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$1.3M in grants go towards making the web’s open source infrastructure more equitable

Open source software is at the core of… well, practically everything online. But while much of it is diligently maintained in some ways, in others it doesn’t receive the kind of scrutiny that something so foundational ought to. $1.3 million worth of grants were announced today, split among 13 projects looking to ensure open source software and development is being done equitably, sustainably, and responsibly. The research projects will look into a number of questions about the way open source di...
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Rokk3r acquires AdMobilize and Matrix Labs for $19.5M

Miami-based AdMobilize and its spin-off, Matrix Labs , announced this morning that they are being acquired for $19.5 million. The buyer is Rokk3r, a Miami-based holding company that invests in creating, acquiring and integrating companies. AdMobilize quantifies digital advertising in the physical world, so marketers can better reach their target audiences. “If you’re walking on 5th Avenue and you pass by a bus shelter that has a digital screen, AdMobilize analyzes [peoples’] age, g...
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Environmental policies not always bad for business, study finds

Critics claim environmental regulations hurt productivity and profits, but the reality is more nuanced, according to an analysis of environmental policies in China by a pair of Cornell economists.
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Stio: Gear With a Sustainable Vision

I started seeing around the greater west a handful of years ago. Ski pants and jackets started showing up in lift lines, appearing on skin tracks and popping up at après. And every time I saw the apparel pieces, I’d comment to anyone near me on the pretty colors or how technical the fabrics looked. But turns out, what’s underneath the stunning coats and mountain aura that emanates off the soft goods is something even better—a growing mission and vision to create clothes responsibly. Stio was f...
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Cornell: Innovative Tech Platforms Facilitate Better Communication

Introducing new employee-oriented tech solutions can be a double-edged sword for the hospitality industry. As technology becomes increasingly relevant for both employers and employees, it's important to consider the positives and negatives of engaging staff digitally. Hosted by the Cornell Center for Innovative Hospitality and Labor Relations (CIHLER), this session brought together a labor lawyer, an industry consultant, and representatives from two innovative employee-facing tech compan...
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Researchers Try Using CRISPR To Genetically Engineer Zika-Resistant Mosquitoes

A new research study at the University of Missouri is using CRISPR gene-editing technology to produce mosquitoes that are unable to replicate Zika virus and therefore cannot infect a human through biting. Slashdot reader wooloohoo shared an announcement from Cornell's Alliance for Science: Alexander Franz, an associate professor in the MU College of Veterinary Medicine, collaborated with researchers at Colorado State University... Their work was recently published in the journal Viruses. Franz...
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Debunk, don’t ‘prebunk,’ and other psychology lessons for social media moderation

If social networks and other platforms are to get a handle on disinformation, it’s not enough to know what it is — you have to know how people react to it. Researchers at MIT and Cornell have some surprising but subtle findings that may affect how Twitter and Facebook should go about treating this problematic content. MIT’s contribution is a counter-intuitive one. When someone encounters a misleading headline in their timeline, the logical thing to do would be to put a warning before it so that ...
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Stand up to the mob, reject feel-good ‘solutions’: John Stossel

Joe Biden says he’ll “advance racial equity” by making “bold investments” in “affordable housing,” aiding “businesses owned by Black and Brown people,” establishing an “Equity Commission,” etc. Gosh, that’ll do it. Others demand reparations for slavery, more social programs and defunding the police. Yet, economist Thomas Sowell says, “I haven’t been able to find a single country in the world where policies advocated for Blacks in the United States lifted any people out of poverty.” Sowell’s a Bl...
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I'm a former Broadway actress who makes over $8,000 a month running a digital marketing company. Here's how I set my prices and find new clients.

Rachel Schur is an actress and digital marketing small business owner. Lauren Desbgerg Rachel Schur Chase, 33, is a Broadway actress and the founder of Schur Thing Media. When Broadway shut down in March due to the pandemic, Schur Chase began to expand her social media management side hustle into a full-time small business. She helps brick-and-mortar retailers launch online shops, mentors fellow stage actors who want to build an online presence, and manages clients' social media accounts a...
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DNA in water used to uncover genes of invasive fish

In a proof-of-principle study, Cornell researchers describe a new technique in which they analyzed environmental DNA - or eDNA - from water samples in Cayuga Lake to gather nuanced information about the presence of these invasive fish.
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I lived like an astronaut for months in isolation

Kate Greene had a headstart in coping with lockdown cabin fever after living inside a geodesic dome at 8,000ft, as part of a space experimentOnce upon a time I lived on Mars. Or the closest thing to it. At the time I was a science journalist and not necessarily an obvious choice for the mission. And yet I found myself on it. This was 2012 and Kim Binsted, professor of information and computer sciences at the University of Hawaii, along with Jean Hunter, professor of biological and environmental ...
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Study Less, Study Smart: A Longtime Psych Professor Explains How to Study (or Do Any Intellectual Work) Effectively If you’ve left formal education, you no doubt retain a few good memories from your years as a student. None of them, safe to say, involve studying — assuming you managed to get any studying done in the first place. The unfortunate fact is that few of us ever really come to grips with what it means to study, apart from sitting by oneself with a textbook for hours on end. Despite its obvious inefficiency as a learning method, we’ve all found ours...
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Chris Cornell’s Estate Surprise-Releases Covers Album, ‘No One Sings Like You Anymore’

Taylor Swift’s new album isn’t the only surprise release of the week: Chris Cornell’s estate has dropped a full album of covers performed by the late Soundgarden frontman called “No One Sings Like You Anymore,” which the announcement describes as Cornell’s “handpicked collection of 10 cover songs, which he personally selected and sequenced to celebrate […]
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Portland should lower more speed limits, legal expert says

A recently lowered speed limit sign on North Fessenden in the St. Johns neighborhood.(Photo: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland) In January 2018, armed with the fact that about half of all fatal collisions in Portland involve speeding drivers, Portland City Council passed an ordinance to, “Reduce speed limit to 20 miles per hour on residential streets to support safe travel”. It established that a designated speed (set by a local road road authority) could be set five miles per hour lower than the ...
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Shuffling Around

In the fall of 1983 as a junior at Cornell I took CS 481, Introduction to the Theory of Computing, from Juris Hartmanis. Needless to say this was the course that changed my life and led me down a path that would have me teach a variation of this course myself more than twenty times.For some reason one of the final exam questions is still stuck in my head.Let the permutation of a language L be the set of strings x such that there is a string y in L which is a permutation of the letters in x. For ...
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Lawn startup Sunday raises millions to help you with your backyard

Inspiration to launch a lawn-care company struck Coulter Lewis when he was shopping for lawn-care products one day. The entrepreneur, who previously worked as a designer and co-founder of a snack company, says the stench of pesticides and herbicides piled high was too strong to ignore. Lewis began researching safer alternatives to fertilize his backyard. His research showed him that he wasn’t alone: a typical managed lawn in the United States gets five times more pesticides per acre than the ave...
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Are psi phenomena real? A study on precognition once exploded science

A 2011 study by psychologist Dr. Daryl Bem seemed to prove that ESP and other psychic phenomena may be real.The study caused tremendous controversy and catalyzed a re-examination of psychology research methods.Bem's paper had many critics but its results were replicated in some later studies. Among the scientific studies that came out in the past decade, perhaps none were more controversial than the 2011 paper by the American psychologist Dr. Daryl Bem. He proved an explosive notion, that preco...
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No charges in death of Cornell freshman hazed at frat party

Cornell University Police have found no wrongdoing in the death of 18-year-old Antonio Tsialas, who was hazed at a frat party prior to his death.
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After 100 years, Cornell University plant pathologists revisit fire blight hypothesis

Historically credited as being the first bacterium ever characterized as a plant pathogen, fire blight is a bacterial disease that leads to significant losses of pear and apple. The role of insects in the spread of this disease has been long studied. In a new study, plant pathologists based at Cornell University and Cornell AgriTech take a hypothesis that has been more or less ignored for 100 years and provided support for its validity.
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Cornell Webcast: Innovating for a Post-Pandemic Future

On September 23, a panel of hotel industry leaders joined Kate Walsh, dean of the School of Hotel Administration and E. M. Statler Professor, for a webinar titled, Innovating for a Post-Pandemic Future: Challenges and Opportunities in the Hospitality Industry.
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Ivy League Cancels All Winter Sports Including Men’s and Women’s Hockey

Nope. The Ivy League announced on Thursday that they will cancel all winter sports, including men’s and women’s ice hockey, for the 2020-2021 season due to the ongoing and now surging coronavirus pandemic. The decision ends the possibility of a season for Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale on both the men’s and women’s side. They join RIT, who announced a cancellation of their season earlier this week. The decision obviously blows a hole in the ECAC’s schedule plans f...
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Researchers trap electrons to create elusive crystal

Now, a Cornell-led collaboration has developed a way to stack two-dimensional semiconductors and trap electrons in a repeating pattern that forms a specific and long-hypothesized crystal.
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Californians stood up for equality, rejected discriminatory Prop. 16: Ying Ma

Californians rejected Proposition 16 on Election Day by a margin of 56 to 44 percent. The measure would have restored racial preferences in California’s public hiring, contracting and university admissions. Its rejection was a victory for equality under the law. For me, it was a personal victory as well. I had been with the No on Prop. 16 campaign for only a few weeks when my brother suddenly passed away in September. He died of complications from a massive heart attack before the age of 50. I t...
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Mapps defeats Eudaly for seat on Portland City Council

Welcome to council Mingus Mapps. (Source: Mapps Campaign) Incumbent Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has lost her seat on City Council. Mingus Mapps, a self-described “daily bike commuter” since the 1980s has won 56% of the vote to Eudaly’s 43% with just over 78% of the votes recorded. Eudaly, commissioner-in-charge of the Portland Bureau of Transportation, enjoyed broad support among transportation reform advocates. Her Rose Lane Project, which has already installed some bus-priority lanes around th...
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Wisconsin Tops USA Today Preseason Women’s Poll

Photo by M. Anthony Nesmith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images Even though no conference has yet announced a firm start date for their season, USA Today and USA Hockey released their first women’s college hockey poll of the season on Tuesday. Wisconsin earned a plurality of first place votes, receiving nine of the 19 total, and will begin the season, if it does in fact begin, as the top-ranked team in the nation. Just behind the Badgers are Cornell, who technically finished the incomplete 2...
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Strong Santa Ana winds hammer Southern California, toppling trees and trucks

Authorities Tuesday, Oct. 27 were assessing and cleaning up damage caused by Monday’s high winds that wreaked havoc across Southern California, hitting the Inland Empire especially hard. Whipping winds reached between 70 mph and 90 mph Monday and uprooted trees and power lines, toppled dozens of semi trucks on highways, sparked vegetation fires, and left thousands of residents and businesses without power. In Riverside, a tree felled by strong winds toppled onto the Quail Creek Apartments at 313...
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10 online classes to take if you want to be more politically active — most are free to audit

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. iStock; Gilbert Espinoza/Business Insider Interest in US politics has grown substantially since the 2016 election, with more young Americans participating in activist causes. Below is a list of online courses — most of which are free — that can help broaden your understanding of political science, history, or theory. Classes range from a HarvardX series on the US government, a MasterClass on US pre...
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Target to hold grand openings for six Southern California stores

Target will hold a grand opening Sunday, Oct. 25 for six new Southern California stores, bringing the retailer’s Southland total to 114 locations. One of the stores, on West Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, is 150,000 square feet, but the rest are small-format locations that average around 30,000 square feet. They will collectively employ more than 600 workers. That will bump the Minneapolis-based retailer’s local workforce to nearly 21,000, and it will boost its nationwide store count to nearly...
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Study analyzes the effect of political factors on COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among the public

If an initial COVID-19 vaccine is about as effective as a flu shot, uptake by the American public may fall far short of the 70% level needed to achieve herd immunity, new Cornell research suggests.
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Smile, wave: Some exoplanets may be able to see us, too

Three decades after Cornell astronomer Carl Sagan suggested that Voyager 1 snap Earth's picture from billions of miles away - resulting in the iconic Pale Blue Dot photograph - two astronomers now offer another unique cosmic perspective: Some exoplanets - planets from beyond our own solar system - have a direct line of sight to observe Earth's biological qualities from far, far away.
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