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A Mars megaflood may be evidence of ancient waterways — and maybe life

Long ago, when our solar system was young, Mars was a world teeming with water. Researchers at Cornell University have now found evidence of an ancient massive megaflood on the Red Planet. Gale Crater, explored by the Curiosity rover, provided data showing distinct signs of a titanic flood, roughly four billion years in the past. This finding could provide further evidence that Mars once had a climate suitable for the development of primitive life. “We identified megafloods for the first time us...
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Community conservation reserves protect fish diversity in tropical rivers

A collaboration between researchers from Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison has found that small, community-based reserves in Thailand's Salween River Basin are serving as critical refuges for fish diversity in a region whose subsistence fisheries have suffered from decades of overharvesting.
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Researchers identify genetics behind deadly oat blight

A multi-institution team co-led by a Cornell University researcher has identified the genetic mechanisms that enable the production of a deadly toxin called Victorin - the causal agent for Victoria blight of oats, a disease that wiped out oat crops in the U.S. in the 1940s.
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Lou Reed Concert Film Berlin Streaming Free Online for the Next Week Last laughs can be sweet, and according to music journalist, Anthony DeCurtis, his friend, the late Lou Reed, “reveled” in the critical drubbing that greeted his 3rd solo album, 1973’s Berlin. Not immediately, however. Berlin, which followed hard on the heels of Reed’s widely adored Transformer, had a painful, protracted delivery. This was due in part due to RCA execs getting cold feet about releasing Reed’s grim concept record as a double albu...
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Top CEOs met to plan response to Trump’s election denial

By Tom Krisher and Paul Wiseman | The Associated Press Only a few of America’s CEOs have made public statements about President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept his election loss, but in private, many are alarmed and talking about what collective action would be necessary if they see an imminent threat to democracy. On Nov. 6, more than two dozen CEOs of major U.S. corporations took part in a video conference to discuss what to do if Trump refuses to leave office or takes other steps to stay in ...
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Gut check: Teff grain boosts stomach microbiome health

Cornell University food scientists confirm that the grain teff helps the stomach and enhances the nutritional value of iron and zinc, according to a new modeling method.
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Researchers 3-D Print Biomedical Parts With Supersonic Speed

schwit1 shares a report from Phys.Org: Forget glue, screws, heat or other traditional bonding methods. A Cornell University-led collaboration has developed a 3-D printing technique that creates cellular metallic materials by smashing together powder particles at supersonic speed. This form of technology, known as "cold spray," results in mechanically robust, porous structures that are 40% stronger than similar materials made with conventional manufacturing processes. The structures' small size a...
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41 fun and useful gifts that both dogs and their humans will love

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Chewy We rounded up the most unique and thoughtful gifts for dog lovers and their dogs.Show your favorite dog lover you care by having socks, cufflinks, cookie cutters, and other tokens customized with their dog's image.Find the perfect dog gift from this list of exceptional toys, treats, and beds.You can check out all of our 2020 holiday gift guides here to shop for everyone on your list.To a dog ...
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Stretchable 'skin' sensor gives robots human sensation

Cornell University researchers have created a fiber-optic sensor that combines low-cost LEDs and dyes, resulting in a stretchable "skin" that detects deformations such as pressure, bending and strain. This sensor could give soft robotic systems - and anyone using augmented reality technology - the ability to feel the same rich, tactile sensations that mammals depend on to navigate the natural world.
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Second Cable Breaks at Puerto Rico's Arecibo Telescope

The already battered Arecibo Observatory was hit with another blow on 7 November when one of its 12 main support cables snapped and tore through the radio telescope's main dish. From a report: The incident comes just 3 months after the failure of another cable. Researchers are concerned that increasing stresses on remaining cables could lead to cascading failures and the collapse of the antenna platform that is suspended over the dish. "It's not a pretty picture," says Joanna Rankin, a radio ast...
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New Service Uses AI To Help Startups Connect With The Right Lawyer

For startup companies that go through high-profile incubator programs or whose founders come from prestigious schools, the traditional word-of-mouth referral network works just fine for finding a lawyer to represent them. But for many other startups, it can be difficult to find a lawyer they know they can trust and who is a good fit for their needs. It is often even more difficult for founders of color and founders who are women. A company launched earlier this year called Anü aims to tackle tha...
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Researchers 3D print biomedical parts with supersonic speed

Forget glue, screws, heat or other traditional bonding methods. A Cornell University-led collaboration has developed a 3D printing technique that creates cellular metallic materials by smashing together powder particles at supersonic speed.
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ADIA hires another AI specialist as it boosts quantitative research team | Reuters

ADIA hires another AI specialist as it boosts quantitative research team | Reuters:  Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), UAE’s biggest sovereign wealth fund, has hired Stephen Malinak, an artificial intelligence expert, as global head of quantitative research and development, the state fund said.The move comes after ADIA in September hired former Cornell University professor Marcos Lopez de Prado to join a newly created investment group within ADIA’s strategy and planning department to apply ...
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Californians stood up for equality, rejected discriminatory Prop. 16: Ying Ma

Californians rejected Proposition 16 on Election Day by a margin of 56 to 44 percent. The measure would have restored racial preferences in California’s public hiring, contracting and university admissions. Its rejection was a victory for equality under the law. For me, it was a personal victory as well. I had been with the No on Prop. 16 campaign for only a few weeks when my brother suddenly passed away in September. He died of complications from a massive heart attack before the age of 50. I t...
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Building a quantum network one node at a time

University of Rochester and Cornell University researchers create 'optically active spin arrays' within a device that could serve as a node for exchanging photons with distant locations.
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‘Stimulus Package Would’ve Had To Be Passed In July, August’ To Impact Election, Pundit Says

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Go On A Wild Goose Chase With A Geese Chasers Franchise

New Post From The Franchise King® Let’s chase some geese. Specifically, Canadian Geese.I know what you’re thinking.“Why?”Because chasing geese has become…or is starting to become, a “thing.”In this case, with an investment of money and some desire on your end, you can become a geese chaser.Seriously. It’s the sh*t.  I’m Not Being Funny Here John Abraham Vikram Singh GIF from Johnabraham GIFs  In a moment, I’m going to tell you about a franchise business that specializes…that’s right, a...
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Buzz kill: Ogre-faced spiders 'hear' airborne prey with their legs

In the dark of night, ogre-faced spiders with dominating big eyes dangle from a silk frame to cast a web and capture their ground prey. But these spiders also can capture insects flying behind them with precision, and Cornell University scientists have now confirmed how.
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We keep looking for aliens — but are aliens looking for us?

Could extraterrestrials find life on Earth? The question of whether or not life exists on other worlds suggests pondering if extraterrestrial beings might be able to find life on our home world. More than 4,500 exoplanets are currently known to astronomers, many of which were found as they orbited in front of their parent star as seen from Earth, dimming light from the stellar surface. “Let’s reverse the viewpoint to that of other stars and ask from which vantage point other observers could find...
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Emo-truthful Trump-Biden 2020: another post-truth election

The US Presidential Election 2020 is the COVID-19 election saturated with post-truth political communication. While the presidential campaign necessarily breathed and belched the air of post-truth politics from its inception, the first week of the campaign’s final month, 27 September-3 October, took post-truth to new levels of intensity and showcased the concept’s multiple forms. They ranged from bullshit to rumor bombs, conspiracy theories, fake news, and lying, which, as I’ve explained, issue ...
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How Long-term Thinking Can Help Earth Now

Inside Finland’s Olkiluoto nuclear waste repository, 1,500 feet underground. Photo Credit: Peter Guenzel With half-lives ranging from 30 to 24,000, or even 16 million years, the radioactive elements in nuclear waste defy our typical operating time frames. The questions around nuclear waste storage — how to keep it safe from those who might wish to weaponize it, where to store it, by what methods, for how long, and with what markings, if any, to warn humans who might stumble upon it thousan...
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Medieval English people used to pay their rent in eels

Dr. John Wyatt Greenlee has his PhD in Medieval Studies from Cornell University, where he specialized in … eels? Which, as I've now learned from his eel-dedicated Twitter account, were a major cultural and financial asset in medieval England. He even made an interactive map that shows changing property values across England in eel currency. — Read the rest
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The best standing desks for your home office

Using a standing desk is a good way to create a more healthy and ergonomic working environment.A good standing desk should offer a wide range of height adjustments, a stable surface to work on, and a durable design that's built to last.We spoke with an ergonomics expert at Cornell University on why standing desks are beneficial and how they can reduce the negative effects caused by just sitting. We researched the most popular standing desks, investigated what capabilities matter most, and tested...
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Women urged to vote for change at marches and rallies across US

By ANITA SNOW | Associated Press Thousands of mostly young women in masks rallied Saturday in the nation’s capital and other U.S. cities, exhorting voters to oppose President Donald Trump and his fellow Republican candidates in the Nov. 3 elections. The latest of rallies that began with a massive women’s march the day after Trump’s January 2017 inauguration was playing out during the coronavirus pandemic, and demonstrators were asked to wear face coverings and practice social distancing. Dem...
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Cornell University program aims to end world hunger in 10 years

An international team of researchers has released a series of studies geared towards ending world hunger. They are thought to be some of the first people to use Evidence Synthesis for agricultural data. Their ideas could increase food production and lower poverty for a low cost, regardless if they meet their lofty goal. World Hunger is one of those problems that everybody seems to want to solve but that just won't go away. In 2020, nearly 700 million people suffered from hunger at some point. T...
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Earphone tracks facial expressions, even with a face mask

Cornell University researchers have invented an earphone that can continuously track full facial expressions by observing the contour of the cheeks - and can then translate expressions into emojis or silent speech commands.
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Cornell English Department votes to change name to "Department of Literatures In English"

According to an article on Brittle Paper written by Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ and Carole Boyce Davies — both professors at Cornell University — 75 percent of the the university faculty voted this week in favor of changing the name of the English Department to the "Department of Literatures in English." — Read the rest
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COVID-19 disproportionately affects low-income workers' finances in developing countries

Results from a large-scale survey of households in Latin America and the Caribbean show that the negative economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been concentrated among those who had lower incomes prior to the pandemic, according to a study published October 7 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Nicolas Bottan of Cornell University, Bridget Hoffmann and Diego Vera-Cossio of the Inter-American Development Bank.
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Proteolytic activation of the SARS-CoV-2 spike S1/S2 site

In a recent paper published on the bioRxiv preprint server, Cornell University researchers study the proteolytic activation of the SARS-CoV-2 spike sites, re-evaluating the furin cleavage.
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Trump's constant lying has finally caught up with him

President Donald Trump at the end of the commencement ceremony on June 13, 2020 in West Point, New York. David Dee Delgado/Getty Images When the American public has questions like, "Did the president become so incapacitated by COVID that he needed medical intervention to breathe?" the expectation is that we'll get something approximating a straight answer.  But Trump is a fount of conspiracy theories, disinformation, and childish fantasizing, and his White House is filled with bumbling syc...
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