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10 ways to rewire your mindset and start thriving today

The WomanUP! Conference, which took place last week, was jampacked with insights and inspiration for agents. Here are 10 important takeaways agents should consider when making a survive-to-thrive mindset shift.
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Thinking Differently About What It Means to Lead

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10 business principles I learned from getting healthy

When Carl Medford set off on a weight loss journey, he soon realized that the same principles of commitment, coaching and overcoming failure could be applied to business. Here's everything he learned.
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Unwrapping and Managing Difficult Employees

Guest post from Beth Miller: We’ve all been challenged with at least one difficult person at work. Why do they have to be so rude, dismissive, abrasive, etc.? Difficult employees aren’t the person who has a bad day and acts out in appropriately, they are the ones who have gained a reputation for being difficult. And, if they are spreading their bad behavior to others and having a negative impact on the team, then they are more than difficult, they are toxic. Why are they so diffi...
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How to suss out the good coaches from the bad ones

Getting certified to become a coach used to take 2,000 hours of coaching before being evaluated by a panel of experts. Today, anyone can call themselves a coach. We reached out to get Bernice Ross's read on the coaching industry, the pandemic and what agents should be doing right now. 
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Agents see big financial, emotional returns from coaching

After Inman set out to see if coaching works, numerous agents said they saw their incomes, team sizes and general happiness improve thanks to the practice.
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Does life coaching have a place in real estate?

It's no secret that real estate agents work long and hard — which is why they, of all people, could really benefit from a life coach. Instead of just focusing on work, life coaching involves the whole of a person. Here are a few reasons agents should consider it.
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Ready to level up? Read these 10 groundbreaking books

Here are the 10 books every real estate professional must read to improve their personal and professional life, according to Inman readers.
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Are you learning from the market turn? Adjust your focus now

The coronavirus pandemic pressed the reset button on our personal and business lives. So, for agents looking to make good use of this time to grow their businesses, here are a few ways to do that by zeroing in on education.
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#600 The Best Sources for Small Business Financing for Minority-owned Businesses

Listen to “#600 The Best Sources for Small Business Financing for Minority-owned Businesses” on Spreaker.         On this episode of The Small Business Radio Show… SEGMENT 1, starting at 0:00: It has traditionally been very difficult for minority entrepreneurs to find financing for their business. So where can they turn now during this pandemic when their businesses need it most? Here to help is Rohit Arora, the CEO of Biz2Credit. SEGMENT 2, starting at 19:15: One of the most important organiz...
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The Heart of Coaching

Transformational Coaching is the requisite skill for today’s leaders, managers, and supervisors who choose to enhance their personal effectiveness and the performance of those they lead. Tom Crane, an experienced consultant, facilitator, and coach, works with leaders and their teams to build feedback-rich coaching cultures that create and sustain high-performance. Listen in as Becky Robinson sits down with Tom to discuss the ideas found in his book, The Heart of Coaching, and discover how to cre...
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‘Coaching? I don’t need a coach!’ Why agents turn down coaching

Coaching leads to higher performance, which is why so many agents swear by it. And yet, despite its many benefits, some still choose to forgo the practice. Here are three main reasons agents shy away from coaching.
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When facing obstacles, pivot like a pro — here’s how

Basketball players, when confronted by a wall of defense, pivot to continue movement toward the net. Take cues from the sport to successfully pivot your business to continue moving forward in the midst of the current pandemic.
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How the pandemic inspired a selling technique that rivals iBuyers

Greg Hague, the founder of Real Estate Mavericks, shares how his formula offers sellers convenience, a higher price and a higher degree of safety.
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How to Do Well in Life and on the Golf Course

Staying the Course with Your Career I was speaking this morning with someone who was referred to me for coaching. She’s a bright woman who is trying to figure out her next move.She used the analogy of swinging at golf balls on the course of a country club, will little regard as to where you really want these balls to land.I told her it was a lot less expensive and more efficient to do this at a golf range, than on an ocean front course where you’re paying $200 a round.The point she was mak...
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Is your team Q4 ready? Here’s how to prepare for winter

The third quarter is winding down, but the market is still hot. If you’re willing to dig deep, hold the line and keep your foot on the gas, you can ensure your business will have a strong fourth quarter.
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3 communication tips for forging stronger relationships

Good communication can make your team stronger and your clients more committed to seeking your expertise and services — which is why you have to get it right. Here's how to sharpen your communication skills.
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Want to inspire your agents to be better? 5 coaching tips for brokers

Brokers can bring so much to the table by offering coaching opportunities to agents. Your motivations, guidance, advice and availability is critical to their success. Here are a handful of coaching tips brokers should heed.
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Tough time delegating? 3 tips to help team leaders loosen the reins

The "people management" aspect of team-building doesn't always come easily to leaders. But letting go of control over the business you've painstakingly built is a critical step in growing and building trust with your team. Here's how to do it.
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How to survive a market shift: Protect yourself

The husband-wife coaching duo Tim and Julie Harris shared how agents can survive a market shift by building new skills, trimming budgets and getting real about the future.
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New to real estate? Focus on these 2 things

From finding clients to thinking of what to say, there are so many things that run through a new agent's head. This week, Byron Van Arsdale, a coach and former broker-owner, talks about the most vital things rookies need to succeed.
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RE/MAX exec: Real estate is seeing a ‘race to the bottom’

Nick Bailey argued Tuesday that agents are being told they need to save money — even if they might do better with a costlier but better business model.
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Here are 5 rules for adapting in 2020

There's no doubt that this year's global health crisis shook the foundations of our life and work. So, what are the rules of living in this new normal? One coach weighs on adapting to this year's realities.
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Coaching is popular and highly regarded in real estate: Survey

Hundreds of real estate professionals who responded to an Inman survey expressed satisfaction with coaching, indicating it made them more money and improved their lives.
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Starting a coaching program? How to pick the right coach

Coaching can help your team sharpen their skills, maintain drive and find focus, among other benefits. But how do you go about picking the right coach for the job? Here are a few tips.
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Remote or not, these 10 mistakes are costing you the listing

For many agents and teams, the opportunity cost of lost business might actually be costing them far more than a new shiny marketing approach. Here's what you might be doing wrong — and how to fix it.
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Why change leaders need a coach

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. Throw in the massive disruption caused by the current pandemic, and change aplenty abounds! So, responding in an agile and flexible fashion to that world requires clarity, more than ever before, is vital. However, how do you get better at that in the face of increasing complexity? Because it is how good you are going to be, that matters. How good can you be? What stands in your way of becoming the best you can be? Often, on...
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How to keep your agents tuned into your training

Right now, team members are wanting and demanding opportunities, and it's up to you to prepare them for success and ensure a high likelihood of return for the business. Here's how to do that with training.
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3 principles to remember when coaching your team

There are many ways to coach a team to success, even in this fast-paced environment that constantly demands new skills. But really good coaching boils down to these three factors.
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Ezra Coaching

If you’re interested in this kind of coaching, please take a look at the following infographic. It shows the latest research into democratized coaching and how it can diverse talent pipelines.
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