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Amazon Court Filing Includes Chilling Death Threats Published On Parler

Amazon submitted a new filing in federal court on Tuesday in response to an emergency motion by Parler to restore its hosting services through Amazon’s AWS. Parler was kicked offline early Monday after Amazon said the social media company had violated its terms of service and Parler couldn’t find another company…Read more...
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YouTube Deletes Latest Trump Video, Suspends Account Through Inauguration Day

YouTube has deleted President Donald Trump’s latest video over concerns that it could inspire violence, the video sharing site announced late Tuesday. Comments are being blocked on all of the president’s remaining videos and his account has been suspended for at least the next seven days. Notably, the inauguration of…Read more...
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Two House Democrats Test Positive For Covid-19 After Coup Attempt at Capitol

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington, has tested positive for covid-19 after being forced to shelter in a secure location at the U.S. Capitol during last week’s coup attempt by loyalists of President Donald Trump. Jayapal is the second member of Congress to announce she has covid-19 after every member of…Read more...
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Brooklyn Judge’s Son Arrested After Giving Interview From Capitol Siege

More consequences meted out following the attack on the Capitol.
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Over 7,000 Lawyers Sign Petition To Have Josh Hawley And Ted Cruz Disbarred

More petition problems for the senators.
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San Francisco Prepares For Potential Pro-Trump Protest at Twitter HQ on Monday

San Francisco police are preparing for a potential pro-Trump protest at Twitter’s headquarters on Monday morning, despite the fact that most Twitter employees are currently working from home due to the covid-19 pandemic. The protest, which is being organized online at the website and in private Facebook…Read more...
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Analysis of Drumpf's incitement to insurrection speech

(THREAD) Media has yet to do a deep dive on precisely what Trump *said* in his January 6 speech in DC—a speech now called an "incitement to insurrection," and the basis for an article of impeachment coming Monday. This thread unpacks the speech. — Read the rest
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The Big Oil Money Behind the Members of Congress Who Fueled the Capitol Attack

On Wednesday, Chevron decried the assault on the Capitol by a mob of violent extremists hellbent on halting a democratic process. ,“We call for the peaceful transition of the U.S. government,” the biggest oil company in the U.S. tweeted. “The violence in Washington, D.C. tarnishes a two-century tradition of respect…Read more...
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Senator Says Computer Stolen From Capitol Office During Coup Attempt by Trump Loyalists

A laptop computer belonging to the office of U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley from Oregon was one of several electronic devices stolen by Trump loyalists during a failed coup attempt on Wednesday, according to a new report from Politico. The news comes as the Department of Justice tries to make an assessment of the property…Read more...
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The Climate Crisis Will Be Steroids for Fascism

The Capitol has a police force with a $500 million budget, and yet it failed at its one job on Wednesday. Members of Congress, among the most protected people on the planet, were forced to hide in undisclosed locations as violent extremists overran the Capitol.Read more...
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White House Counsel’s Legal Advice: Stay Away From Trump!

That's the stellar legal advice a T-14 law degree gets ya!
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American Airlines Bans Alcohol on Flights Out of D.C. After Trump Loyalists Attempt Coup

American Airlines announced early Thursday that it would no longer be serving alcohol on flights out of Washington D.C., after videos went viral of passengers being verbally abusive on flights into Washington for President Trump’s neo-fascist rally. The alcohol ban is one of many precautionary measures being taken by…Read more...
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Legal Twitter Reacts To The Rule Of Law Collapsing

Story is updating as more information becomes available.
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Wonder if this is a coup? Check the Coup-o-meter

The folks at Dissent & Company created a useful Coup-o-meter to let you know how close we are to a coup. Nov 10: An update to the Coup-o-meter: the meter has not moved toward democracy or toward a coup. There continue to be very troubling developments, but taken as a whole, the danger of a coup has not increased since our last update. — Read the rest
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Military coup ousts Sudan dictator

The 30-year rule of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir is over after a military coup this morning toppled his government. Defense minister Awad Mohamed Auf announced Bashir's arrest on state TV and promised elections in two years, with a military council running the country in the interim. The country's autocratic leader is understood to be under house arrest with several aides at the presidential palace, along with a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders. The move to oust him from power comes aft...
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Nissan’s Saikawa Reportedly Approved Ghosn’s Retirement Deal; Coup Claims Emerge

The arrest of Carlos Ghosn, former head of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, seemed a rather straightforward back in November. By the time he was changing into his orange pajamas (or whatever color is most common in Japanese prisons), Nissan chief executive Hiroto Saikawa announced Ghosn had been dismissed from the company’s board. At the time, he claimed Ghosn […] The post Nissan’s Saikawa Reportedly Approved Ghosn’s Retirement Deal; Coup Claims Emerge appeared first on The Truth About Ca...
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Coup: North Carolina Republicans convene a special session to strip incoming Democratic governor of executive powers

Thomas writes, "Shortly after closing a post-election special session to fund relief for counties afflicted by flooding from Hurricane Matthew or mountain wildfires, North Carolina GOP legislative leaders announced a second special session to begin the same day with an open agenda. The docket was filled with 21 House bills, some of which stripped Democratic Governor Elect Roy Cooper of substantial control over the executive branch. This is a coup attempt, an effort to undermine the results of a...
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Contrary to recent reports, coups are not a catalyst for democracy

In recent years, a new and surprising idea has emerged suggesting that coups d’état may actually be a force for democracy. The argument is surprising because coups have historically been associated with the rise of long-lasting and often brutal dictatorial regimes. During the Cold War, coups brought Suharto to power in Indonesia, military rule to Egypt, Pinochet to power in Chile, and allowed Hafez al-Assad to consolidate rule in Syria. These and other seizures of power during the Cold War era r...
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Morning Docket: 11.03.16

* Why would liberal states "remain [] member[s] of this union when the president is a raving narcissist that some describe as a sociopath?" Some law professors are having a difficult time imagining Donald Trump as president, and have said that things like secessions or coups could become real possibilities under Trump's leadership if he should win the election. [WSJ Law Blog] * Biglaw firms in the U.S. have made great strides when it comes to parental leave, but across the pond in the U.K., the...
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A Hacker's Tips for Overthrowing the Government

Chris Rock, an independent security researcher, is pissed that the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, is more afraid of ISIS than hackers. He’s hoping to change that by teaching hackers how to overthrow governments.Read more...
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Here you will find a good explanation of the devastating humanitarian consequences of the 2009 coup

Here you will find a good explanation of the devastating humanitarian consequences of the 2009 coup in Honduras that was essentially supported by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Read more...
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Female Militia Members March at the Beginning of the Spanish Civil War

These are serious anarchists on the move.
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