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Running Basics Interactive Online CEU Course

I'm excited to announce the launch of my new interactive online Running Basics CEU course available through National Personal Training Institute Global. (Earn CEU credits for NASM, AFFA, and NATIONALPTI)! This course will help fitness professionals, personal trainers, fitness trainers, and coaches feel more confident working with runners, better meet the fitness needs of their running clients, and widen their client base by offering programs designed for runners of all levels. Through 1...
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New "Running Basics" CEU Course!

  Excited to announce the launch of my new Running Basics CEU course available through National Personal Training Institute Global. (Earn CEU credits for NASM, AFFA, and NATIONALPTI) This course will help fitness professionals, personal trainers, fitness trainers, and coaches feel more confident working with runners, better meet the fitness needs of their running clients, and widen their client base by offering programs designed for runners of all levels. Through 1/19 you can save 30% of the reg...
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5 ways agents can take advantage of the off-season

Most agents dread the off-season, but savvy agents see it as an opportunity. Use the winter months to make a plan, build relationships and research trends that will ultimately make you useful to your clients in the long run. 
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The no-brainer investment all agents should make in 2021

Agents are the conductors of real estate. They must keep everyone involved informed and protected. However, to function as valuable problem-solvers, agents need to invest in themselves with continual learning. Here are the benefits of doing that.
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Inman announces the first round of sponsors and exhibitors for Connect Now

May 14, 2020 – Inman Group® announced the first wave of companies that will sponsor Connect Now, which kicks off June 2-4, 2020. The event will welcome thousands of agents, brokers, owners, and managers, all coming together from around the world for a virtual event specially designed to tackle the drastically altered industry of today.
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Learning Resources to Help You Keep Up With Your Growing Business

Effective strategies for managing a growing business change all the time—the onus is on the owner to develop a mindset of continuous education. It's in your best interest to identify learning resources in a few key areas that are critical for growing your business. Let's focus on debt consolidation, business loan attainment, supply chain  management and sales and marketing tracking because they all affect your ability to generate positive cash flow and ensure that your operations solidly...
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How Working Parents Can Hack Their Professional Development

Considering the average working parent's schedule, most don't have time to pursue an additional degree or attend lengthy onsite trainings while parenting and working full time.  However, keeping skills current is essential to gainful employment through the automation age. Let's have a look at six alternate ways working parents can upskill without drowning in additional commitments. 1. Read a book on your phone. In my home office, I have a stack of business books I've been meani...
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Time-Saving Ways to Stay Up to Date on Market Trends

Business success today depends on understanding, in real time, what your customers need and what types of competitive strategies are the most effective. After all, there’s nothing worse than spending precious resources launching a new product or service that ultimately flops in the marketplace. Fortunately, advancing technology makes it possible to conduct competitive market research more rapidly than in the past. Let’s explore how to conduct a market analysis efficiently, as well as strategies ...
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Struggling to pack it all in? Here’s how to own your time

If you find yourself saying things like "There's not enough time in the day," know that there's a better way, and it starts with being proactive. Being proactive is time-blocking, whereas being reactive is like playing whack-a-mole all day. Here's how to take back your day and get it all done.
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Dollars and Sense: How to get more out of your career

If you’re looking to tap into the potential that your real estate career holds — whether it’s money, satisfaction or enjoyment — we’ve got 10 suggestions for helping you make your job more gratifying this year.
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12 Ways to Help Your Team Build Skills Outside Their Day-to-Day Jobs

What is a good approach for team members to work on relevant skills outside of their day to day, either on company time or on their own? Why does this… Read more » The post 12 Ways to Help Your Team Build Skills Outside Their Day-to-Day Jobs appeared first on
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The Forgotten Transitions: New Managers, New Responsibilities

In an ideal world, every employee would be solidly prepared for a transition involving a promotion or new roles and responsibilities. And yet so often, we leave this to chance. We hope that the person in charge will make sure the employee has all of the right information, tools, and support to perform the new job effectively. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t happen. Employees are expected to figure it out, and many get overwhelmed, burned out, and demotivated in the process. Exacerbating the pr...
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Want to rise above your competition? Try these 5 pro moves

In real estate, showcasing your professionalism is how you get business. It’s how you convince buyers and sellers to work with you over the plethora of other agents out there. What can you do to exhibit competence and display your skillset to past and future clients? Here are five pro moves that’ll set you apart from the rest of the pack.
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Announcing Workforce 2030: A New Podcast About Our Most Critical Workplace Disruptions

Today marks a very special occasion. Alongside my partner of 10 years, SilkRoad Technology, a global leader in strategic onboarding for workforce transformation, I am releasing a new podcast: Workforce 2030. The show features discussions with leading talent management experts, business leaders and industry disrupters on topics about the future of work and how the workforce will transform to meet the needs of 2030 and beyond. In my tenure as a workforce futurist, I’ve spent a great deal of time o...
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3 ways to actively ensure the longevity of your career

While attending the real estate licensing program, I learned an insane statistic: About 90 percent of real estate agents leave after five years. How do you prevent falling prey to the five-year itch? Actively continue your education through these three avenues.
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4 ways brokerages can expand their agents’ education

In the constantly changing real estate industry, how do real estate brokerages furnish their agents with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed? Here are some of the top strategies for fostering agent growth through coaching, ongoing education and proactive training programs.
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Agent/broker perspective: Is mandatory CE still necessary?

In this monthly column, Anthony Askowitz explores a hypothetical Miami real estate situation from both sides of the broker/agent dynamic: An experienced top agent at a Miami real estate firm is questioning the need for required continuing education credits in a dramatically shifting climate for agents.
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Landmark Learning

In 1996 Mairi and Justin Padgett had the idea to create a school that focused on emergency medical training and swiftwater rescue. As outdoor guides since the late 1980’s they wanted to influence outdoor guide education in western North Carolina. As Mairi and Justin attended graduate school at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC, Justin became immersed in the county emergency medical services.   By 2000 Landmark Learning had a home on a thirty acre parcel of mountain property in a remod...
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The Real Story Behind Stretch Assignments

Stretch opportunities are all the rage in the workplace. But as popular as they are, it’s unclear why some people decide to accept a stretch assignment or role – and others step aside. It’s also unclear why women haven’t benefited from stretches as much as men. Selena Rezvani is Be Leaderly’s VP of consulting and research and a recognized speaker on women and leadership. She recently led Be Leaderly’s original research on how both genders decide if they are ready for a stretch, and how they make...
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6 Critical Skills to Master as a Business Leader

When you’re running your own business, you are pulled in a million different directions daily. You know that you should be building your leadership skills, but it can be challenging to know which skills to focus on first—especially when free time is at a premium. For tips on the key skills entrepreneurs should develop to help them grow as leaders, we asked members from YEC Next this question. Q. Given that business leaders rarely have the time to learn new business skills, what’s one skill or a...
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13 Effective Ways Business Leaders Can Continue Improving Their Skills

Continuing education is important — especially for leaders. What is the best method to learn or improve work-related skills? Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the… Read more » The post 13 Effective Ways Business Leaders Can Continue Improving Their Skills appeared first on
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It’s in the numbers: Your business has to be on social media

Chances are your business or organization needs to talk to people in the outside world. So why not meet those people where they are spending their time. If you haven’t made the leap into social media yet, we have a few compelling reasons why you should consider diving in.   Connect with your audience Canadians are signing on to social media with increasing frequency. And if you’re not there, your business is at risk of getting left in the dust. The State of Social Media in Canada 2017, a repor...
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Exploring and Closing the Middle Skills Gap

As the chair of DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board, I’ve been talking about skills gaps a lot recently. Usually, I address either the technology skills gap or the soft skills gap specifically, and I’m usually referring to graduates of four-year institutions who are pursuing careers in the business world In reading my veteran HR thought leader Sharlyn Lauby’s new book The Recruiter’s Handbook, however, I was alerted to an entirely different type of skills gap: the middle skills gap. Accord...
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How to Sustain the Benefits of Corporate Training After the Course is Over

In my experience as a workforce author and consultant, I’ve observed that organizations tend to invest more in their employees during good economic times, and pull back development efforts when their businesses are feeling the pinch. Let’s recall what we learned from our earliest years in school. Our teachers encouraged us to master material through repetition. We’d be introduced to a concept in class, practice it via homework, be quizzed on it by the teacher, and be tested on it again much late...
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Increasing Your Workforce’s Digital Fluency

Digital literary and fluency are terms that are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences. According to Christian Briggs and Kevin Makice, two early advocates of the concept of digital fluency and the authors of Digital Fluency: Building Success in the Digital Age, both digital literacy and digital fluency involve the ability to use technology to achieve a desired outcome. A digitally literate person knows how to use technologies and what to do with them, but the outcome is l...
Tags: Technology, Careers, Best Practices, HR Issues, Employment Trends, Life in the 21st Century, Continuing Education, Future Trends, Skill acquisition, Christian Briggs, Kevin Makice

Hiring Managers: Are You Supporting Vets?

In a recent Prudential Financial and IAVA survey published on Military.com1, two-thirds of veterans said they faced a difficult transition to civilian life, partly because they speak a different language than the business leaders hiring them. Tom Tarantino, chief policy officer for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, said that we aren’t doing a good enough job of training people leaving the military to look for work. “It’s less a matter of veterans overestimating their skills than it is m...
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Why Corporate Training Must Be Part of Your Mix

As a workforce author, researcher, and consultant, I observed many organizations that were concerned about a labor shortage brought about by baby boomer retirement. This shortage, and the skills gaps that went along with it, was partially delayed in part by the financial crisis and subsequent recession, because many baby boomers lost savings and were working past traditional retirement age1. Many baby boomers, born 1946-64, are now in their 70s, and the time has come for them to exit the workfo...
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My Takeaways from the ATD Tech Skills Gap Panel

The technology skills gap is a well-known issue in American employment circles. Yet, research tends to focus on only one aspect of the problem – the shortage of hard tech skills like programming and information security management. But there is another, perhaps even more critical dimension to the technology skills gap1: the lack of applied tech skills in the workplace. As we’ve talked about previously, when an individual has applied tech skills,2 they can integrate people, processes, data, and d...
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Tapping Into Global Business Innovation

Before the internet, most innovation took place in small communities, with isolated breakthroughs eventually spreading throughout the world. Today, however, global business innovation is the norm. Business owners pursuing growth may want to make a habit of looking around them—and not just at local competitors. How other companies around the world do business can affect your organization. I spoke to two business owners to understand how they tap into global business innovation to power their comp...
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Letting My Network Become My Classroom

When I decided that I was not going to grad school immediately after my bachelor’s, I initially feared becoming stagnant in my musical education.  Although I have never been shy about being an autodidact, my concern was that I would lose motivation, direction, or both. After I plunged right into a 9-to-5 position, I began to contemplate what it would look like to create a routine that would facilitate the continuation of my education in music while being outside of academia. In that first year, ...
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