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Southern Africa’s dangerous information gap exacerbates natural disasters

During Cyclone Idai, responses were hampered by a shortage of reliable information. This has worrying implications for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic The post Southern Africa’s dangerous information gap exacerbates natural disasters appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Alaska Automated Its Weather Stations and Created a Snow Data Disaster

Twice a day at National Weather Service Offices nationwide, personnel release weather balloons to measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed. In Nome, Alaska, Bob TenEyck or his partner would do that at 3 a.m., a few hours after measuring the snow depth and snowfall. For 112 years, these snow…Read more...
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This Was the Decade Climate Scientists Stopped Being Polite

Scientific warnings about the risks of unchecked global warming have reached a crescendo in the past couple of years, with urgent messages from researchers on social media, in congressional testimony, and even directly in the text of research papers.Read more...
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Prehistoric Humans Built a Wall to Keep Out the Sea—But It Failed

A 7,000-year-old seawall has been discovered off the Israeli coast, and it’s now the oldest-known defense against rising sea levels. The seawall eventually failed, and the village had to be abandoned, in what’s serving as an ominous lesson from the past.Read more...
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How Working with Birdsong Brought Me to New Communities Beyond Music

One never knows where the music will take you, especially if you are willing to explore new pathways. After the release of my recording Birdsongs, the conversations about the music included conversations on listening, walking in the woods, memories of experiences in nature, dreaming, climate change, and so much more. These are very different conversations than I usually have about my music, which are usually connected to a genre of music and other performer-composer-band leaders from that genre....
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Ten Years After Climategate, the Scientists Have Won—But What About the Rest of the World?

Looking back at 2009, it was one of the most consequential years in climate and not in a good way. Read more...
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How rivers can help in climate change resilience

Resilience–the ability of a substance to spring back into shape—is a much-desired characteristic. Resilience is also the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, or toughness. As people and societies, we crave resilience to the difficulties imposed upon us, including those of our own making. Accelerating change in the climate that influences every aspect of our existence is one of the most frightening of those difficulties. Increasingly, I see news headlines and scholarly articles discussi...
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Google Is Funding Climate Change Denialism

Despite all it’s evidently performative public-facing climate change initiatives, Google is forking over “substantial” contributions to denier organizations and events.Read more...
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Trump Climate Advisor Compared 'Demonization of Carbon Dioxide' to Hitler's Treatment of Jews in Bizarre Interview

The published a shocking article over the Memorial Day long weekend about the Trump regime’s dangerous policies on climate change. But one quote in the article really stuck out:Read more...
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Four Things That Could Kill Us Before the Cloud Apocalypse Does

If you read the news on Monday, you may have heard people freaking out about how climate change is finally coming for the clouds. A study released in Nature Geoscience chronicles how stratocumulus clouds, those low hanging clouds that lend themselves well to daydreaming, could one day disappear if we keep emitting…Read more...
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Who decides how much the world can warm up? [Video]

Over the past 20 years, scientists and governments around the world have wrestled with the challenge of climate change. The Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement, and other international climate negotiations seek to limit warming to an average of two degrees Celsius (2°C). This objective is justified by scientists that have identified two degrees of warming as the point at which climate change becomes dangerous. However, there are voices in the scientific community that suggest that the actual tem...
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Melting Chunks of Greenland Are Bringing Londoners Face-to-Face With Climate Change

LONDON, ENGLAND—Any Londoners walking past their city’s famous Tate Modern art gallery this month found it difficult not to stop and stare at a new addition to its courtyard: huge chunks of ice, harvested from the shores of Greenland, had conspicuously materialized. Appearing on December 11, these 24 icebergs,…Read more...
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New House Science Committee Chair to Climate Scientists: We've Got Your Back Again

Change is in the air over at the House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology. An oozing sump of climate change skepticism under the leadership of Texas Republican Lamar Smith, the committee is poised to be taken over by Democrats and led by Texas’s Eddie Bernice Johnson, a registered nurse and longtime champion…Read more...
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Antarctica Is Losing An Unfathomable Amount of Ice

Three trillion tons of ice is an near impossible thing to wrap your head around. Even the standard comparisons—it’s 1.2 billion Olympic swimming pools—don’t really make it compute any better.Read more...
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Antarctica's First Pride Celebration Is Officially Here

More than scientific research goes down in Antarctica. With Pride Month officially starting Friday, celebrations are popping off at all ends of the world—including near the South Pole. Who said a continent devoted to ice, climate and Earth science can’t also be a place for the queerios of the world to party? After…Read more...
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Science and spectacle: exposing climate change through the arts

Despite scientific consensus about the reality of climate change, one of the challenges facing the scientific community is effectively facilitating an understanding of the problem and encouraging action. Given the complexity of the issue, its many interdependencies, and lack of simple solutions, it’s easy to ignore. For many people, the threat of climate change feels distant and abstract—something they don’t easily perceive in their day-to-day lives. One of the ways that might help people grasp ...
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So, Uh, What's Going On With the Sahara Desert?

Stretching 3.5 million square miles across northern Africa, the vast sand dunes and rocky plateaus of the Sahara cover more ground than the continental United States. Now, a pair of scientists is making a provocative claim that the world’s largest desert has expanded 10 percent since the early 20th century,…Read more...
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Confronted With Severe Climate Change, Ancient Britons Kept Calm and Carried On

Soon after the glaciers melted at the end of the last Ice Age, our planet was vulnerable to abrupt and dramatic shifts in climate, including prolonged cold snaps that lasted for decades. New research suggests early hunter-gatherers living in the British Isles didn’t just manage to survive these harsh conditions—they…Read more...
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Stephen Hawking Was Terrified of Climate Change

Stephen Hawking, renowned theoretical physicist and one of the brightest scientific minds of the last half century, died at age 76 this week. In a career spanning 50 years—and challenged by a crippling disease—Hawking set his mind to understanding the Universe. After decades of investigating everything from black…Read more...
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If humans gave up on geoengineering after 50 years, it could be far worse than if we had done nothing at all

In Potentially dangerous consequences for biodiversity of solar geoengineering implementation and termination (published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, ), a group of cross-institutional US climate scientists model what would happen if human embarked upon a solar geoengineering project to mitigate the greenhouse effect by aerosolizing reflective particles into the atmosphere, then gave up on the project after a mere half-century. (more…)
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The Trump Administration Versus the Climate Change Report It Just Published

On Friday, the Trump administration published a new report on climate change. Clocking in at 470 pages, it’s a definitive synthesis of the latest in climate science that’s been written and peer-reviewed by hundreds of scientists and even the general public.Read more...
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Global CO2 Levels Surged to a Disturbing, Record High in 2016 

Last year’s powerful El Niño left meteorologists expecting a major surge in atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions. A World Meteorological Organization report released on Monday confirms these projections, showing that CO2 concentrations “surged at a record-breaking speed in 2016 to the highest level in 800,000 years.”Read more...
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Two Looming Volcanic Eruptions Could Slow Climate Change, But They Aren't Going to Stop It

Following a pattern of everything being terrible in 2017, two volcanoes are primed to erupt along the western edge of the Ring of Fire.Read more...
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The Black Death May Have Had a Surprising Effect on the Environment

From 1347 to 1351, a nightmare disease ravaged Europe, afflicting victims with putrid black boils, fevers, vomiting, and in short order, death. Daily life ground to a halt as the Black Death spread along medieval trade routes, claiming an estimated 20 million lives with ruthless efficiency. Now, a team of researchers…Read more...
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This Drone Once Fought Wars. Now It’s Fighting Climate Change

This drone served in Iraq and Afghanistan—and it's going to take atmospheric data in the Alaska next year. The post This Drone Once Fought Wars. Now It's Fighting Climate Change appeared first on WIRED.
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Why You Should Put Your Supercomputer in Wyoming

A new supercomputer for the National Center for Atmospheric Research gets to work studying climate and solar flares—and prepares for a bunch of new neighbors. The post Why You Should Put Your Supercomputer in Wyoming appeared first on WIRED.
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Scientists warn Amazon jungle faces death spiral

A new study reveals that the Amazon rainforest may face a “death spiral” of deforestation and drought over the next century. The data comes from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, and while the entire forest is unlikely to disappear from the face of the Earth, large parts of the region are currently considered to be at risk. The study explores what might happen as climate change causes the region to experience more frequent and more intense dry seasons. While it may...
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Trump's New EPA Head Wants to Debate Global Warming as the World Burns

Environmental Protection Agency head and fossil fuel shill Scott Pruitt is a simple man. He likes denying climate change, obscuring the thousands in campaign funds he’s received from the fossil fuel industry, and denying climate change some more. Bloomberg reported Thursday morning that Pruitt is now saying he doesn’t…Read more...
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Humans Can't Stop Breaking Carbon Emissions Records

The climate is changing, driven in part by humans spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. An overwhelming majority of climate scientists agrees with this statement. They agree with this statement because they look at long-term climate models, look at carbon emissions, run lots of tests, and see that one drives…Read more...
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