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A Major Ocean Current May Be Hurtling Towards Collapse

The ocean may have less time than we thought before massive, irreversible shifts take place. A new study finds that a crucial ocean system may reach its “tipping point” sooner than predicted if the rate of climate change continues at a breakneck pace.Read more...
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Annual Competition to Guess When Alaskan River Will Thaw Ends on Earliest Date Since 1917

The Nenana Ice Classic, a betting match on when ice on Alaska’s Tanana River breaks up enough to tip a tripod linked to a clock, set a record this weekend by ending nearly a week earlier than ever recorded, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported.Read more...
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Scientists Warn Climate Change Could Bring the Dust Bowl Back Out of the History Books

If there’s anything that just about sums up the desperation of the Great Depression in one filthy package, it’s photos of the Dust Bowl, when over-farming resulted in roving dust storms choking large swathes of the Great Plains region. Now, scientists are projecting that climate change could bring those hardscrabble…Read more...
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Prehistoric Climate Scientists Get Into a Modern-Day Turf War

In recent years, a number of paleoclimatologists have criticized the Coexistence Approach, citing everything from flawed methodology to bad data. The post Prehistoric Climate Scientists Get Into a Modern-Day Turf War appeared first on WIRED.
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Maps: Tornadoes in California Aren't as Rare as You Might Think

A line of strong storms swept through southern California on Friday morning, producing flash flooding and even spawning a weak tornado in southern Los Angeles . While not as common as we see out east, California has seen hundreds of tornadoes over the past six decades. Here's a deeper look at the state's tornado climatology.Read more...
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Glacier National Park Is On Track To Be Glacier-Free By 2030

When Glacier National Park was dedicated in 1910, this stunning span of the Rocky Mountains on the Montana-Canadian border counted over 150 thick, morphing ice sheets that gave the park its name. One very warm century later, there are only 26 glaciers here. And by 2030, scientists warn, that number could be zero. Read more...
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