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The suburbs are the spiritual home of overconsumption. But they also hold the key to a better future

Suburban affluence is the defining image of the good life under capitalism, commonly held up as a model to which all humanity should aspire.More than half of the world's population now lives in cities. Yet with the global economy already in gross ecological overshoot, and a world population heading for more than 11 billion, this way of living is neither fair nor sustainable. To live within our environmental means, the richest nations will need to embrace a planned process of economic “degrowth"....
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Income equality is getting worse. Can the co-op model solve this problem?

The cooperative model accounts for $154B every year in America.America leads the world with cooperatives, with over 30,000 businesses operating under this model. Co-op advocate Nathan Schneider believes this model can help level the economic playing field. What is a Co-operative? Nathan Schneider plays a game at strip malls. The activist-journalist and University of Colorado Boulder media studies professor tries to guess how many businesses were directly or indirectly inspired by co-ops. Th...
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How to Sell an Unwanted Gift Card

Gift cards are an almost inconceivably huge industry. Americans spent $160 billion on them in 2018 alone, which means the secondary market is both lucrative and totally overwhelming—especially right after the biggest gift-giving holidays of the year. If you have a weird gift card to sell or trade, here’s what you need…Read more...
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What Are Your Kids Gift Expectations?

I hear people complain that they have to buy expensive things for their kids because it’s what they (the kids) expect. Some don’t know what they are going to do this holiday season as times might be tight for them. How are we going to get little Johnny the latest (insert expensive popular toy here)?!? Here’s what I say – Don’t!! Where do your kids get their expectations from? Do they get them from friends? From television? Those are influences but not the real source. Children get their expectat...
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5 holidays to celebrate this year that aren’t Christmas

Christmas is an all consuming holiday, celebrated even in cultures where Christianity never took root. However, some people just can't take it anymore. Some of them even invented new holidays as alternatives. While some of the holidays are celebrated half jokingly, they all offer an escape from an often overbearing Christmas season. Christmas can be maddening. Between the endless barrage of tacky songs, rampant commercialization, and saccharin sentimentality, some of us can't wait for it to end....
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Making Room for the True Gift of Christmas

I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. I love the shimmering beauty and festive spirit of Christmas: the sparkling lights, the joy-filled carols, the alluring packages carefully arranged under a twinkling tree. What I don’t love so much is the heavy weight of expectation I place on myself to make the holidays bright and meaningful for those around me. Over the past few years, as I’ve delved into the minimalism movement and embraced simplicity in my home and schedule, I’ve become awar...
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Dear elites: Did you learn your lesson?

A globalized, interconnected world doesn't necessarily work for everyone... especially on the rural (and hyper-local) levels. While many got massively rich from technology and globalized trade it left many feeling locked out. Anand focuses on the rise of Trump and the huge popularity of Bernie Sanders to highlight the fact that the majority aren't satisfied with the current state of capitalism. Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changi...
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Stay Home on Black Friday

Ragging on Black Friday is possibly more popular than actually shopping on the consumer “holiday.” We all know by now that doorbusters aren’t really the great deals they’re heralded as and a discounted TV isn’t worth trampling someone over (at least, I hope we all know that).Read more...
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Receipt checkers aren't there to catch shoplifters

You're wheeling your haul out of Costco only to be accosted by the receipt-checker at the exit. You're fine, though, because you're not shoplifting anything. That slightly annoying feeling that the store assumes you're a criminal, it turns out, is tragically unwarranted, because those guys don't even care if you're shoplifting. In fact, the receipt-checkers are some kind of internal store Gestapo keeping tabs on the checkout cashiers. Writes one former employee: “Trust me, we’re not loss prev...
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Samsung unveils foldable phone prototype

Samsung has been developing a flexible, foldable smartphone for years.The prototype unveiled Wednesday isn't quite the finished product some had hoped to see, but it offered a glimpse at how its long-awaited foldable phone will work when released, likely in 2019.Samsung also announced other device upgrades, including a new user interface and changes to its virtual assistant Bixby.Samsung unveiled a prototype of its new flexible display and other product upgrades at its annual developers conferen...
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Halloween history: The ancient origins of these dark traditions

Halloween was influenced heavily by Celtic, Pagan and Christian traditions.The holiday has always celebrated the strange and scary, but festivities as we know them have changed over the years.Current Halloween traditions were brought by immigrants to the United States in the early 20th century.Halloween is a holiday that's celebrated every year on October 31st. While its tradition in the United States is felt everywhere, from horror films in our cinemas, weekend house-party revelers and kids tr...
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'Shut up and take my money,' the wallet

Mass consumer spending season is nearly upon us. The perfect time to load your hard-earned cash into this wallet by Etsy shop DangerRan. No extra charge for the interior Dick Butt. Shut up and take my money ($60 of it)! (nopuedocreer)
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Behind the Hype of Walmart’s Sustainability Efforts

In 2005, Lee Scott, CEO of Walmart, was troubled. Activists had recently illuminated Walmart’s connections to human abuses, and his company’s stock was in worse shape than California’s water supply. Then, a storm arrived. As hurricane Katrina drowned the Gulf Coast coast, it provided Walmart its salvation. Read more...
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Want to win Mega Millions' $1.6 billion jackpot? Consider these 3 facts first.

The next Mega Millions drawing is scheduled for Oct. 23 at 11 pm E.T.The odds of any one ticket winning are about 1 in 300 million.This might be a record-setting jackpot, but that doesn't mean you have a better chance of winning. The Mega Millions jackpot has soared to a record-setting $1.6 billion after Friday's drawing yielded no winners. Now, thousands of people are snatching up $2 tickets ahead of Tuesday's drawing in an effort to score the unprecedented prize."Ultimately, these games, they'...
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Brave New World predicted 2018 better than any other novel

This 1931 novel predicted modern life almost to a (model) T. While other dystopias get more press, Brave New World offers us a nightmare world that we've moved steadily towards over the last century.Author Aldous Huxley's ideas on a light handed totalitarian dictatorship stand in marked contrast to the popular image of a dictatorship that relies on force.When most people think of what dystopia our society is sprinting towards, they tend to think of , , or the . These top selling, well known, ...
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Dystopia: an update

True aficionados of the earthly apocalypse cannot fail to have noted the deepening pessimism in discourses on what is often euphemistically referred to as “climate change”, but what should be designated “environmental catastrophe”. The Paris Agreement of 2015 conceded the need to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, albeit without binding nations to either achieve this specific target or impose specific binding targets in turn on the worst offenders, namely the fossil fuel industries. By...
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In Praise of Medium: Lowe’s Shutters Its Orchard Supply Hardware Division

After last week’s announcement that the entire chain Orchard Supply Hardware stores would soon close its doors, social media outcry was louder than a gas mower running over a circular saw. But the anguished screeching mattered little to parent company Lowe’s, which was determined to “focus on (its) core home improvement business.” The closing will affect approximately 5,400 employees, and, according to USA Today, the company plans for all stores to be closed by the end of the company’s fiscal ye...
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In-store good vs. At-home good

Do you know what you’re getting? A number of years ago we bought a new bath tub for our master bathroom. The tub looked something like this: This is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful life. Man it looked great in the store. SO GREAT. It was luscious. Just look at it. So we bought it.We couldn’t use the tub until the full bathroom rennovation was done. But once it was, I remember being so excited to try it out that first night. So I filled it up with piping hot water, tossed in so...
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Bourbon Street: Metallica in High Spirits

Metallica’s Blackened American Whiskey comes out this fall. If a band is a small business, then it stands to economic reason that the more diverse its product offerings, the more robust their profits should be. Metallica, no stranger to making a buck, is set to release its own brand of whiskey. Named after the song “Blackened” off their 1988 album, “…And Justice For All,” Blackened American Whiskey is a joint venture with master distiller and chemical engineer Dave Pickerell of Maker’s Mark fa...
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Metallica In High Spirits

Metallica’s Blackened American Whiskey comes out this fall. If a band is a small business, then it stands to economic reason that the more diverse its product offerings, the more robust their profits should be. Metallica, no stranger to making a buck, is set to release its own brand of whiskey. Named after the song “Blackened” off their 1988 album, “…And Justice For All,” Blackened American Whiskey is a joint venture with master distiller and chemical engineer Dave Pickerell of Maker’s Mark fa...
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Are you a shopaholic? How to fight a shopping addiction

Yesterday, I mentioned that because I grew up poor, I inherited a faulty money blueprint from my parents. They didn’t know how to handle money effectively, so they couldn’t teach me how to handle it effectively. I entered adulthood with many of the same bad habits they’d had when I was a kid. I was a compulsive spender, for instance. I had a shopping addiction. I had no willpower, no impulse control. Even when I had no money in the bank, I still found ways to spend. I took on over $20,000 in cre...
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Robert Reich’s “Inequality for All”: A Documentary Review

Why is there growing inequality in wealth distribution in the US? Is inequality inevitable? If inequality is inevitable, can it be useful? Can inequality become a problem? If so, when does inequality become a problem? How can a society reduce problematic inequality? Which model of growth should the US be emulating? What are the keys… Read More Robert Reich’s “Inequality for All”: A Documentary Review
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Are Reusable Bags Really Better For the Planet?

Earlier this week, a pilot whale died after being found with 17 pounds of plastic bags in its stomach. The horrific incident was our latest reminder that plastic bags contribute to the scourge of marine litter. By sheer coincidence, it came on the heels of a major U.N. report pointing to plastic bag levies or bans as…Read more...
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Book review: A life less throwaway, by Tara Button

Have you ever bought something and found that it just doesn’t work? Or maybe you own it for a matter of weeks before it breaks? “Our whole houses, our whole lives, have become stuffed full of things that let us down” says Tara Button, who is on a mission to do something about it. That […]
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American Soldiers Died. Full Stop.

In a purely retail sense, Memorial Day is the new Black Friday. According to Market Watch, “originally a holiday devoted to mattress sales, in recent years retailers have morphed the holiday weekend into a bigger sales weekend to mark the halfway-point to Black Friday.” What’s on sale? Everything is on sale! People do have time […] The post American Soldiers Died. Full Stop. appeared first on Adpulp.
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A visit to China's Commodity City, the world's biggest "shopping mall"

From director Jessica Kingdon: "Commodity City is an observational documentary exploring the daily lives of vendors who work in the largest wholesale consumer market in the world: the Yiwu Markets in China."
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The cluttered lives of middle-class Americans

Long-time readers are familiar with my decade-long war on Stuff. I was raised in a cluttered home. From a young age, I was a collector. (Some might even say a hoarder!) After Kris and I got married, I began to acquire adult-level quantities of Stuff. When we moved to a larger house, I found ways to acquire even more Stuff. I owned thousands of books, thousands of comic books, hundreds of compact discs, and scads of other crap. Eventually, I’d had enough. A decade ago, I began the s-l-o-w process...
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What is public affluence, and why does it matter?

How can we improve people’s lives without increasing consumption? That’s a question for those of us that want to challenge consumerism and economic growth. People want to feel that life is getting better, if not for themselves then for future generations. I believe the key lies in pursuing quality rather than quantity, an economy that […]
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Apple’s E-Waste Problem Will Take More Than Robots to Solve

There’s a fancy new iPhone recycling robot on the block, just in time to help Apple score some brownie points with the greens on Earth Day. Its name is Daisy, and it’s being covered with the same breathless enthusiasm the tech blogosphere served up for its predecessor, Liam.Read more...
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Introducing the fulfilment curve

This week I’m drawing together the graphs and diagrams that will be in my forthcoming book, and it occurred to me that I’ve not written about the fulfilment curve on the blog. So let me remedy that, as it’s a useful little concept. In their bestselling book Your Money or Your Life, Vicki Robin and […]
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