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"I think the Commission's summary of the case against court-packing (pp. 79-84) includes much stronger arguments than its overview of the case for it (pp. 74-79)."

"But then again, I myself am a longtime opponent of the idea. Readers can judge the arguments in the report for themselves. The report does reject arguments that court-packing is unconstitutional, such as that advanced in co-blogger Randy Barnett's testimony before the Commission (see also Joshua Braver's response to Randy here). The Commission's conclusion on this point reflects the dominant view among legal scholars, though Randy and Michael Rappaport have offered serious arguments on the othe...
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Veteran courtroom sketch artist says Ghislaine Maxwell has been her 'sketching buddy' during the trial

Defense lawyer Laura Menninger questions witness "Jane" during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jeffrey Epstein associate accused of sex trafficking, in a courtroom sketch in New York City, U.S., December 1, 2021.REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg Jane Rosenberg has worked as a courtroom sketch artist for more than four decades. While sketching the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, Rosenberg noticed Maxwell had sketched her back. Rosenberg obscures the facial features of anonymous witnesses and juries at trial...
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Sixth Circuit Bails-Out ATF

The ATF is up to their gun-banning tricks again. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -( Last week, the Sixth Circuit failed to achieve the majority necessary to correct the ATF’s shifting classifications of bump stocks as “machine guns.” NRA-ILA’s amicus brief opposed the ATF’s legal authority to arbitrarily criminalize legal firearms. Because the judges split 8-8, the flawed bump stock rule is being reinstated. This is only one of several challenges supported by NRA-ILA. In September, ILA also f...
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Dobbs--and Griswold, Lawrence and Obergefell

At the oral argument in Dobbs, Mississippi's SG was asked whether overturning Roe and Casey would similarly call into question and invite new challenges to the Court's decisions in Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell. The state SG's response was, in essence, that those three cases are different in that they draw clear and workable lines in a way that Roe and Casey do not. That's not a very good answer. (Indeed, many of the state SG's answers throughout the argument didn't strike me as very strong...
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Mitch McConnell would eliminate the filibuster if he was in Democrats' shoes, Jim Acosta says

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta speaks outside US District Court in Washington, DC, on November 16, 2018.Photo by Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images When he led the Senate, Mitch McConnell broke norms by blocking Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee. McConnell led the vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Court in 2020, reversing course. CNN correspondent Jim Acosta said that Democrats should think like McConnell and end the filibuster. CNN correspondent Jim Acosta said Saturday...
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What's that stench in the courtroom?

Whatever happened to dead baby jokes? I thought, when I saw the headline for Jonathan Turley's column at The Hill: "What's that you smell in the Supreme Court?"  I knew he was talking about the oral argument in Dobbs, the case about whether to overrule Casey (AKA "Roe"). Sonia Sotomayor had the pro-Roe sound bite — smell bite — of the day.  Per Turley (perturbingly): She said many abortion opponents, including the sponsors of the Mississippi abortion law at issue, hoped her three new colle...
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A massage table and a photo of sex toys from Jeffrey Epstein's estate were displayed for jurors during Ghislaine Maxwell's trial

A massage table is displayed in court during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jeffrey Epstein associate accused of sex trafficking, in a courtroom sketch in New York City, US, December 3, 2021.REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of sex crimes, including the sexual abuse of minors with Jeffrey Epstein. Police said they found a massage table and sex toys at Epstein's Palm Beach estate during an investigation. Maxwell could face a prison sentence of u...
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Tyranny, Fundamental Rights, & The Armed Citizen vs Marxists’ Desire to Destroy

Opinion Armed Self-Defense As A Basic Human Right Untangling the Gun Lobby’s Web of Self-Defense and Human Rights New York – -(  Is armed self-defense a basic human right? That is the crux of an ongoing debate for many people in the United States. It shouldn’t be but it is. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution makes clear that armed self-defense is a fundamental human right. If anyone harbors doubt about that, the United States Supreme Court settled the questi...
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Aquarius Married to Aquarius – The Blue Streak

Okay!  People are talking about my Aquarian parents. There’s also renewed interest in my stories so check this out if you could use a laugh. ~~~ My parents are both Aquarians. My mother is a double Aquarius and my father … Read More...
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Did Trump say he would only nominate Justices who committed to overruling Roe v. Wade?

I heard the NYT reporter Adam Liptak make that assertion (on yesterday's episode of the NYT "Daily" podcast), and I wondered if that was strictly accurate. Writing every day, I've followed Trump very closely, and I believe if he said anything like that, I would have blogged about it, and the key words to search my archive are so clear — Trump... Supreme Court... abortion — that I'm going to believe the answer is "no" if I am unable to find it. ***I needed to read through about 20 old posts to fi...
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The Company They Keep

Like many others, I was somewhat surprised to hear, in the oral argument in Dobbs, what sounded like perhaps five votes for going ahead and officially overruling Roe. The surprise was that there seemed to be less support than expected for the approach many of us anticipated from the Roberts Court: eviscerating abortion rights in some subtler way, with a sufficient amount of obfuscatory nodding toward precedent that news headlines could read “moderates uphold Roe,” and it would take a lawyer to u...
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"Hi Ann - long-time local reader. After Breyer mused on 'super stare decisis' today I duck-duck-go'd it and your 2005 post was one of the first results...."

"I was struck by how it felt like this post could have been written today. Plus ça change."  That's from my email. The 2005 post is "Luttig and 'super-stare decisis.'" I'll just print the whole thing (below) so you can read it and see how up-to-date it is. First, here's what Justice Breyer said: It is certainly true that we cannot base our decisions on whether they're popular or not with the people. Casey seemed to say we shouldn't base our decisions not only on that but whether they're...
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Am I in denial about the coming demise of Roe ?

I write "Roe" for simplicity, but Roe was replaced long ago by Casey. Denial is embedded in the precedent. Casey purported to discover the "essence" of Roe and rewrote the doctrine, and that was what it meant to adhere to stare decisis. After listening to the oral argument yesterday — before reading any commentary — I wrote "I predict stare decisis will prevail." This morning I'm reading the commentary, and everyone seems to be saying they know the Court will overrule Roe Casey, so I thought I...
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Fox Accuses Biden Of Causing A ‘Santa Shortage’

A lot of things happened. Here are some of the things. So Begins The War On Christmas Fox News had a whole segment yesterday decrying an apparent “shortage” of people pretending to be Santa Claus thanks to Joe Biden … somehow. this is real. not photoshopped.— Oliver Willis (@owillis) November 30, 2021 Maybe you could pass it off as Fox just doing a light segment on Christmas news, but the Republican National Committee highlighted the clip in ...
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Nevada Judge Announces He Will Strike Down Major Portions of New Gun Law

Polymer80 Pistol Kits DAYTON, Nev. – -( On November 23, 2021, in a huge victory for both Polymer80 and the Second Amendment in Nevada, the Hon. Judge John P. Schlegelmilch of the Lyon County, Nevada District Court stated he would be issuing summary judgment in favor of Polymer80, Inc. All in response to P80’s lawsuit against Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, George Togliatti, Director of the Nevada Department of Public Safety, and Mindy McKay, Ad...
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Dobbs in Seven Steps

Tomorrow the Supreme Court will hear argument in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Many observers have offered predictions about how the case will turn out. My guess is that the Court majority will uphold the Mississippi law (which bans most abortions after 15 weeks) in seven steps: 1. Mississippi asks us to overrule our holding in Roe, as affirmed in Casey, that the Constitution protects the right of a pregnant woman to terminate her pregnancy. It is not necessary today to revisit...
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"I remember that day well" — the day Roe was decided — "because it was also the day when former president Lyndon B. Johnson died."

"I was one of the editors of the Michigan Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Michigan, and we had a passionate argument that went late into the evening over which should be our lead story. Should it be legalized abortion across the nation? Or the man who sent tens of thousands of young Americans to die in the Vietnam War? Most of the female editors saw the historic importance of Roe and understood the impact it would have on women’s lives. Most of the male editors — myself include...
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New Gun Tax for Cook County, Previous Gun Tax Ruled Unconstitutional

Chicago has terrible gun violence, despite some of the strictest gun laws in the world. IMG iStock-625383406 U.S.A. –-( On November 4, 2021, the Cook County (where Chicago is located), Illinois board amended a gun and ammunition tax which had been ruled unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Court on October 21, 2021. From Cook County commissioners voted Thursday to amend a guns and ammunition tax that was found unconstitutional by the Illinois Supreme Cou...
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Chile’s Oscar Entry ‘White on White’ Acquired For North America by Outsider Pictures (EXCLUSIVE)

Starring Pablo Larraín regular Alfredo Castro, Chilean-Spanish writer-director Theo Court’s “White on White” (“Blanco en Blanco”) has been acquired for distribution in North America by Outsider Pictures. The deal follows on the film’s world premiere this September at the Venice Film Festival’s Horizons sidebar, where Court won a Silver Lion for the section’s best director […]
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Court of Appeal for Ontario Introduces Case Summaries

Last week, I mentioned steps taken by the Supreme Court of Canada to make the law more accessible to the public. This includes case summaries provided by the Court, to provide an unofficial and streamlined overview of the case. The Court of Appeal for Ontario has recently adopted a similar approach in Restoule v. Canada (Attorney General), 2021 ONCA 779 (CanLII), providing its own summary of the 300 page decision on its site. Beyond the length of the decision, the case involves an are of signifi...
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Australia will introduce legislation requiring social media companies to reveal anonymous users who post defamatory comments

Lincoln Beddoe/iStock/Getty Images Plus Australian PM Scott Morrison announced social media anti-trolling legislation on Sunday. The legislation places the onus of moderating defamatory content on social media companies. Under the law, victims will be able to obtain the information of anonymous trolls who defame them. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced social media anti-trolling legislation on Sunday that would require digital media platforms to provide information on anonymou...
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An exonerated Missouri man who was released from prison after 43 years isn't eligible for compensation from the state. Donors have now raised over $1.4 million on GoFundMe.

Kevin Strickland was released from the Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron, Mo., on November 23, 2021. Strickland spent 43 years in prison for a wrongful incarceration until a judge vacated his conviction for a 1978 triple murder.Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images Kevin Strickland was released from prison on Tuesday after spending 43 years incarcerated for a crime that he did not commit. Strickland was exonerated without DNA evidence, which disq...
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Is Court Packing of the US Supreme Court Justified?

Rivka Weill There is a deep sense of crisis regarding the US Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) legitimacy. President Biden has tasked a Commission with reviewing and recommending possible reforms to restore the Court’s legitimacy. My argument in Court Packing as an Antidote based on an examination of all Supreme Court nominations and confirmations during a presidential election year is twofold: (1) There was serious abuse of the appointment process involved in the Senate’s treatment of the SCOTUS nomin...
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Australia: What happens where two parents cannot agree on the vaccination status of their children? - Kells

When mak­ing deci­sions for children, the Court's para­mount con­sid­er­a­tion is the best inter­ests of the child/ren.
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Response from Carol Nackenoff and Julie Novkov

For the Symposium on Carol Nackenoff and Julie Novkov, American by Birth: Wong Kim Ark and the Battle for Citizenship (University Press of Kansas, 2021).  Carol Nackenoff and Julie Novkov We are extremely grateful to all the guest bloggers for the Symposium on American by Birth: Wong Kim Ark and the Battle for Citizenship (University Press of Kansas, 2021).  We deeply appreciate the generosity, kind words, care, and attention given to our work. The excellent questions raised show how fertile...
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Biden to reinstate Trump's controversial 'remain in Mexico' policy on the border as soon as next week after attempting to end the program

Central American asylum seekers arrive to a bus station after being released by U.S. Border Patrol agents on February 26, 2021 in Brownsville, Texas.John Moore/Getty Images President Biden to reinstate Trump's controversial "Remain in Mexico" program in the coming weeks.  The Biden administration tried to end the policy, but the Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling reinstating it. The program will offer adults the chance to be vaccinated against COVID-19, Axios reported Wednesday. Pr...
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United States: This Week At The Ninth: Title VII And Discretionary Jurisdiction - Morrison & Foerster LLP

The Court holds that an employer's failure to respond to an employee's complaints about a customer's sexual advances can give rise to a hostile work environment claim.
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The Rittenhouse Case & the Greatness of an Armed America ~ VIDEO

Opinion To effectively corral a force of tens of millions of armed Americans, it is necessary to create a force of tens of millions of other Americans who have been seduced into surrendering their rights and liberties and to have them contend against each other. IMG iStock New York – -( The circus trial against an innocent young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, is emblematic of the attempt by the Shadow Government to manipulate the citizenry into a frenzy of self-immolation. The ludicrou...
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The Rittenhouse Case; This Time We The People, Won! ~ VIDEO

Opinion The Rittenhouse Case; This Time We The People, Won! IMG iStock New York – -( Several days prior to the jury’s decision in the Rittenhouse case, the New York Times posted an editorial titled, “The Truth About Kyle Rittenhouse’s Gun” by Times Opinion Columnist, Farhad Manjoo. In part, the Columnist said this, “I’ve spent the past couple of weeks riveted by the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the white teenager who shot and killed two people and injured a third during a ...
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UK: Lloyd V Google: Court Finds In Favour Of Google - BLM

The Court said that on a proper interpretation this meant financial loss or distress caused by the contravention.
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