing magazine, and it launches on December 6th at Toronto's punk science fiction bar, See-Scape. In the meantime, you can ...
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Acid threatens almighty cod

Climate change could devastate a major northern hemisphere fishing industry, modelling finds. Samantha page reports.
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Ethiopia’s First Satellite Launching in 2019

With China’s financial assistance, Ethiopia will be sending its first-ever observatory satellite into space next year. The capsule is heading into the skies for three to five years in order to collect data on climate and weather changes. Costing $8 million to design and produce, the satellite will launch from China, but have control based out of Ethiopia. While it seems like a joint venture by the …
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Truffles may disappear in decades

Modelling suggests climate change will end the gourmet fungus industry sooner rather than later. Samantha Page reports.
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