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A New Phishing Campaign Sends Malware-Laced Job Offers Through LinkedIn

With unemployment at formidable levels and the economy doing weird, covid-related reversals, I think we can all agree that the job hunt is a pretty hard slog right now. Amidst all that, you know what workers really don’t need? A LinkedIn inbox full of malware. Yeah, they don’t need that at all. Read more...
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The Beginner’s Guide to Computer Forensics

Source Computer forensics is exactly what it say’s on the tin. Tech professionals use computers and other devices  to help solve crimes, but one would have to be highly experienced in many technical sectors to land a career in computer forensics, which is why it’s one of the hardest industries to get into. If you’re lacking knowledge when it comes to the subject, have a look at some of the below information. What Is Computer Forensics? Much like crime scene investigators, computer forensics ...
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Bank with No Firewall. That's How Hackers Managed to Steal $80 Million

In Brief Investigators from the Forensic Training Institute of the Bangladesh investigated the $80 Million bank heist and discovered that the hackers managed to gain access to the network because the Bank was using second-hand $10 network switches without a Firewall to run its network. When it was reported last month that an unknown hacking group attempted to steal $1 Billion from [Author: [email protected] (Mohit Kumar)]
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