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The Dangers Of Chinese Controlled Data

Opinion The Dangers Of Chinese Controlled Data U.S.A. –-( As American gun owners well know, attacks on our freedoms come in many forms, so it is good to stay updated on emerging threats. Internet freedom is something that most Americans take for granted. We assume everyone around the globe can access any site they want to read, but that isn't the case in countries like China. This restriction could one day directly affect your access to freedom life websites like AmmoLand News....
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This tool lets you check if a website is blocked in China

China‘s Great Firewall just got higher as Wikipedia has been added to Beijing’s no-no list. The government hasn’t explained why it’s blocking the free online encyclopedia, but frankly it’s not surprising. Shutting down a platform that has endless information makes sense if the mere presence of Winnie the Pooh was too much for President Xi Jinping and his crew to handle. But what other websites are currently blocked? Well, that’s where Comparitech’s tool comes in. You can use it to see whether a ...
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Protect Your Frequent Flyer Miles from Hackers

Frequent flyer miles are a hot commodity on the dark web, according to a new report from Comparitech, a site that compares various tech products.Read more...
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Do Data Breaches Affect Stock Performance in the Long Run?

Trailrunner7 tipped us off to this story on ZDNet: A multi-year study on the stock price evolution for breached companies reveals that data breaches have a long-term impact on a company's stock price, even if it's somewhat minimal. The study, carried out by the research team behind the CompariTech web portal, looked only at companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange that suffered and publicly disclosed breaches of one million records and over in the past three years. In total, the list incl...
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How much Netflix costs in different countries around the world, and which ones get the best deal

Technology-research company Comparitech found that Japan is the most cost-effective country to use Netflix in. Japan has 6,000 movies and TV shows, the most of any of the 24 countries featured in the study. The cheapest country to use Netflix in is Turkey, where the service costs $3.27 a month. The most expensive country to use Netflix in is Denmark, and the least cost-effective country is Norway.   If you want to get the most bang for your buck for Netflix, you might want to live in Japan. A...
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More Than Half of People Believe Using Spyware To Snoop On Family Members Is Legal, Study Finds

An anonymous reader writes: A new study shows that 53 percent of people believe it's legal to install a program on a family member's phone to snoop on their activity. The survey of more than 2,000 people in the US and UK by software comparison service also finds 57 percent would consider spying on their children's phone conversations and messages. [...] It is generally illegal to install an app on another person's phone without their knowledge. Though this does depend on the circ...
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Netflix missing overseas users keen to pay for US content

A survey released this week by OnePoll commissioned by comparison site Comparitech has found that half (48 per cent) of the non-US respondents who used Netflix would pay a premium to get US restricted content. 43 per cent of respondents... [Author: [email protected]]
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British workers don't know their privacy rights

British workers are mostly unaware about their privacy rights at work, a new survey suggests. Security firm has polled 1,000 employees living in the UK, and according to the poll, 53 percent don't believe bosses should be allowed to read their private communications during working hours.
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