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Let It Be Thin

E verything Is So Fragile. I named this that. Awhile back. Form is temporary... Direct link to audio if you see no player above.
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Everything is...

S eptember. A warm one really. There are berries on the dogwood. The birds will be happy about that. There are pears despite tree fungus. All the leaves turned black and fell off. But there are pears. Smaller but sweet. I will learn more about pears. These grow along the road in. Trees need to be trimmed along the wood's edge, too much shade.  Next year, more fruit trees and some learning. There is a circle here on Everything is So Fragile .  Even though it is too big to see. More ...
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Game Over

I picked a name from the Game of Chance Basket this morning.  This one I renamed All Mixed Up, I am letting it go, because I don't feel all mixed up anymore. I will just weather the storm.  This helped. There will be an internet service guy in the house today. Even though the previous provider miraculously fixed the service they denied was not their problem. I don't much like being smeared, tricked or lied to. Switch-a-rooni. Ok. Time to mask up and keep our fingers crossed...
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Deepening Winter.

It's cold, we've gone Polar. Looks like below freezing for a week or so. And maybe some snow. The big unstacked wood pile is frozen. An excuse to continue with other things.  Life became really confusing this last year. Maybe actually just confusing.  In any case, The Deep Pool of Thought... posts here and here ... has become a larger cloth still, simply by giving it a different use. And it could be a blanket too if I keep going.  And I probably will, what else is there? And it's...
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Some other kind of energy

A Moon. Always a whiteboard opportunity. For story.  Days fly by at such a frightening speed rally, lately, I am  thrown off course. Then I think, what course?  I really have lost that sense of direction that keeps me focused.  My sleep is off, mealtime is off. I have little notes posted here and there to remind me of regular activities or to hold loose thoughts. Last night we drank wine. It's been a while. We order Clean Wine online and drink less to keep our immune system intact. The Man  ...
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I'm going to take a nap. Start over.
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How it Might Just Happen

Evolution in a Deep Pool of Thought. Not sure I should spoil this moment by saying anything else.  Except I removed the background in the photo, just to see it this way.
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Reviving the Dye Po(e)t

T here she is , holding the earth and the sky (and me) all at once. Indian Summer has taken hold, at least for a bit.  The most glorious of days. Just to test the water really, the water that rises from this earth. Here, almost dry. (there is a little video over at Instagram of the same) This was a quick, (impatient) bundle around a can, silk noil. Dogwood leaf, Oak leaf, Coreopsis, fresh Indigo, some flowering Weed. The bath, soaked acorns plus some concentrated leftover walnut brew that I a...
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The internet came back yesterday. The whole thing seems very fishy here. This internet service. I don't buy any of their explanations. Maybe they think I'm stupid.  Our guess is that they are over capacity and they are engineering some kind of rolling blackouts. Here in Nowhere'sville, we are not a priority. Whatever. Two blankets . As one. Connected by no real thread. Just being. So you spend all this time, making a blanket, arranging things to look just so. But really, this ...
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A ripple

A ripple at the crossroads. It's hot and we are not moving much. I seem to work up a sweat just thinking. Everything  is growing and it just seems like enough.But then, Equality weighs heavy. But then, a breeze kicked up.  I tried to catch that here . The hopefulness in that.
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One on One

P airing. Pairings , as I call them, just simple connections, have often been my starting point for patchwork. Two, loose scraps, often mismatched, touching, then becoming more. Here, obviously more deliberate, but still, with a bigger cloth in mind, such a simple and effortless and gratifying way to begin. One plus one. These are 2.5" squares, because I was dividing space, and I started with 5".  I hung them on a string on the porch, like flags. Clothespins were too heavy so I used pins. B...
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Still Going in May

I t rains every morning here. It just gets greener and greener. Food is growing in spite of critter interference, in the deck planters. Decided to try a patchwork version of a green themed baby-sized quilt Just to show how that might happen. I picked the cross pattern. Nine 5" squares.  A green(ish) cross. A new Nine Lives Patch configuration.  Works for so many reasons right now. As a symbol and as a simple project. I guess I could call this one Life as well. Oh, maybe the life series . Oh ...
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One Thought over Another

So then... This Circle of Green, maybe I could also call it Life . Just talking... Your browser does not support the audio element. link to audio if you see no player above.
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needed Alignment

I am tired. Just cannot find the energy for much content here. I aligned a photo of the wicker porch light with some work in my lap.  It just seemed to say Cloth is Like a World. Photo collage is like patchwork too. I need some time out.  Stay safe.
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Simply what Happens

T he Spirit of Evolutionary Consciousness. Changed again under the needle. And probably will again. I witness how it happens. This one does not lie flat. I remember when that used to bother me. It often bothers others. I guess at this point, the nature of cloth and stitch is a great source of expression for me. Part of my symbolism has become linked to how the cloth form takes shape, not just the image I create. These things are linked by process, change. The story is that. Most likely, th...
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Bigger Cloth, higher ground

For a while, smaller cloth. But the unrolling has been a reminder. Coma here again, still ragged and raw, still holding together after years and years. A documentary, a teacher, a blanket, a world. A timekeeper. A journal. An open heart. Something as simple a upside down (or inside-out)patchwork. That thought caught, tried. Tested. Remembered in the wee hours of a cold rainy morning. An unfinished wishing star that says it doesn't matter. An early Deb Lacativa dyed cloth that celebrates ...
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A Circle Story

  N ot just looking. Thinking. Stitching. I am catching thoughts about this one today, and at the same time trying not to get caught by my thoughts while doing so.  Suddenly it is a story about circles.  8:30 am I found my recorder. I am pretty much unpacked.  Except for some unrolling. Today I am just talking to myself, so comments are off. 8:35 am
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Cloth is again like a world

Poof. Probably 20 years. I have had this piece of silk. Not new at all when I came across it, tossed in the trash, seems to have been ripped out of some sample book at one point. Not uncommon to find such things while working as a designer in the textile world. Fashion folks are so wasteful.  It's special. Warp printed and jacquard woven with one color in the weft. And now I have cut it. Not sure what it had been intended for but at least I am using it.  In the same boat, In the same world...
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Cloth is like a world

  J ust settling in. Feeling like there should be more cloth related stuff here by now, but really... There Is.  New Velvet after the big rain. Rock like like a Rumpled Folded Blanket. And young trees like Needles Threaded. The clotheslines were here. I noticed them right off. Right before they told me there was no working washer or dryer. It was close to 70 degrees here all weekend. January. It won't last. But the windows were open. Breezes blowing through. This helped me feel at home....
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Come sit a while...

A whisper. Just This. This, this softening of the stone. Stone walls. Trees fallen and standing. Beds of leaves. This place. First stitches here, I actually found a small piece of green velvet on top of the first box of scrap that I unpacked this morning when I said to myself, Moss. I need Moss. Just nine from some small squares left over from Small Cloth class. Ready.  Nine for softness in winter. Nine for a place to rest. The velvet was too small.  I worked on it, backing the center with ...
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It Stopped Raining

K nowing , from experience, that I mostly never finish, according to the standards of others, I am putting the pennant in the mail this afternoon. It holds, keeps, a few dreams together. And we might imagine the rest.
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it's december

Or... Maybe my note for today should be.. it's December and we're no closer.
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Catching a Thought

I finished this one. Universal Basket Sense . The center filled , the snow globe effect . Because it reminds me of the snow globe I had as a child, that I might have noticed then how good it felt to shake things up and watch the chaos fade, snow so calmly quiets things. I hope it snows a lot this year. Gee the leaves are still green here. My postings are erratic. My inner clock is off balance.  I am unsettled. PS, things are stacking up, so the Spirit Cloth Shop has re-opened.
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A Path

Y es it's on the wall. No, it's not right yet. I used some old sample cloth from my old job, to frame it on 2 sides, the word sample still scribbled on it. I see a path. I think normally I consider a path as a clearing, something simple and open through the wilder,chaos. I notice today, looking, I reconsider the path as the chaos. Something that flows through peace. That will lead me. She is becoming fierce, more complex. I've plans to undo a lot of what's around her.
Tags: Crafts, Flow, Looking, Through, In Between, Design Mending, Becoming more or less, Cloth is like a world, Large Cloth, Magic Cloth 2, Considering/reconsidering, Context/frames Of Mind

A Far Reaching Dream

I t was just a kind of off grid base. 5 circle patches, spaces in between. A cloth collage. Glue Stitched . Like I do. And then the Basket-Self. At the center of this universe I seem to picture myself in. Like we do because it's human nature to sense ourselves so. Use that to be. Reminds me a bit of yesterday's post. Imagining basket self in that one now. Maybe just a blob-floating. And then, because Ive been sorting and packing and purging in the studio, I found these. Beast templ...
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Winding Down

M arch is nearly over. We can tell. There's another Moon coming. We can feel it. I picture it ragged. Like me all things. Have a good weekend.
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Circle games

T his morning continuing with combining components in new ways. Folding circles, again considering time passing... as a component itself.  I might just rename these from time passing to Eventually.  Eventually fragments. They might be very handy to build a story. They might fit anywhere and add an element of truth to the process.  
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T he cold moved in once again. Lots of rain and then a bit of snow and then a deep freeze. We are left with a coating of ice crystals. Some solid ice on paths and roads. There is more than just a little frost on the pumpkin. I'm still quilting Holding Pattern but yesterday, since this little long cloth home base was just sitting there, I recorded a bit of light snow.  And the stitching on the left side, I added that. The edge of a storm maybe. But this kind of framing is something I us...
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Seems Painterly

T urning, but a bit undecided as the weather flips flops between summer and early winter. There was a frost not so far north of here. Today hot and humid with big rain expected soon.  I'm not complaining after what's going on down south.  I thought I had nine leaves but I must have dropped a few on the way up the hill. The weekend just went and it is suddenly gone. That's how it feels a lot lately with not much worrying about it. I stitched a few pieces of cloth together. Just goi...
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Simple Little Things

C aught in little things. Today, time off from "fixer-uppering". Was going to paint the porch ceiling but I'm exhausted. It might look like I am doing the same thing over and over but I am evaluating a new free seaming technique. All these loose patches are coming in handy for that. Building is on my mind anyway. And I will share my thoughts soon. Little houses have me thinking of worlds. How the reach we have becomes that. I found a whole world in a tin pail this morning. It seems like...
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