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Tim Cook Addresses George Floyd's Death and Ensuing Protests and Riots as Apple Temporarily Closes Some U.S. Stores

Amid unrest in numerous U.S. cities following last week's killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared an internal memo with employees (via Bloomberg) addressing the pain that many are feeling and urging others to commit "to creating a better, more just world for everyone." Cook also announced that Apple is making donations to several groups challenging racial injustice and protecting human rights, and is also matching two-for-one all employee donations made...
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How to Rebuild Your Finances

Anyone who is in a lot of debt will tell you that they’re struggling to turn their finances around. Though the task is daunting, it is not impossible to rebuild your finances. You need to assess your current finances, set financial goals, set up a budget, tackle all your debt, and control your spending. Is that all? No, we’ll look at other solutions alongside the power of budgeting: the game changer in your quest to save.Ways to screw up your finances and how to avoid those mistakes If your atti...
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Cook Off, the no-budget romcom that became the first Zimbabwean film on Netflix

Shot in the chaotic last days of Robert Mugabe’s regime, Cook Off is a feel-good tale of resilience and hopeA Zimbabwean film about a woman who enters a TV cooking show and which cost only $8,000 to make has become the first feature from the country to make it onto Netflix.“Seeing myself on Netflix, I have to punch myself every day. Like, is that really me?” asked actress Tendaiishe Chitima, star of Cook Off, which has now been acquired by the streaming giant. Continue reading...
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Lakers’ Quinn Cook keeps showing passion for his hoops roots

Quinn Cook’s online cul-de-sac is bursting with challengers. For the few weeks in April when Cook hosted a nightly marathon Instagram live feed, it drew all levels of players. He would air live feeds chatting with Kevin Durant and Victor Oladipo, All-Stars who hail from the same region in Maryland where Cook grew up. But he also would allow cameos from D.C.-area streetballers, whose names are known only in gyms and playgrounds, and who inevitably want a piece of him. It matters little that the L...
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More Quora Content

I posted a link to this story of a 70 year old man defending his wife from an attacker who broke through the front door of their home.  He retrieved a firearm and shot the attacker several times.  I received a comment on the piece, to which I responded.  Here's the thread so far:Peter Collins: When are you going to post all of the stories of people shooting their kids, or their wives or husbands, or themselves.You are 9 times more likely to be killed with a gun you own than to kill an intruder ...
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Browns promote scout Glenn Cook

The Browns continue to reshape their front office under new General Manager Andrew Berry. According to Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report, the Browns are promoting Glenn Cook to vice president of player personnel. Cook has been their assistant director of pro scouting the last four years, after spending the first four years of his career as [more]
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US south-west in grip of historic 'megadrought', research finds

Intensified by climate change, the current 20-year arid period is one of the worst on record, with wide-ranging effectsWhen Ken Pimlott began fighting US wildfires at the age of 17, they seemed to him to be a brutal but manageable natural phenomenon.“We had periodic [fire] sieges in the 80s, but there were breaks in between,” said Pimlott, the former head of the California department of forestry and fire protection. But no longer. “That doesn’t really happen any more. Now you can’t even blink” b...
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Minnesota nearing 1,000 COVID-19 deaths

Coronavirus continues to spread across Minnesota, where only remote Cook and Lake of the Woods counties have yet to confirm cases.
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Minnesota nears 1,000 COVID-19 deaths; 35 is new single-day high

Coronavirus continues to spread across Minnesota, where only remote Cook and Lake of the Woods counties have yet to confirm cases.
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Comment on any-kind-of-fruit galette by Alison Manthei

I made this today using a combination of fresh raspberries (3/4 c), blackberries (3/4 c), and strawberries (2 c) – the colors are beautiful. I didn’t chop the raspberries, but did the other fruit and added the full recommendation of tapioca flour. The mixture was pretty juicy when it sit, so I didn’t pour all of the liquid into the galette. For the crust, I only used 1.5 TBS of water. I can’t imagine using a full 3! It’s been very humid here in the midwest though with rain the past few days, so...
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Board Question #93080: My oven broke and I can't get it repaired until ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,My oven broke and I can't get it repaired until after the quarantine because maintenance is only responding to emergencies. What are your favorite recipes that don't involve an oven?-Ovenless in Orem A: Dear Ovenless in Orem, Here are my 5 recipes I've pinned that I've made multiple times.  Crispy Southwest Wraps - I ix-nay the sour cream and cheese. But this is a favorite with my family. I love how I can just use leftover rice and throw it together super quick. I just u...
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Library Windowing - Penguin Australia

On 1 March 2020 Viking published the paper book version of Australian Historian Geoffrey Blainey's "Captain Cook's Epic Voyage". On 31 March 2020 Penguin EBooks published the Kindle e-book edition of the same work. The Audible edition was also released on 31 March 2020. It appears that Paper and Audiobook versions are available in Australian libraries, but not the e-book version. So it appears that the publishers strategy in this case has been to release the paper version initially, with Aud...
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Simple Skillet Flatbread Recipe – only 4 ingredients!

If you love making homemade bread as we do, then you will love this 4-ingredient Simple Skillet Flatbread Recipe. It’s the perfect base to make our antipasto flatbread pizza recipe or to serve with dips and hummus. Plus, there’s no yeast, and it’s cooked in a cast-iron skillet in 6-minutes. Simple Skillet Flatbread Recipe I cannot stop eating this homemade flatbread. I’ve been pairing it with hummus for lunch or using it to make paninis with leftovers from dinner the night before. How to mak...
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Happy Camper

Only once in my life have I attempted any form of overnight camping. At five or six years old, eyes full of stars and head full of dreams, my parents pitched a tent right in the backyard, no more than a few feet from our back door. Safe from the true elements but still firmly planted in the “great” outdoors, it was an ideal way of testing the waters. It was all perfect. My sister and I made shadow puppets after the sun fell, giggling long into the night. We rolled around in sleeping bags, despit...
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Hello. Cook here from Toronto, Canada.

Hello. Cook here from Toronto, Canada. Submitted by Pablo Carranza on May 23, 2020 - 12:33pm. Hey there. Wanted to intro myself as I have been googling bread queries for the last while and The Fresh Loaf keeps popping up. Generally I'm looking for answers to "why did I mess up?" and "How did I mess up?. I work in the restaurant industry and now with the virus going on I've had more time to work on my own baking/cooking to hone in on my craft. I recently ordered a few bags of fresh m...
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Recipes: The Jewish holiday of Shavuot can feature flexible dishes with cheese and fresh produce

The Jewish holiday of Shavuot begins on Thursday evening, May 28. Many families celebrate the holiday with dairy foods. Rich, cheese-filled pastries and cheesecakes are often on the menu. Since shopping is more complicated these days, we decided to settle for simpler dishes that can be easily modified, so that if you don’t have an ingredient, you can substitute another. Our Mediterranean-inspired vegetable salad, for example, is accented by a choice of tasty toppings, such as Brie cheese, walnut...
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Niloufer Mavalvala’s Food videos featured on FOODEOS

Our dear friend and ace chef and cookbook author Niloufer Mavalvala is featured on The Cook’s Cook FOODEOS video series. Also a big shoutout to my dearest friend and professional videographer and producer Tanya Hoshi who created these videos. Check out Tanya’s work on her website. The video links are Spicy Prawns Potato and Egg Parsi Recipe Papayta Lentils Green Chutney Chicken and Potatoes
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Why ‘Amy Schumer Learns to Cook’ Is Vital Quarantine Viewing (Column)

Something about TV made in quarantine has felt at times deflating. Late-night talk shows, for instance, have been attempting to stick to familiar rhythms that, absent audience reaction, hang somewhat awkwardly in the air; the delay over Zoom or equivalent hardly helps matters. “Saturday Night Live’s” attempt was notable more for the admirable ambition of […]
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Bar None

As the antiquated idiom goes, when it rains, it pours. When in drought-stricken California however, what falls from the sky is not a deluge of precipitation, but of citrus. Yes, you heard me right: Fruit is showering the city streets at this very moment, heavy with juice and blown asunder by the most gentle gusts of wind. Every variety you can imagine, from the average lemon and lime to more exotic mandarins, yuzu, pomelo, even Buddha’s hand litter the pavement. Dash out for a quick walk around ...
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Sammy Hagar talks music, gardening and shares summer cocktail and barbecue recipes

Sammy Hagar lives for the summer months: The surf, the sun, sand between his toes, rockin’ tunes and a cold margarita in his hand. Though the Red Rocker’s Sammy Hagar & The Circle Summer 2020 Tour has been officially canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean he’s giving up on enjoying his favorite time of year, so he’ll be pairing some premium cocktails with delicious food at backyard barbecues. While the 72-year-old singer-songwriter is known for being the wild man fronting bands...
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Recipes: Here are 3 delicious dishes that are cheap to make

You may remember the recession in the early ’90s, an economic decline that lasted about a year. It was during that time that I asked readers who had survived The Great Depression to participate in a recipe contest. Their letters jammed my mail cubby; favorite recipes from that time along with memories flooded in. Everyone it seemed, wanted to share recollections. I expected sad tales filled with misery. What I received were remembrances of what each contributor described as one of the best times...
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Suicides not Reduced by Laws Restricting Gun Owners

Suicide Mental Illness U.S.A. –-( It is only the last decade or two when those who want a disarmed population in the West have started to stress “suicide” as a reason for disarming the population.  The early pushes for population disarmament were predicated on the excuse of reducing violent crime, particularly homicides. The actual motivation had nothing to do with crime. The original motivation was to reduce armed rivals. In New York, to reduce armed resistance to organized cri...
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Marinate Steaks with Fresh Herbs Before Grilling

Marinate your steaks before grilling Instead of just seasoning your steaks with salt and pepper….or your favorite grilling blend, try marinating steaks with fresh herbs from the garden. What kind of herbs to use? Here are my favorite herbs that work really well with steak: Rosemary Basil ParsleyOreganoChivesGreen onionFennel TarragonThinly sliced shallotsThinly sliced garlic cloves You can chop the herbs, or keep them whole on the stem. Completing the flavor pro...
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Air Fried Pickles

I have to admit, I haven’t pulled out my air fryer in a little while. No real reason. I find that once I set it out on my counter (otherwise it’s tucked away in a kitchen cabinet next to my slow cooker), I suddenly am in the mood to make air fried okra and air fried French fries all week. Lately, I have been experimenting with air fried pickles and I am happy to report I have a recipe/method I feel works best (sharing below). I wonder if it’s the prospect of summer on the horizon that has me in ...
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Cook and deliver: Dubai restaurants turn creative in cut-throat market

Running a restaurant in Dubai, where a discerning international clientele has more than twice as many dining options per head as in New York, was a cut-throat business even before the coronavirus struck.
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Open source database startup Yugabyte just hired a new CEO: the cofounder of Pivotal who helped take the company public and sell itself to VMware

On Tuesday, the open source database startup Yugabyte announced Bill Cook as its new CEO, replacing one of its cofounders in the role.  Cook was previously cofounder and president of cloud-software company Pivotal which VMware bought last year. As CEO of Yugabyte, Cook plans to work on increasing sales to large businesses while building Yugabyte's open source developer community. He says Yugabyte is well positioned to weather the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Visit Business Insider's homepage ...
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‘Sweetbitter’ author Stephanie Danler talks ‘Stray,’ her new memoir of addiction and love

Stephanie Danler could have written anything she wanted after the critical and commercial success that greeted her debut novel in 2016. “Sweetbitter,” a coming-of-age story about a young waitress at a fancy Manhattan restaurant gobbling up life — and love and other drugs — didn’t just end up a bestseller or on that year’s best-of lists. The Starz network made it into a series, employing Danler as a writer for its two-season run. So now comes her second book, “Stray,” a memoir about coming to ter...
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The Tovala is the oven so smart it actually cooks your meals for you all by itself

Over the past several years, we’ve seen an explosion in the use of pre-prepared meal delivery services, each shipping all the ingredients needed right to your door so you can whip up a fresh, tasty meal in just a few minutes. In light of their popularity, it’s no surprise we’ve now got a service that takes that process a step further. Tovala doesn’t just send you the ingredients you need to cook up a great meal. They also send you the smart oven that knows what you’re making and cooks it all ...
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California’s new coronavirus dine-in guidelines spell big shifts for some restaurants

Southern California restaurateurs are eager to reopen for dine-in customers and they mostly welcomed the guidelines Gov. Gavin Newsom handed down on Tuesday, May 12. But some safety measures go against the grain of the typical dining experience because when Americans eat together we crave intimacy. On a date? You’re feeding each other nibbles. Out with the kids? You’re serving family-style off one platter. Happy hour with your buddies? You’re sharing a pitcher of frozen margaritas and a pile of ...
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Recipes: How to make beer can chicken and other items for your Memorial Day cookout

Chickens are placed atop beer cans to make a backyard grilling classic. (File photo by Ygnacio Nanetti, Orange County Register/SCNG) Grilling is often a key player in Memorial Day celebrations. Even though the health crisis prevents us from hosting large gatherings, the grill can still be the culinary cornerstone of marking the occasion. On daily early-morning walks with my husband, the conversation often spins around to the food. Discussion of beef shortages led my spouse to come up with a b...
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