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PayPal Hires Apple Vet Allison Johnson as Its First CMO in 6 Years

PayPal is adding a major player to its marketing department: Today, the company announced the hiring of Allison Johnson as CMO and executive vice president. The brand has been without a CMO since 2013. Johnson joins PayPal from West, a marketing and venture capital firm where she worked with clients like Square, Twitter and Braintree,...
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Q&A: Pinterest’s CMO Discusses How the Platform Is a Refuge on the Toxic Internet

Optimistic, uplifting, encouraging--these are words not often used to describe the internet. But that's where Pinterest has carved out a sizable niche, which has grown to 250 million worldwide monthly users saving more than 175 billion ideas (about everything from godparent proposals to patterned wallpaper) on its network. As chatter heats up about a possible...
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Target Makes Executive Changes

Late last week Target announced a series of significant leadership changes. It remains to be seen how the changes will impact private brand at the retailer, however you can be certain something will happen. Most notable for our readers Stephanie Lundquist, who has served as Target’s Chief HR Officer since 2016, has been named President of Food and Beverage. Stephanie Lundquist, President of Food and Beverage, Target Target announced that Chief Financial Officer Cathy Smith will be retiring...
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10 Tips for a Successful Post-Mortem

Update: I wrote this article in 2015, but I thought with the new year right behind me that I should update it with all the learning I’ve received on the subject of post-mortems. I realized, in retrospect, that I left one key tip out that I make sure to include in all my post-mortems. So, what’s better than 10 Tips For A Successful Post-Mortem? I present the much new and improved 11 Tips For A Successful Post-Mortem. (Spoiler: #5 is new.)   I love meetings. Actually, let me clarify. I like creati...
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CES 2019: 5 Questions with Adobe

Ann Lewnes, CMO at Adobe tells us about how AI is the mechanism for unlocking creativity. The post CES 2019: 5 Questions with Adobe appeared first on brandchannel:.
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Marketing Psychology in 2019: Make Your Mark Digitally

As marketing professionals, we do market research, develop buyer personas, conduct thorough keyword research, and track user behavior on and off our websites through automation and technology. One skill set that separates great marketers from good ones is the ability to understand how and the why behind people’s thought processes, which leads to their consuming behavior and habits. There are numerous articles on this topic explaining how to leverage psychology in marketing. However, consumers, e...
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CES 2019: 5 Questions with Mastercard

Raja Rajamannar CMO of Mastercard shares how the pared down Instagram aesthetic has touched even this megalith through the reveal of the new Mastercard logo, and how true competition is played out in the hearts and minds of customers. The post CES 2019: 5 Questions with Mastercard appeared first on brandchannel:.
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My 2018 Annual Review

Time for my annual review. In this post, I’ll do my best to answer these three questions 1 : What went well this year? What didn’t go so well this year? What am I working toward? Here we go: 1. What Went Well this Year? Lost 12 kg and made myself physically stronger. Got into a healthy exercise regimen and started loosing some unnecessary weight. What got me started and kept me on track was a variety of pulse training programs. For some reason, my body and general mood seems to respond ...
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Insights on How to Achieve the Greatest Marketing Impact

Not all marketing activities are created equal. Some yield great results. Some involve lots of marketing effort. Some take more sales resources. Some have clear objectives, others happen because it’s always been that way. But with so many opinions from across the business about what marketing activities are the best, it’s hard to keep focused. Figuring how marketing can achieve the greatest impact and how to demonstrate it, was top-of-mind at Marketing Nation Engage in London. Here’s what marke...
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Bio Roundup: $74B for Celgene, Two CAR-T Tales, Ready for SF & More

In 2018, my Exome colleagues and I published hundreds of stories about health, medicine, the biopharma industry, government policy, and more. You’ll find a few of our favorite stories in this review of some of the year’s best from across the Xconomy network. Topics ranged from the worries over CRISPR genome editing and Wild West biohacking, to Nobel Prize-fueled drug approvals and the headaches around drug prices (even for drugs meant to cure headaches).What will make our Best of 2019 list? You...
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How the Marketing Technology Landscape Will Transform in the New Year

Marketing practitioners spend a fair amount of their time at the intersection of the marketing function and the technology that powers it. Gartner correctly predicted that by 2017, the CMO would spend more than the CIO on IT. In light of the impressive advances in technologies that enable marketing to simultaneously become more automated as...
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Three Predictions for Brand Marketers in 2019 (It's All About the Data)

If I really knew what was coming down the pike, I would quietly invest in the market that benefits from my so-called predictions and be done with it. I am not much of a gambler. Still, that doesn’t mean I am wrong, but I certainly acknowledge that I might be. With that bold statement of confidence, here are my quick predictions for marketers next year:   Brands will need to take a stand on marketing and customer data stewardship Brands need to protect their customer’s data in two ways. The firs...
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How to avoid the social media storm

Previously, we dug into the details of two very different but very visible social media storms and how the brands (Crock-Pot and Old Navy) dealt with the unexpected spotlight. Don’t think for a minute that your local business is immune to the same sort of trouble. The good and the bad of social media is that it is an equalizer. If the story is good, bad or salacious enough – it can quickly get national or international attention. The web is filled with examples of how small, local companies are...
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Why the CEO is actually the CMO

Scrappy business people are fantastic people to work with — lean, mean, execution machines. But there comes a point where all scrap and no strategy results in a hard working team that are running to stand-still. Many small company CEOs lean too far into the COO role, at the expensive of setting — and ensuring execution of — the strategy. If anything, CEOs need to lean more into the CMO role. A good marketer is invaluable (and hard to find), but CEOs need to be careful not to think marketing and ...
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Vbrick taps Rockwell as CMO

Herndon, Virginia-based Vbrick, a provider of enterprise video platform solutions, has named Christian Rockwell as chief marketing officer. Previously, he worked at Sparta Systems Inc where he was a global vice president of marketing. Vbrick is backed by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, Acme Nova and Adams Capital. PRESS RELEASE HERNDON, VA. (PRWEB) DECEMBER 20, 2018 Vbrick, the leader in enterprise video platform solutions, today announced that Christian Rockwell, an accomplished marketing exe...
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What Motivated Stance to Drop Its First Ad Campaign After 9 Years in Business

Stance, which started as a sock brand and has since evolved to include T-shirts and men's underwear, launched in 2009. But it took until the summer of 2018, almost an entire decade into the company's life, for the brand to launch its first official campaign. Candy Harris, Stance's CMO, told Adweek that the company's marketing...
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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Marketing

I have been an avid reader of the Marketing Insider Group blog for a while now, and read this great post on 6 Examples of AI Marketing by Michael Brenner, a CMO influencer whose work has been featured in many national business publications.  The topic of artificial intelligence and how it is changing human workflows has been interesting to me.  And, this specific post speaks to how artificial intelligence is changing the marketing world, a topic that is directly related to our day-to-day mark...
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Fireside Chat | CMO London 2018

Dominic Field , Senior Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) speaks with Jenny Rooney, CMO Network Editor, Forbes Media.
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Getaround co-founder Jessica Scorpio leaves day-to-day role

Since launching Getaround at TechCrunch Disrupt New York in 2011, the car-sharing startup has expanded to over 90 cities and, more recently, raised a massive $325 million round of funding led by SoftBank. With the company in a good place and its co-founder and CMO Jessica Scorpio “really happy with where things are,” she told TechCrunch, it’s time for her to take some time off, leave her day-to-day role at the company and move into a role on the board of directors. In addition to serving on G...
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Solving Sales & Marketing Alignment Challenges with Insights from 80 Marketing Leaders

Marketers around the globe have issues aligning with their sales teams to create a true partnership. But there are ways to ease the burden and create a working partnership that creates a better customer experience. At our recent Marketing Nation Engage event, marketing leaders gathered to learn. One of the most significant opportunities we found was in creating a sales and marketing partnership to better facilitate alignment. Here’s what marketing leaders find most challenging about sales and m...
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The Messy Middle Tackles the Hard Work on the Way to a Big Idea

Experts have a lot to say about starting a business, and even about finding success. But what about advice for how to manage the critical intermediate challenges that certainly appear when an organization is growing? One author that tackles those challenges is Scott Belsky through his latest book The Messy Middle: Finding Your Way Through The Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Venture.   Belsky is a veteran entrepreneur, having launched and sold ventures such as Behance, the world’s lead...
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After Amazon’s cloud encroaches on its turf, a startup is taking a stand: Open source can’t be ‘free and unsustainable R&D’ for tech giants (AMZN)

Amazon Web Services announced last month that it would take a popular open source software project called Kafka and resell it to its customers as a service.  On Friday, Confluent — a startup founded by the creators of Kafka — announced a new license for its software that would prevent clouds like Amazon from taking its Kafka add-ons and reselling them for profit.  Confluent didn't name Amazon directly, but it does say that the move lets the business continue to make money from its software w...
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Measuring Content Marketing Success: Analytics Advice & Insight from the Experts

Welcome to the seventh installment in our “Collective Wisdom” series of content marketing strategy and tactics articles. Previously we’ve covered planning ahead for content marketing success, the art of crafting powerful content, and an array of strong promotion tactics. So, what’s up next? Measurement and analytics. Measuring and analyzing your content’s performance is critical so you can uncover new opportunities, make improvements, and determine whether you’re meeting your goals. Here we...
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The Madison Square Garden Company Hires Former Hilton CMO to Lead Marketing Team

The Madison Square Garden Company announced today that it has hired Geraldine Calpin to serve as the company's new evp and CMO, effective immediately. Calpin will report to the company's president Andrew Lustgarten. Calpin joins the team from WeWork, where she served as CMO for just under a year. In that role she was responsible...
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PPL, SAMI Partner With Max Martin Startup Auddly For Metadata Management

PPL and SAMI–collective management organizations from the UK and Sweden–have joined forces with Swedish start-up Auddly to support performers with the management of their sound recording metadata. The agreement has led to the creation of a performer verification mechanism which will allow members of the PPL and SAMI to retrieve their International Performer Number (IPN) from Auddly’s app or web-based tool. That IPN number, which is used to identify performers in data exchanges between CMO...
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How Local Marketing Can Transform Your Small Business

In partnership with  Simply Business 3rd in a series of articles exploring how to make 2019 your business’s best year yet. By Rieva Lesonsky Many small businesses are dependent on local customers to survive—retailers, restaurant owners, accountants, contractors, remodelers, home services providers, among many others. For these business owners, marketing has become a little more complicated. In this article and a following one, we’re going to explore the “marketing musts” your business needs to ...
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5 Strategies Brands Haven’t Tapped Yet for Holiday 2018

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, holiday spending is far from over. In fact, the National Retail Federation expects holiday retail sales in November and December to increase between 4.3 and 4.8 percent over 2017, for a total of $717.45 billion to $720.89 billion. That means there’s still time and money left on the table for brands to reach interested and motivated shoppers, especially at the lower end of the marketing funnel. According to Brett Zucker, CMO at Monotype—a c...
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The Gathering of Cult Brands: 5 Questions With Chris Kneeland

The Gathering is an annual coming together of the world’s top cult brands that recognizes and rewards brands that build amazing cultures. These cult brands connect with consumers in ways that don’t just get them to buy, but get them to buy in. “Cult brand leaders create advocates, not ads, and we were fascinated by how they engage audiences differently,” Chris Kneeland, co-founder of The Gathering and CEO of Cult Collective, told brandchannel. “We created The Gathering to shine a spotlight on t...
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Small Business Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

This 8500 word monster article was contributed by Sneha Mittal.  Entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges and with so many options out there, it might be difficult for you to master all aspects of the business. Marketing is evolving each day and even more with the technological evolution changing the way consumers live. When done right, marketing can help your business grow rapidly. Are you a business owner who wants to grow your business but doesn’t know much about marketing? Do yo...
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BlackRock now has a higher percentage of technologists than JPMorgan, and it says a lot about the future of the money-management industry

About a quarter of BlackRock's 14,000 employees work as technologists, the firm's chief financial officer said Wednesday. That's a higher percentage than at JPMorgan. Like its peers, BlackRock is betting on technology as a growth driver. BlackRock's chief financial officer just disclosed a key figure that illustrates the importance of technology to the world's largest asset manager. About a quarter of BlackRock's 14,000 employees, or 3,500 people, work as technologists, BlackRock CFO Gary Sh...
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