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Alyssa Rosenberg talks Charlie Brown's Halloween disappearance

Fans Will Have to Look Harder to Find Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin This Year Tanzina Vega and Alyssa Rosenberg WNYC's The Takeaway  October 29, 2020 https...
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Awesome Con cancelled for 2020

Important: Awesome Con Information Update As a consequence of the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Awesome Con 2020 has been canceled.  The Awesome Con Team will be in touch directly with all attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and partners in relation to this cancellation and to answer any questions.   There will be further communication to these groups over the coming days and weeks as we aim to facilitate a smooth transition...
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Betancourt talks TMNT

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator has a long-lost story to tell. And it gets pretty dark. David Betancourt Washington Post Oct. 28, 2020 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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The Watson Chronicles

I tried The True Adventures of Sherlock Holmes because of a recommendation from someone in my Sherlockian group. I enjoyed it so much I went wandering through the rest of the books publisher Gasogene Books has put out and decided to try a more straightforward story with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The Watson Chronicles by Anne Margaret Lewis, subtitled “A Sherlock Holmes Novel in Stories”, was another great read. Six stories tell of how John Watson, a fifty-year-old in [...]
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News Post: Forget-Me-Now

Tycho: Something happened to Gabriel's body yesterday, we don't know what, only that any maneuver of the head and neck resulted in gruesome agony. Luckily, we were rescued by Trystan Falcone on the art side so our exegesis on the short term memory of guards in Watch Dogs (et al.) could be delivered according to the ancient, now almost twenty-two year old schedule. NOW. Onto other business, i.e., business.   We have initiated The Black Fridays Protocol. What that means, among other on...
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Comic: Forget-Me-Now

New Comic: Forget-Me-Now [Author: [email protected] (Tycho)]
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Probability Comparisons

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Kevin Panetta's Archie and Katy Keene run collected

There's a new girl in Riverdale and she's turning heads—and NOT everyone is happy about that! Who is Katy Keene and why is she so Insta-famous and beloved in Riverdale? Find out in a brand new graphic novel from the creative team of ...
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The Lily's latest comic

Comics  //  Perspective 9 reasons why I would have been accused of witchcraft in 15th-century Europe Many of you reading this probably would have been, too By Gemma Correll Read more ...
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Guston exhibit gets yet another opening date

After Backlash, Philip Guston Retrospective to Open in 2022 By Julia Jacobs A version of this article appears in print on Oct. 29, 2020, Section C, Page 5 of the New York edition with the headline: After a Backlash, a Philip Guston Retrospective Will Open in 2022. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Al Goodwyn's latest cartoon newsletter is out

Goodwyn Cartoons 10/28/20 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Editorial Cartoon by Steve Artley

Recent Cartoon  (click on Image for larger view) "Remember Remember 4 November" ©2020 Steven G Artley • artleytoons • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED [Author: artleytoons]
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Elliot Blows It
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Comics legend Grant Morrison on "The Invisibles" for TV, Wonder Woman, Robert Anton Wilson, and magick

In a new interview, the great Grant Morrison talks about the Brave New World television series, The Invisibles future on the the small screen, Robert Anton Wilson, and how to get better at making magick. From Let's talk about Magick. — Read the rest
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strip for October / 29 / 2020 - Reply to Your Previous Announcement

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Not Many Trick-Or-Treaters

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News Post: The Hour Is Nigh

Tycho: The seal has been broken, and now, the revelations:  Every two weeks - beginning Friday, October 30th and ending December 13th - there will be new product releases.  From Acquisitions Incorporated to Gabir Motors to WASD, you will discover things to 1. Shroud your mortal form, 2. Improve the ambiance and maybe even the aroma of your space, and 3. Reward players in your next campaign. (*cough* Campaign Coins *cough*) And know this!  You can expect free shipping on Orders Over $100! Wh...
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John Gallagher live in 10 minutes!

October 28, 2020 2:00 PM (EDT) P&P Live! John Gallagher | CAT CRUSADER View Event Details Zoom Webinar P&P Live! John Gallagher | CAT CRUSADERWednesday, October 28, 2020 2:00 PM (EDT)Join us for a discussion with John Gallagher about the first book in his new series MAX MEOW: CAT CRUSADER. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Clinton Blows It

Clinton no
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DC Poster Portfolio : James Jean Art Book Review

I’m a big fan of James Jean‘s beautiful art and have reviewed quite a number of his art books like Fables Covers, Rebus and Pareidolia, but I’m much less familiar with the work he has done for DC comics. As such, most of the illustrations featured in this DC Poster Portfolio are new to me, but his work is exceptional and fascinating as always, imbuing familiar DC characters like Batgirl, Green Arrow and Batman with his distinct and unique visual style. The reproductions of his art work are hu...
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News Post: The Life Aquatic

Tycho: (At this point, continuing to demand that Cyberpunk get released this year is just dumb. I'd celebrate a delay if I thought it meant a material easing of the process for the people caught inside it, but the last delay certainly didn't and I don't think this one will either. When I was a new father, learning how to feed a child, I did so according to a clock that I'd set to make sure they were getting enough to eat. I was cautioned against this by the midwife, who taugh...
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Two Black former DC Comics editors describe the career obstacles they faced, from white leadership saying they'd never be promoted to their achievements being undercut

DC Comics; Samantha Lee/Business Insider Harvey Richards and Lateef Ade "L.A." Williams, two Black former DC Comics editorial staffers, told Business Insider they felt their careers at the company were hindered because of their race. Richards was fired in December 2019 after 22 years and was the only Black editorial staffer at DC when he left. He was only promoted once.  Williams exited in 2000 after six years without a promotion and after disputes with white members of DC leadership. The...
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Comic: The Life Aquatic

New Comic: The Life Aquatic [Author: [email protected] (Tycho)]
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strip for October / 28 / 2020 - It Me

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Fall Back

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