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Contra wants to be the community that independent workers are missing

Whether you’re working on something new according to your Twitter bio, or self-employed, according to your LinkedIn bio, founder Ben Huffman thinks his platform, Contra, will be the best way for independent workers to explain and monetize what they are working on. Contra is a platform that wants professionals to create profiles that show project-based identities, versus a role-based identity that one would show on LinkedIn. It’s been built for what Huffman thinks is the future: digital knowledge...
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George P. Shultz, Ronald Reagan's longtime secretary of state, dies at age 100

Secretary of State George Shultz, center, walks with President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush upon his arrival at the White House on January 9, 1985, after two days of arms talks with the Soviet Union in Geneva. AP Photo/Barry Thumma, File Former US Secretary of State George P. Shultz has died at age 100. Shultz was the longest serving secretary of state since World War II. Condoleezza Rice praised Shultz as a "great American statesman" and a "true patriot." Visit the Busines...
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Longtime Reagan Secretary of State George Shultz dies at 100

By MATTHEW LEE WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Secretary of State George P. Shultz, a titan of American academia, business and diplomacy who spent most of the 1980s trying to improve Cold War relations with the Soviet Union and forging a course for peace in the Middle East, has died. He was 100. Shultz died Saturday at his home on the campus of Stanford University, where he was a distinguished fellow at the Hoover Institution, a think tank, and professor emeritus at Stanford’s Graduate School of Busine...
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Constantly Wrong: Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson Makes the Case Against Conspiracy Theories Discordian writer and prankster Robert Anton Wilson celebrated conspiracy theories as decentralized power incarnate. “Conspiracy is just another name for coalition,” he has a character say in The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles. According to Wilson, any sufficiently imaginative group of people can make a fiction real. Another statement of his sounds more ominous, read in the light of how we usually think about conspiracy theory: “Reality is w...
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The best arcade cabinets for 2020

Brands like Arcade1Up let you turn your own home into an arcade without breaking the bank. These are our top 10 most-wanted home arcade cabinets, including Donkey Kong and Killer Instinct.
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Konami Code Creator Kazuhisa Hashimoto Dies At 61

Kazuhisa Hashimoto, a producer credited with implementing the fabled "Konami Code" that gave players godlike cheats in Contra, Gradius, Castlevania, and other Konami games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, died on Tuesday. He was 61. Polygon reports: Hashimoto was a programmer and producer for the home console port of Gradius, which in 1986 was the first video game to use the Konami Code. Hashimoto put it in the game as an aid for his playtesting, memorably saying that he "obviously couldn'...
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Cobalt Kinetics Sets Its Sights On The 1911 Pistol

(Washington, Utah) -( Top-tier rifle manufacturer, Cobalt Kinetics, seems to be hanging up their rifles in order to bring a new line of pistols to market. Four years ago, Cobalt Kinetics invited me to a private shooting event in Las Vegas, Nevada, to let me try out a few of their new rifles that provided a fresh take on the venerable AR-15. These bold new designs had it in the looks department as well as in performance. Beyond the flashy colors were some real innovations like a si...
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On North Korea, a Return to Fire and Fury Isn't Worth The Risks

A couple of years ago the Trump administration seemingly brought the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war. The president matched North Korea’s Supreme Leader insult for insult, sent what he called the “armada” off of the North’s coast, and threatened “fire and fury.” The consequences of a conflict most likely would have been catastrophic, especially for America’s ally, the Republic of Korea.Happily, negotiation rather than shooting occurred. Contra claims that Washington was played or fleeced, t...
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Former Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar Dead At 87

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Former Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican foreign policy sage known for leading efforts to help the former Soviet states dismantle and secure much of their nuclear arsenal, but whose reputation for working with Democrats cost him his final campaign, died Sunday. He was 87. Lugar died at the Inova Fairfax Heart and Vascular Institute in Virginia from complications related to chronic inflammatory demylinating polyneuropathy, or CIPD, a rare neurological disorder, the ...
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Konami Anniversary Collection Announced

For its upcoming 50th anniversary, Konami has announced three new game collections filled with some of their most popular classic titles, prominently featuring Castlevania and Contra together with various arcade games. An overview of each individual collection from the official website: Dive back into the action! In celebration with the 50th anniversary since Konami was […]
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Konami Classics Coming to Consoles And PC in 50th Anniversary Editions

Video game publisher Konami is celebrating its 50th anniversary by bringing some of its classic titles to PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in three separate digital bundles, it announced on Wednesday. The “Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection” comes out on Apr. 18 and has eight ported titles along with a bonus book showing […]
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Google hid one of the oldest cheat codes in video game history on the back of its new Stadia controller

Google announced its new game-streaming platform, Stadia, along with a compatible controller on Tuesday at the 2019 Game Developers Conference. During the presentation, we noticed a popular gaming reference located on the back of Google's Stadia controller: The Konami Code. The cheat code ( ↑,↑,↓,↓,←,→,←,→,B,A) has been referenced in video games and pop culture for decades. Keen-eyed gamers who watched Google's announcement of its new Stadia game streaming service on Tuesday will surely h...
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Google hid a reference to one of the oldest cheat codes in video game history on the back of its new Stadia controller

Google announced its new game-streaming platform, Stadia, along with a compatible controller on Tuesday at the 2019 Game Developers Conference. During the presentation, we noticed a popular gaming reference located on the back of Google's Stadia controller: The Konami Code. The cheat code ( ↑,↑,↓,↓,←,→,←,→,B,A) has been referenced in video games and pop culture for decades. Keen-eyed gamers who watched Google's announcement of its new Stadia game streaming service on Tuesday will surely h...
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A Very Serious Cookbook: Contra Wildair

The humor and ingenuity of the duo behind beloved New York City restaurants Contra and Wildair translates onto every single page in their debut cookbook, A Very Serious Cookbook: Contra Wildair. Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske cook hyper-seasonally, with undeniable skill, wit and a bit of humility. There’s nothing stuffy about their food—or their love of natural wine—and it has rewarded them and will reward readers.
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The Observer view on Nicaragua’s critical need for a new direction | Observer editorial

It should be clear to Daniel Ortega that change is urgently needed now his people have turned against himThere was a time, in the 1980s, when Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, was hailed as a hero in the insurrectionary tradition of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. The Reagan administration’s covert (and illegal) efforts to vanquish Ortega by force, after the Sandinistas helped topple the Somoza dictatorship in 1979, provoked an international campaign in...
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New Video: Logic “Contra”

Money isn’t the key to life for Logic, who drops the music video for “Contra.” In support of Bobby Tarantino II, the Maryland MC swerves around town in a high-end sports car filled with stacks of cash. Bobby Tarantino ends up in a warehouse, where loads and loads of cash gets unloaded and eventually set ablaze. Directed by Mike Holland, watch the visual below. Continue after the jump…. Previously: Logic & Marshmello – “Everyday” (Video) Logic’s Everybody Album Is Certified Platinum L...
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Una Pizza Napoletana Returns to New York, With an Assist

The pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri opened a fourth version of his restaurant with the team behind Contra and Wildair.
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NRA President Calls Parkland Student Activists “Terrorists”

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Over the past several months, many have praised the anti-gun violence movement led by students who survived the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, FL. But for someone like the newly-elected president of the National Rifle Association, these teenagers are "terrorists.""They call them activists. That’s what they’re calling themselves. They’re not activists — this is civil terrorism. This is the kind of thing that’s never been seen against a civil rights...
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Famitsu’s Top 20 Most Wanted Games For Mega Drive Mini

Compiling the opinions of its readers, the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed the classic titles that gamers most want to play on the upcoming Sega Mega Drive Mini, with a turn-based strategy game being the most coveted. The ranking: 1. Shining Force 2. Landstalker 3. Gunstar Heroes 4. MUSHA 5 (tie). Shining in the […]
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Soundtrack Review: Greedy Guns

Greedy Guns Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Greedy Guns by Blipperactive. Buy the score here (if available) At a glance: Geek Score: 90 Total Minutes Of Excellence: 27.2 Album Excellence: 57.9% How are the scores calculated and what does it mean? Greedy Guns is a colorful, joyful, platformer that sprinkles elements of exploration on top of excruciating challenges. Taste the tears flowing down your face, while being crushed by its arcady dual stick sh...
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New Updates From Avengers 4, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Justice League, And More

Steppenwolf speaks in new Justice League footage. Some new Star Wars toys may tease some intriguing Last Jedi dialogue. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Kingkiller Chronicles adaptation finds a home. Plus, Konami wants to bring another classic video game to the big screen, and Avengers 4 set pictures. Hooray for spoilers!Read more...
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Live-Action Contra Movie and TV Series Announced by Konami

Live-action Contra movie and TV series announced by Konami Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that their action shooter game Contra is set to be adapted into both a feature film and a television series. Further details about the production will be announced at a later date but you can watch the teaser for the film/series in the player below! Ever since its debut as an action-packed arcade game in 1987, the world famous Contra series has continued to deliver button-mashing fun across m...
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Ignis – “Off Topic” – (Single)

Bronx MC Kid Lethal comes back with some heat on his new single “Off Topic” available on SoundCloud. The laid back track is produced by Muso and keeps it smooth with a very BoomBapish beat and some solid lyrics. He has a new project titled “ADVLND” coming out soon with fellow NYC artist Contra$t ( If you like this and want more follow his Instagram, @jiggyron and his SoundCloud.
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Court: Government improperly ordered former Contra deported

ATLANTA (AP) — An appeals court says the federal government improperly ordered the deportation of a former Nicaraguan rebel fighter who had been in the U.S. for more than three decades. Roger Ricardo Alfaro, who fought as a U.S.-trained Contra rebel to overthrow the Nicaraguan government, fled to the U.S. in 1981. A year later, […]
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Press X to Scream in Space: Every ‘Alien’ Video Game Ranked

Ridley Scott’s Alien has had a marked influence on the video game industry, but it’s mostly just that – influence. I’s James Cameron’s Aliens that feels like a video game itself (in a good way), and developers have “borrowed” from it liberally for their titles. Without these movies, the space marines that populate first-person shooters would never have emerged, and games like Contra or Metroid would never have been a thing. But that’s not to say there haven’t been some really great officially l...
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Hillary Clinton, Pedophile And Child Kidnapping Ring, And Endorsement Of Trump

Unfortunately this has been a long time coming and there is water over the dam.  I have a history on the issue of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and this election that readers may remember, and why I have changed my position needs some explaining.  So let’s get right to it. Six months ago I bid farewell to politics.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump or his moral indiscretions.  It had everything to do with the eviction of Christian thought from the GOP.  The alt-right is welcome in the GOP, I ...
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Eric Trump Proudly Poses With Woman Wearing 'Latina Contra Trump' Shirt

Annie Cardelle/ Twitter We know that Trump is familiar with the word “hombre,” but it seems that’s where his family’s understanding of the Spanish language meets its abrupt end. Which is actually great for us, because now we have these marvelous keepsake photos to always remember this wonderful election by:Read more...
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Q&A With Rising Underground Artist Contra $aturn

What up Contra $aturn, we really enjoyed your latest album “Only The Genesis”, it’s a very powerful and hard-hitting album to say the least! How long have you been rapping? How did you get started? And how did you get your stage name? Contra: Thanks A lot! Creating this album took endless hours, long nights, so it was everything for me! Honestly, i haven’t been rapping that long at all, but I’ve been producing since i was 11 years old (I’m 23 now). I started rapping in college back in 2011. In ...
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15 Frighteningly Good Sweets That Beat Trick or Treating

It's the spookiest month of the year with Halloween just around the corner. The sun may be settling down earlier, but that's no reason for us to. Extend the evening with a dessert that delights and intrigues you. Whether you're in the mood for some devilish dark chocolate or a cracking good creme brulée, there's no shortage of hauntingly good desserts. Check out our picks for ones that'll leave you howling at the moon and on the hunt for more. 1. KIN KHAO - Black Rice Pudding (San Francisco) ...
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Contra $aturn – “Only The Genesis” Album (Review)

Such a powerful fresh new album right here!  Central Florida native Contra $aturn drops his latest full-length album titled  “Only The Genesis“, an enlightening new Hip Hop album for 2016!  His sound is 100% original, with some of the best hard-hitting, melodic beats money can buy!  This album has a powerful spiritual felling to it that will only make you appreciate fresh new Hip Hop even more.  This 10 track album can go up against some of the best in the game today.  It’s really rare when I...
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