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Here's what you might have missed Thursday on CNN.
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Shelter-in-place orders lifted in two Texas cities after massive chemical fire

A shelter-in-place order for two neighboring Texas cities was lifted Thursday, one day after a massive chemical fire that filled the sky with smoke for days in southeastern parts of the state was finally snuffed out.
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Why Joe Biden's VP gimmick is a very bad idea

Joe Biden isn't formally in the 2020 presidential race yet, but he's already considering a somewhat radical move: naming a vice presidential pick before he is even the nominee.
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Nashville police arrest man who allegedly dragged officer with an ATV

A 30-year-old man has been arrested on assault and other charges for allegedly dragging a Nashville police officer along a street while driving an ATV, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said via Twitter.
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Car crash ER visits fell in states that ban texting while driving, study says

States with bans on texting while driving saw an average 4% reduction in emergency department visits after motor vehicle crashes, an equivalent of 1,632 traffic-related emergency department visits per year, according to a new analysis.
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WarnerMedia is creating new role of chief diversity and inclusion officer

WarnerMedia, the media and entertainment arm of CNN parent company AT&T, said Thursday that it is creating a new role: chief diversity and inclusion officer.
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Mueller wait-and-see mode hangs over White House, too

The specter of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation has loomed over all but a few months of President Donald Trump's presidency.
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Jared Kushner uses WhatsApp to talk with foreign leaders, claims Cummings

House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings says Abbe Lowell has confirmed that President Donald Trump's son-in-law and White House advisor Jared Kushner has been using the encryptable/disappear-able messaging WhatsApp to communicate with leaders of foreign nations. "Mr. Lowell could not answer whether Mr. Kushner's communications included classified information." Mr. Kushner's attorney disputes the claims in the Cummings letter. Kushner's the tip of the iceberg -- the House attention to this ...
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White House rejects Dem requests for info on Putin communications

The White House is rejecting a request from congressional Democrats to obtain documents tied to President Donald Trump's communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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Italy rolls out red carpet for China's President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Rome where he is expected to sign an agreement that would make Italy the largest economy so far to back Beijing's massive infrastructure project, known as the "Belt and Road" initiative.
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Elijah Cummings: White House officials using personal accounts to do official work

House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings said Thursday his committee has obtained new information that several senior White House officials have used personal email and messaging accounts to conduct government business, asserting that President Donald Trump's son-in-law communicated with foreign leaders through a private messaging application that appears to lack adequate safeguards.
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GOP struggles to respond to Trump's attacks on McCain

Senate Republicans find themselves boxed-in in the wake of President Donald Trump's renewed attacks on the late Sen. John McCain, unwilling to strongly stand up to a President who is widely popular with GOP base voters but still deeply uncomfortable with his criticism of the late war hero and, for many in the chamber, a friend.
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Emilia Clarke reveals she underwent two life-saving brain surgeries

Emilia Clarke revealed on Thursday that she has undergone two brain surgeries in the last eight years.
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Neil deGrasse Tyson returning to TV after misconduct investigation

Astrophysicist and author Neil deGrasse Tyson is returning to television following accusations of inappropriate behavior, which he denied.
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Judge puts hold on Wisconsin GOP effort to strip new governor's power

A Wisconsin judge issued an order Thursday putting on hold a set of laws that Republicans passed late last year to limit the power of the incoming Democratic governor.
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J.K. Rowling's latest Dumbledore comment feels like a cop-out

Holly Thomas writes that J.K. Rowling's most recent comment on Dumbledore's sexuality should have come years earlier. And if she could not have stated he was gay in the books, the film directors could have endeavored to share that fact with the audience.
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Pentagon IG investigation renews scrutiny of Shanahan's ties to Boeing

In the months since Patrick Shanahan became acting defense secretary following the departure of James Mattis, President Donald Trump has repeatedly praised the former Boeing executive. Yet Shanahan's relationship with his former employer has emerged as a point of controversy that could pose challenges if he's nominated to permanently lead the Pentagon.
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Levi's CEO: Don't put your jeans in the freezer

Levi's CEO Chip Bergh has some tips for jeans owners: Don't freeze your jeans. And don't put them in the washing machine.
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Branson duck boat service won't operate in 2019 after deadly sinking

The Missouri duck boat service whose vessel sank in a lake last summer, killing 17 people, will not operate in 2019, the company that owns it says.
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Ferry capsizes in Iraq's Tigris river killing 77

At least 77 people died, including 12 children, when an overcrowded ferry capsized in Iraq's Tigris river in Mosul during Nowruz and Mother's Day celebrations, officials said.
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Justice Department officials gather to honor Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions returned to the Justice Department Thursday as top current and former officials across the agency gathered to honor former attorney general and present him with a ceremonial Cabinet chair gifted from employees.
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READ: 2012 Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare

The Supreme Court in 2012 upheld the Affordable Care Act in a 5-4 ruling. The behind-the-scenes maneuvering by Chief Justice John Roberts is the subject of a new book by CNN's Joan Biskupic.
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Armed men kidnap members of university football team in Cameroon

Members of a university football team were abducted in Cameroon's Southwest region, university officials told CNN Thursday.
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Trump says it's time for US to recognize 'Israel's Sovereignty over the Golan Heights'

President Donald Trump on Thursday overturned longstanding US policy regarding the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, announcing "it is time" for the US to "fully recognize Israel's sovereignty" over the region.
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Unknown species found in new treasure trove of fossils found in China

A newly discovered fossil site in China that dates back 518 million years contains more than 50% previously unknown species, according to a new study. The well-preserved Qingjiang site is helping scientists to fill gaps in the fossil record and provide a clearer picture of some of the earliest animal ecosystems.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 'second most talked-about politician in America,' graces Time cover

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez graced the cover of this week's issue of Time magazine, further cementing the freshman congresswoman's status as a national figure.
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Three Burundi schoolgirls face jail for doodling on President's photo

Three schoolgirls in Burundi have spent the weekend in jail and are facing five years in prison for drawing on the President's face in their school books, Human Rights Watch told CNN.
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