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Olive Garden gets spoofed after 2-hour invasion by maskless protestors

Maskless anti-vax protestors took over New York's Olive Garden in Times Square for two hours last week (see video at bottom of post), leading to four arrests — as well as the restaurant's updated, covidiot-friendly, Colbert-sponsored branding. Introducing the new and improved Covid Garden! — Read the rest
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Watch REM's Michael Stipe, Brian Eno, and Stephen Colbert perform "Lean On Me"

In 2011, musician and artist Brian Eno appeared on The Colbert Report for an interview. If that wasn't enough, REM's Michael Stipe showed up to join Eno and Colbert in a rousing rendition of Bill Withers' "Lean On Me." And here's the Eno interview.
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Colbert Gives ‘ALF’ And ‘Friends’ Gritty Reboots Just Like ‘The Fresh Prince’

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" reimagined the hit shows a la "Bel-Air."
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Stephen Colbert Wants Hard Time for the Oath Keepers 11

“Finally!” Colbert said. “Up until now, the most serious charge any of these guys has gotten is impersonating a Flintstone.” #hardtime #stephencolbert #flintstone #oathkeepers
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Colbert marvels as Flordia's surgeon general makes no sense

If you enjoy Florida as the butt of all jokes, or perhaps just the most epic mass-self-own of all time, this clip from the Colbert Show is for you. After a ton of facepalming baffling news from Florida, Colbert goes on to share that the rest of the country is pretty eff'd too but Apple is doing just great. — Read the rest
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Stephen Colbert Has a Backup Plan for Parents in the Pandemic

With the return of remote learning, Colbert says to bring in the mothers-in-law. #stephencolbert #mothersinlaw
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The Lord Of The Rings Cast Celebrates 20th Anniversary With The One Rap To Rule Them All

Twenty years ago this Sunday, December 19, 2021, the one ring called out to us. It's the 20th anniversary of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy! It's hard to wrap my head around that. If you feel the same, here is something to soothe your battered soul. On "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Wednesday night, a gang of stars came together, much like the Fellowship of the Ring, to rap about the film that blew all of our minds. That gang included Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan,...
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Watch: Colbert's 'Lord of the Rings' Rap About the Greatest Trilogy

"Best triple feature, hell yeah we would win it. We got the only trilogy with everything in it." Ahaha this is amazing!! Stephen Colbert, who is one of the biggest LOTR fans ever, put together this awesomely fun rap video to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Middle Earth series. It aired on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on December 15th, and the full video is online for everyone to enjoy. This is pretty much as good as, if not better than, the iconic SNL raps they've made over the y...
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Colbert Rips Chris Wallace-Less Fox News With Off-The-Rails New Slogan

"There goes Fox News’ last shred of credibility," the "Late Show" comedian said following Wallace's departure to CNN.
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Colbert reacts to New York City's vaccine mandate for kids

Late night host Stephen Colbert poked fun at New York City's vaccine mandate for children to enter gyms.
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Colbert Shreds Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New COVID Argument With A Basic Truth

The "Late Show" comedian also had some choice words for GOP Sen. Ron Johnson following his attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci.
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Colbert Flips Bonkers Omicron Conspiracy Theory Back On Anti-Vaxxers

The "Late Show" host tore into "the newest batch of online stupid."
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Colbert Goes Off on SCOTUS: 'We Don't Live in a Democracy'

“Five of the nine justices were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote,” the “Late Show” host said. #presidents #lateshow #justices
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Colbert imagines 'The Real House Members of Capitol Hill'

In an apparent attempt to end the year on the bitterest note possible, the GQP is really trying to one-up one another with disgustingness. I think MTG is running to beat McCarthy out as minority leader.
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Colbert Slams Mark Meadows With A Damning New Book Title

The "Late Show" host reimagined the former White House chief of staff's memoir name in light of his bombshell revelations about Donald Trump's COVID-19 results.
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Colbert Exposes Known 'Liar' Dr. Oz Ahead of Senate Run

“Dr. Oz may not just have fake medical claims, he may have fake Pennsylvania claims,” the “Late Show” host told viewers Tuesday night. #colbertexposesknownliar #lateshow
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Dr. Oz's campaign treasurer once helped Stephen Colbert make a Super PAC for a TV stunt

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Stephen ColbertRoy Rochlin/Getty Images; Francis Specker/CBS via Getty Images Dr. Oz's campaign treasurer once worked for Stephen Colbert's "Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow" joke Super PAC. According to his LinkedIn, Salvatore Purpura has also worked on several other Republican campaigns. Dr. Oz announced he's running for US Senate in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Dr. Mehmet Oz's new campaign treasurer previously helped comedian Stephen Colbert run a jok...
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Colbert Bashes ‘Space Boy’ Elon Musk With Spot-On Bernie Sanders Impression

"The Late Show" comedian hit the billionaire with a reworked "Alien" tagline.
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Late Night Riffs on Biden’s Order to Release Oil Reserves

“For those who don’t know, the strategic reserve is a series of caverns filled with fossil fuel and strategically located inside Rudy Giuliani’s head,” Colbert joked. #latenightriffs #caverns #colbert #rudygiuliani
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Colbert Has Hilarious Way To Trick Anti-Vaxxers Into Taking COVID Treatment Pills

"The Late Show" host thinks a rebrand may do the trick.
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NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams gave Stephen Colbert rolling papers in celebration of marijuana being legal statewide

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams and "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.CBS NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams brought some party gifts to his CBS "Late Show" appearance Tuesday. Adams, a former cop, gave Colbert two sets of rolling papers. "One of my best gifts. As you know, marijuana is legal," Adams said. Although dispensaries and authorized "consumption sites" are a long way off from making their debut in the Big Apple, New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams touted the state's legalization of...
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Colbert Caught Off-Guard After A Truly Surprising ‘Gift’ From Eric Adams

Just watch the "Late Show" host's face during this moment.
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Watch Bruce Springsteen Take Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Questionert

A couple of weeks ago, Stephen Colbert dedicated an entire episode of his Late Show to Bruce Springsteen. Colbert and Springsteen talked about a lot of things on that episode, and Springsteen also played a solo-acoustic version of “The River.” But Colbert also recorded more material with Springsteen, and he didn’t share one of the show’s segments until last night.
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Loving Hillary

She’s never gonna make you love her. In fact, she’d probably be offended if you tried—she has grandchildren for that.     (Samantha Bee) During my brief and bitter foray into post-doctoral academic life more than a decade ago, I had a friend and colleague who swore by the mantra “the best ideas win.” I liked that, though I always worried it was a little naive. Not only did it not come to pass at the institution where we worked, but we were living through the presidency o...
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Stephen Colbert Trolls Sen. Ted Cruz With A Blunt 2-Letter Comeback

The Texas senator attacked Big Bird and Colbert has a reply right from the street... "Sesame Street," that is.
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Watch Snail Mail’s Late-Night TV Debut On Colbert

Snail Mail’s Valentine, our reigning Album Of The Week, was officially released yesterday. And last night, Lindsey Jordan made her network television debut, going on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to play the album’s lead single and title track. Watch her performance below.
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Watch Thundercat & Jon Batiste Play A Molten “Dragonball Durag” On Colbert

Astral-plane bass wizard Thundercat and future Red Hot Chili Peppers opening act Thundercat released his nerded-out seduction anthem “Dragonball Durag” way back in February of 2020, and conditions are only now returning to the point where he gets to go out and play that song in front of people. Last night, that’s what he did. Thundercat was the musical guest on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. While Thundercat’s music has gone in a lot of different directions over the years, it’s based in jazz. For ...
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Watch My Morning Jacket Play “Love, Love, Love” On Colbert

My Morning Jacket just released their new self-titled album last week. And today, they went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to play early single “Love, Love, Love,” a fuzzy rock vamp of a rocker that builds into a blazing guitar solo. Watch and listen to their performance below.
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Colbert Jabs Anti-Vaxxers With Bloodsucking Halloween Card

The "Late Show" host's spoof card came with a warning for vampires.
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Colbert mocks ‘chief humanoid simulation’ Mark Zuckerberg

Late-night hosts discuss Facebook’s rebrand as ‘Meta’, tortuous negotiations for Biden’s social policy bill and Trump’s op-edStephen Colbert kicked off Thursday’s Late Show with news of Facebook’s rebrand to Meta, “as in, your aunt Gloria saying, ‘I met a guy on Facebook who says the vaccine makes his balls magnetic,’” he quipped. Continue reading...
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