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Grate Your Butter to Soften It Quickly

“I need a few new shortcuts in the kitchen,” I told my mom-in-law recently. “I’m tight on time these days and I gotta pick up the pace.”Read more...
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What Does It Mean to 'Stir Frequently'?

If you are one to get caught up in details and definitions, cooking from recipes can kick the pedantic portion of your brain into overdrive. Words and phrases that are intuitive to more seasoned home cooks can prove utterly mystifying to newbies, particularly those related to the construct that is time.Read more...
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Turn Sad Winter Tomatoes into Delicious Roasted Salsa

At least once a year, desperate for the tiniest glimmer of spring, I buy the first crop of supermarket tomatoes that look even vaguely ripe. They are never anything but a total letdown, which means I end up regretting my purchase—and resenting those subpar tomatoes for suckering me in. Read more...
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Artisan Revere’s Chef Knife

Ultra-thin and resilient, this knife hit Kickstarter today Most chef’s knives boast weight and a menacing blade. Wielding one, with any sort of precise skill, can be a daunting task. There are plenty of low-level options with less weight and a less intense blade, but they often don’t last—or they aren’t aesthetically appealing. But Artisan Revere‘s chef knife, which hits Kickstarter today, is a lightweight …
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CBD-Infused Honey

Sourced from Bee Local in Portland, Oregon, Alto Essentials‘ CBD-infused honey is dark, robust and incredibly high-end—and it contains the cannabinoid best known for soothing inflammation and stress. Use the honey as you normally would and reap the benefits of the 5mg serving of CBD.
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The adorable, custom Easter cookie cutters you need this spring.

In my family, we love incorporating traditions into our holiday celebrations whenever we can. True to my style, one of the easiest traditions to put in place is a cookie decorating day, so I was excited to find these adorable, custom custom Easter cookie cutters at Etsy’s Sweet Cookie Cutters. If you’ve added a new baby […]
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The Pyrex Glass Controversy That Just Won't Die

Clear glass Pyrex cookware is practically an American icon. With its pleasing heft and remarkable resilience, these famous clear pans have been essential when cooking biscuits, casseroles, and pies since 1915. There’s only one problem. A few years ago, the pans started exploding when they got too hot—which is ironic…Read more...
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Leave Onion Roots Intact for Easier Slicing and Dicing

By now, I could chop an onion in my sleep: slice it in half, trim off the stem and root, peel, and slice away. In all my years of onion prep, it never occurred to me to shake things up, but skipping just one of those steps—removing the root—has changed my heavily onion-based repertoire for the better. Read more...
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Water Is All You Need to Revive Soggy Vegetables

Many things in life get soggy when wet, like paper, or expensively blow-dried hair. But plants do not work this way. Water makes them plumper, crispier, crunchier. Understand this fact and you’ll never suffer soggy lettuce again. Read more...
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Is There a Better Option Than an Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot is having a moment. Friends, family, and many, many of my co-workers can’t stop talking about the electric pressure cooker that ostensibly lets you do a lot more than cook stews and beans quickly. However, the Instant Pot is a brand, not a specific kind of cooker. There are a lot of other electric…Read more...
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Pecan Thumbprints

If you’ve been looking for a new cookie recipe, this is definitely the one to try. These cookies are so good that I’m already thinking of whipping up another batch. I’ve made various thumbprints in the past that were filled with either jam or chocolate, but this frangipane filling nestled under a pecan half adds […]
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Biglaw Firm’s Embarrassingly Sexist Blunder

Guess what? Cooking isn't just for women!
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Ask Us Your Most Basic Cooking Questions

Almost two years ago, we launched The Grown-Up Kitchen, and asked you all for your most fundamental cooking questions. Knowing what readers didn’t know let me fill in those gaps in knowledge, which (hopefully) made for better, happier home cooks.Read more...
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What's the Best Grill? 

The sun will come out, the temperatures will rise, and before you know it, it’ll officially be grilling season. But for someone unversed in the art of outdoor cooking, the grill market can seem as intimidating as a $250 cut of wagyu.Read more...
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How many times a day will you be offered tea in Poland?

During cold Polish winter there is no beverage more popular than hot tea. In fact, any time of the year is good for tea in Poland, not only winter. Also, at a typical Polish family reunion/party you would drink black tea with sugar and lemon before, during, after or between the meals. For Poles no time is bad time for a cup of tea! Tea drinking appeared in our country during the reign of King Jan Kazimierz, thanks to his wife Maria Ludwika Gonzaga. She began the habit of drinking tea in the roya...
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4 small appliances that have changed the way we cook food (for the better)

These are exciting times for home cooks seeking to advance or simplify their technique in the kitchen, thanks in part to four small appliances that have made a splash in the past few years. Here’s why you should consider buying them. The post 4 small appliances that have changed the way we cook food (for the better) appeared first on Digital Trends.
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How to Make the Perfect Diner-Style Smash Burger

It’s a perennial matter of debate: which makes for a better burger — griddling or grilling? For almost my entire life, I felt sure the latter was the correct answer. There’s just something about a thick, juicy, flame-kissed burger fresh off the backyard grill. In contrast, the pan-fried burgers I grew up with at home were gray and mealy (a result, I realized later, of the meat having been frozen before cooking). But then as an adult, I became a big fan of the burgers served up at Freddy’s Froz...
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Here’s how to become an accredited plant-based chef in LA

It used to be that fine plant-forward cuisine started with a classic culinary education. Now you can get it all at the Institute of Culinary Education’s Natural Gourmet Center, coming to the Los Angeles campus in Pasadena on April 30 with a Health-Supportive Culinary Arts program for aspiring chefs. Healthy cooking and baking recreational classes, including multi-day immersion courses and two-week certificate programs, are also being offered. or The Institute of Culinary Education launches the H...
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Soak Your Beans in the Fridge for Faster Meal Prep

Soaking dried beans is a somewhat controversial topic. Some people swear by it, insisting that it reduces gas (eh, maybe) and removes toxins (it definitely does not), but the only guaranteed benefit is shorter cooking time. Still, that’s not nothing, especially if you need dinner on the table ASAP. Read more...
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How to Nail Your First Valentine's Day Dinner 

So you’ve decided to stay in this year and cook a nice Valentine’s Day dinner for your sweetie. There’s just one problem: You have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. That’s okay! We’re here to help. Read more...
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9 ways to have an eco-friendly Valentine's Day

While there is no truth to the rumor that Hallmark invented Valentine’s Day, there is no denying that many people think of it as a manufactured holiday designed to sell cards, flowers and chocolate. Every February 14th, millions of people buy cards and roses, and drop a ton of cash on diamonds, gold and silver. In 2019, Americans are expected to spend almost 20 billion dollars for the romantic holiday, and that breaks down to nearly $150 a person. All of that consumer spending leads to a lot of...
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This Japanese Slow Cooker Is the Ultra-Precise, Overkill Crock-Pot of Your Fancy Kitchen Dreams

On a recent night this winter, I found myself considering two new additions to my kitchen that promised to help me cook a proper Sunday night meal with little effort or opportunity to mess things up. On one end of the counter was the Instant Pot my mother got me for Christmas; on the other was another multi-tasking…Read more...
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Meyer Lemon Poppyseed Loaf

Living in southern California we’re lucky to have access to a variety of gorgeous citrus, often without having to purchase it. At work there’s frequently a basket filled with oranges, lemons or grapefruit, available for the taking. At home we have a dwarf lemon tree in a pot out back which produces an amazing amount […]
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Of pasta and patents

According to the Encyclopedia of Pasta, there are hundreds of pasta shapes. At Smithsonian, Elizabeth Chu and D. Lawrence Tarazano of the US Patent Office look at relatively recent machinery to crank out the floury forms. From Smithsonian: The various shapes can be categorized based on the means by which they are formed: by hand, rolled into sheets, or extruded. For each pasta making method, there have been a number of inventions to ease and mechanize the process. Pastas formed by hand have...
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Make This Buffalo Cauliflower Dip for Super Bowl Sunday

Buffalo wings and the Super Bowl go together like peanut butter and jelly, and nobody knows this like vegetarian football fans. As much as I love Buffalo cauliflower “wings,” they’re really best when deep-fried, which is a technique that doesn’t mix with alcohol consumption. Luckily, God gave us Buffalo chicken dip. Read more...
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What is Poland’s favorite sandwich?

Every country has a favorite sandwich! And is Poland’s favorite sandwich kanapka or zapiekanka? Foreigners are often taken aback by Polish “kanapki”(plural from kanapka). These open sandwiches we eat at every possible mealtime leave the “filling on top”, unlike in so-called “normal” sandwiches. Kanapki (from the French word “canapés”) appeared in Poland at the end of the 19th century thanks to French cuisine. Smaller open sandwiches, or canapés, were actually called “tartinki”. The names have a ...
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There's an Easier Way to Cut Cauliflower

If, like me, you’ve been cutting cauliflower from the florets down your whole life, you probably assumed that those annoying rubbly bits that get everywhere were just part of the deal. They’re not. Thankfully, you can easily banish them for good—just turn that crown upside-down.Read more...
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8 of the best fruits and vegetables you can eat in their entirety

In the United States, approximately 40 percent of food is never eaten. Not only does this food waste damage your pocketbook, but it also has a major environmental impact. Changing your food habits is a great way to do your part in the battle against food waste. Shopping smarter, eating leftovers, improving food storage and donating to food banks are great ideas for reducing food waste. There is one obvious move you can make that many people don’t realize — you can stop throwing out parts of you...
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Six Thoughtful New Cookbooks

Elevate your home chef skills with these diverse guides More than how-to guides, cookbooks tell stories—whether it’s once-lost traditions or modern-day innovations. In these recently published cookbooks, readers can learn secret family recipes, inventive plant-based dishes, clever fermented fare and much more. And, beyond the delicious dishes, each of these creative books tell a unique tale—from a love letter to Detroit, to a thoughtful approach to …
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Save big on these multicookers that make great Instant Pot alternatives

While Instant Pot might be the brand we hear the most about, there are a number of alternative multicookers that offer features, capabilities, and price points that meet and beat the more recognizable name brand. The post Save big on these multicookers that make great Instant Pot alternatives appeared first on Digital Trends.
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