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Accessibility on Social Media; Tips for Ensuring Your Social Content is Accessible

Quick question – is your social media team taking the necessary steps to ensure your social content is accessible to all audiences, including those with sensory disabilities? Today, there are 466 million persons in the world with disabling hearing loss and 2.2 billion people that have a vision impairment or experience blindness. If your social teams aren’t taking the extra steps to create an accessible experience for everyone on social media, you’re excluding billions of people from being abl...
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How to strengthen your brand's reputation with simple content marketing strategies

Marketers should have an intuition for whether or not their content is bad or something people will enjoy. Carlina Teteris Content should add value to the conversation by making strong points or sharing research. Your brand's reputation could suffer if it's associated with regular bad content. Although good content takes time and money to produce, it can offer great return on investment. See more stories on Insider's business page. Content marketing is one of the dominant stra...
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Cut through the noise! Video marketing strategies that work in 2021

Do you have a video strategy? If not, now's the time to craft a video marketing plan. Find out what some of today’s most innovative agents and brokers are doing to set their video content apart from the competition.
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WATCH: Back to Basics 101 — Get dressed, and get to work

Realtor, trainer and consultant with Doorbell Real Estate in Tennessee, Laura Fangman shares her top tip for getting motivated to get more business.
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WATCH: Back to Basics 101 — Get back to blogging

Realtor, trainer and consultant with Doorbell Real Estate in Tennessee, Laura Fangman shares her top tip for reaching potential clients.
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8 ways to rank higher on Google — and improve your website traffic

Getting your website to rank on Google is like putting together pieces of a puzzle. All of your efforts across various channels come together to build your website’s authority. Here are few tips to help drum up more traffic for your business.
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Marketing through video? Here’s how to 10X your reach

The more video you create, the better you get at it. As you expand your content creation and share videos more creatively, you’ll see a massive ROI. To aid in your expanding marketing efforts, here are five simple types of videos you can easily make and creative ideas for pushing them out into the world.
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Nothing to post? 21 social media content ideas to inspire your plan

Social media platforms are oversaturated with all sorts of posts, so creating content that's fresh, creative and engaging can help cut through the noise, grow your following and nurture trust with your clients. Here are a few ideas.
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Why you should never use the word “unique” in your PR copy

You should never use the word “unique” in PR. Marketing- and PR jargon might not be the worst thing in the world — but, at least as far as I’m concerned — it’s up there. Corporate platitudes = corporate cringe. However, many professionals, who honestly should know better, still cling to the word “unique” — even to the point of fiercely defending its use. “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” — Margaret Mead Why is “unique” such a despicable word ...
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Want to crush it on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube? 7 tips for video creation

Tools such as Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts are becoming invaluable to real estate agents — especially because they're free. With a few of these best practices, you can ramp up your views and grow your well-deserved audience through short-form videos.
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Five Advancements Powering the Future of Content Creation

You’ve heard about the streaming wars, the cloud gaming/console wars, the rise of the creator economy. Behind all of these multi billion dollar markets vying for the consumer’s time and money, content plays a key role. Quality content makes users join, buy, and stay subscribed. But quality content is not easy to make or scale. There’s the hits and blockbusters and then a very long tail of niche content looking for an audience. New technology developments in AI and graphic engines are changin...
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Agents, ‘don’t be vanilla’ when it comes to social media

Social media strategist Katie Lance shares her five tips for planning, creating and sharing engaging content that grows your business and audience.
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Revamping your social media? 5 absolute necessities for 2021

If you're in the throes of revamping your social media strategy and are wondering what to focus on, look no further. Here, social media expert Katie Lance gives her top social media tips for 2021.
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Are You Chunking Your Content?

Understanding exactly what to say and what not to say in your presentation takes time and practice. First, just because it can be said, doesn’t mean it should. Saying too much puts you at the risk of information overload, confusion, and overwhelm. Next, the words on each slide of your presentation should be easy to comprehend, learn, and commit to memory. Easier said than done? Using various strategies will help you achieve these three key measures. Now, chunking is a great place to start. What...
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2020 Has Been One Godawful Year, but Not for OnlyFans

While I realize that the world won’t magically reset when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, I’m still counting down the days until this cursed year is over. I mean, the universe has to be running out of ammo to hit us with, right? So far 2020's seen an ongoing global pandemic, the spread of murder hornets, …Read more...
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What is Patreon? Everything you need to know about the subscription service for content creators

Patreon is a subscription platform for content creators that connects their fans directly to their work for a monthly fee. SrdjanPav/Getty Images Patreon lets people financially support and reward content creators — such as podcasters, writers, and YouTubers — through a monthly subscription.  Creators can set up multiple membership tiers with various rewards so each subscriber can choose the amount of money they feel most comfortable giving to a project. The Patreon website includes tools ...
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How to delete a Patreon account and cancel memberships to avoid paying for subscriptions

When you delete your Patreon account, the service also removes all the data associated with your account. Eva-Katalin/Getty Images Before you delete your Patreon account, make sure to cancel any active memberships. After submitting a request for account deletion, you have 14 days to stop the process. It can take up to 30 days to fully delete a Patreon account. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Whether you're a patron or a creator on Patreon, deleting your ac...
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A Guide to Understanding Ad Policies and Restrictions on Social Media

Social media networks have gained a lot of criticism over the years for what they deem inappropriate or flag as an asset that doesn’t comply with their ad policies and content guidelines. Just earlier this month, The Seed Company by EW Gaze shared how Facebook deemed an image of onions overtly sexualized and restricted their ad from running. Sometimes these are pretty hilarious, but these restrictions are in place for the right reasons… to protect users. With over 13 years of experien...
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Leveraging Presentation Notes

How do you use the presentation notes section in your slide software of choice? Some presenters choose to have text-heavy slides, leaving little to no need for presentation notes. Others keep their presentation notes heavily scripted. While it is important to have a general idea of what you are going to say during each slide, we think there may be a better way to utilize that helpful little box below. We want to challenge you to go through an exercise that may push you outside of your comfort zo...
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3 Easy Steps to Beating Creative Block

As presenters, we all draw on whatever creative ability we possess in order to put together our presentation. Everything you do becomes part of your messaging. From font size and type to color palettes to storytelling–your slide deck is a creative masterpiece once completed. However, how often do you find yourself without a drive to create something special and new? Creative block plagues even the most inspired makers. In fact, the more seasoned you are in your position, the more likely you are ...
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Looking for a simple solution to social media? Try PropertySimple

The social media management company started in Chile, then followed its first customer to Arizona. Making paid ads and organic lead generation easy, PropertySimple is now ready for users across the country.
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Simple Tips for Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy

Running a successful business starts with having a comprehensive content marketing strategy in place as well as an overall marketing strategy. According to research conducted over the last few years, the average consumer first hears about a brand by way of the internet. This means your business absolutely needs to make digital tactics a core component of its future initiatives. One way to achieve this is with effective content marketing. By focusing on the quality of your content, you can start...
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Content Creation Platforms That Pay in Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are definitely an emerging currency despite being famous as being volatile. More and more people have started investing, trading, mining, and developing programs that cater to the blockchain and crypto industry. In fact, even established companies and organizations are even starting to venture into cryptocurrency. The hacktivist group, Anonymous, is one such example when they released AnonSystem. Meanwhile, other companies have started offering cryptocurrencies as payments, incl...
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3 Ways Content Creators Are Making Profit

We live in a brave new era for content creation. From artists crowdfunding their living, to young entrepreneurs making entire careers out of their YouTube channels and Instagram accounts, the demand for online content is out there and people are willing to pay. With that in mind here are three ways that content creators are utilising their online following to turn their talents into businesses and careers. 1. Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding has really taken off in the last decade or so. Similar to...
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What Is Content and Why Does It Matter?

Whenever you start a website, whether it’s an e-commerce business or an informational site, it’s important to know the tips for success. While you may have a modicum of success without a tailored plan, it’s very unlikely anyone will find you amid the 2 billion websites on the internet without a content strategy in place.  What Is Content? Simply put, content is all of the text and images that appear on your site. It can include articles, product or service descriptions, blogs and your w...
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How Online Platform Tongal Created The ‘Sesame Street’ Pride Image and Other Content During Coronavirus

Santa Monica based Tongal is an online-platform providing remote content. “Think of us as a virtual studio made up of above- and below-the-line talent from all over the globe,” says CEO James DeJulio. As a creator in the world of remote content, Tongal was ahead of the game when the coronavirus pandemic halted production and […]
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Hustle CEO Sam Parr & SmartNews co-founder Rich Jaroslavsky on the future of media

Tim Hsia & Neil Devani Contributor Share on Twitter Tim Hsia is the CEO of Media Mobilize and a Venture Partner at Digital Garage. Neil Devani is an angel investor and venture capitalist focused on companies solving hard problems. More posts by this contributor The first hires are the hardest Getting press for your startup: the true role of communications Welcome to this edition of The Operators...
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Why Smart Companies are Allocating Part of Their Development Budget to Transcreation

Translating a brand for a successful global expansion requires more than language skills and technical knowledge. That’s because, as a brand, you can’t generate emotions and connect with international audiences… Read more » The post Why Smart Companies are Allocating Part of Their Development Budget to Transcreation appeared first on
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5 Embarrassing Marketing Grammar Mistakes To Avoid

We are all guilty of making mistakes when it comes to grammar, but the world of marketing can be an unforgiving place when it comes to such errors. You might… Read more » The post 5 Embarrassing Marketing Grammar Mistakes To Avoid appeared first on
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How to Design On-Brand Instagram Stories

Curating an Instagram aesthetic that stops users in their tracks is #goals for any brand, but with the rise of Instagram stories, having a recognizable look and feel that extends beyond your channel is more important than ever. Read on to discover how to design on-brand Instagram Stories that’ll engage your audience and keep them from swiping on past. Step One to Creating on-brand Instagram Stories: Create a Branding Kit Good branding quickly communicates the essence of your product or s...
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