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Man arrested for counterfeiting 25 popsicle sticks to claim prize

ガリガリ君のポケモンカード当たったよーーー!!!— はまみ (@tY0iMrkXz9FGpQH) August 9, 2020 A genuine prize-winning popsicle stick A popsicle company in Japan held a promotion that awarded a special rare Pokemon card to lucky people who happened to buy a popsicle with a specially marked stick. — Read the rest
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Man arrested for counterfeiting 25 popsicle sticks to claim

ガリガリ君のポケモンカード当たったよーーー!!!— はまみ (@tY0iMrkXz9FGpQH) August 9, 2020 A genuine prize-winning popsicle stick A popsicle company in Japan held a promotion that awarded a special rare Pokemon card to lucky people who happened to buy a popsicle with a specially marked stick. — Read the rest
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Alleged Maglula Counterfeits Instigate Amazon Inventory Inspection

A United States court has recently ruled that online retail giant must submit itself to an inventory inspection over claims by Maglula that Amazon has been a direct seller of Maglula counterfeits. Alleged Maglula Counterfeits Instigate Amazon Inventory Inspection For those who don’t know, Maglula is an Israeli-based company that makes various magazine loaders […] Read More … The post Alleged Maglula Counterfeits Instigate Amazon Inventory Inspection appeared first on The Firearm Blog...
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Italian police seize thousands of bottles of counterfeit "super Tuscan" wine

Italian police busted two individuals and seized more than 4,000 bottles of counterfeit wine that would have been worth around $1.7 million if sold to unsuspecting marks. The wine, Bolgheri Sassicaia by Tenuta San Guido, is considered one of the world's best bordeaux-style red wines and can sell for $420 depending on the vintage. — Read the rest
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US authorities seize almost one million dollars in counterfeit $1 bills

At Minnesota's International Falls Port of Entry, US Customs and Border Protection seized $900,000 in $1 bills in a shipping container from China making its way on a train from Canada into the United States. The bills were packed inside 45 cardboard boxes. From US Customs and Border Protection: Due to the vigilance of CBP officers, a rail container was referred for a Customs Exam Station inspection on Dec. 14, 2019. During the examination, CBP discovered 45 cartons of possible counterfeit c...
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Amazon pushes again to rid its shopping site of counterfeit goods

Amazon's increasingly challenging battle to rid its shopping site of fake goods has reportedly prompted it to take renewed action targeting third-party sellers who trade in such items.
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Counterfeiter caught after he tossed test prints in his trash

In Limestone County, Alabama, Christopher James Shock, 32, was arrested for counterfeiting after a garbage collector spotted bags filled with bills in Shock's trash cans and called police. A clue that the money was funny is that one of the $50 notes was printed on a the back of a receipt from Alabama Pardons and Paroles. From WHNT: Investigators estimate between 10 and 30 thousand dollars in Shock's counterfeit bills are already in circulation. If you have been passed a fake bill, Limestone...
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Rivian’s F-150 Masquerade: Fair Use or Trade Dress Infringement?

A little over one year ago, I blogged about , asking who owns the right to the “Spaceman” rider’s mark? Today I post a differnt thought-provoking question about electric car company Rivian: Does Rivian’s use of a Ford F-150 body when testing its electric truck technology in public risk trade dress infringement? If you haven’t seen the recent headlines, startup electric truck company Rivian has been testing its 100% electric truck technology under the hood of a Ford F-150 body: Credit: AutoBlo...
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Juul Labs Gets Restraining Order on 30 Chinese Entities Selling Knockoffs on eBay

Juul Labs, the embattled manufacturer of the eponymous (and extremely popular among teens) Juul e-cigarette, is cracking down on Chinese knockoffs being sold on eBay.Read more...
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Celebrity Protects His and His Son’s IP

DJ Kahled and his son’s company sued an online retailer named Curtis Bordenave and his company, Business Moves Consulting, Inc., alleging that they are illegally using he and his son Asahd’s intellectual property. Most of you likely know who DJ Kahled is, but I had not heard of him before reading about this dispute.  When I asked my friend Friday night about him, she said “I know he is famous but I can’t tell you why.”  In looking at the Complaint, I found that “Kahled has enjoyed tremendous su...
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Pfizer is Set to Make History with OTC Viagra in the UK

Viagra, the little blue pill that was named by Interbrand and launched in 1998, made history this week when Pfizer received approval to sell a lower-dose 50 mg. version called Viagra Connect as a non-prescription drug in the U.K., making it the first country to sell Viagra over the counter. The U.K.’s Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced Tuesday (as FiercePharma notes) “that it will reclassify the 50 mg dose from prescription only to a pharmacy medicine in the U.K...
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The Shanzhai Index: Yeezy and New Balance Fakes Pop Up in China

One giveaway that the new Yeezy store in Wenzhou, China is an imposter isn’t just the dodgy “Weezy”-branded sneakers lining its shelves. Check out the store’s neighbor — an athletic apparel shop named “New Bunren” with a suspiciously similar logo to New Balance. Cue the latest rage in Western-branded China fakes. The fake Yeezy store saga is making headlines in fashion circles for its preposterousness. But this isn’t the first fake bricks and mortar outlet in China. Not by a long shot. It’s a p...
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IVIKE, Can We Have Just a Little More Space?

Hat tip to Sri for capturing this image of a passing by backpack, illustrating how much a little spacing can end up making all the difference in the world, when it comes to brand identity: To the extent, IV IKE, I VIKE, or even IVIKE might be a legitimate backpack brand, when the letter “I” is tilted and compressed together with VIKE, it’s difficult not to see what seems likely to be the intended meaning and infringing impression: NIKE. Compression undoubtedly works to the advantage of the prov...
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What Famous Quarterback Named Elisha Allegedly Provided Fake Helmets To Sports Dealers?

Elisha is the two time Super Bowl MVP New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Collecting equipment used, or uniforms worn, during an NFL game is big business. Young and old alike want these items to feel close to their favorite team or player. In a 99 page Amended Complaint, plaintiffs (including,  sports memorabilia collectors/marketers and resellers) sued the New York Giants and employees, alleging that Eli and the team provided fake memorabilia to a dealer. They allege that fake helmets, j...
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HAVANA CLUB: The Rum’s Back on Ice

Last year, I blogged about the decades-long dispute for the HAVANA CLUB trademark in the United States. Nearly ten months later, well, its spirit lives on. To briefly recap: in one corner, Empresa Cubana Exportadora, an arm of the Cuban government, owns a registration for the HAVANA CLUB trademark. In the other corner, Bacardi claims rights to the HAVANA CLUB trademark in the U.S. based on an acquisition from the “founding family” of HAVANA CLUB rum – who were exiled from Cuba in the 1960s. Baca...
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Ebay Is Finally Doing Something About Counterfeit Goods

When I was 18 years old, I bought a baby Louis Vuitton handbag off of eBay. It was about $300 and light blue. I loved it. Then, the zipper broke and when I took it to the Louis Vuitton store to get repaired, the snooty sales girl informed me that it was counterfeit. Eighteen-year-old me was incensed, humiliated, and…Read more...
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For Wrigley Field Street Vendors, It’s Win or Go Home

The Chicago Cubs are rolling into the playoffs, putting the finishing touches on a historically dominant regular season with over 100 wins. Cubs fans (like me) even dare to dream that the century-plus long championship drought may finally come to an end this fall, if the team can carry its impressive form into the postseason. Also coming to an end, if the Cubs have their way: the unauthorized T-shirt and merchandise sales outside Wrigley Field. The Cubs’ home ballpark is planted right in a bustl...
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A Prime Concern: Counterfeiting on Amazon

Readers: find any good deals on Prime Day? For my part, I abstained. I’ve had a “Gold Box” deal sitting in the box for about 6 months now — turns out, I really didn’t need a pressure cooker. If you did seize upon Prime Day, here’s hoping you got exactly what you ordered, and not a knockoff or counterfeit product. Amazon is generally very reliable, yet as it grows to unspeakably immense proportions, sales listings have become increasingly difficult for brand owners to police, and Amazon may not b...
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The Swiss Are Now Fighting Off Watch Counterfeiters With Holograms

As counterfeiters get better and better at faking expensive Swiss watches, the watchmakers themselves now have a new tool to help distinguish their genuine creations from fakes: nanoscopic watermarks that are invisible to the naked human eye, and impossible to fake.Read more...
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Why Alibaba’s Jack Ma Said China Makes ‘High-Quality’ Counterfeit Goods

“Just telling it like it is” might not be a very diplomatic explanation—and yet, that’s the tactic by Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma in defending the proliferation of counterfeit goods for sale across his channels—the B2B and consumer-facing Taobao and e-commerce virtual malls. As he seeks more credibility and business partners beyond China, Ma is also being challenged over his company’s ongoing failure to police the sales of knock-offs. In a speech during an Investo...
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Chinese counterfeit super bizarrely shaped thing labelled BC Rich Words fail me! OK, I'll try harder. I saw this earlier on (via Facebook). For those not in the know, Aliexpress is one source of Chinese-made counterfeirt guitars, copies of Fenders, Gibsons, Rickenbackers (often dubbed Chenders, Chibsons and Chickenbackers) amongst others such as Gretsch, BC Rich, Ibanez, etc. Occasionally they have an original design or two, perhaps a hybrid guitar based on a particular brand but which never existed. And then there are thin...
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Jack Ma Confuses Counterfeit with Off-Brand

Jack Ma, the founder of the Chinese internet giant Alibaba, recently said that the counterfeit problem so many brands are dealing with today is primarily a result of the fact that the fakes are actually better than the originals. Of course this set off another furious round of critiques from large brands and industry groups. This is quite a significant attempt to blame shift. Some companies estimate that between 20% to 80% of the products sold under their name through some of Alibaba’s companies...
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LARPing with Patent Trolls

Live Action Role Playing (LARP or LARPing) usually involves Renaissance Festival worthy costumes, foam medieval weapons, and an intense dedication to not breaking character.  I can’t say I’ve ever had the privilege of participating in a LARP event, but I also can’t say I’d turn down the opportunity. A different kind of battle—the intellectual property kind—is being fought over the sale of some foam LARPing arrows.  Jordan Gwyther, a church pastor who sells LARPing equipment on the side, is by...
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Alibaba Launches English Version Of Anti-Counterfeiting Tool

 Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has launched an English-language version of TaoProtect, one of its counterfeit reporting system. Used on Tmall and Taobao (Alibaba’s top B2C and B2B platforms, respectively) TaoProtect lets merchants report listings that infringe on copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Read More
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