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Font problem converting from EPUB to PDF

Using Windows 10. When converting from EPUB to PDF, I often like to change the font, and that's been working without problems. However, I started converting using a font I've come to like for reading, called GLYPHA LT PRO LIGHT. The conversions are successful, but when I use the highlighter in PDF Expert (iOS), the highlight is offset below the text. If I open the same file in Acrobat and go into edit mode, I end up with an edit box around each individual letter rather than around the whole page...
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Font-sizes don't convert accurately (ePub to azw3)

Hi all, When I try to convert ePub files to azw3, the css gets modified, apparently rejecting any font-size values greater than 1.5em. For example, the following original css Code: .titlepage {         font-size: 3em;         margin-top: 0.75em;         margin-bottom: 0.3em;         text-align: center         } is converted to Code: .titlepage {     display: block;     font-size: 1.5em;     line-height: 1.2;     text-align: center;     margin: 0.75em 0 0.3em     }...
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Compress images

The Calibre editor has this handy feature to "compress images losslessly" and it's especially great that there is an option to not compress is losslessly. I like light novels but lately they have been getting out of hand with their image sizes sometimes my ereader even has trouble loading them. I mean a light novel usually has 40k-50k words (aprox 200 pages). They really don't need to be over 40MB just because some (usually less than 20) drawings are saved as if they are high quality photo's. Jp...
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Max limit problem outta nowhere???

For a couple of days, I had no problem sending news to my kindle. In fact, I had been sending Business Insider and The Economist together for a while. However, although I'm having no problem with the latter, whenever I try to send Business Insider which is much smaller than The Economist and certainly much smaller than any book I can easily send, I get an error message. I tried to remove Business Insider from the auto-send list and added again nothing changed. Any help would so be :help:apprec...
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Help With Converting KPF Print Replica Files to ePub on Calibre

Hi all. I correctly installed the KFX Conversion Input Plugin into Calibre. What I am attempting to do is take print replicas I created in Kindle Create (KPF files), open them in Calbre, convert them to ePub using the aforementioned plugin, and then upload them to Apple Books. I am getting as far as converting them, but when I go to upload them to Apple Books, I am informed that the files have hundreds of errors and will not be accepted. So I went back to the directions to the plugin an found...
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How to prevent Calibre from converting or modifying ePub?

Hey all, For KOReader progress sync to work properly between devices, the file needs to be binary identical. I'm trying to find a way where Calibre will simply take the EPUB that it has and copy it to the corresponding device without touching the EPUB to do any sort of device specific change to it. I've tried doing a Convert locally, but even the ePub it makes is still slightly binary different to what it sends to the Kobo. My setup is I have my Calibre library sync'd to the cloud, where my An...
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Conveting PDF to EPUB loses all images.

When I convert a PDF with text and images, all the images are lost. Is this a "typical" behavior, or is there some setting or control I need to change? Thank you, jp:
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Calibre no longer converts to .kepub, even with proper plugins installed.

I've used Calibre to manage my Kobo's library for many years. For some reason, none of the epub to kepub plugins are functional anymore. The result is cover art does not sync properly, and the books are slightly wrong in their formatting. I have KoboTouchExtended, KoboUtlities, and KePub Output installed. Manually converting an epub to kepub returns an error. Directly syncing the file to my Kobo will result in no conversion, but the file extension becomes .kepub.epub - which is useless as fa...
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Getting my Kobo books - how?

Not sure I've got this in the right section, hope so. I've got a couple of books I was silly enough to get from Booktopia and they finished up coming as part of this Kobo thing: the only way I can see them is to run Kobo and look at them there. I can't see how to get them out of it: Kobo for desktop (I have no smartphones or Kindle readers etc.. everything I have is desktop). Can Calibre help me with this? Somehow get those books out of this Kobo nonsense?
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Creating headers from parent chapter and not section

Hi, Converting .azw3 to PDF. I need to get the parent chapter into a header but can't seem to be able to make it work using the JS like in the example Code:   _TOP_LEVEL_SECTION_ _SECTION_ _PAGENUM_ document.querySelector("div.headertxteven").innerHTML = document.querySelector("h1.chapterpTitle").innerHTML; Any way to find a list of more global variables like bellow, or these are the only ones provided? Code: _TOP_LEVEL_SECTION_ _SECTION_ _PAGENUM_ Thanks...
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No Table of Contents in Converted Epub?

Up until now, I've been using Kindles and doing MOBI/AZW3 > AZW3 Conversions in Calibre to make things look a bit better (mostly increasing font size). I've never had a problem with that. Today, I bought my first epub from Kobo. The DRM Free version automatically synced to my new Kobo Forma and I also downloaded a copy of it directly from Kobo to my hard drive and then Added it to Calibre. I did my standard conversion (this time from Epub > Epub) and sent the book to my Forma. The directly ...
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Stubborn duplicate cover in ePub t0 Mobi conversion

Hello everyone, Some EPUB to MOBI conversions (in Calibre) add duplicate cover in the MOBI output. 'Structure detection > Remove first page' doesn't help too in this scenario. If I just delete the 'Cover.jpg/MSR-cover.jpg', it leaves a black rectangular border at top on that page. However, if I delete the cover.hmtl file altogether, it solves the problem. This way MOBI has a single cover. Only downside obvious to me is that there is no 'Cover' title in the Table of Contents. My question is doe...
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rtf to Epub, endnote links broken

Hello, I converted an rtf book to Epub. The reference numbers came up fine, the footnotes became endnotes, but the links between the two are not working. What did I do wrong? Thanks for your help.
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html -> epub: splitting doesn't work

Hi, I executed the command ebook-convert freedom.html .epub -vv --language "en-US" --chapter '//*[@class="ChapterNo"]' --level1-toc '//*[@class="ChapterNo"]' --disable-font-rescaling --extra-css "Styles.css" --no-default-epub-cover and got an epub with a single html fle inside. (all details are in the attachment) How to convert the original html to an epub where each chapter is in a separate html? Thanks in advance for any advice! Attached Files ...
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Calibre adds whitespace on epub

Ok basically I use Kindle Comic Converter to make mangas and after this I send them on the kobo having good result as KCC is a very efficient tool. However, I wanted to use Calibre as It's the best way I found to modify metadata and convert epub to kepub (through a plugin). The problem is that whenever I add the ebook to calibre and send it on my kobo clara HD, all the images are shown with really big whitespaces above, under and at the sides. As I said, since I tried to do this without using Ca...
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How to code R-click "Send To / Open with" win7 (10)

Hi -1st post here - kindly relocate if appropriate - I couldn't decide which sub would best fit my query, so here I am in the 1st! Currently on Windows 7 64 bit & Calibre 3.37, though this will apply to my other pending w10 machines eventually -- I'm able to code a R-click functionality for non-integral Windows apps like "Bulk Rename Utility", "PlayTime", "HandBrake", "Media Player Classic", etc -- where the target file(s) open(s) in the target app -- but so far I haven't hit upon the ...
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Issue converting ePub to MOBI

I have an ePub file where I have adjusted the line spacing by editing an entry in the 'stylesheet.css' from this; .calibre5 { font-family: "Calibri", "sans-serif"; font-size: 1.33333em; } to this; .calibre5 { font-family: "Calibri", "sans-serif"; font-size: 1.33333em; line-height: 2.0em } Adding the line-height modifier and checking that the text in the file preview looks something like I am after. However, after converting the file to a MOBI format, the sp...
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Problem: Calibre converts non-English titles to English equivalents.

Calibre converts non-English titles to English equivalents, without regards to options. I'm adding a large number of books in the Russian language, for example: "Стейнбек — О мышах и людях.fb2" Calibre copies it to the library, but renames it to: "O myshakh i liudiakh - Dzhon Ernst Stieinbiek.fb2" I'm using Calibre-v.5.17.0 There is an option in: Calibre-> Preferences-> "Saving books to disk"-> [] "Convert non-English characters to English equivalents" And I have made sure that t...
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Cannot convert Kindle .EPUB files to PDF with Calibre

I used to be able to convert most kindle books I bought on Amazon to pdf with Calibre. However, since last year, when I restarted doing that most would not convert. After the latest Calibre update, it no longer is able to convert any files. I tried to readd the DRM plugins but it would not work. Perhaps i am not doing it right. Please help.
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Errorconverting ePub > Mobi with really old version

Quote: Originally Posted by wsb (Post 4121020) I need to convert and epub to mobi but it gives endless errors via caliber Spoiler: calibre, version 3.28.0 (win32, embedded-python: True) Conversion error: Failed: Convert book 1 of 1 (The Adverse Childhood Experiences Recovery Workbook) Convert book 1 of 1 (The Adverse Childhood Experiences Recovery Workbook) Conversion options changed from defaults: can someone help me with this?...
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How to convert to an Epub file without css and class?

I hope that the converted epub file does not contain any format other than html tags, that is, no class and css. What should I do?
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Get Metadata from TXT File When Importing

Hello all, I've downloaded a few stories in .txt format, and they have the metadata embedded within the text file. The beginning of the files are all similar, as below: [Title] [Author] Genre: [text] Language: [text] Published: [text] Updated: [text] Rating: [text] Chapters: [text] Words: [text] Is there a way to have calibre recognize these fields and add them to the metadata when importing? I've tried selecting the checkbox "Preferences>Adding books>Read metadata from file contents ...
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converstion from word to other formats, greek characters lost

I am using Caliber to convert this document to epub and pdf. In both cases the Greek font are turn into other font (not Greek). Any suggestions? You can see the outputs in
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Internal Filenames in MOBI/AZW to EPUB Conversion

This is a really minor thing, but it crops up every time. After converting a MOBI-family (including AZW) book to EPUB, and then starting to "Edit book," the top file is named "titlepage." It's almost never the title page. It's the cover (usually). I'd be much happier if Calibre didn't actually misname things using assumptions. It's better to not "name" anything (and begin with *_000.htm) than to misname things that, say, might be referenced by external indexing programs looking for the actual...
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Clean up old Word file

I have a fantasy novel that I've been working on for ages, around 500 pages long. I think I was using Word 97 when I first started writing it. Eventually I'm going to want to convert it to an ebook, but before I get there I'm trying to figure out the best way to clean up the entire file. If possible without removing all formatting. Editing is slow, as in the file is unwieldy compared to files of similar size, which makes me think there is excess garbage in the code from numerous conversions over...
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Image handling from imported DOCX/ODT

:help: I'm near tearing my hair out here. I'm trying to get my novel into an AZW3 and... the images are not handling right. I'm using LibreOffice, and Calibre 4.99.12 (based off of my Xubuntu 20.10 install). If I convert it off the ODT file, and upload it to a Kindle Paperwhite to test, the "Among the Throng" header I use for in-story blog posts is shifted to the right. If I move the image out from an H2, it shifts closer, but it has a "left" CSS entry that the Kindle seems to enforce. If I...
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Extremely Long Conversion PDF -> EPUB

I'm in the process of adding a trilogy to Calibre for conversion to EPUB. The problem is no single site had all 3 books: I got #3 from Project Gutenberg, #1 is from Kindle, and #2 is from Google Play. The Project Gutenberg PDF converted just fine, the Kindle one should convert without a problem, but I'm having a problem with the Google Play PDF. First I had to delete about 25 blank and other unnecessary pages from the PDF, then I imported it into Calibre and started conversion. After about 20 m...
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Fixed lines after conversion

Hello, im new in the Calibre, sorry for this question: I use Pocketbook which does not know how to adjust the size of fonts that are hard embedded in the EPUB file, so what additional CSS type in Calibre to fix these fonts? So that pocketbook can always display the same size.
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Unable to Change Index Font Size & Style on Calibre

Hi Everyone I have used Calibre to convert a book created in Doc.x - The Toc was created during the conversion process, in "Look and Feel" with "In Line Toc". Although all entries have pulled through satisfactorily, I need to reduce the font size and left alignment of the toc entries:help: ONLY. When navigating to "Edit Toc", I have changed the padding and margin in the HTML to "0" THis still does not completely align the TOC to the left of the page. I also cannot find any option to chang...
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Calibre adding blank pages before and after KFX conversion

As title says. I attached photos to make it easier to understand what I am talking about. Mobileread won't finish uploading! I only select one option while converting which is "Create approximate page numbers." I am converting from epub to KFX.
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