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Watch: They're Back! 'TS2 Terminators 2: Primary Targets' Short Film

He's back! A few years ago, a French editor named Fabrice Mathieu put together a fun fan film titled TS: Terminators, mashing up footage from all of the Terminator movies to tell a different story involving Arnold Schwarzenegger's various robots fighting each other. He's back again with TS2 Terminators 2: Primary Targets, the highly anticipated sequel to his first TS short. The story in the sequel takes place after James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgment Day - "this time, the Connors are on t...
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New data could move Oahu House seat to Big Island, Health Department affirms Red Hill shutdown order, Capt. Cook monument defaced with indigenous slogan, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Capt. Cook monument. See Hawaii Island section for stories New Data From U.S. Military Could Restart Reapportionment Process. At stake is a House seat that could move from Oahu to the Big Island. Civil Beat. West Hawaii Today.The state is looking again for a contractor to market the islands to US tourists. The state will once again look for a contractor to market the islands as a destination for American tourists after its initial award was rescinded. Hawaii Public Radio.Hawaii eliminates...
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The Best Characters In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Ranked

At its core, fan service is material that's been added to a film for an audience's pleasure. Usually, it's not relevant to the story. It does not care for your "Save The Cat!" beat sheet or Robert McKee's three-act structure. Even at its best, it's extraneous. I was so worried that Jon Watts' "Spider-Man: No Way Home" was going to be "Fan Service: The Movie." I am thrilled to report that it isn't. Yes, there are meta-textual gags about Tobey Maguire's back and Paul Giamatti's Rhino in "Spider-Ma...
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The Tragic History Of Andrew Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man, Explained

Life is never easy for Peter Parker, whether he's a comic book character, the lead in an animated series, or a flesh and blood person. Director Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" movie trilogy threw everything but an actual kitchen sink at Tobey Maguire's iteration of the web-slinger, including the deaths of friends and family, economic hardship, and Peter's need to keep secrets, even when it meant doing harm to his most treasured relationships. And although Tom Holland's Peter Parker has had it relativel...
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The 15 Best Spider-Man Villains, Ranked

Merriam-Webster defines a rogues gallery as "a collection of pictures of persons arrested as criminals." Think "The Usual Suspects" poster. Think "Guardians of The Galaxy." Think, the many spectacular foes of Spider-Man. The web-headed wallcrawler has faced scores of bad guys since his inception in 1962, many of whom have captured audience's imaginations on both the page and silver screen. Especially the silver screen.Yes, there can be no doubt about it: The MCU and DCEU wouldn't have dominated ...
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Flash Rob

This is the kind of situation you just don't want to be in the middle of.Some of the biggest names in high fashion are losing thousands — sometimes tens of thousands — of dollars to a team of thieves that is storming into their stores to steal purses and handbags from display shelves, according to [Chicago Police Department] reports. The raids have been happening during afternoon hours along the Mag Mile and Rush Street corridors. This isn't anything spontaneous, either, like a few acquaintance...
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Governor cancels Veterans Day ceremony, Connors acting governor in Ige's, Green's absence, missing girl's adoptive parents charged with her murder, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

2017 Veterans Day parade in Hilo ©2021 All Hawaii News Governor’s Veterans Day Ceremony has been canceled. Due to the limiting factors associated with the pandemic, the State Department of Defense in conjunction with the State Office of Veteran's Services has canceled the Governor's Veterans Day Ceremony. KITV4.Josh Green Raises Money On Mainland For Hawaii Governor’s Race. His absence leaves Hawaii Attorney General Clare Connors to fill in as acting governor while Gov. David Ige is i...
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Amazing Spider-Man #101 - 1st Morbius

Amazing Spider-Man #101Amazing Spider-Man v1 #101, 1971 - Trying to rid himself of his spider powers, Peter Parker ingests an untested serum that instead grows additional arms. He hides out in Doctor Connor's abandoned house, where a reluctant vampire named Morbius also takes refuge. When Connors arrives, his transformation into the Lizard starts a battle between villains over the privilege of [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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The 14 Best Bill Murray Movies Ranked

Bill Murray is one of the most beloved comedic actors of all time. Murray first rose to prominence thanks to his memorable characters on "Saturday Night Live," joining fellow stars like Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi after Chevy Chase departed at the end of the first season. From there, Murray went on to become the biggest stars of the '80s, and many of his early films are now considered classics.While Murray was frequently the headlining star, he's also proved willing to step into supporting role...
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Connors nominated as U.S. attorney, swimming with spinner dolphins banned, coronavirus delta variant proves deadly, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii Attorney General Clare Connors Biden nominates Hawaii Attorney General Clare Connors to serve as U.S. attorney. State Attorney General Clare Connors was one of nine nominees announced Tuesday by Biden’s White House. Connors, who has served as attorney general since 2019, now starts the U.S. Senate confirmation process. Star-Advertiser. Civil Beat. Associated Press. Big Island Video News. Maui Now. KITV4. US Bans Swimming With Hawaiʻi's Nocturnal Spinner Dolphins. U.S. regulators on...
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Judge Announces Intent To Strike Down Gun Registration And Firearms Permit Law

High-tech registration is still registration. IMG NRA-ILA HONOLULU, HI –-( Today, a District judge announced that he would strike down Hawaii’s gun registration and firearms permit law in the Yukutake v Connors case. The lawsuit centers around Hawaii’s requirements on gun owners along with Honolulu Police Department’s registration and gun policies. Gun owners must apply for a firearm permit in person at the central police station on Oahu. This rule means that a gun must travel t...
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Police operations at Wembley Euro 2020 Final didn’t fail says Deputy Assistant Commissioner

Violence at Wembley The events at Wembley on Sunday saw videos of violence emerge from London and specifically outside and even in the  stadium.Hundreds of fans stormed the ground to gain entry without having tickets on them and were successful. Footage shows fans trying to force their way into Wembley Stadium without tickets for the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy — BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) July 12, 2021 Fans inside the stadium were s...
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Sandy Melville: Silver to Slopes

A century and a half ago, Utah's mountains were the home of boomtowns as silver mining flourished across the Wasatch from Little Cottonwood to Big Cottonwood and over Guardsman Pass to Park City. Today, the same slopes that harbored valuable ore are the home of some of the worlds greatest ski resorts. In this episode of Last Chair, skier and mining historian Sandy Melville takes us on a virtual tour of the amazing mining structures that still exist at . The Bonanza Express base at Park City...
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Debut tries for Keenan and Connors as Ireland score 50 points against Italy

Debutants Hugo Keenan and Will Connors are among the try scorers as Ireland post a big bonus-point win over Italy.
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Keenan and Connors to make Ireland debuts

Andy Farrell hands Leinster duo Hugo Keenan and Will Connors their Ireland debuts in Saturday's Six Nations encounter with Italy.
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Second Amendment Knife Case in Hawaii: Dangerous Opinion

The opinion holds that even if butterfly or “balisong” knives are protected by the Second Amendment of the Constitution, a state law banning any possession, manufacture or transport of such knives is constitutionally valid. U.S.A. –-( U.S.A. –-( The Hawai'i Federal District Court has issued an opinion in Teter v. Connors that guts the Second Amendment. The opinion holds that even if butterfly or “balisong” knives are protected by the Second Amendment of the Constit...
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Knife Rights: Amicus Brief Filed in Hawaii Butterfly Knife Second Amendment Case

Knife Rights: Amicus Brief Filed in Hawaii Butterfly Knife Second Amendment Case U.S.A. –-( While the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted almost all legislative efforts this year, Knife Rights continues its efforts to serve our knife community and Rewrite Knife Law in America. Knife Rights Foundation today announced the filing of an important in a Second Amendment lawsuit currently before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The case, captioned Teter v. Conn...
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‘Pandemic within a pandemic:’ What’s fueling LA County’s coronavirus death toll in nursing homes?

Despite comprising about a quarter of the state’s population, Los Angeles County makes up 64% of all the reported novel coronavirus deaths from skilled nursing residents in California and about 56% of the overall coronavirus-related deaths in the state, according to state data. Residents in these facilities have proven especially vulnerable: About 46% of the county’s more than 3,000 COVID-19 deaths are from residents in skilled nursing homes, compared to 41% statewide. Eye of the Storm South...
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Amazon's advertising boss now reports directly to Jeff Bezos, a change that shows how serious of a threat it is to Google and Facebook's core business (AMZN)

Paul Kotas, SVP of Amazon Advertising, now reports directly to CEO Jeff Bezos, Business Insider has learned. The change follows the one-year leave of SVP Jeff Blackburn, who ran a vast portfolio of businesses, including advertising and video streaming.  Mike Hopkins, the newly hired SVP of Amazon Video and Studios, and Paul Krawiec, who runs corporate development teams, were also added to Bezos's inner circle last month. The promotion is the latest sign of Amazon putting more emphasis on its a...
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Mom Enlisted Son to Murder Husband, Daughter for Insurance Money: Prosecutors

A New Jersey woman faces murder charges after allegedly enlisting her son and his friend to brutally kill her daughter and husband 25 years ago by promising them a cut of his life-insurance policy. Dolores Morgan, 66, and her 47-year-old son, Ted Connors, were indicted by a grand jury Wednesday evening on seven counts, including murder and conspiracy, in relation to the 1994 stabbing death of Ana Mejia and the fatal shooting of Nicholas Connors in May 1995, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Offic...
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The Best, Worst and Most Chaotic Moments of the 2020 Oscars

Just like any great film, the 92nd Annual Academy Awards saved its best and biggest twist for the end. Parasite, the Korean class warfare thriller, pulled out a stunning upset over 1917, sending the crowd into euphoric disbelief. The win capped off a frenzied and unpredictable night that, while filled with questionable decision-making, showed that the Academy Awards might genuinely be making a concerted effort to change. The awards show stretched three and a half hours; it was, at various p...
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Jeff Bezos is having a tough start to the year — Meet the Amazon CEO's top 9 direct reports that he's relying on to run the company (AMZN)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has 9 direct reports, based on a list compiled by Business Insider. Bezos is facing a number of issues this year, both inside and outside of the company, making it more important than ever to rely on these people to run Amazon. One notable change from last year's direct reports is the "shadow" advisor position, who typically accompanies Bezos to every meeting under the goal of learning about the business. But the list is mostly the same from last year, reflecting the stab...
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How de-aging tech was used in the shocking opening of 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

"Terminator: Dark Fate" features a scene in which de-aging technology was used.  Business Insider talked to director Tim Miller about how it was pulled off. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.   Warning: Spoilers below if you haven't seen "Terminator: Dark Fate." "Terminator: Dark Fate" takes place after the events of 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." That means Skynet has never been created and there's no machine-led apocalypse. So it's time for the Connors to finally chil...
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How a British family got entangled in a US immigration nightmare after a wrong turn led to nearly 2 weeks in ICE detention

The Connors' story shows how just one unintentional violation of US immigration law can land a family in weeks of detention in an unfamiliar country.
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A British family has been deported after a wrong turn led to nearly 2 weeks in ICE detention. Here's how they got entangled in a US immigration nightmare.

The Connors' story shows how just one unintentional violation of US immigration law can land a family in weeks of detention in an unfamiliar country.
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US border patrol says they tried to send UK family back after illegal crossing but Canada wouldn't take them

As of Tuesday, seven members of the Connors family detained on October 2 are in detention at a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) centre.
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‘Cloak and Dagger’ Limps Toward the Finish Line With “Two Player”

Okay, Cloak & Dagger fans—we need to talk. This week’s episode, “Two Player,” is the episode that finally rubbed me the wrong way. Let’s quote what I said last week : “I have a lot of questions that I hope will be answered next week. But there is one thing I hope Auntie Chantelle’s death doesn’t lead to—Tyrone and Evita’s breakup…Yes, I know Tyrone and Tandy are supposed to end up together anyways, but I don’t want Tandy pushed into Tyrone’s arms because of Auntie Chantelle’s death. ...
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‘Cloak and Dagger’ Continues a Flawed Second Season With “Vikingtown Sound”

It’s becoming clear: Cloak & Dagger is spinning its wheels this season. I’ve kept my overall reticence about this season quiet because 1) I love Cloak & Dagger ’s unique, grounded way of telling a comic book story, and 2) because the collective voice of TV critics could sway Freeform’s decision on renewing or canceling the show. I know networks can cancel shows regardless of critical perception, but sometimes, networks listen, and I don’t want to sound like I want the show to go away and th...
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Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 5 Recap Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 6 continues Tandy’s dream story from the previous episode. After being abducted by Lia and kept sedated in the back of one of the ambulances trafficking young women, Tandy told a story during Ty’s graduation party, which framed the episode. This week, someone is at the record store Tandy encountered in the darkness, where the missing women were represented on the various albums. The mysterious person plays records that pe...
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Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 5 Recap Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 5 is framed around Tandy telling a story about a farmer who is in desperate need of firewood during a winter storm. While out, the farmer finds a viper who is too cold to bite. The farmer takes the viper home and lays it beside the hearth while he goes out to find some wood. When the farmer returns, the recovered viper strikes the farmer, killing him. According to Tandy, the moral of the story is not what it appears on ...
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