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Should your brokerage open a property management division?

Property management can be labor intensive, a legal minefield and seem like more trouble than it is worth. But with proper staffing and systems in place, property management can add another stream of income to your business — and set you apart from your competitors.
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Injury News: Jets prospect/Moose forward C.J. Suess is done for the season

The Jets 2014 5th rounder is done for the season after being injured in a game in mid December.
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Q&A: Autistic Accessibility in Music

Welcome to Part 3 of my Introductory Course to Improving Autistic Accessibility in Music. In this post, I will answer a selection of the wonderful reader-submitted questions, covering topics like sensory-friendly rooms, classroom techniques, wheelchair accessibility, stimming, and more. I have condensed, edited, and combined several questions. As always, my answers represent solely my own opinions and do not necessarily represent the views of other autistic people, whom you should learn from as ...
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The Changing Face of Video Game Crowdfunding

Much has changed since 2012, when Double Fine cracked open video game crowdfunding with more than $3.3 million raised. The video game Kickstarter movement began as part of the indie revolution against the very concept of publishers. Kickstarter was an integral part of indie validation at a time when small studios couldn’t self-publish on consoles. […]
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Courchevel Fire – how safe are seasonaires in ski resorts?

After the fatal fire earlier this year in an apartment block that housed season workers we ask how safe are seasonaires in ski resorts? How safe are seasonaires in ski resorts? During the early hours of Sunday 20th January, a fire ripped through a building in Courchevel. This devastating fire left 2 dead and 25 injured.  The fire started on the 1st floor and rapidly spread up to the 2nd. The wooded block style building housed workers for the Tournier Group. A chain of luxury hotels, bars and r...
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Don’t Write Off Nintendo’s Latest Stab at VR

Arthur Schwarz was onto something. It was the turn of the century, and people were tiring of the same old entertainment. But technology was advancing. What if a device could trick our brain into seeing something that was not truly there? What if, he thought, we could look through a portal to another world? Schwartz […]
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Don’t Write Off Nintendo’s First Stab at VR

Arthur Schwarz was onto something. It was the turn of the century, and people were tiring of the same old entertainment. But technology was advancing. What if a device could trick our brain into seeing something that was not truly there? What if, he thought, we could look through a portal to another world? Schwartz […]
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A Fat Girl’s Take on ‘Shrill’ (Column)

A week after “Captain Marvel” lit up the box office, fighting off superhero fatigue and online trolls who feel a female superhero isn’t “realistic,” since apparently only men can shoot fire from their hands, there’s another project that is looking to break barriers. On Friday, streaming service Hulu drops all six episodes of “Shrill,” a […]
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Tickets for Jets and Flames 2019 Heritage Classic in Regina on sale April 25

Fans now have a date as to when they will be able to grab tickets to this event to be held next season.
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Netflix Canceled ‘One Day at a Time’ in the Most Frustrating Way Possible (Column)

A month after dropping the third season of “One Day at a Time,” Netflix announced that it won’t be renewing the acclaimed series for a fourth. It wasn’t a huge surprise; the scrappy family sitcom has been fighting for its life since day one, doing its best to stand out amidst Netflix’s increasingly enormous tidal […]
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The big college fraud scandal: One thing we need to fix that we’re not talking about enough

Surely by now you’ve heard the news about the $25 million Operation Varsity Blues bust, in which dozens of wealthy parents and coaches have been arrested for scamming the private university entrance system in the most egregious ways. If not…welcome to the internet! Hope you like it here. Enjoy your stay, don’t click links to “Which […]
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The parental leave pledge that’s long overdue: How to help make it happen

We all write so much about work-life-parenting balance… and what a tough balance it is. If it even exists. So I was thrilled to find out about the Pledge Parental Leave initiative that’s coming to an employer near you. Well, hopefully. Pledge Parental Leave is a much-needed movement intended to help the creative industry — […]
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Master Guide to Improving Autistic Accessibility in Music

“Something’s wrong!” my mom cried. “My headphones malfunctioned! My video sounds blurry!” I put on her new, fancy headphones and watched the video. It was the singer in the plaza. It sounded crystal clear. I had been there. “What do you mean it’s blurry?” I asked. “There’s a lot of noise! It didn’t sound like that in real life!” “Um, that’s exactly what it sounded like in real life,” I retorted, frustrated with her imaginary tech issue. My mom looked hurt by my dismissal of her problem. This w...
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Steven Spielberg vs. Netflix: A Preview of the War for Cinema’s Future (Column)

“We love cinema.” That’s how Netflix began a statement it issued on Twitter in response to Steven Spielberg’s announcement that he will push for new guidelines regarding the eligibility of movies to compete in the Academy Awards. (Though the connection was obvious, the Netflix statement never mentioned Spielberg by name.) Spielberg, a member of the […]
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CBS Primetime Wasted Gayle King’s R. Kelly Interview (Column)

CBS had a unique opportunity. Two months after “Surviving R. Kelly” premiered on Lifetime, and more than two decades after allegations of sexual abuse and pedophilia first arose against R. Kelly, Gayle King got to sit down with Kelly to get his comments. According to King, she managed to keep the interview going for 80 […]
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Artist Financial Profile: Tony Manfredonia, Game Music and Orchestral Composer

Let’s Talk About Money, an Introduction You can learn just about anything on the internet. For musicians, there’s a trend in talking about, teaching, and practicing entrepreneurship—an essential skill for anyone who wants to make a life in the arts. To clarify, entrepreneurship, in the artistic sense, has evolved to encompass everything from the hard and soft business skills needed to run your career to starting your own business. People like Angela Myles Beeching, Mark Rabideau and 21CM, Garre...
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An Open Letter From Your Autistic Colleague

Musicians, arts administrators, colleagues: It’s time we talk about autism. No, we’re not talking about autism charity efforts, nor once-a-year concerts for autistic children, and goodness, no, not inspirational stories. Autistic people exist at all ages, all times of the year, and in rather ordinary aspects of life. We’re everywhere: We are fellow musicians, collaborators, and artists. We are enthusiastic audience members, patrons, and guests. And so it’s time you adapted a permanent framework...
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Winnipeg Jets Adam Lowry suspended two games

The Department of Player Safety hands out a punishment to Adam Lowry.
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The US Negro Nurses of WWII | Women’s History Month Stories to share with your kids.

I believe if Women’s History Month gives you an opportunity to learn even even one single new story about important women in history who you didn’t know before — and then share that story with your kids — then that would be fantastic. So I decided to put together a series throughout the month in which […]
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