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A Bizarre Coal Industry Propaganda Program Is Infiltrating K-12 Classrooms

Next week, dozens of teachers from North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, and Iowa will descend on Bismarck State College in North Dakota for the annual three-day Lignite Energy Council Teacher’s Seminar. Read more...
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Acid mine water a rising threat

About 360 tonnes of salts are dissolved in the Vaal River system every day The post Acid mine water a rising threat appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Alabama Coal Mine Seems to Be Leaking Pollution While Its Workers Are on Strike

It’s sunny and in the mid-70s in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama right now. Normally, that would be prime conditions for a swim in Davis Creek or Texas Creek. But right now, both are running black, full of thick wastewater runoff. Read more...
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The Nation’s Biggest Miner Union Is Ready for a Transition to Clean Energy

On Monday, the nation’s largest union of coal miners announced that it’s down for the shift to renewable energy as long the transition includes aid—and new jobs—for workers laid off from their sector. It’s the latest sign that workers aren’t buying the fossil fuel industry’s narrative that it’s a great protector of…Read more...
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More U.S. Coal Power Retired Under Trump Than in Obama's Second Term

Remember all of Donald Trump’s promises to put coal miners back to work? Turns out, his repeated attacks on the environment to try and bail out dirty fuels were all for naught. More coal-fired power was taken off the grid under Trump’s presidency than under former President Barack Obama’s second term, a new analysis…Read more...
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How a Coal Mine in Montana Could Screw the Navajo Nation

The overwhelming economic consensus is that coal is out, renewables are in. Yet one company, associated with the Navajo Nation, doesn’t seem to have gotten the message—and may be weighing the tribe down with more coal baggage as the rest of the country moves on.Read more...
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Tendele’s mine pollutes their air and water, residents claim

The mining company says it complies with both the Air Quality Control Act and the Health and Safety Act, as well as conducting extensive research before starting operations The post Tendele’s mine pollutes their air and water, residents claim appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Coal Mining Has Destroyed 1.5 Million Acres of Appalachian Forest

Coal has completely transformed the landscape in Central Appalachia. This region’s rich history of coal mining dates back to the 18th century. Surface mining, however, is a more “modern” form of extracting the dirty fuel source that requires clearing forests and sometimes blowing up mountains to reach the rich coal…Read more...
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Montana judge stops massive coal mine expansion, citing climate impact

In another strike against coal, a federal judge just shut down plans for a large coal mine expansion in Montana, saying US officials exaggerated the economic benefits of the mine while downplaying the impact it would have on the environment. Signal Peak Energy wanted to expand the Bull Mountain coal mine by 11 square miles and 176 million tons, claiming it would create jobs and generate tax revenue, all while not having any new impact on climate change. U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy blocke...
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Chinese company will train U.S. coal miners for a future in clean wind energy

The coal mining industry in Wyoming has seen better times. This Chinese wind-turbine company hopes to retool a workforce of unemployed coal miners and provide the state with a much-needed source of job growth. The post Chinese company will train U.S. coal miners for a future in clean wind energy appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Republicans axe rule that would have kept coal pollution out of waterways

This week, Republicans began the process of dismantling Barack Obama’s recent environmental regulations by rolling back the 2016 stream protection rule, which would have prevented coal companies from dumping mining waste into waterways. A little-known law called the Congressional Review Act allowed the House and Senate to overturn the rule before it was able to even take effect. Worse yet, according to the Act, similar legislation can’t be introduced in the future without Congressional approval...
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U.S. coal production dips to lowest point in 35 years due to rise of renewable energy sources

Despite the persistence of climate change and a slew of reports this year about impending points of no return, there's a little good news for the environment this month. According to a new report from the United States Department of Energy, nationwide coal production hit its lowest level in 35 years during the last quarter. Thanks to the steady rise of alternative energy sources, such as solar, and wind power, utilities across the country are slowly but surely putting fossil fuels in the dog ho...
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The world’s largest private coal mining company declares bankruptcy

King Coal has seen better days. Mines are being closed, miners are facing widespread layoffs and the market price of coal has crashed over the past several years. The War on Coal just claimed one of its most dramatic casualties, Peabody Energy. The largest private coal mining company, Peabody has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy for most of its American divisions. Although the company will carry on in a reorganized form, this development represents the major shift away from coal that is happening ac...
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VL Random-Lassie Come Home by Eric Knight

When VL decided to participate in the celebration of all things published in 1938, I was curious to learn why that particular year was chosen. Bookfox Simon explained on his … Continue reading →
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A CEO Was Actually Sentenced To Prison Time

It's exceedingly rare, but sometimes corporate conduct is so egregious that an executive actually gets put behind bars.
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Labor Unrest Grows in China, Even in the Historic Heartlands of Revolution

The coal mining regions of Jiangxi province, made famous by socialist propaganda, are today riven with labor disputes like much of China
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Obama halts new mining leases on public land, citing climate change concerns

On Friday, President Obama announced that all new mining leases on public land would be halted pending a program overhaul, marking yet another blow against dirty energy. The move follows on the heels of his state of the union address, in which Obama pledged to look at the out-of-date program, which essentially subsidizes fossil fuel and hastens climate change at the tax payer’s expense. --> --> Read the rest of Obama halts new mining leases on public land, citing climate cha...
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