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Corporate Culture Begins with The Recruitment Process (And How You Treat Candidates Throughout It)

Corporate culture is the lifeblood of a company, it’s who you are. Crafting a strong corporate culture can be the difference in a company’s survival. An employee will work harder and fight for a company if they believe that that company will fight for them and if they believe in the organization as a whole. But where does corporate culture begin? That answer is simpler than most companies make it, recruiting. Recruiting is the seed from which your corporate culture grows and that includes how ...
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Corporate Leaders: Do Your Words Fit Your Culture And Values?

As a corporate leader, what steps can you take to align your message to your culture and values? May Habib shares six simple steps to align your core messaging and cultural norms. The post Corporate Leaders: Do Your Words Fit Your Culture And Values? appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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Businesses need to reassess their workplace culture and technology as workers prepare to return to the office

Insider After a year of being sheltered in place, a return to the office is on the horizon. Before workers arrive, business leaders should reassess their workplace culture and the role of the office. Executives also encourage taking a look at technology and its part in company collaboration. This article is part of an ongoing series on Insider's research on The Human Impact of Business Transformation. There's no question that 2020 turned the workplace on its head. The start of th...
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Companies have an opportunity to provide meaningful help to employees coping with mental health issues

Insider Mental health has become a major point of concern as employees have navigated work through the global pandemic. Employers have a responsibility to provide support to their team members as they struggle to cope. Companies can also help reduce the stigma around talking about mental health. This post is part of an ongoing series on Insider's resesarch on The Human Impact of Business Transformation. Today's employees have their work cut out for them. The pandemic has impacted...
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Remote Work: Recruitment & Retention Tool?

This is guest blog post from Jason David. Many of us have seen the predictions: office culture as we know it is never coming back. The effects of COVID-19, and the accompanying diaspora that have left so many workers performing their functions remotely, have many of us wondering if the strictures of 9-to-5 physical office presence makes as much sense as it seems to have made for so long. It even has employers wondering if offering prospective hires the option to work from home will be necessary...
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Continental Commissions Curious Study About Its Own Nazi History

Continental commissioned an independent researcher to see what it was up to in the 1940s, with the auto parts supplier issuing a press release detailing the results. “The study shows that Continental was an important part of Hitler’s war machine,” said CEO Dr. Elmar Degenhart, before adding, “We commissioned the study in order to gain […] The post Continental Commissions Curious Study About Its Own Nazi History appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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How Leaders Can Fix a Negative Company Culture

Guest post from Chris Dyer: When company culture fails, it’s usually on one of two planes: the work environment has gone rotten, or the way in which work is transacted has deteriorated. The two realms are linked, though, so once one aspect has been infected with negativity, the other one may well catch the disease. Business leaders have two choices. We can build or rebuild culture from the ground up. Or we can address the most glaring symptoms first and make improvements from the...
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Can You Tell Me How to Get More Innovation Revenue?

Why Diversity in The Workforce Fuels Growth At a young age, we all embraced an unlikely iconic duo of a bird and a snuffleupagus without questioning their collaboration. Elmo’s age and species are up for debate, but his contribution to our emotional development as human beings would be hard to dispute. We idolized an entire street of monsters and grouches and adults and kids that lived in harmony, and maybe some of us begged our parents to move there. When you peek your head up from your cubic...
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A Company Culture Evaluation: How To Do A Year-End Review

by Deb Boelkes, author of “The WOW Factor Workplace: How to Create a Best Place to Work Culture“ Workplace culture matters. A great one produces happy, engaged employees who give their best efforts, challenge themselves to grow, and consistently meet goals and delight customers. A toxic one creates miserable, unmotivated clock-watchers and job-board checkers. In our booming economy, with its incredibly tight labor market, making sure your culture is closer to the first kind should be job one. I...
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Is America’s Corporate Culture In The Dark Ages?

by Bill Higgs, author of the upcoming book “Culture Code Champions: 7 Steps to Scale & Succeed in Your Business” American work habits can seem downright oppressive when viewed from afar. Various  reports and studies  show that Americans experience a more burdensome work week than many of their peers abroad, spending interminable hours at the office, wolfing down lunch at their desks, letting vacation days expire unused, and answering emails after hours and on weekends. It’s practically the dark...
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Tomorrow’s Triumph? Mitsubishi Motors Reinventing Itself, Making Moves

Watching Mitsubishi return from death’s door has been less exciting than the first part of this sentence makes it sound. Part of that stems from the automaker’s position as a multinational corporation that has lost its way and not some down-on-his-luck boxer you’re supposed to be rooting for in a movie. Even if you were […] The post Tomorrow’s Triumph? Mitsubishi Motors Reinventing Itself, Making Moves appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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This 4-Step Formula Will Make Tough Conversations at Work More Bearable

How to prepare yourself to have a tough conversation at work We have all been there, a time when we’ve had to have the “tough conversation.” Whether it was breaking it off with a romantic partner or having to tell roommates to pick-up after themselves, the “tough conversation” is, well, tough to have. Despite the challenge of them, tough conversations are crucial and no place are they more important to have than in the work setting. Leaders must be comfortable having the difficult work conversa...
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When corporate cultures breed dishonesty

Many of the corporate scandals in the past several years have been cases of wide-scale dishonesty. It’s hard to fathom how lying and deceit permeated these organizations. The post When corporate cultures breed dishonesty appeared first on Torben Rick.
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After 5 years, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has transformed more than the stock price

Five years ago today, Satya Nadella took over as CEO at Microsoft, and by most any measure has been wildly successful. It’s common to look at the stock price as the defining metric of Nadella’s tenure, but the stock price triumph has followed something more fundamental and harder to measure, how he changed the culture of the entire organization. Nadella’s term at Microsoft has paralleled my own here at TechCrunch. I started in April of 2014, and in one of my first posts, I wrote about the dif...
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Shake up the old organizational culture

Sometimes leading means eating organizational culture for lunch. Shake up the old organizational culture. Cultural change initiatives, particularly in the large institutions, remain relatively fragile. The post Shake up the old organizational culture appeared first on Torben Rick.
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Organizational Agility Requires Psychologically Safe Teams

Psychological safety is the absence of fear of exclusion or loss of status for being one’s self and openly expressing one’s thoughts and opinions. You can tell a team, operational group, or organizational environment is psychologically safe when its members are comfortable with open discussion of their most significant shortcomings Such environments do not focus on ...
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Improving Employee Productivity in the Winter Months

Productivity in the working environment has a tendency to slow down as we move into the winter months and often doesn’t pick up again until the next year’s spring. There… Read more » The post Improving Employee Productivity in the Winter Months appeared first on
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Creating a Winning Corporate Culture Through People Power

Guest post from Eric Tetuan: Creating a winning company culture starts with an investment in people. Not just investing in staff, but in relationships with clients as well as the people you serve. It requires having a deep understanding of human connections, of bonds, and of ways to break down barriers. Adopting a policy focused on people can make the difference in achieving successful outcomes. Employees who feel understood and appreciated are often more productive and willing g...
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Working at Netflix Sounds Like Hell

There are many, many jobs that are much worse than working at Netflix. But based on an extensive profile of the company’s culture, the streaming company certainly seems to have built a unique version of corporate hell.Read more...
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Business impact of a weak or misaligned organizational culture

The business impact of a weak or misaligned culture has become more pronounced over the last couple of years as company. The costs of a misaligned organizational culture. The post Business impact of a weak or misaligned organizational culture appeared first on Torben Rick.
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The Power of Leaders That Do What They Say

Guest post from Bethany Andell: “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” – Mahatma Gandhi Recently a CEO friend of mine said that the three key ingredients to building a great culture are: 1) belief in the mission, 2) clarity of the vision and 3) having fun while living the values. There is a growing movement in the business world that proves all of these points to be true. I have seen in my own business, and also in my clients’, ...
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OluKai Sells Comfortable Shoes While Promoting the “Doing Good” Movement

OluKai is a luxury lifestyle brand.  The company is committed to building a unique and better class of products that blend quality with modern performance while leaving the planet a little better than they found it.  They believe that sustainability and positive living is less about a philosophy and more about making better, deliberate choices every day.  It’s about your actions, and inspiring the actions of others.  OluKai is also a B-Corporation. What’s a B-Corporation?  Individually, B Corps ...
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When the organizational culture stinks

When the organizational culture stinks - Lack of ethical organizational culture. Total mismatch between the reality and the value statements. The post When the organizational culture stinks appeared first on Torben Rick.
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Facebook’s Zuckerberg to Reporters: ‘We Didn’t Do Enough’

In an effort to be more transparent and rebuild trust with the media, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave more information on data-sharing, privacy, advertising and the Cambridge Analytica scandal on a call with reporters on Wednesday. He opened with a mea culpa, taking personal responsibility while admitting Facebook’s corporate culture had been too “optimistic” to acknowledge or address the abuses of user privacy and data: We’re an idealistic and optimistic company… but it’s clear now that we d...
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Webinar On Culture And The Power Of Metrics

Followers of my blog may remember this post from February: “It’s Time To Fix Your Broken Business Culture.” Here’s a snippet: “Employees make everyday judgements based on what the organization signals to them is important. And while many CEOs assert that the customer is the most important person, the metrics they use to measure employee […]
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5 New Resources on Employee Engagement

Hot off the presses or out of the recording studio, here are 5 new resources on employee engagement from me: Engaging Employees Starts with Remembering What Your Company Stands For — on Harvard Business Review.  Most engagement efforts fail because they’re generic. Fuse Customer Experience and Employee Experience to Drive Your Growth — on Forbes.  Adobe Systems fuses together customer experience and employee experience to produce exceptional results. The Modern Customer Podcast on FUSION.  How...
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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Comanche’s Tech Absorption Curve

A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. In an astonishingly short time period, the Comanche Native Americans progressed from a technologically primitive tribe (nomadic, little use of textiles, basketry or pottery), to becoming the most powerful society of the Southern Plains, controlling the Comecheria, a territory encompassing parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. Historians such as S.C. Gwynne cited the tribe’s adoption of horse husbandry as one of the most rapid so...
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Using Humor to Fuel the Success of Your Organization

Guest post by Jamie Anderson & George Gabor Burt:   In business situations in which collaboration is an important driver of organizational success, lacking a sense of community can be a formidable barrier to delivering results. This is particularly true in today’s complex and uncertain operating environments in which a culture of solidarity and knowledge sharing become critical drivers of staying relevant. In these situations, the more a group comes together around a shared obje...
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25 Surprising Things About Brand & Culture

Here are 25 surprising things you will learn about brand and culture in my new book, FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies. The real reason behind Amazon’s success — why bad press about its corporate culture didn’t sink the company. Three major problems caused by a brand and culture mismatch. Why employee perks like unlimited vacation, free snacks, and beer on Fridays don’t produce the results companies need — and can actually backfire. There is no un...
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