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‘We will not stop’: pipeline opponents ready for America’s biggest environmental fight

Activists have traveled from all over the US to protest against the construction of Line 3, a giant project that crosses Indigenous landAs the sun set, more than a dozen young people carried a wooden bridge toward a narrow section of the Mississippi River. The bridge allowed the group to cross more easily from their camp to where the immense oil pipeline was being built on the other side.They were cited for trespassing – but they had symbolically laid claim to the marshy landscape. Continue read...
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New oilfield in African wilderness threatens lives of 130,000 elephants

Exploratory project in Botswana and Namibia is threat to ecosystems, local communities and wildlife, conservationists sayTens of thousands of African elephants are under threat from plans for a massive new oilfield in one of the continent’s last great wildernesses, experts have warned.Campaigners and conservationists fear the proposed oilfield stretching across Namibia and Botswana would devastate regional ecosystems and wildlife as well as local communities. Continue reading...
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Vultures, tongue orchids: why are rare species here in UK?

The Egyptian birds are one of a number of foreign visitors, but why have these continental drifters fled north?Boats have been chartered. Weekend arrangements cancelled. And hundreds of twitchers – whose aim is to see very rare birds in Britain – have been praying the latest arrival stays long enough for them to see it in the flesh.The bird in question is an Egyptian vulture. This is the smallest member of its family in Europe, yet still sports a 1.7-metre wingspan, not much smaller than a golde...
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Marise Payne says net zero is government’s ‘broad position’ as she plays down Nationals’ climate revolt

Foreign affairs minister says net zero emissions target preferable by 2050 even as Liberals’ coalition partner shoots down ideaMarise Payne has said that net zero emissions as soon possible and preferably by 2050 is “the broad position of the Australian government”, playing down claims by the Nationals their agreement wasn’t sought or given for a net zero target.In an interview on ABC’s Insiders, the foreign affairs minister also said Australia’s position matters because climate change is a “key...
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Robin Wall Kimmerer: ‘Mosses are a model of how we might live’

The moss scientist and bestselling author reveals the secrets of these primitive plants – and what they might teach us about surviving the climate crisisRobin Wall Kimmerer can recall almost to the day when she first fell under the unlikely spell of moss. “It’s kind of embarrassing,” she says. “I’ve always been engaged with plants, because I grew up in the countryside. That was my world. But mosses I’d set aside in my mind as not worthy of attention. I was studying to be a forest ecologist. That...
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‘It’s brutal’: Las Vegas cooks amid blazing heatwave – and it’s going to get worse

Tourists line the air-conditioned casino labyrinths amid record temperatures – but many locals are not able to take cover indoorsBy midnight on Wednesday, two days into a scorching heat wave to hit the US west, the air in Las Vegas had barely cooled.Throughout the day and for the days that followed, temperatures in the desert city hovered close to historic highs, peaking at 116 degrees Fahrenheit (46.6 Celsius), and setting a new record for such dangerously hot weather so early in the year. Mean...
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Western US power grids are straining to keep up as sweltering heatwaves persist

Power grids in the West are struggling during recent heat waves. Associated Press Sweltering heatwaves in the Western US are straining power grids. Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency, asking residents to reduce energy use. Grid operators say the grid is in better shape to withstand surging demands than in previous years. See more stories on Insider's business page. California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a statewide emergency on Thursday as its power grid struggles to...
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Photos show historically low reservoirs across California as drought and a heat wave threaten power plants

Low water levels at California's Lake Oroville, June 16, 2021. Water levels in reservoirs across California and the Colorado River are dipping to historic lows. A key California reservoir is so depleted, it may force a power-plant shutdown for the first time. Drought and an early heat wave are drying out the US West and Southwest, straining power grids. See more stories on Insider's business page. California's reservoirs are shriveling up as drought and an early heat wave aff...
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Nasa warned the Earth is trapping twice as much heat as in 2005 - a pace that's 'unprecedented'

The Earth and the sun. NASA/Reuters NASA researchers warned the Earth is trapping heat at a rate so much higher it's "unprecedented." The amount of heat being trapped by Earth has roughly doubled since 2005, the study found. The NASA and NOAA study pointed to human activity and changes in the oceans. See more stories on Insider's business page. The amount of heat being trapped by Earth has roughly doubled since 2005, NASA warned.Researchers from NASA and the National Oceanic and At...
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Belgium’s climate failures violate human rights, court rules

Judges say state’s failure to meet climate targets breaches civil law and human rights conventionBelgium’s failure to meet climate targets is a violation of human rights, a Brussels court has ruled, in the latest legal victory against public authorities that have broken promises to tackle the climate emergency.The Brussels court of first instance declared the Belgian state had committed an offence under Belgian’s civil law and breached the European convention on human rights. Continue reading....
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Donors pull support after University of Newcastle appoints coalmining executive Mark Vaile chancellor

In an open letter, 16 philanthropists said they would not support the appointment of ‘someone who is determined to build new coal mines’Major donors to the University of Newcastle have pulled their support after coalmining executive Mark Vaile was appointed the institution’s new chancellor.Vaile, a former federal Nationals leader and the current chairman of Whitehaven Coal, was named the university’s new chancellor earlier this month, a decision that prompted a member of the university council t...
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Record-shattering heat wave bakes western US, raising drought and fire concerns

Summer has yet to officially begin and temperatures are soaring, bringing bad air quality and worsening the mega-droughtThis week the temperatures hit 106F (41C) in Billings, in northern Montana. In Arizona, animals were scorching their paws on blistering asphalt. In Texas, authorities asked residents to limit cooking and cleaning to preserve a creaking power grid.These were just some of the scenes emerging from one of the most excruciating heatwaves to ever hit the western United States this ea...
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NASA: Earth Is Absorbing an 'Unprecedented' Amount of Heat

Ominous new research shows that the Earth is taking in a shocking amount of heat. In the past 15 years, the amount of incoming solar radiation trapped on the surface and in the oceans has doubled.Read more...
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‘The next pandemic’: drought is a hidden global crisis, UN says

Countries urged to take urgent action on managing water and land and tackling the climate emergencyDrought is a hidden global crisis that risks becoming “the next pandemic” if countries do not take urgent action on water and land management and tackling the climate emergency, the UN has said.At least 1.5 billion people have been directly affected by drought this century, and the economic cost over roughly that time has been estimated at $124bn (£89bn). The true cost is likely to be many times hi...
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Weatherwatch: how the humble salp is helping to fight the climate crisis

The gelatinous creature sucks up organisms that absorb CO2 and leaves droppings rich in carbon at the bottom of the seaSalps are jelly-like sea creatures, so humble that few people even know they exist. But there are countless numbers of them swimming in the world’s oceans and they help fight climate change.Salps cruise around the sea surface at night, sucking up and digesting phytoplankton, microscopic plant-like organisms that absorb CO2 for their photosynthesis. During the day, the salps sink...
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More than half of Europe’s cities still plagued by dirty air, report finds

Data shows only 127 of 323 cities had acceptable PM 2.5 levels despite drop in emissions during lockdownsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageMore than half of European cities are still plagued by dirty air, new data shows, despite a reduction in traffic emissions and other pollutants during last year’s lockdowns.Cities in eastern Europe, where coal is still a major source of energy, fared worst of all, with Nowy Sącz in Poland having the most polluted air, followed by Cre...
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Texans are urged to cut back on cooking and cleaning to ease power grid strain

The state’s authority has called for Texans to avoid using large appliances such as ovens and washing machinesAs temperatures rise to unseasonably warm levels across Texas this week, its citizens are being asked to use less energy on basics like cooking and washing clothes to ease strain on the state’s power grid that is struggling to generate enough electricity to cope with the high temperatures.The move triggers memories for many Texans of the cold snap in the winter that incapacitated much of...
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Tackle climate change and biodiversity loss together, not separately, scientists say

Some climate adaptation and mitigation projects end up harming the natural environment and people, a new report warns The post Tackle climate change and biodiversity loss together, not separately, scientists say appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Lessons From A Hot Past

This short editorial published recently in Nature Geoscience is worth reading and thinking about. It summarizes our findings of past climate change and how earth systems such as sea level, glaciers, and the biosphere responded to these climate swings. Reconstructing temperatures going back to the Eocene (~50 million years ago) and later in the Miocene (~ 15 million years ago) reveal a very different world. These finding do come with a caveat. The rates of change are averaged over thousands of ye...
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The Insidiousness of Wiggle Words

The G7 ended this weekend with its traditional communique. These statements are engineered to precision, crafted by some of the most powerful governments in the world to express their vision for, in this case, recovering from the pandemic and addressing the climate crisis. Read more...
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How are our cities going to look in a rapidly heating world? It won’t be long and 50C will be normal | James Bradley

Hot weather bakes in disadvantage. Regenerating natural and living ecosystems will help us allA century ago the British critic and crime writer GK Chesterton declared that crime fiction is the poetry of the city. Chesterton’s point was that the city is more attuned to the poetry of contemporary life than the country, but his observation also hit upon something no less important, which is that the structures that shape social and economic life are visible in their concentrated forms in the urban ...
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Rich countries urged to come up with detailed plans to cut emissions

Laurence Tubiana, a key player in 2015 Paris summit, says UK and others must explain how they will achieve climate goalsRich countries must come forward with detailed plans on how they hope to meet their climate targets, and Boris Johnson must forge much closer relationships with developing countries to bring about the breakthrough needed on the climate crisis this year, one of the architects of the Paris agreement has said.The G7 summit, which ended on Sunday in Cornwall, achieved much less tha...
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Over-exploitation has degraded billions of hectares of land

The well-being of about 3.2-billion people, 40% of the world’s population, has been harmed The post Over-exploitation has degraded billions of hectares of land appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Tesla will resume accepting bitcoin when it uses more clean energy, says Musk

Musk announced in May that Tesla would no longer accept the cryptocurrency for car purchases, citing environmental concernsElon Musk has said that Tesla will resume allowing bitcoin transactions when miners use more renewable energy.“When there’s confirmation of reasonable (~50%) clean energy usage by miners with positive future trend, Tesla will resume allowing bitcoin transactions,” Musk, the company’s CEO, said in a tweet on Sunday. Continue reading...
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Biden says US-Russia relations at low point but ‘we’re not looking for conflict’

Speaking at G7, president addresses autocracy and democracy, climate crisis and Donald Trump’s legacyJoe Biden agreed on Sunday with Vladimir Putin’s latest assessment that US-Russia relations are at their lowest point in years but insisted that while the two countries may have fundamental disagreements, “we are not looking for conflict”.The US president also addressed the issues of autocracy versus democracy, the climate crisis, future pandemics and problems caused by his predecessor Donald Tru...
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G7 live: Boris Johnson plays down seriousness of rift with EU on Brexit

Latest updates: PM says most conversations with other leaders harmonious and on other topics, as row with France over Brexit overshadows final day of G7 2.25pm BST Q: Do you think coronavirus came from a Chinese laboratory?Johnson says he does not think that, but he thinks it is sensible to keep an open mind. 2.22pm BST Q: [From the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg] Were you offended by what President Macron said about Northern Ireland?Johnson says it is the job of the PM to defend the integrity o...
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G7 leaders seek right balance in dealing with their China dilemma

Analysis: can the west confront Beijing on trade and human rights and cooperate on the climate crisis?• G7 summit: latest news and reactionIn an extra-secure, 90-minute session, with the phones and wifi cut off, all designed to block any eavesdropping by a prying foreign state, leaders of the G7, with glorious St Ives sunshine outside, wrestled with an issue that will probably dominate the rest of their political lives – China and the right balance between extreme competition and necessary coope...
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First-of-its-kind rangeland atlas pushes for protection

Rangelands are ‘nature’s gift to humanity’, but have been overlooked, neglected The post First-of-its-kind rangeland atlas pushes for protection appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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G7 live: Raab suggests it was ‘offensive’ for Macron to imply Northern Ireland not full part of UK

Latest updates: UK foreign secretary critical of French president over Brexit as final day of G7 sees attention turn to climate crisis 11.21am BST At a briefing this morning Downing Street rejected suggestions that the party for G7 leaders on the beach at Carbis Bay last night breached Covid social distancing rules. The prime minister’s spokesman said:The event last night was done in an entirely Covid-secure way within the existing rules ...This was an informal gathering of the G7 leaders an...
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All hot air: UK commits to climate action but not to new funding

Boris Johnson announces £500m for ‘blue planet fund’, but pledge was contained in 2019 Conservative manifestoBoris Johnson has set out his intention to “build back better for the world”, to protect the natural environment and wildlife, and tackle the climate crisis, at the G7 summit in Cornwall. But he committed no new funds to the initiative, and other G7 leaders showed little sign of coming forward with the cash commitments that campaigners said were needed to help developing countries cope wi...
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