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    I have been thinking about being prepared . How it sometimes seems like a "suddenly" last minute kind of thing to rush and change everything now, which often pushes everyone and everything else out of the way in the process. But then it can also be a constant worrying activity where you keep at it based on a long standing fear, which might wear on you and everyone else around you. Drag you down and limit the rest of your activities. Poison your days. But then in a more gentle perspective, ...
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Just Here

F rom the Kitchen. A small tall section of wall is all the wall there is. It's a dark day. I would like to make a big long cloth to hang here.  Right now,  a few pieces of the past, including a painting by my son while in high school, I like it because of the cloth in it. And of course it brings back memories.  Especially in these days when I cannot see him. He never liked it much.  I remember my Mom hanging stuff in her house that I never liked much. Maybe it's just natural for older...
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March tease

Almost 70 . Yesterday. Ha, like me! Rain, sun, wind, fog. No snow. That's coming next along with cold. The Japanese Andromeda bloomed. Must have been overnight. Reminding me that life goes on even when it doesn't. New York, they say, now has 40% of all cases in the country. The car won't start, even after replacing the battery. The small repair shop within walking distance, a loooong walk, is thankfully still open. We'll see.  I saw my first groundhog this morning. He comes to ...
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How it might Happen

W here, when we begin. What is added. And then what will be taken away. What we do about it. And why. How? Honestly, I feel suddenly privileged to be taken down a few notches. To be a bit more sure about unsure... and still keep going. This is just an audio test, talking and not planning what to say. I learn from just saying. Your browser does not support the audio element.   So if the audio works here, (Here is a link if you see no player) I'll start talking my way into what ...
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It's Not

N ot life as usual, although I can pretend. Life is flashing before my eyes. I am not focused on anything in particular. I probably posted this pic before. It's Dad and me. It hangs over my table now. I think of Dad in Spring. Yes, his birthday is around now but it is the season, the garden, the simple love of life that bring him here to me. How he was right about so many simple things. I remember him saying, "Everything is just growing". I remember him as a blanket. So many bits and pie...
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In Perspective

S ome Sadness I guess as I glanced from the window off the Bigger Bedroom. The view from outside the porch.  Suddenly I thought I knew how it felt, more clearly, the confinement. But then, it was more clearly how it might just seem from outside. He is safe. Healthy. Reconsidering boundaries. Loved. And more loving. From inside you would never know. Pinned to the center of the Endless Wishing cloth (a larger cloth) today. The March stray. Alone but not. Sheltered from the storm. Again. Thought...
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just going WE are

I t Snowed. A bit. It's March after all. I'm in a mood and it will pass has already lifted... The shelves at the market are bare. But as always I am grateful to have enough. Enough rice, beans, noodles, frozen broth and veggie scraps to last forever. Which may not be that long, depending how things go. The virus is right next door. I like to imagine March Strays looking out for each other in the face of uncertainty.  Some sort of sympathetic evolution. Profit and Petty Stuff set as...
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So Ok. Ok.

(day 25) S tretch.Smile.Continue. Not what I had in mind...But what I had. It could work. I'm considering what I call a Hunker Down workshop. Here. Perhaps I just renamed part 3 of Patchwork in Perspective. Large cloth and anything else that gets us through this.  But of course as always, I'm not sure what I am thinking.
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Still, Useful

day 16 of year 70 S o, Here we Are.   I thought. Two old rags . Then, p a u s e . . . Rags are really one of the most useful things. Then, big laugh. I hope one big laugh and big cloth become a morning ritual. As I unroll what we carried here, I am feeling a release from expectation. An undoing. It's like an exhale. Right before a big deep breath. 
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Day 6 of year 70

J ust song for weeks, couldn't see them. A pair of cardinals showed up. Male and female. They ate the red berries I have no name for. They didn't stay long but they were back before sunset. Same place. Right outside the porch. I reconsidered Eye Level. Expanded it so I might squeeze more cloth into the available space. Here you can see the wall that separates the Kitchen from the Room with the Big Round Table.  A dining room I guess but I will work here. On Big Cloth. On a Big Roun...
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Day 3

  H ere I am . Again. (loving this,how much the paper seems like cloth)Wondering where I begin. Or not. With the box I put myself in, looking for another way out. Over the next month I will work on all the existing small works here. Touch them. Let them go, finished or not. I think one final Spirit Cloth Shop update for small stitched works when Spring begins.  I know that once the season changes, I will be outside. Clearing paths. Trying to grasp my new sense of personal space. Just to clarif...
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Mind Games part 2

  I think maybe this post should've could've been over at Thought Catching (Patchwork in Perspective, part 1)  But I think it just needed to be here, for now, before I begin again over there.  Today, and for the last few days actually, my thoughts have been about thinking. About changing my mind actually. I am going to talk, just  test, for talking here, in this new place. Practice. Let's give it a try... Your browser does not support the audio element. alternative au...
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The Joy in

D etermination... I just unrolled this one. It's the giveaway for Patchwork in Perspective, Part 1/ Thought Catching.  Of course the class has been on hold now for some time.  The move interrupted my thought stream.  I can honestly say I forgot what I was thinking.  But I am still thinking.  So no harm done. I stopped longing for any thought in particular and instead have settled for thinking itself.  I will take a few more stitches here. And pick a name. Eventually I will put together th...
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Just Do Something

J ust sitting idle, focusing how hard it is to get started is a sure fire way not to get started. Yesterday I sat around tangled up in that. I went back to nine, which , because I have come back to it so many times, has become a circle. Imagine that. I use Nine to find a way.  I begin with a square. Probably we all have something we love. Start there. Love is a seed. This morning I sketched this. I thought I can stitch this. One square in the middle that can be lifted up like a page. Actual...
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Cloth is like a world

  J ust settling in. Feeling like there should be more cloth related stuff here by now, but really... There Is.  New Velvet after the big rain. Rock like like a Rumpled Folded Blanket. And young trees like Needles Threaded. The clotheslines were here. I noticed them right off. Right before they told me there was no working washer or dryer. It was close to 70 degrees here all weekend. January. It won't last. But the windows were open. Breezes blowing through. This helped me feel at home....
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January Going

A colder morn. Big Wind. I came to the computer and Typepad was not working. Coffee. Cloth work is rolled up here. Hibernating. Somehow, this one, In the Same Boat, is not. And now it's on the wall over the studio table. Just touching it stirred me. There are 3 tables, one was cut down a while back and was used as a dye table. I thought, maybe the porch. The man is outside, in his pajamas, putting the legs back on. The porch studio. The reflection of light through the porch door. The ...
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A Place in the Fog

Unusually warm and wet. This morning there is real fog. Not just the brain kind. And no back pain. What a gift it seems like. Just to wake up without pain. An early rise and some arranging. Finally I can say a Studio. Two tables, some stuff. And a place for Soul-o to keep me company. This house was not my dream choice. Still, it is a house and it is now warm and easy to be in. Now that I have a place to sit and put words together and gather cloth and paper and things, I might begin to tell the s...
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Everything is not going as quickly as planned. So I can be here to say hi.  Before I have my internet shut down here. And wander into the in between. I am making a map to help me through what should be so I might get to what might be
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Let this blog become a Slow Holding Pattern now.  Sounds more romantic. A ceremony. Just pics. Tho I will not be online much. Comments off after today. For October.  If you are signed up for Patchwork in Perspective, please check the class sites on Wednesdays, there will be new content. I have marked the series, parts 1 and 2 sold out. I thinks that's it. Part three will go on sale next year.  After October, I will move into mobile mode.  That is, you can follow me on Instagram until I h...
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Running Through

2 short stories. T his is a chipmunk running very fast past the studio door. And this is me... Stitching quite slowly, helping a thread run through a few loose patches. And then naming it Love is a Life Force .
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Slow Spring

A gain , cold, rain. But it's green.  Celebrating that.     Also. Contemplating Big Change. Maybe that has already happened.  In my mind. It starts there. Do you feel it?
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Just Going is not always a straight line...

C ontinuing on this piece ... added a few more loose patches. I renamed it Haven ... aka Open House. Now feeling it is Safe and Open at the same time. I remind myself, on this chilly April morning, I am not running a race, I am simply trying to catch up with myself. Before I disappear.  What if ? this place, Spirit Cloth is changing Perhaps a place for quiet reflection. Thought Catching. Comments off. At least for now. Attention turned to Patchwork in Perspective . Part one in process, P...
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I t's April It's been raining. Feels just about right.Today I open my studio for Patchwork in Perspective ( Part 1). I've placed an icon in the sidebar here as a gateway to the home page. And here in this post as a test, it is the gateway. Thought Catching is my initial focus. Because it is how I we begin, keep going, and look back.
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I can't go any faster... the speed of thought then... (I am about to send out another email correspondence for those of you who have joined part 1-Patchwork in Perspective.  If you do not receive the mail today, check your spam folder first and then let me know if you still don't find it.)
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S o here comes the sun. And the sense of warming that spring sun brings. I like this picture above because of it's simple composition that includes the corner sun we draw as kids. Did someone teach us that? I spent some time stitching on the Bird Robe yesterday. Just continuing with the quilting which never seems to finish. I've worn it for like 15 years now and  it is still basted in many places. It's form as useful need not be finished in traditional standards and that thoug...
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How it Really Is

  C h a n g i n g my point of view has softened the online time. I look at this, this morning, and remember the thought about the illusion of just one thing moving through, feeling much better about the blur. A Newsletter to myself. How it really is.  It's in motion. I am all-ways in motion. Sharing that is difficult and often time unexpected because the Thing is what we all seem to be after.  And how to get that, get there. Some of us would like to buy that if we could.  And as ...
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When it All gets Too Big...

P robably all those who subscribe by email here will not see the moving picture below. I don't know. You may have to visit. Still, this is just so perfectly how I feel today. I THANK YOU all for your interest in my final online sharing series. The potential group is way bigger than I imagined. And that has me reconsidering format. I will not be answering all the responses. I will simply publish another Feel Free Newsletter with more details.  I simply wanted to get an idea about the ...
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Longer, Still just going

S o the base , the available space to be filled, is  about 6" wide by 20" long. In this case there is no reason for that, it is just how it happened. Sometimes, and perhaps more often, I impose a kind of personal math, that has to do with nine. But it didn't happen today That top partial giant moon is a scrap leftover from something trimmed down. I like how that seeing part of it has changed the scale of things.  The dotted moon is  something I kept for myself from the shop, because it was...
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Think Simple...

W ithout the clutter of greed, agenda and expectation, little things can be surprisingly useful. I try not to overlook that. Think. Consider. Keep Going. Many times, I get the question..."what do you do with all these little pieces?". I consider each one, and each step, a thought caught. And I try to put them in perspective. Thought Catching now aka Patchwork in Perspective   is officially the first segment of a sharing series I will host in 2019 starting on my birthday, February 19th. Ok ...
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