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epub3 to azw3 conversion

I'm teaching myself (or trying to) to format a public domain book in epub (original bare minimum formatted book from I used the figure and figcaption tags on the images and then belatedly discovered that I need to use epub3 for that, so I used a converter for that. I bring the book into calibre and convert it to azw3 prior to sending it to the kindle. Out of curiosity I looked at the azw3 file in calibre's editor and saw that the html is still using html5. The html tag at the to...
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AZW3 to PDF: separate page for every footnote

My apologies if a thread for this problem exists. My searches have yielded nothing except a fix for this problem IF the input file is a docx. I want to convert a AZW3 file to PDF in order to print it for personal use. The problem is that the conversion creates a new page for each footnote. Out of 598 pages, 384 pages are just footnotes taking up around 1/5th of each page, which is ridiculous for printing purposes. I can see no options to change this. I am hopeless at CSS, so I was wondering if s...
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Coreldraw file to epub

I am new to Calibre and overall e-book publishing field. Looking for inputs on how I can get a hard cover book designed in Coreldraw (cdr) file converted to epub format. I tried exporting it to pdf and then converting to epub but the formatting is all broken when I open the file in Mac iBook reader. Thanks Vikas
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downsides to having disable font rescaling always on?

I have an odd problem with one book producing weird font rescaling when I convert it to azw3 from mobi. I can fix it by checking the box "Disable font size rescaling" in the Look & Feel. What problems might I experience if I do that in the Preferences for all books? ( Here's the problem book: )
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epub convert to PDF .. the fonts is too small

Hello I've converted (with the newest Calibre) a EPUB to PDF. The fonts is too small. How to change the fonts of PDF to bigger? Thank you.
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black background, black test

I converted this epub to azw3 for my kindle paperwhite2. In calibre its a gray background with white/black text. On my kindle, the gray background is black and all the black text is not visible. How can I fix this? Thanks. Attached Thumbnails  
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Hi, Books that I have converted from AZW3 to MOBI are somehow missing a chapter(s) after the conversion. Is there a way to fix this? I am using MoonReader Pro on my phone and tablet. I did try not converting the books and sent them to my phone as an AZW3 file. CC Companion asks if I have a reading app installed. I can't find any place to add AZW3 files as acceptable files. Thank you. Karen :thanks:
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Converted AZW3 hangs Kindle Paperwhite

I converted an EPUB file to AZW3 (default settings, calibre 3.40.1). Both the original EPUB and the converted AZW3 display in the calibre ebook viewer but when I send the AZW3 to the Kindle Paperwhite and click on the book cover it just stays in "Opening...." and I have to reset the reader to get it working again. If I convert it to MOBI there's no such problem but it loses all typography. I have converted other EPUBs to AZW3 and they do open so there must be some problem with this particular ...
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Best Formatting for Conversion

(This isn't a "crisis" question...just a topic for conversation.) I often create documents which I later convert into Epub/AZW/MOBI formats. I basically use Word to create the documents. Has anyone done any research or testing to determine what the best basic settings (page size and format, fonts, etc.) that produce the most dependable and "closest to original" when they are converted? I have been using 8.5"x11" with .5 margins all around, Calibre or Times at about 10pts, full justified. T...
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Calibre MOBI file type "OLD-NEW"

I have noticed what I think are some changes to Calibre conversion & wonder if I should use the "NEW-OLD" or "BOTH", I think this may depend on the version & age of my Amazon Fire. I have an Amazon Fire HD8 5th generation so if anybody can advise me which conversion type to use I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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Author's name changed to "&" between last and first name

Sometimes with, say a book from Project Gutenberg, I want to convert from EPUB to RTF so that I can edit some of additional paragraphs added. The conversion and Word work fine. When I copy the RTF file back into Calibre the name is changed from say "Jones, John" to "Jones & John". I can use the Edit Metadata function to correct it but that is a pain. This just started happening so I must have made a change to the settings by accident. I've looked at the settings but I can't figure it out. I'm us...
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Cross-references in docx to mobi/epub

Hi, I have many cross-references in my document, which are causing the following problem in the docx to mobi/epub conversation: When I change the format of a cross-reference (e.g. change it to bold) in word, then the cross reference is not working anymore in the mobi/epub. (The cross-references work fine also after the conversion, when I keep the format unchanged, but in order to fit properly in my document, I have to change the format...) I attached a simple test-docx-file (and the converted ep...
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New to calibre, a few problems with conversion

Hi everyone. I'm new to calibre and when I try to convert epub to mobi I have a few problems: 1) When a word is too long to fit in the line, it would just go down to the next line instead of being split with an hyphen. Can it be solved? It is also the case when some lines are spaced weirdly. 2) The cover don't appear in library mode 3) I can't see the page I'm in, only the location can someone help me with it? Thanks
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Conversion error (pdf->whatever)

I am trying to convert a novel I wrote (in Italian) from current PDF format to any format suitable for self-publishing on Amazon (I assume ebook, mobi and azw3 are ok). I wrote novel in LaTeX and thus I have full (?) control on PDF generation. I tried to find a way to directly generate [x]html, but I failed because of fonts I'm using. ebook-viewer can show the generated PDF apparently without any problem. Using either Calibre or ebook-convert results in error at the very end of document: Spoile...
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PDF to txt - split files

I am using ebook-convert command for PDF to text conversion, I want to output each page into a different text file. Here are my questions: 1. Is there a CLI command to output each page into different files. 2. If not, how do I identify a page in the text file? 3. Is there a python API to do this? Thanks in advance.
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Conversion errors

Used the kindle yesturday and it was working fine but now trying to convert several book result in convert failures. I download fresh install of calibre on another pc in the house to and the same thing. Fresh calibre install. rtf to mobi failed to convert: Convert book 1 of 1 (The Demon Awakens) Conversion options changed from defaults: output_profile: 'kindle' cover: u'C:\\Users\\Silk\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\calibre_f dhlew\\h8c9jd.jpeg' verbose: 2 read_metadata_from_opf: u'C:\\...
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Help with cover when converting Word to Mobi

Hi, I'm trying to convert from a word doc to mobi. I have a map in the front of my novel and Calibre is designating the map as the book's cover. When I upload the actual cover, the map disappears. It's as if the cover I'm uploading it is replacing it. The map is NOT the cover and shouldn't be designated as the cover anyway. Help!
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How to Modify @font-face on Conversion?

Is there a way to modify the @font-face in CSS files that already exist in a given book so that it is modified during conversion? For example, I want to convert: @font-face { font-family: Hlv } to @font-face { font-family: Helvetica } during conversion so that it will reference the fonts correctly using the correct name of the font. Using style transformation, transformation doesn't affect font-family under @font-face in a given CSS file, but it will affect the rest of the referen...
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Where is the AZW3's Manual Fine-Tuned ToC

I have an AZW3 eBook made up of 3 books each containing umpteen chapters. It comes with no ToC. When I do a Convert to AZW3 with defaults other than "Force use of auto-gen ToC" (cuz w/out it nothing happens) I get a 3-line ToC with just the 3 books. I want all the chapters as well. So I try to Manually Fine-Tune the ToC. After spending hours adding 1 chapter at time, all of which it sees but seems to have no way of doing them all in 1 foul swoop, I end up with an AZW3 which the Viewer can see ...
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Conversion from epub to pdf is failing

Hello, I have tried to convert several of my epubs to pdf. But every time it fails with the same error. Calibre version is 3.41.1 64-bit on Win 10. Here is the conversion error output: Spoiler: Convert book 1 of 1 (Autostoperski vodič kroz galaksiju) Conversion options changed from defaults: disable_font_rescaling: True preserve_cover_aspect_ratio: True paper_size: u'b4' pdf_mono_family: u'Iosevka' keep_ligatures: True output_profile: 'generic_eink_hd' cover: u'C:...
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Heading style problem at docx to mobi conversion

Hi, I am trying to converting a docx file (word 2007) to a mobi. I am experiencing the following problems with the h1 heading: the h1 heading is intended, although there is no intend in the original docx file. see screenshot of original heading here And a screenshot of the converted heading here the number of the h1 heading is sometimes bigger than the text and seems to have a differente font or is not bold; see screenshot here How can that be solved or what is the problem? Here is the c...
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64 Bit Calibre

I use three 64bit Win7 machines. It has been recommended that I USE the 64bit version of Calibre, but I don't see a specific link to get that version. Where do I look for it? Thank you. JP
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Image settings for docx to epub/mobi conversion

Hi, I am in the process of publishing a travel-guidebook on kdp (and other ebook retailers) and would need some help: I am writing the book in word 2007 (docx) and would like to convert it to mobi and epub. (mobi for kdp, epub for all other retailers) The book is a guidebook and therefore contains many images (>200). In order to keep the filesize low, I am in the process of resizing all the images to 600px (width/height) with 300dpi before I insert them into the word file. (I want to keep t...
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Unwanted page breaks during OTD to MOBI conversion

When I convert my OTD file to a MOBI file, Calibre automatically inserts a page break on every new header 1 and 2. My problem is that my book is structured somewhat like thisChapter 1Chapter 1.1 Chapter 1.2 ... Chapter 2Chapter 2.1 Chapter 2.2 ... Chapter 3Chapter 3.1 Chapter 3.2 ... ... The title of x is always on a its own page with the title of x.1 and its content being on the next page. I want there to be a page break at the start of a new chapter and a new subchapter, except x.1, with...
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Conversion Fail - (error message)

I am trying to convert a large file created with MS Word. It is 14mb containing both text and images. If I output it to PDF first, the PDF will convert but some formatting is wrong. If I try to convert the DOCX output I get the following error message which ENDS with a "Memory Error" (with no explanation. I suspect the issue is with the size of the file. Is there anything I can do to get this file to convert? Thank you. ERROR MESSAGE DUMP: calibre, version 3.39.1 (win32, embedded-python:...
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Epub to Mobi Chapters Corrupted

I have tried converting an Epub to Mobi and also AZW3 using Calibre-64bit-3.40.1, when opening the resulting file (Mobi or AZW3) there is either a sentence or a paragraph on each page. This is the first time I have come across this error when using Calibre. Can anybody shed some light on what the problem maybe? Thanks.
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Font changes when coverting AZW book to EPUB

I'm trying to convert an azw book to epub. Calibre completes the conversion with no problem, but the font has changed to some unsightly italic font throughout. I can use the look and feel settings to fix this, but I'm curious why this is happening. When I look inside the resulting epub file, I find a number of .ttf files with names like 00001.ttf in the fonts folder, but when I try to open one, I get a message "invalid font file". The CSS refers to the font E B Garamond, which I don't have (thou...
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possible to specify cover scheme at command line conversion?

Hi, Is there a way to specify the cover scheme when converting using CLI? I know I can select a cover by image/URL, or use the default cover scheme but I'd like to use specific colours for different book genres (whilst still using the meta text). Is it possible? Thanks!
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Hello, I am converting an EPUB-file to docx using calibre. In the text there are several description lists, i.e. glossaries, With the English and the translated Norwegian text: mind: sinn My question is: Will this information (xml:lang) be transferred to the docx-file, so that the synthetic Speech will change accordingly? /Tage
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ePub3 Fixed Layout

Hi! Saw that convert to ePub3 is possible with Calibre, but will it also become possible to ePub3 Fixed Layout? Kind regards, Gunivortus
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