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Aberdeen: teetering between its high-carbon past and a green future

A city more reliant than most on oil and gas reserves hopes to profit from a shift to net zeroAberdeen is one of the few cities in the world where your taxi driver is almost guaranteed to know the global market price for oil.It is the second week of March in the capital of the North Sea oil and gas industry and Aberdonians have witnessed one of the sharpest oil price slumps in a generation. The Granite City is still one week away from a market collapse even deeper than the 2016 price crash. Cont...
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'I’m Just Praying': Miners Fear the Impacts Covid-19 Could Have in Coal Country

Jimmy Moore barely leaves the house. When he does, the 74-year-old is usually parked outside his local pharmacy in Dorton, Kentucky, until someone brings out his regular meds. As soon as Moore arrives home, he changes his clothes and washes his hands. Religiously. This wasn’t his routine before, but Moore can’t take…Read more...
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New York’s Last Coal-Fired Power Plant Is Closing

The community is fearful of what will happen once it shutters.
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More woes for Medupi and Kusile

Irregular contract modifications have caused both costs and delays to escalate The post More woes for Medupi and Kusile appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Indiana Is About to Bail Out the Coal Industry for Some Reason

Indiana’s General Assembly fast-tracked a bill on Tuesday that will make it harder to shut down coal-fired power plants. The Indiana bill would delay shutdowns by requiring state officials to review all utilities’ plans for plant closures, hold public hearings, and then issue a report on whether or not the closure is…Read more...
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UK carbon emissions decline 29% in past decade

A recent analysis by Carbon Brief has revealed that the United Kingdom’s carbon dioxide emissions fell by 2.9% last year, bringing the total reduction to 29% since 2010. The data indicates that declines in coal use was the main factor that led to last year’s carbon emissions decrease, as both oil and natural gas usage levels remained unchanged. When viewed over the course of the past decade, U.K. carbon emissions from coal dropped by as much as 80%, while natural gas was by 20% and oil by only 6...
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UK government looking to drop biomass conversions of coal-fired power from subsidy program

In the UK, . The justification for the change, which is currently supported through 2027 for projects already approved under the scheme, is because it says that electricity has already become less carbon intensive. Government support has incentivized the deployment of around 3GW of biomass conversion capacity in the UK, through the Renewables Obligation (RO) and the CfD, in line with strict sustainability criteria.
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Climate campaigners condemn 'insidious' cocktail party for MPs and coal industry

Parliament House event represents an effort to undermine climate action, environmental group 350 Australia saysEnvironmental campaigners say a cocktail night involving the fossil fuel industry and federal politicians represents an “insidious” lobbying effort to undermine climate action.The pro-coal Liberal MP Craig Kelly and Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon will host a cocktail event at Parliament House to discuss carbon capture and storage with industry leaders on Wednesday night. Continue reading...
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A New Partnership Between Los Angeles and the Navajo Nation Could Be the Start of a Green New Deal

For more than 40 years, the Navajo Nation helped power the city of Los Angeles through a dirty coal plant on the reservation. The Navajo Generating Station closed late last year, but the link between the city and the Navajo Nation may live on in a way that’s much more healthy.Read more...
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Fighting Coal Was Supposed to Lift Bloomberg. Here’s Why It Didn’t.

The former New York mayor is “a victim of the climate debate moving much faster than the positive realities he helped shape,” one analyst said.
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Dan Matjila’s grand plans to save Eskom

The former PIC chief muses over PIC debt-for-equity, privatisation and selling off power stations The post Dan Matjila’s grand plans to save Eskom appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Labor to announce net zero emissions target by 2050 and will oppose taxpayer funding of new coal power

Exclusive: Anthony Albanese is expected to confirm in speech on Friday that Labor will oppose using Kyoto carryover creditsLabor has locked in behind a target of net zero emissions by 2050, and will oppose taxpayer funding of new coal-fired power plants, in the party’s first major decisions about climate policy for the next federal election.As well as adopting the clear 2050 target that Scott Morrison appears reluctant to sign up to, in part because of rolling combat within the Coalition, Guardi...
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Anthony Albanese backs Adani coalmine but criticises proposed Collinsville power plant

The ALP leader says a feasibility study into a new coal-fired power station in Queensland is ‘hush money’ for climate scepticsAnthony Albanese says he supports jobs and economic activity from the Adani coalmine, but he has blasted a feasibility study into a new coal-fired power plant in Collinsville as “hush money” for climate sceptics in the Coalition.In Queensland on Wednesday for his fourth “vision statement” since taking the Labor leadership, Albanese told reporters the ALP needed to improve...
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Q&A recap: business council calls for legislated target of net zero emissions by 2050

Jennifer Westacott, the BCA chief, tells audience Australia should aim to meet 2030 targets without using Kyoto carryover creditsAustralia should legislate a target of net zero emissions by 2050, the chief executive of the Business Council of Australia has said.Appearing on Monday night’s Q&A panel, Jennifer Westacott told the audience “we have to do net zero by 2050”. Continue reading...
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New Nationals deputy chastises Bridget McKenzie for 'partisan' sports grants allocation

David Littleproud tells ABC that McKenzie’s method ‘not the best’, while calling for new coal-fired power stationDavid Littleproud has rebuked Bridget McKenzie for her handling of the sports grants saga, saying partisan allocation of projects by party representation in marginal seats is not “the best way to do it”.In a wide-ranging interview with ABC 7.30 the newly elected deputy Nationals leader also defended his record on climate change and advocated for the proposed new Collinsville coal-fire...
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Japan Races to Build New Coal-Burning Power Plants, Despite the Climate Risks

As many as 22 new coal plants—one of the dirtiest power sources—will arise at 17 sites across Japan, just as the world must slash emissions to fight warming.
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Coal May Find New Life Outside the Energy Market If This Bill Passes

Coal is dead, gone, fin. RIP, right? Well, not if Republicans have their way.Read more...
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New load-shedding crisis looms

The treasury’s rejection of South32’s proposal to increase the value of its Eskom contract by R1.2-billion could spark a coal shortage for the parastatal The post New load-shedding crisis looms appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Why Hasn’t Harvard Stopped Investing in Fossil Fuels?

Other campuses are changing. The university, with its $40 billion endowment, is holding out.
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How Does a Nation Adapt to Its Own Murder?

Australia is going up in flames, and its government calls for resilience while planning for more coal mines.
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Australian Coal Company Says Bush-Fire Smoke Is Slowing Production

The poor air quality is making equipment harder to operate, and some workers have had to take leave to fight fires. The irony was not lost on many in Australia.
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How Hard Is It to Quit Coal? For Germany, 18 Years and $44 Billion

The 18-year time frame shows how costly and politically complicated it is to leave the world's dirtiest fossil fuel in the ground.
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Germany will pay billions to speed up coal-fired power plant shutdowns

In fight against climate crisis, operators will be compensated for early switch-offsGermany will pay its utility companies billions of euros to speed up the shutdown of their coal-fired power plants as part of the country’s efforts to fight climate crisis, the government has said.The agreement reached between federal ministers and representatives of four coalmining states removes a key hurdle in Germany’s plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades. Continue reading...
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Australia’s Fires Test Its Winning Growth Formula

The country’s vulnerable environment and growing dependence on China have raised questions about the sustainability of its economic success.
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Voices of Anxiety as Australia Burns

Readers react to an Op-Ed article by the novelist Richard Flanagan that faults the country’s politicians, among other things.
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Shutdown of US coal power facilities saved over 26,000 lives, study finds

Shift to gas saved more than 300m tons of planet-heating carbon dioxide as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide levels droppedThe human toll from coal-fired pollution in America has been laid bare by a study that has found more than 26,000 lives were saved in the US in just a decade due to the shift from coal to gas for electricity generation. Related: The Guardian view on the bushfires: Australia needs a government with the right priorities | Editorial Continue reading...
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Global Coal Trade Shows Stability And Growth, Spearheaded By India and Russia: Outlook Inside

The Global Coal Commodity Trade Continues to Show Signs of Stability and Growth, With India Commanding Significantly High Premiums at Auction, and Russia Closing in on a Stronger Position Within… Read more » The post Global Coal Trade Shows Stability And Growth, Spearheaded By India and Russia: Outlook Inside appeared first on
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As Fires Rage, Australia Sees Its Leader as Missing in Action

The country is venting frustration with Prime Minister Scott Morrison over what many view as a nonchalant response to the disastrous blazes and his unwavering dismissal of climate change.
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