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White Outfit Components and Grey Hair

I’ve noticed how fabulous white outfit components look on people with grey hair, and my clients generally feel the same way. By white, I mean shades of white, which can range from cool-toned optical white, off-white and bone, to warmer off-whites, ivory, cream, and a very light tan. By grey hair I mean any shade of salt and pepper and darker grey, to all sorts of silver, light grey, and white.  Here are some examples. The pairing of a white outfit component with grey hair is especially fab to m...
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Spring and Summer 2021: Colour and Pattern

After yesterday’s post on the directional trends that are changing the world of fashion and style in important ways, it’s on to colours and patterns. Remember that colours go beyond wardrobe items to make-up, nail polish, and hair colour.  Brights The ‘80s influence on today’s fashion brings with it bright red, orange, shocking pink, shades of yellow, chartreuse, and emerald green. There’s a sprinkling of neon, watermelon and lime green too. If you’re adventurous with colours and have a high a...
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Ten Reasons to Love Dark Neutrals

Dark neutrals — like black, dark blue, charcoal grey, and chocolate brown — hold an important place in most wardrobes, and for good reason. Some people choose one or two dark neutrals to incorporate into their style, while others wear an assortment. Black is the most popular dark neutral with my clients, and I see a lot of it on the streets of Seattle. Here are ten reasons that dark neutrals rock. 1. Flattering Against the Complexion Dark neutrals are extremely flattering with certain complexi...
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SlideMagic slide search results now in colour

Another day, another improvementI stuck to showing images on slide search results in black and white because I would be sure that the photos would not clash with the accent colour for the slide users had picked (most users will swap SlideMagic blue for their own logo colour). That worked, but it came at a price: slide templates all looked a bit sad. This is not only due to the greyscale colours, but also because of the way the greyscale filter was applied: many colours were translated into too d...
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Edgy Earth Tones in Spring and Summer

One of the reasons that Spring shopping is a personal favourite is because of the yummy-to-me colour palettes. I love sour brights, rich mid-tones, shades of dark blue, some pastels, and anything in a crisp shade of white. Wardrobe items are easier to find in the colours that make me happy as collections unfold for Spring and Summer. They are harder to find in Fall and Winter collections. But traditional Spring colours might not be your cup of tea, in which case throw them out the window and wea...
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Why are all your images black and white?

Yes, almost all the images on my blog and in the SlideMagic template bank are in black and white. Why?SlideMagic uses (and encourages you to use) a sober colour scheme: basically different levels of grey with one accent colour that should match the dominant colour in your logo. This is a pragmatic choice. SlideMagic is all about business presentations, not art. More colours require additional design skills to get it right. Too many colours can make a slide busy, can create inconsistencies betwee...
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5 Steps to Wean Your Style Off Black

If you enjoy wearing black and like the way it works for your style, please continue wearing what makes you happy and feel fabulous. This post is for people who accumulated a lot of black in their wardrobe, but at some point went off the colour. That happened to me, and here’s the five-step plan that weaned me off black wardrobe items in a sustainable, controlled, sensible and manageable way.  1. Choose Another Dark Neutral Most of us rely on a dark neutral to incorporate into our outfits. If ...
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Lighter variants of your presentation color

I ran into this slide (fragment) presented on an online course site the other day (I now digest tons of these to refresh my coding skills): It shows a common problem in PowerPoint: you picked a nice theme colour (deep purple in this case) and you need variants of it. (This presenter figured out that too many colours makes your slide deck cluttered, hence ...
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Ensuring Honesty and Authenticity Through Color and Material Design

Amy Frascella is the Director of Colour & Material Design at Jaguar Land Rover. Colour and materials touch all aspects of vehicle creation and her team encompasses concept vehicles, production vehicles and Special Vehicle derivatives. She graduated from North Carolina State University in 2003 with a BA in Art and Design and a BS in Textile Engineering, beginning her career as a textile engineer working with major Japanese automotive OEM's on production textile developments. She went on to work ...
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Team Earth Tones or Team Jewel Tones

It’s been an incredible year for earth tones. After years of jewel tones being at the forefront of fashion, I’m happy about the switch. I’m not so sure Team Jewel Tones is so happy about it. That said, some of my clients who are die-hard members of Team Jewel Tones, thoroughly enjoy wearing earth tones. Earth tones are colours like mustard, cinnamon, paprika, burnt orange, khakis, all shades of chocolate brown and tan, caramel, toffee, chestnut, saddle, cognac, taupe, gold, apricot, peach, salmo...
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Primary Palette Colour Mixing

It’s been a very long time but the blog is resurrected! Having recently written a tutorial about colour mixing using a primary palette, I decided that this would be a good subject to kick start the blog with. A few years ago I decided to eject all of the unnecessary paints from my paint box in order to simplify the colour mixing process, if you’re wondering why I dismantled my beautiful looking paintbox,  I found I was only actually using a small number of paints and simply didn’t need them al...
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Redheads Look Magical in Earth Tones

Earth tones are having their trendy moment, which means we’ll see lots of spice colours and shades of brown at retail for a while. These shades are on the warm side, but can be successfully remixed with cool tones. If you’re a redhead, please milk the earth tone trend because to my eye you wear earth tones best of all. That includes you if you have strawberry blonde hair, light ginger hair, rich auburn highlights, or burnt orange highlights. I have a few redhead clients and friends, and my word...
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Planning and Building My Mustard Capsule

I like earth tones, but they are not a wardrobe staple. Every so often I add a small dose of them to my style because I am drawn to them, and thoroughly enjoy the change. SMALL is the operative word because I don’t fancy earth tones enough to make them part of my signature style. Over the years I’ve added wardrobe items in cinnamon, toffee, olive, tan, oatmeal, burgundy and cognac. The cinnamon and oatmeal components are gone, as is most of the toffee and tan, and some of the cognac. The burgund...
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White Denim is Wonderful

Spring and Summer are the seasons for white denim, although I personally wear white jeans throughout the year. When I say white denim, I’m referring to jeans, denim jackets and denim skirts. The whites vary from bright optical white and off-white to a greyish bone and warm cream. Take your pick.  I am a HUGE advocate of white denim and white jeans in particular, and here’s why. 1. Dressy When white denim isn’t torn, ripped, and distressed, it looks dressier than blue denim. White jeans are a g...
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The Non-Neutral Neutrals of Your Style

Neutrals are serene colours that go with everything. They are typically less intense and less saturated than other colours. Black, shades of grey, and shades of white are the most popular neutrals. Then there’s shades of dark blue, blue denim, dark brown, taupe, shades of caramel, and shades of beige. Shades of olive are also often considered neutral. Most wardrobes have a neutral component, because neutrals are grounding, versatile and soothing. It can be larger or smaller depending on your sar...
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Nicolas Cage Will Encounter H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Colour Out of Space’ For Director Richard Stanley

Fresh off his rave reviews in Mandy, Nicolas Cage is joining forces with frequently foiled filmmaker Richard Stanley for an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space. One of Lovecraft’s most terrifying stories, The Colour Out of Space follows a surveyor trying to uncover the cause of mysterious events terrorizing a patch of land in the wilds of Massachusetts. We covered this at the end of last year, but the news was apparently premature at the time. Now it’s official: Mandy prod...
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How to read video scopes for perfect colour and exposure

For most stills photographers, the only measure of exposure that many of us see (besides the camera’s built-in reflective meter) is the histogram; essentially a graph which covers the amount of each of the different brightness levels in your image. Although many photographers making the move to video might feel more comfortable shooting with a […] The post How to read video scopes for perfect colour and exposure appeared first on DIY Photography.
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A new app lets you track the most popular colors in your Instagram photos in one beautiful, minimalist chart (FB)

A web app called Year of Colour combs through Instagram photos to find the most vibrant colors reflected in top posts.  App creator Stef Lewandowski told The Verge he was inspired to create it by his wife, Emily Quinton, who runs the company Makelight, which helps Instagrammers make their profiles pop.  Year of Colour creates a color scheme based on six to nine of the most prominent pigments in each of your posts, while also identifying what colors were most liked by followers.  Year of Colou...
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FiLMiC Pro LogV2 update brings 12 stops of dynamic range and 140Mbps video footage

The folks at FiLMiC Pro have released a new update that brings LogV2 to the app. It claims to offer up to 12 stops of dynamic range and provides footage bit rates as high as 140Mbps. Log first came to FiLMiC Pro in early 2017, but now it sees a pretty significant update. According to […] The post FiLMiC Pro LogV2 update brings 12 stops of dynamic range and 140Mbps video footage appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Fabulous Grey & Grey Hair

Solid grey is my least favourite neutral, and overly cool for my warm complexion. In Seattle, where the days are grey for half the year, it’s the last colour I want to wear close to my face. I will wear grey in a pattern, or sport light pearl grey footwear and bag, but that’s it.  I do like grey on those who wear it well. Shades of grey tend to look fabulous on cool-toned complexions. Most of all, grey is SPECTACULAR with grey, silver, white, or salt & pepper hair. It picks up the colours runnin...
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Multiple Reds in One Outfit: Yay or Nay

There is a lot of variety in the reds available at retail right now. From a bright orange tomato red and blue-toned Christmas red, to pink watermelon reds, deep cherry reds, and all shades of burgundy. It used to be stylishly best to perfectly match the reds in an outfit, making sure that they were all the same. A modern and more relaxed approach is to incorporate different reds in one outfit.  Here are some combinations that work particularly well. 1. Tomato Red & Christmas Red The clash of t...
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How to Get the Most from Autofocus With Your Camera

The autofocus in modern cameras is incredible but, if you don’t know how to use it properly, it can feel random and capricious. Here’s what you need to know about autofocus to get sharply focused photos with your DSLR or mirrorless camera. How Autofocus Works Autofocus is an essential part of modern cameras. They’re just not designed to be focused manually. There are somewhere between a dozen and a hundred or so dedicated autofocus sensors or points on the imaging sensors of modern DSLRs (thi...
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Embrace colour with 5 limited edition Sonos One speakers

Sonos make a quality streaming speaker but when it comes to colour they don’t really stand out. Their partnership with HAY is changing that with 5 vibrant new speakers available for a limited time. Sonos have partnered with Danish furnishings brand HAY to “re-imagine” their Sonos One speaker in a brand new colour palette that breathes a new life into plain old Sonos speakers. Sonos build a great speaker and it’s minimalist design and white colour means it can blend into most environments, bu...
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Team Earth Tones or Team Jewel Tones

Earth tones are on trend. It’s been years since fashion and retail gave them some love, so it’s about time. A good retail season is one that caters to many style preferences. Silhouettes waft in and out of fashion, but the very least fashion can do is provide a large assortment of colour options. Autumn and Winter collections have been purple, teal, black and grey for ages. I’m loving the fresh addition of all shades of brown. You bat for warm Team Earth Tones when you prefer them to cool jewel ...
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Trend: White Boots

There is a lot of excitement for this year’s Fall & Winter trends. A lot of that has to do with the enormous variety and a general affection for Fall fashion, but maybe the strong ‘80s influence is a particular drawcard. And of the many examples of ‘80s influence, white boots are top of the list.  I think of white footwear as very ‘60s and ‘80s. Apart from sneakers, white footwear disappeared from fashion in the ‘90s when just about everything was black. Since the ‘80s, white footwear has been s...
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Trend: Chocolate Brown Is Back

It’s taken twelve years for chocolate brown to return as a trendy neutral, and it’s about time. Strangely, it didn’t even feature as a fringe trend. Why the perfectly lovely neutral was banished from fashionable existence makes little sense. Let’s hope those days are over.  Chocolate brown is the last dark neutral to join the party since navy and ink blue became fashionable constants alongside black and grey. I think shades of dark brown should be a neutral we see every season, because it’s anot...
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I’m Loving Brown and Light Blue for Fall

I start thinking about how I want to refresh my style for Autumn & Winter 2018 in July, just before the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Days before the NAS, I stumbled across Boden’s early Fall 2018 collection where I saw earth tones like brown and toffee combined with light blue, tomato red, and navy. I thought, YES. I love this, and decided right then and there that’s how I’m going to evolve my colour palette for the upcoming season. It set the mood and strategy for the NAS shop in July, and my sh...
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Colour Trend: Mustard

The colour mustard gets its name from the condiment, which is a brown shade of yellow. Warm, earthy and rich. It’s also called ochre, gold and turmeric, but I like to stick to mustard. Not quite camel, toffee or rust, and definitely not citron or chartreuse. Mustard is more yellow than camel and dirtier than a clear yellow. There is lots of mustard in stores at the moment making both a Summer and early Fall statement. Mustard is available in most wardrobe items and across different shades. Some ...
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Airy discs and keeping it sharp

In optics (and thence photography, microscopy, and telescopy), the Airy disc is the optimally focused spot of light that a perfect lens with a circular aperture can make. It is the diffraction limit. It’s named after George Biddell Airy who wrote a detailed description although astronomer John Herschel had described the phenomenon when observing a bright star through his telescope. The Airy disk is a bright spot of light surrounded by concentric diffraction rings, all together they are referred ...
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How to create full colour photographs with only black & white film

We all know that digital images are made up of red, green and blue “pixels”. Often, to capture this, sensors are in some kind of side-by-side pixel array, like with Bayer and X-Trans or layered, like Foveon. But that’s not the only way to create a full colour image. Many video cameras do it with the […] The post How to create full colour photographs with only black & white film appeared first on DIY Photography.
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