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How to Bypass Coinstar’s Hefty Fee When Depositing Spare Change

If you’re like many people, you have a change jar in your home where you dump loose change you get back during cash transactions. And while 30% of Americans say they don’t make any cash purchases in a typical week, coins still tend to accumulate, albeit more slowly than they used to.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Bank paying a bonus for cashing in loose change

COVID-19 has led to a coin shortage for businesses as customers are going cashless to avoid touching anything. To help bring more coins into circulation, Wisconsin's Community State Bank is offering a $5 bonus for every $100 in coins you turn in. The maximum bonus is $500. (As comparison, Coinstar takes 11.9% of the money you exchange unless you opt for a gift card.) From CNN: "We knew we needed to figure something out. We hate the idea of telling our customers, 'No, we can't give you o...
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Can’t find coins? They’re the latest in short supply amid pandemic

First, it was toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Those were among the first items to fly off the shelves as COVID-19 took hold, prompting stay-at-home orders and the closure of nonessential businesses. Then came the meat shortage, and a persistent lack of surface wipes. The latest commodity to come up short? Pocket change — the stuff we carry in pockets and wallets, stash in nightstands, jars and the niches in our cars. Banks around the U.S. are running low on pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters,...
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Randy Beslow Has A New Plan For Kevin Bacon

Episode 3 of The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon Podcast is available now! A lot has happened since Randy Beslow drove to Hollywood in a blind rage. He met Kevin Bacon and his wife, Kyra “The Closer” Sedgwick, and in a turn of events he could never have predicted, just became Kevin’s assistant. This is it, his mortal enemy is finally within reach, but Kevin’s life isn’t everything Randy imagined it would be. Where is the glamor? Where are all the screaming fans?! Why the hell is his ide...
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Man stole a massive rare coin collection and dropped much of it into a Coinstar machine

A Palm Beach, Florida gentleman robbed his "friend" of a rare coin collection and dropped much of it into a Coinstar machine for just the face value in bills. According to the Palm Beach Post, Shane Anthony Mele, 40, confessed to robbing Michael Johnson's office of many items totaling $350,000 in value, including around 100,000 coins, "some worth just a little and some extremely valuable." From the Palm Beach Post: (Mele) told investigators he took some coins to South Florida Coins & Jewelr...
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Coinstar machine reject tray, Jackpot!

I knew it would be a matter of time, but I didn’t expect this. $100 worth of precious. Paid for our groceries, and then some. Attached Thumbnails  
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Mondo Disney Collectables Are Coming to Screw Up Your Credit Score

Don’t get too attached to your money, because Mondo has partnered with Disney to start releasing a whole new wave of collectables. The product line kicks off with collectible pins and tiki mugs, but this is just the start. So if you’re an obsessive collector, now is the time to get in on the ground floor. Cash out your life’s savings, bring that loose change to the CoinStar machine, and get ready to kiss your money goodbye. I’ll admit that I spend way too much on stuff from Mondo – mostly vi...
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Coinstar machines will let you swap cash for Bitcoin at your local grocery store

Coinstar, the company which owns the coin exchange machines found at grocery stores and elsewhere, will soon let you easily buy Bitcoin with your cash money. Here's how it will work. The post Coinstar machines will let you swap cash for Bitcoin at your local grocery store appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Coinstar machines will start selling Bitcoin at the grocery store

You know those machines at the grocery store that transform your gallon jugs worth of change into more usable currency? They’re about to start selling Bitcoin . To make this impulse shopping dream come true, Coinstar, the company behind those ubiquitous change-counting kiosks, has partnered with Coinme, a startup that operates a small network of cryptocurrency-dispensing ATMs around the country. “Coinstar is always looking for new ways to offer value to our consumers when they visit our kio...
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10 Creative Ways to Save Money in 2019

I don’t know about you, but money has been on my mind a lot recently. Probably because I’m anxiously awaiting several end-of-year payments from work I did last year, and also the fact that it’s the NEW YEAR and I’ve got to start planning for the future…I guess. As a freelancer & business owner, I’m always a little anxious about my fluctuating income. And with the volatile market the past month, my future is increasingly…worrisome. One of my top goals for 2019 is to save more money. Just feels li...
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First Look: Scotty Cameron Concept X Putters

Premium Experimental Prototype Models Introduce Dual-Zone Vibration Dampening, Innovative Neck Configurations and Boundary-Pushing, High-MOI Design It’s time to gather that loose change and head to your nearest Coinstar machine. Some of you may be wondering what the spare cash is for, but the putter lover knows that a call to consolidate couch cash can only mean that new Scotty Camerons are on the way! Today, Scotty Cameron unveiled his two new Concept X models, the CX-01, and CX-02. The shor...
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Amazon is aggressively going after some of Walmart's most loyal customers (AMZN, WMT)

Amazon is trying to break down barriers that keep those without credit cards or bank accounts from shopping on the site. The retailer is aggressively going after these customers with new initiatives like Amazon Cash, Prime discounts, and, reportedly, some kind of checking account. The unbanked tend to be lower-income, and they often shop at stores like Walmart. Amazon  is going after low-income shoppers in a big way. Amazon has already worked to appeal to these customers with initiatives li...
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Most Americans Set, Then Exceed, a Holiday Budget

Good intentions generally only matter when you actually follow through with action.For example, joining a gym or signing up for a library card only count for anything if you actually work out or start reading more books. But that's not entirely true when it comes to finances. In many cases, even if you fail to follow a budget you set, having had one in the first place at least gives you a way to judge how much you need to save to recover.When it comes to holiday shopping, the good news is 65% of...
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Food Basics & Metro Ontario Coinstar Offer: Get A $10 Voucher When You Cash In $40

If you have rolls of coins lying around the house, you can take them to Food Basics or Metro this week, cash them in, and earn free groceries in the process! From November the 3rd to the 16th, cash in $40 or more in coins at a Coinstar machine at any Metro of Food Basics Ontario, and you will receive a voucher for $10 off your next grocery shop totaling $10 or more. There is a fee to use the Coinstar machine which is currently 11.9%. So, if you were to cash in $4o, this would be a fee of $4.76....
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Watch Michelle Obama & Ellen Discover Boxed Wine At CVS

Life is going to change drastically for the entire first family once President Obama leaves the White House at the end of the year. In order to help first lady Michelle Obama prep for this big transition, Ellen DeGeneres took her on a trip to CVS to stock up on the life essentials that normal people can't live without. DeGeneres is there to teach the FLOTUS the ins and outs of pharmacy shopping, but she ends up being a hilarious distraction, instead.The duo explores the different aisles, grabbi...
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Michelle Obama And Ellen DeGeneres Get Into All Kinds Of Trouble Shopping At CVS Together

Michelle Obama spoke about what she’ll miss the most when she and her family leave the White House during appearance on “Ellen” Tuesday.  To help the first lady get used to normal life again, DeGeneres decided to take Obama down to a CVS in a clip aired Wednesday to make sure she still knows how to use coupons, turn coins into cash with Coinstar and, of course, push a shopping cart around. “You push the basket because nobody’s going to push it for you,” the comedian says before the pair begin t...
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A Week In Durham, N.C., On $15 An Hour

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennial women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar. (Thanks,New York mag , for the inspiration.)Today, a barista in North Carolina prepping for her honeymoon, splitting all costs with her husband. Job: Visual resources graduate assistant at a public university library (20 hours a week); barista (12 hou...
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Apollo Global affiliates to take Outerwall private in $1.6 bln deal: Reuters

(Reuters) — Outerwall Inc, the owner of Redbox video rental kiosks, said it had agreed to be taken private by affiliates of private equity firm Apollo Global Management LLC in a deal valued at about $1.6 billion. Outerwall shares rose 11 percent to $52.10 in premarket trading on Monday, slightly above the cash offer price of $52 per share. The deal comes about four months after Outerwall, under pressure from activist investor Engaged Capital LLC, said it would explore strategic and financial alt...
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Redbox Owner Outerwall to Be Acquired for About $900 Million

Apollo Global will buy Outerwall, known for its Redbox film rental kiosks and Coinstar coin-counting machines, for $52 a share and take the company private.
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Apollo Global affiliates to take Outerwall private in $1.6 bln deal: Reuters

Outerwall Inc (OUTR.O), the owner of Redbox video rental kiosks, said it had agreed to be taken private by affiliates of private equity firm Apollo Global Management LLC (APO.N) in a deal valued at about $1.6 billion. Outerwall shares rose 11 percent to $52.10 in premarket trading on Monday, slightly above the cash offer price of $52 per share. The deal comes about four months after Outerwall, under pressure from activist investor Engaged Capital LLC, said it would explore strategic and financia...
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Outerwall, owner of Redbox and Coinstar, going private in $1.6B deal

Outerwall shareholders will get $52 per share in a deal that will make the Redbox operator a private company.
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Watch A Guy Pay His Speeding Ticket With 22,000 Pennies

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Driver must be able to repeatedly push and pull heavy coin bins weighing in excess of 400lbs with specially designed hand carts. The bins will be loaded on a lift gate truck and transported to a central hub. Employee will be required to drive on a da [...]
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Instant Analysis: Outerwall Inc Launches Strategic Review, Doubles its Dividend

What happened?It looks like Outerwall (NASDAQ: OUTR) is bowing to pressure from an activist shareholder. The company, best known for its Redbox DVD-rental kiosks and Coinstar coin-cashing machines, said in a press release that it "has initiated a process to explore strategic and financial alternatives to maximize shareholder value." It has retained Morgan Stanley as its financial advisor for the purpose.In the press release, Outerwall also said that it will double its quarterly dividend to $0....
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