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Writing inline footnotes for html to mobi conversion using calibre

Hi, I'm using Calibre 4.9.1. I was so close archiving footnote, but there is still bug that prevent me from having the perfect footnote, here is what I've done so far: Quote: I've figured it out. To make the inline footnote works, must put the footnotes in the "Footnotes" section. Here is the example: I have the file: "HDN is the best.html" Code:     HDN is the best Best of HDN [1] HDN is the best [2] HDN is the best HDN is the best HD...
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PDFto ebub or azw3

pdf looks good but when converting to either format it does this and its really hard to read �������������������������������������������������� ������������ �������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������� ��������������
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Is there a way to convert html and pdf to json or markdown with Calibre?

Have some folders of html files and pdf files that I'd like to get into markdown or json format. Trying to avoid Pandoc, can Calibre do this with a plugin etc?
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Some line breaks after converting epub to azw3

Hi! Sorry for my English! I'm a noob... I've just purchase a Kindle Paper White 10th generation and I'm using Calibre to convert my ebooks in epub format to azw3. The result is usually quite satisfactory. The only problem is that there are some line breaks after the conversion. These line breaks do not appear in the Kindle Previewer on my PC, but they do appear on my Kindle. I have already tried using the heuristic processing function, but the problem persists. Could someone help me, please? Th...
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SIG Sauer Introduces “X-Change Kit” for P365 Pistols

When SIG Sauer released the original P365, it quickly became a hit. It made TFB’s “Prancer’s Perfect Pistols” list for Christmas 2018, it earned Reader’s Choice honors in 2019, it was listed as a “Best Summer Carry Gun”, and James “Sky’s Out Thighs Out” Reeves declared it a game-changer in his “Guns of the Decade” […] Read More … The post SIG Sauer Introduces “X-Change Kit” for P365 Pistols appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Cover pages

Hi. When using Calibre to create a mobi or epub publication, for example The Hindu, the cover page has the date at the bottom and swirly designs in the corners. I'm struggling to replicate this using the command line, which doesn't create the cover with the date. I've tried the pretty-print and the prefer-metadata-cover options but it's still not the same as the Calibre generated content. What equivalent command line command would best replicate the Calibre version for publications? Thanks
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Mac OSX kfx output CLI trouble

Hi, I'm on a MacBook running High Sierra, with two accounts (admin, standard user). I have installed both Kindle Previewer 3.43 and Calibre 3.48.0 and the KFX Output plugin (latest version, AFAIK) into the Applications folder of the admin account. When I convert a mobi, pub, opf file to kfx in Calibre logged to the Standard User account everything is OK. But if I try to do same using CLI, bash spits "command not found". What am I doing wrong? (Please excuse me if a) this has been questioned&...
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Cannot convert or Print EPUB to PDF

Hi all - this is my first post. I am having a problem converting an EPUB book (it's a large 91MB file) to PDF. I have also tried printing it to PDF with no success. Either way the error dump looks almost identical. It goes through the motions of conversion successfully, then Python shuts down with the message "PoDoFo is out of memory". Is this a file size vs RAM issue (I have 8GB on my XPS 13 9360). Here's the tail end of the error log-any help appreciated!! Python function terminated une...
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Can't export AZW3 to Kindle

Looks like Amazon doesn't want us to be able to send externally-formatted books to Kindle. .mobi works but with formatting issues when there are graphics. But the AZW3 just won't leave my folder, and I have tried bluetooth, drag and drop (no folders showing in my Kindle Fire connected to the laptop) an so on. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Formatting issues

Hi, I have an EPUB with entries like this: Object name. Definition I am converting it to docx and I have some formatting issues. Sometimes my source is prettyprinted so there is a new line before "Object name". It seems to translate into a space in the docx. Is there a way to avoid this? I also have some css like the one I paste below to create indents but the indents are lost. Is there any way to keep them? Thanks in advance. .entry { co...
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KFX image import seems to lose color

I've tried searching for loss of color in convert from KFX (to EPUB or PDF) and did not find anything useful. I have a [recently published] Amazon purchased ebook that I am trying to convert into EPUB or PDF format. I've successfully applied DeDRM and have it in Calibre and it does convert to both EPUB and PDF. The issue I'm having is that all the images except the cover are monochrome in the converted files but they're in color in the Kindle rendered version. Is this a known problem? Is th...
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Converting epub to docx: file disappears

Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask this. I am trying to convert an epub to docx using the Calibre management app. The job finishes with the output below, which seems successful, but the docx file has only existed for a second and disappeared. I managed to make a copy before it was deleted, but it is corrupt and I cannot open it (I have no way to know if it is corrupt because it was not completely built or if it was still corrupt exactly before it was autodeleted). Since the log does n...
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Importing HTML files with the wrong chapter order

Hey folks. I've just created a few books out of HTML files, and the chapters come out in the wrong order. What I wind up with is a MOBI or EPUB book where the first page is the ToC I created, but the chapters are out of order. If I delete the MOBI/EPUB version and reconvert, the chapters still won't be in order, but they may be in a different order from the first time I tried. Fascinatingly, the ToC links work correctly. Here's my process: 1) Create the individual HTML files, with no inte...
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ebook-convert changes width of pdf pdf-odd-even-offset and pdf-add-toc used both

Executing Code: echo "# This is a test" > ebook-convert test.pdf --custom-size 4.724x7.48 --pdf-odd-even-offset 10 --pdf-add-toc --level1-toc //h:h1 results in a test.pdf having a width of 4.54. Code: ebook-convert test.pdf --custom-size 4.724x7.48 --pdf-odd-even-offset 0 --pdf-add-toc --level1-toc //h:h1 or Code: ebook-convert test.pdf --custom-size 4.724x7.48 --pdf-odd-even-offset 10 results in a with of 4.71. Not exact though, but ...
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ebook-convert problem with page_styles.css

Hello, I use Calibre command lines with path correctly set. I am using ebook-convert and ebook-meta. I wish to get margins set to zero, remove font-family and get rid of the size descriptor from the @page rule in page_styles.css. With ebook-convert when converting epub to epub, all is fine. But with ebook-convert when converting from html (generated from docx) to epub, the page_style.css file is not modified. With the same set of parameters. In order to be able to modify the page_styles.css ...
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Converting mobi to AZW after they are on Kindle?

Unfortunately discovered too late that custom fonts will only work with azw formatted books and not mobi. All the books I transferred onto my PW through USB are mobi format. Is it possible to convert these to azw with calibre while they are on the kindle or will I have to convert within my library on my PC and then transfer again to the kindle?
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Newbie Convert epub to pdf change line length

Hello, I'm a complete newbie in playing around with epubs but am enjoying calibre. This is probably a very basic question just that I don;t know where to look. When i convert a epub to a pdf and change the paper size how do I get the text to take the entire page width in the conversion? The text stays exactly as it was in the epub and essentially just occupies the middle of the mage. If I remove the CSS Margins it moves to the left instead of the middle. I just can not figure out how to get the...
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Polish feature: new cover

When I use the Calibre's polish feature "update cover", the original book cover is lost. Can I simply add a new cover without losing the original? I'd like the new and the original cover appears in my kindle when I load the books.
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problem transferring files from one computer to another

Hello. While on vacation, I used Calibre on a different computer from my usual one (computer with Windows 7 instead of 10, but same latest version of Calibre, I think 4.23, installed). I thus downloaded some EPub documents from the web, and then converted them to Mobi (also retaining the original EPub, of course). When coming back, I took all files on a USB key, nicely arranged in their respective folders, and then copied the folders to the "Calibre Library" folder on my usual home computer. So ...
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DOCX Table of Contents Page Title Missing from Calibre TOC

I have an interesting problem. I have inserted a TOC in my Word manuscript, but after conversion to EPUB (version 3), the TOC is missing in the Electronic TOC in various apps eg ibooks, Kindle Previewer, as well as the Calibre reader. I have converted the manuscript to PDF using Word, and the TOC is in the PDF bookmarks. I've put a section break after "Acknowledgements", but to no avail. It appears that Calibre is ignoring that one section. I've checked out the Help on Tables of Contents but c...
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Calibre export to ePub fails: "Failed to initialize plugin: ..."

Most of the time, it works to add self-written .odt documents to Calibre and then convert to ePub. But sometimes it fails: Failed to initialize plugin: '/home/res/.config/calibre/plugins/' Conversion options changed from defaults: cover: '/tmp/calibre_4.99.4_tmp__w420e3e/o5xos4_r.jpeg' verbose: 2 read_metadata_from_opf: '/tmp/calibre_4.99.4_tmp__w420e3e/3szthjo8.opf' Resolved conversion options calibre version: 4.99.4 Anybody got any ideas how I can solve this? Greetings Res
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How to export PDFs as Fixed-Layout ePubs in Calibre?

I'd like to be able to export a PDF as a Fixed-Layout ePub within Calibre. However, I can't see an option for it under the export settings...
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Calibre configurations lost!

Hi friends. Calibre for reasons unknown, resinstalled itself yesterday, as if it were never used before. (home Windows 10 machine). I managed to recover from the loss of the Library by finding and restoring it. Now equally concerning to me, does anyone know how to recover the lost configurations in Calibre. Signficant example: it took years of learning, but I finally got a means to convert .epub and a few other formats to .pdfs that look like book chapters, rather than mobile device text, which ...
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PNG images lost in conversion

I'm trying to convert an EPUB file to the FB2 format. All PNG images are converted into JPEG for some reason. The conversion log: Code: J:\Calibre Portable\Calibre\app\\dateutil\ UnicodeWarning: Unicode equal comparison failed to convert both arguments to Unicode - interpreting them as being unequal Conversion options changed from defaults:   verbose: 2   filter_css: u',color,padding-top,padding-left,background-color,padding-right,padding,padding-bottom,backgr...
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Calibre wont convert

I have to be missing something. Installed the latest calibre, latest DRM removal tool, and latest kfx input plug in. Cant convert or even view book. Uniinstalled kfx plug in, says it needs the plug in cause the book is kfx format, which is normal. Try to convert, says cant remove DRM even though plug in is installed and and enabled. Book downloaded from kindle to pc 1.24 today. Am i drunk or am i missing something. Oh, and i should mention, the book when i drop it in calibre gets given ...
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Adding Sony PPRS-T2 to the devices list on the page setup conversion menu.

Has simply as that, I would like to ad my device to that list in order to set up the conversion settings properly:
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Single File Conversion

Is it possible in Calibre to create just one file with no separate folder when converting a file, for example from .epub to .mobi?
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footnote, endnotes, print, epub, pdf

I have a print version of a book with footnotes at the bottom of pages. They use symbols, rather than numbers to refer to text. I got an epub version of same book. I find that the footnotes and now endnotes, numbered at end of each chapter. As many are aware, footnotes are generally more convenient to reference than endnotes. Since I want the ability to annotate (apparently Calibre is not yet doing this), I use Calibre to convert the epub to pdf. so... is there a conversion setting (few o...
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Stop .ncx from Adding Page Count

Is there a way to stop the highlighted part of the attached photo from automatically generating? Context: I convert .docx to epub without forcing a ToC. Then I would go in and edit to embed font and add .ncx manually. I figured out (took me too long, but oh well, I now know) how to embed fonts prior to conversion. So now I even force the ToC. Then Amazon told me that the page count was embedded in the file and now it's a problem (they can't adjust print length now when they could before and...
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Converting Kindle books with sequential art

So epub conversions are a disaster for this type of book. Sometimes, when the text is a fixed part of the image, I can use the unpack option and create a cbr or pdf (using Adobe pro). The scale and resolution of kindle images are often inconsistent (probably purposefully so), making creating a dual page pdf presentation a mammoth task.:help: Is there a program in which one can do bulk scale and resolution changes? I see from the sticky notes above that my disappointing encounters with doing p...
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