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American has been building an team of airline partners to fill the gaps in its network, even if it means aligning with budget carriers and startups

American Airlines is expanding its international presence with new airline partners. Mike Blake / Reuters American Airlines is taking on new airline partners to rebuild its global route network. South America is of particular importance as American recently lost its larger partner in the region. In the US, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airways help American expand its presence on both coasts. See more stories on Insider's business page. American Airlines is planning to get by with a lit...
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A new airline wants to connect the US and Asia with low fares and Alaskan stopover programs: Meet Northern Pacific Airways

Northern Pacific Airways will soon fly between Asia and North America. Northern Pacific Airways Northern Pacific Airways is a new low-cost airline looking to connect the US and Asia through Alaska. Asian destinations as far as Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea are planned for a 2022 launch. Travelers will be encouraged to spend a day or two in Alaska on their way to or from Asia. See more stories on Insider's business page. Conventional wisdom dictates that the quickest way to fly ...
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I was stranded in Bogotá airport for 10 hours and it taught me the true value of credit card perks and not taking no for an answer

Flying home from Bogota, Colombia on American Airlines. Thomas Pallini/Insider American Airlines canceled two of my flights when flying home from Bogotá, Colombia to New York, effectively leaving me stranded in the country. I managed to get out of Bogotá using multiple tactics and passed the time thanks to a credit card perk. American ended up giving me $24 in meal vouchers and a free layover hotel but had to fly me 2,000 miles from my original destination. See more stories on Insider&#...
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American Airlines made a bet on South America for 2021. Civil unrest and spiking COVID-19 cases are now threatening its success in the region.

An American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER. William Perugini/shutterstock American Airlines is facing numerous setbacks in South America. Rising COVID-19 cases in Chile, Brazil, and Peru forced the airline to cut flights in April. Civil unrest and protests in Colombia are now further threatening success in the region. See more stories on Insider's business page. American Airlines' expansion strategy in South America is experiencing a seemingly never-ending stream of hurdles. Tourism-d...
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The Boeing 737 Max has flown over 2,700 flights since its November ungrounding as the EU gives the green light

Boeing test pilot Jim Webb gives a thumbs-up from the cockpit of a 737 MAX 7 at Boeing Field, on March 16, 2018 in Seattle, Washington, after completing the plane's first flight. The aircraft is the shortest variant of fuel efficient MAX family. Stephen Brashear/Getty Images The Boeing 737 Max has flown over 2,700 passenger flights across 5,500 hours since November 2020.  Five airlines currently fly passengers on the Max in the US, Canada, Brazil, Panama, and Mexico.  The European Unio...
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Americans can now travel to 47 nations for vacation and tourism — here's the list of every open country and how to get there

The US passport has lost its strength significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans are left with few options on where to travel. ShutterLibrary/Shutterstock; Samantha Lee/Business Insider While many countries are not allowing US travelers during the coronavirus crisis, some nations are open to Americans. The United Kingdom, Caribbean countries, and select international locales are allowing tourists from the US. Many countries require you to show a negative COVID-19 test and air...
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Mozper launches digital banking service for Latin American parents and kids

Mozper, a new service launching from Y Combinator’s latest cohort to provide digital banking services, takes its name from the English words for money, prosperity, and generation Z, according to co-founder Yael Israeli. A former banker at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital, Israeli worked as a consultant for Copa Airlines and then as an independent advisor from her home in Panama. It was during conversations with her husband’s roommate from Israel, Gabriel Roizner, a serial entrepreneur who...
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List of 40 Airlines Flying with Boeing 737 Max 8

Last Sunday, an Ethiopian Airlines passenger jet crashed minutes after take-off killing all 157 people on board and it was the Boing 737 Max 8. This is the exact same model of the tragic crash of Lion Air Flight JT610 which killed all 189 people on board last October. Two airlines accidents involving the same plane model prompt China to suspend all flights with Boeing 737 Max 8. ( = || []).push({}); We never flew with Boeing 737 Max 8 but on...
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Guaido Warns Supporters of Long Struggle After Aid Gambit Failed

Obviously not,” Guaido told supporters at a Caracas rally. After days of speculation over how he would sneak back into Venezuela without being arrested, the opposition leader took a Copa Airlines flight straight to the nation’s biggest airport, effectively daring the government of President Nicolas Maduro to act against him.
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Latin American Airlines: LATAM

There used to be a patchwork of airlines serving South America, but over the years they have consolidated and we're left with three. The largest one is LATAM Airlines, based in Chile. Like all the others LATAM will nearly always give you a superior flying experience if you choose them over their U.S. counterparts flying to South America. Based in Chile, they have close to 300 planes and they are much more generous with what you receive in-flight for international trips, like good Chilean wine ...
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Close to a 52-Week Low, Is Copa Holdings a Buy? 1 Analyst Thinks So

Copa Airlines parent missed earnings last quarter and has been fiercely punished by investors.
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Ventana Sur: IFF Panama, Copa Airlines Announce In-Flight Partnership

The International Film Festival of Panama (IFF Panama), in keeping with international trends, has signed a distribution deal with Copa Airlines, Panama’s flag carrier. In April 2014, United Airlines and Tribeca first announced a sponsorship deal which saw the festival curating a selection of films which could be viewed on long-distant flights, while Cannes Film […]
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Copa Holdings Ready for Takeoff After Strong Earnings

Copa Holdings (NYSE: CPA) , operator of Latin American airline Copa Airlines, reported its second-quarter earnings earlier this month, with all its important metrics continuing to move in the right direction. As positive trends in passenger demand fueled strong revenue gains, Copa managed to beat analyst expectations on the top line, raised its full-year operating margin guidance, and announced a dividend increase to boot.CPA data by YCharts.Continue reading [Author: [email protected] (Andy...
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How to Get to Venezuela

If you’ve been following the events in Venezuela lately, you are well aware of the ongoing crisis happening in the country. The situation is quite sad and to top it off, there are many Venezuelans living in the United States — approximately 270,000 according to (slightly outdated) census data. Many have families, friends, and other commitments that force them to return home. Major Airlines Pulling Out Within the last few weeks, multiple mainstream airlines announced plans to terminate service ...
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What I'll Be Watching When Copa Holdings Reports Earnings

Copa Holdings (NYSE: CPA) , operator of Latin America's Copa Airlines, is enjoying a resurgence in passenger demand that has fueled a big rebound in its business -- as well as its share price. With the stock up around 39% year to date, and up roughly 86% over the past 12 months, can these good times continue? Here are some of the key items I'll be looking for when Copa reports its second-quarter earnings on Aug. 9.CPA data by YCharts.Continue reading [Author: [email protected] (Andy Gould)]
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Teen Arrested After Jumping Off Copa Airlines Flight, Other Similar Incidents

San Francisco airport officials said a 17-year-old boy was detained by crew members Tuesday after he opened an emergency gate of a Copa Airlines flight waiting to taxi to its arrival gate and jumped onto the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport. The Copa Airlines Flight 208 from Panama City landed Tuesday afternoon and the incident took place around 2:30 p.m. EDT, according to SFO spokesman Doug Yakel. The teenager was arrested and is in police custody. Yakel said the teen is a U.S. cit...
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Copa Holdings' Comeback in 1 Chart

Copa Holdings (NYSE: CPA) , operator of Latin American airline Copa Airlines, saw its stock crater in 2015 and 2016 as passenger demand fell due to deteriorating economic conditions in its key markets. But as the company's load factor -- a measure which incorporates elements of both supply and demand -- has improved dramatically, so has its stock price, which is now trading just below its two-year highs.CPA data by YCharts.Continue reading [Author: [email protected] (Andy Gould)]
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Copa Holdings' Recovery Looks Real After a Strong Q1

After a long period of falling passenger demand that saw revenue and profit margins fall sharply, Copa Holdings (NYSE: CPA) , the operator of Latin American airline Copa Airlines, looks like it's finally on the verge of getting back to full strength. The company's recent first-quarter earnings report showed all of its most important metrics moving in the right direction again. And management also updated its capacity and margin guidance, reflecting its confidence that these positive trends will...
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Copa Airlines to launch Denver flights

Four times a week flights will link DIA with Panama City
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Copa Holdings' Huge Opportunity in 4 Charts

Copa Holdings (NYSE: CPA) , the owner of Panama-based Copa Airlines, reported its fourth-quarter and full-year 2016 earnings in February, finishing the year strong with double-digit quarterly revenue growth and improved operating margins. After the rough economic environment Copa has endured over the last two years, investors cheered the improved outlook, bidding shares up to their highest levels since early 2015.While it was certainly a terrific quarter for Copa, a look at the company's perfor...
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Copa Holdings' Q4 Results Suggest Sunny Skies Ahead

Copa Holdings (NYSE: CPA) , owner of Panama-based Copa Airlines, posted fourth-quarter results last week that show the airline gaining strength on several key metrics. Revenue and RASM (revenue per available seat mile) grew at double-digit rates. Operating margins were up significantly. But most important, passenger yields (the average fare paid per mile, per passenger) finally returned to positive year-over-year growth after several consecutive quarters of declines -- a sign that the pricing e...
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Should You Buy an Airline Stock Which Nearly Doubled In 2016?

Image source: Getty Images.I don't have a fear of flying, or a fear of heights, but I do have a fear of buying stocks that have flown extremely high during the previous 12 months. In 2016, many airline carriers' shares booked quite modest gains, but not Panama-based Copa Holdings, S.A. (NYSE: CPA) , which operates subsidiaries Copa Airlines and Copa Columbia, and flies primarily in Latin America and the United States. Copa's stock excelled, rocketing nearly 94% on a total return basis last year...
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8 Latin AmericanTravel Destinations Where It’s Always Warm

[caption id="attachment_5388" align="aligncenter" width="600"] What it looks like right now on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua[/caption] As I write this there are ice storms blanketing the midwest USA and some parts of the Rockies have gotten a meter of snow. An NFL football championship game this past weekend had to be moved back to allow times to clear the roads. If you're feeling down from the cold and gray and dreaming of yellow sun and warmth, we've got some ideas for you in Latin America. H...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 6 January, 2017

Send to Kindle We can’t guarantee making the front page of the local paper again this year, but we can offer you a wonderful tour of NZ. Good morning And welcome to 2017, with a nice big ‘meaty’ newsletter to get the year off to a great start.  I’m still getting used to typing a ‘7’ for 2017 rather than a 6 (or 5….).  Time passes ever more quickly – and, for sure, the faster that the rest of winter passes, the better for us all. I have two exciting and positive things to share. First, I have...
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2017 Trends; Smell of the Place; 55% Lighter; Two Key Metrics

"... insights for scaleups" HEADLINES: Trends for 2017 -- my next Fortune column will look at the top 5 trends for 2017. I would love your input, see below. But first... The Smell of the Place -- you can often just sense whether an organization is good or bad place to work. The late LBS and INSEAD Professor Sumantra Ghoshal shared an insightful 8-minute presentation at the World Economic Forum many years ago where he made the case that it's more the environment...
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Business Person of the Year; Bone-Based Kayaks; Better Corp. Flooring; Geoversity Feb 7 - 12

"... insights for scaleups" HEADLINES: Biomimicry will be the business of the twenty-first century.   Jay Harman Fortune's Business Person of the Year is -- more below, but first... Bone-Based Kayaks -- want to build a kayak with less mass? Dana Seero, President of CAPINC, used a program based on how our body layers on bone. As you'll see in Dana's video, the suggested structural pieces look like bones. Go ...
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Your Chance to Win a Trip for Two in The Extra Mile Promotion From Copa Airlines

You will have your chance to win a trip for two to any destination served by Copa Airlines and Copa Airlines Colombia when you register to participate in The Extra Mile promotion by Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 11:59 in the evening Central Standard Time — but you must be a member of the ConnectMiles frequent flier loyalty program who is of legal age according to the laws of your country of origin in order to participate. No purchase is necessary in order to enter this promotion as a participant...
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MTT gives Copa Airlines' apps a refresh

The rejuvenated apps, on iOS and Android, are part of Copa Airlines’ wider digital transformation strategy to meet the needs of its “increasingly digital savvy customers”.
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MTT refreshes Copa Airlines' apps

The rejuvenated apps, on iOS and Android, are part of Copa Airlines’ wider digital transformation strategy to meet the needs of its “increasingly digital savvy customers”.
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