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Meet the Realtor running for Congress

Leigh Brown, a Realtor and owner of a North Carolina-based RE/MAX franchise, is hoping to become the Republican party’s nominee for the vacant Congressional seat in North Carolina’s 9th district.
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Deadly Red Flag Bill Being Heard In U.S. Senate On March 26

Deadly Red Flag Bill Being Heard In U.S. Senate On March 26 Virginia – -( This Tuesday, March 26, 2019, the U.S. Senate Judiciary committee is going to be hearing a Red Flag gun-control/gun confiscation bill put in by Florida Republican Marco Rubio.  Yes, the Republican controlled Senate is going to hear a bill that a Republican put in. President Trump said right after the Florida school massacre that he thought Red Flag laws were a good idea. We need to let our Senators, hear f...
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Trump renews attack on McCain at Ohio tank plant visit: 'I never liked him much' – live

The president returned to his criticism of John McCain Wednesday, while visiting Lima, Ohio. Follow the latest newsSign up for the US briefing to get a fresh perspective 8.19pm GMT A lawyer for Rick Gates, the former top aide to Paul Manafort, told the House Judiciary Committee that Gates will not cooperate for now.Politico reports that Gates is not doing so on the advice of prosecutors. Gates has pleaded guilty in federal court and has been cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller.“H...
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Gates To House Dems: Prosecutors Told Me Not To Fulfill Your Doc Requests Yet

Rick Gates has communicated to House Democrats that he won’t be able to fulfill their request for documents due to instructions given to him by prosecutors, in a letter from his lawyer that also left open the possibility of him cooperating in the future, Politico reported Wednesday. Gates’ lawyer Tom Green sent the House Judiciary Committee a letter indicating that after “input from the various prosecution offices,” Green had advised his client not “to provide testimony of documents to Congre...
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Is Trump really about to attack Venezuela?

Last week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered the last of the US diplomats out of Venezuela, saying their presence was a “constraint” on US policy toward the country. The wording seemed intended to convey the idea that the US is about to launch military action to place a Washington-backed, self-appointed politician to the presidency. Was it just bluster, designed to intimidate? Or is the Trump Administration really about to invade another country that has neither attacked nor threatened the U...
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Seven reasons why failure is impossible for feminists

In 1906, an 86-year-old woman greeted a room full of suffragists who were still fighting for the right to vote. Susan B. Anthony made her last public statement: “But with all the help with people like we have in this room, failure is impossible.” She died a month later, and it took until 1920 for women to be finally able to vote. In this era of a president who is proud to be a pussy-grabber, it is understandable for feminists to still get discouraged. Yes, lawmakers are trying to restrict a woma...
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Agustin Huneeus Jr. — charged in the college admissions scandal — "has been a popular big money-political donor to California’s Congressional Democrats from the San Francisco Bay Area, and Napa Valley."

The California Globe reports:In 2016, his family hosted a Democratic mega-donor lunch and wine pairing at their Quintessa Winery for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, with Google’s executive chairman Schmidt as the luncheon speaker.... Huneeus has made seven contributions to House Speaker Nancy Pelois (D-San Francisco), totaling $18,300, and $10,000 to Pelosi’s political action committee, PAC to the Future....Agustin also made:six contributions to Sen. Kamala Harris (D-San Francisco), totaling $21,600.six lar...
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Boeing 737: Trump's government shutdown delayed fixes to airplane involved in multiple deadly crashes

Boeing has announced plans to release a software update for its MAX fleets that may fix reported flaws in the new planes’ automated safety features following a second deadly crash in just five months. The two pilots on that Lion Air flight struggled to correct the issue as the plane plunged into the sea, according to investigators. The fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash, which also killed all 157 passengers on the flight, followed the US government shutdown — the longest of its kind in American hi...
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A Wealth Tax is Constitutional

Calvin H. Johnson The Constitution, Article I, section 9, clause 4, requires that a “direct tax” must be apportioned among the states by population.    Elizabeth Warren has proposed an annual wealth tax, reaching the rate of 3% of wealth for those who have more than a $1 billion of wealth.     Warren’s wealth tax would be constitutional.    The defining characteristic of a “direct tax,” according to the Founders, is that it is the kind of tax in which apportionment among the states by...
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It’s not going to be easy for Senate Republicans to vote to disapprove of President Trump’s declaration of emergency at the border. They should do it, nonetheless, on principle and out of institutional self-respect.At the conclusion of the showdown over funding for his border wall, Trump announced that, on top of the $1.3 billion Congress appropriated, he would tap roughly $3 billion from other sources and declare an emergency to get access to another $3.6 billion in military construction funds....
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United States: The Weekly Hill Update - March 4, 2019 - BakerHostetler

Congressional committees continue intense scrutiny of the pharmaceutical industry.
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Leaders invite NATO secretary-general to address Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) — Leaders of both parties are inviting NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg (yenz STOHL’-ten’-burg) to address a joint meeting of Congress next month around the 70th anniversary of the trans-Atlantic alliance. Congressional officials say House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is inviting Stoltenberg with agreement from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The bipartisan show of support […]
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Supreme Court Requires Completed Copyright Registration Before Filing Suit–Fourth Estate Public Benefit v. Wall-Street (Guest Blog Post)

Guest Blog Post by Tyler Ochoa On March 4, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v., LLC, No. 17-571, 139 S.Ct. ____, 2019 U.S. LEXIS 1730.  The case involved the interpretation of section 411(a) of the Copyright Act, which provides:  “no civil action for infringement of the copyright in any United States work shall be instituted until preregistration or registration of the copyright claim has been made in accordance with this title.”  The questi...
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Yemen conflict another opportunity to resolve war powers questions

The Congress is about to assert its constitutional role over war powers.  Last December, the Senate voted to end US assistance for the Saudi-led coalition’s participation in the civil war in Yemen. The US has been providing logistical and intelligence support, including aerial refueling (now ceased), for the Saudi’s military action against the Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen. The war has caused widespread civilian casualties and starvation conditions in Yemen, and Saudi Arabia has been widely con...
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Palmer Luckey wins secretive Pentagon contract to develop AI for drones

Palmer Luckey (previously) the alt-right financier who was made a billionaire by Mark Zuckerberg's decision to acquire his VR startup Oculus, is now running a Peter-Thiel-backed surveillance startup called Anduril Industries, which has won a contract to contribute to Project Maven, the Pentagon's controversial AI-for-drones system (Google's involvement in Project Maven sparked an employee uprising that ended with the relevant executives leaving the company and the contract being allowed to laps...
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Plaintiffs Make Their Case in Partisan Gerrymandering Trial

The state of Ohio is preparing to deliver its defense of the current Congressional district map in federal court. Plaintiffs say the map is unconstitutional because Republicans drew the map to favor their party, through what’s known as partisan gerrymandering. The ACLU of Ohio , League of Women Voters, and other voter rights groups say they want a new map drawn next year, though a map created with a more bipartisan process is set to be drawn for 2022. Jen Miller with the League of Women Voters s...
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United States: ML Strategies Health Care Preview - Week Of March 4, 2019 - Mintz

This week, Congressional oversight of prescription drug prices will continue with two hearings in the Senate Special Committee on Aging, which is led by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Bob Casey (D-PA).
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Homeland Security Secretary Defends National Emergency Declaration

In a Congressional committee testimony, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended President Trump's view that the surge of migrants along the border represents a national emergency.
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Gun Groups Question Congressional Motives Behind NRA Investigations

Opinion Is this a deliberate effort by anti-gun-rights Congressional Democrats to overwhelm the organization’s leadership and prevent NRA from fulfilling its mission to protect the Second Amendment? BELLEVUE, WA – -( Reports that the National Rifle Association is being engulfed in what one publication described as “a rapidly expanding tangle of congressional investigations” raise an important question that nobody has been asking: Is this a deliberate effort by anti-gun-rights C...
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Senator demands details on Michael Cohen banking data privacy breach by IRS employee

Michael Cohen makes his opening statement before the House Oversight Committee on Feb. 27, 2019. (C-SPAN video screenshot) We have a complicated relationship with money, particularly when it comes to divulging details about it in our personal lives. Few of us (outside of personal finance bloggers) want to say how much we make. We tend to be vague, saying we're doing fine or perhaps going as far as to say things like "in the high five figures." We're a little more forthcoming when it comes...
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NSA may kill off mass phone spying program Snowden exposed, says Congressional staffer

But really it's just the start of the latest surveillance chess game Special report The NSA may kill off a controversial mass surveillance program of Americans that was exposed by Edward Snowden, according to a Congressional staffer.…
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Report: Dems Eye Trump Tax Return Request In Two Weeks

The House Ways and Means Committee is planning on requesting Trump’s tax returns in two weeks, Politico reported Tuesday. “We’re almost ready to go,” Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) reportedly told the news outlet. “The chairman will be ready in two weeks to send his letter,” the congressman added. “And I volunteered to deliver it.” An obscure, Roaring Twenties-era law allows the chairmen of three Congressional committees to request the returns of any filer. House Ways and Means committee chairman ...
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Rudy Giuliani ‘left open the possibility’ of pardoning Michael Cohen after FBI raid

Michael Cohen’s lawyer discussed the possibility of Donald Trump’s former “fixer” receiving a pardon during a meeting with the president’s legal team, according to a new report. Stephen Ryan held conversations on behalf of Cohen with Rudy Giuliani, Jay Sekulow and Joanna Hendon that are now the subject of Congressional investigations, the Wall Street Journal reported.
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The Trump show flops

What a big double bill it was -- President Donald Trump taking the world stage for a nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, just as his former fixer-lawyer, Michael Cohen, was appearing before a Congressional committee for a one-man revue about schemes, lies and porn-star payoffs.
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Opinion: The Trump show flops

What a big double bill it was -- President Donald Trump taking the world stage for a nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, just as his former fixer-lawyer, Michael Cohen, was appearing before a Congressional committee for a one-man revue about schemes, lies and porn-star payoffs.
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In Hanoi and at home, the Trump show flops

What a big double bill it was -- President Trump taking the world stage for a nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, just as his former fixer-lawyer, Michael Cohen, appeared before a Congressional committee for a one-man revue about schemes, lies and porn-star payoffs. Commentators had a lot to say about this, the Oscars, Black History Month and more this week...
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Opinion: In Hanoi and at home, the Trump show flops

What a big double bill it was -- President Donald Trump taking the world stage for a nuclear summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, just as his former fixer-lawyer, Michael Cohen, was appearing before a Congressional committee for a one-man revue about schemes, lies and porn-star payoffs.
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‘Saturday Night Live’: Ben Stiller, Bill Hader Appear in Michael Cohen Hearing (Watch)

Ben Stiller reprised his role as Michael Cohen for the Mar. 2 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” in which the late-night NBC sketch comedy series addressed the Congressional hearings of Donald Trump’s former lawyer. Former “SNL” player Bill Hader also dropped by to play Ohio’s representative, Jim Jordan. “For any other president, this hearing would […]
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What We Learned About President Trump From The Michael Cohen Hearing

President Trump's biographer Timothy O'Brien talks to NPR's Michel Martin about the portrait Michael Cohen painted of the president and his business during Congressional testimony this week.
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This Week: Cohen Testimony Implies Trump Committed A Crime While In Office

In electrifying testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, Michael Cohen accused President Trump of personally signing checks reimbursing Cohen for their hush money scheme after he’d taken office. Cohen testified that Trump was intimately involved with the Trump Tower Moscow project during the 2016 campaign, and that Trump’s lawyers changed the text of Cohen’s congressional testimony about the development. To top it off, Cohen claimed under oath that Trump routinely engaged in tax and in...
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